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					                                       第三章 话题专练

一、个人情况(Personal information)
1.My name is Mary.
2.I’m 13 years old .
3.I live in the city of Dongguan, China.
4.I live in a big family with four members.
5.Both of my parents are bank clerks.
6.I have a brother.
7.I was born on September 1st in 1995.
8.I study in Class 1,Grade 3 of No.6 Middle School.
9.I am an active girl.
10.I like sports very much.
11.I am good at swimming.
12. Because my home is far from school, I ride to school everyday.
13. If you need help, I'll try my best to give help to you.
14. My telephone number is 22134568.
15. I want to be a designer when I grow up.

二、家庭、朋友与周围的人(Family,friends and people around)
1. My mother is a kind and gentle woman.
2. She takes good care of both her parents and her children.
3. We all love her and she loves us too.
4. She gets up very early and sleeps very late every day.
4. She works hard, yet without complaining.
5. She looks older than she really is.
6. In fact,she is in her early forties.
7.My math teacher is a kind middle-aged man.
8.He is tall and has wide shoulders.
9.My friend is always ready to help others in need.
10.It takes him about over an hour to finish his homework every day.
11. He thinks it is good for health and the environment to ride a bike.
12.My father works in a company far from my home.
13. He loves us and encourages us to study well.
14. He also spends time talking and playing with us.
15.Thanks to him, we lead a happy and pleasant life.

三、周围的环境(Personal environments)
1.I live in the center of the city.
2.It’s very convenient.
3.It’s near the shopping center.
4. It’s very noisy.
5.The streets are always full of people!
6.The traffic is terrible.
7.City is a good place to work and study.
8.There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen in my home.
9.There are big and comfortable sofas in my living room.
10.Our school has 60 classrooms, 10 computer rooms and many labs.
11.There are 45 desks and 45 chairs in each classroom in our school.
12.There is a big playground in my school.
13.I live in the school dormitory from Monday to Friday.
14.I think countryside is just too quiet.
15. There are a lot of beautiful sights in the countryside.

四、日常活动(Daily routines)
1.I get up at 6:30 every morning.
2.I brush my teeth and wash my face after I get up every day.
3.Then I do some morning exercises.
4.I usually have some bread and milk for breakfast.
5.It’s time for school.
6.I have 8 classes a day.
7. The first class begins at 8:10 in the morning.
8. My favourite subject is English.
9. My English teacher asks me to do some reading every day.
10.I often feel very tired after studying for a whole day.
11.I play basketball with my classmates after school.
12.After super, I often go out for a walk with my friends.
13.I wash my clothes by myself every evening.
14.My family usually watch TV after supper every Saturday.
15.I often go to the library on weekends.

五、学校生活(School life)
1.My school has three tall teaching buildings and two dormitory buildings.
2.The classrooms in my school are big and bright.
3.I’m a student of Grade Three.
4.We learn many subjects in school.
5.We have 8 classes a day.
6.We have a short break every two classes.
7.Our teachers and classmates are kind and friendly.
8.My favourite subject is math.
9.I also do well in English.
10.I think it is very important to have an interest in study.
11. I study very hard at school.
12.I keep listening to the teachers carefully in class.
13.I usually practice speaking English with my classmates after class.
14.Our teachers will give us help if we are in trouble.
15.We like doing sports after school.
六、兴趣与爱好(Interests and hobbies)
1.I like music very much.
2.She is good at dancing.
3.He likes playing computer games on weekends.
4.I have many hobbies.
5.Collecting stamps is very interesting.
6.My father likes reading newspaper after breakfast.
7.I like watching films with my friends on Saturdays.
8.I prefer to listen to radio rather than watch TV in my free time.
9.My family often go for picnics on Sundays.
10.In summer holidays we like to travel and go sightseeing.
11.Old people like to keep pets.
12.I like doing sports to keep fit.
13.Reading is full of fun.
14.Singing and dancing makes me relaxed and happy.
15.Having good hobbies is necessary.

1.He is a lonely old man.
2.Before an exam I will always feel nervous.
3.Failing in an exam makes me sad.
4.My teacher will get angry if I am late for class.
5.I’m afraid of snakes.
6.I’m proud of Yao Ming.
7.I’m very happy to help my mother cook dinners.
8.His mother is worried about him when he goes out at night.
9.Smiling and small talks make the world smaller.
10.He is so fun that he always makes others laugh.
11.She couldn’t help crying when she heard the sad news.
12.It’s impolite to shout at others.
13.The cute baby likes making faces.
14.I hate math because it’s very hard and boring.
15.The exciting movie made us excited the whole night.

八、人际关系(Interpersonal relationships)
1.There are five members in my family.
2.I have a brother who is good at playing basketball.
3.My parents love me and encourage me to study hard.
4.I have a close friend whose name is Jim.
5.My teachers are kind to me.
6.I have helpful neighbours.
7.If I have difficulty in study, I will ask my teachers or classmates for help.
8.In my first English class my teacher made me introduce myself to my classmates.
9.If I want to go out with my friends at night, I must ask my parents for permission first.
10. I wanted to ask you to see a film with me.
11.You must have heard of it.
12.When I came to your house, you were out.
13.So I had to leave this note to you.
14.Let’s meet at 7:30 at the gate of the cinema on Sunday, OK?
15.Please give me a reply when you see this note.

九、计划与愿望(Plans and intentions)
1.I’m going to Kunming for a trip in the summer holiday.
2.I plan to go to England for further education next year.
3.I want to be a doctor when I grow up.
4.I decide to study English well.
5.My dream is to be a car designer.
6. I am an American boy named Jack.
7.I am coming to China with my parents in a month.
8.I will be in Grade One in No.1 Middle School.
9.I am very happy to be in China.
10.But I have some problems.
11. I can speak a lot of Chinese now, but I can hardly write in Chinese.
12. It is too difficult for me.
13. Sometimes, I don’t get along well with my Chinese friends.
14.I don’t know how to get along with them.
15.I hope you can write to me to help me soon.

十、节假日活动(Festivals,holidays and celebrations)
1.Spring Festival is the most important festival in China.
2.It’s usually in January or February.
3.In Spring Festival children can get a lot of lucky money.
4.Family members will get together to have a big dinner in Spring Festival.
5.All the people will wear new clothes in Spring Festival in China.
6.People will send best wishes to one another on New Year’s Day.
7.Christmas day is the biggest festival in Western countries.
8.It is on the 25th of December.
9.It is the birthday of Jesus Christ.
10.People decorate(修饰) their houses with paper decorations and leaves and branches.
11.People also like to have a Christmas tree in the living room.
12.This is a very small tree decorated with silver paper and colored lights.
13.Everyone enjoys Christmas Day.
14. Small children believe that Father Christmas brings their presents.
15.They greet each other with a hug and say, “Merry Christmas!”

1.I need to buy a new bike.
2.He wants to buy a new car when he has enough money.
3.This shop has a lot of beautiful clothes on sale.
4.I want to buy a pair of sports shoes of Size 9.
5.She has nice style to wear clothes.
6.He always wears in black.
7.The price of the dress is a little high.
8.My favourite is pretty dress.
9.He likes wearing jeans all the time.
10.There are four supermarkets in all on this street.
11.For the price of eggs, the highest price is that in Supermarket B.
12.For pork, you may buy the cheapest in Supermarket A.
13.The supermarket has bad environment and service.
14.I hope my mother can buy a computer for me.
15.This bookstore has a lot of good books that I want to have.

十二、饮食(Food and drink)
1.She likes eating fish best.
2.My family like drinking chicken soup in winter.
3.My favourite vegetables are tomatoes and eggplants.
4.The people in South China have rice as staple food.
5.I drink a glass of milk every day.
6.Most children like eating ice cream.
7.It’s polite to have good table manners.
8.Chinese use chopsticks while Americans use knives and forks .
9.It’s very important to eat on time.
10.There are many kinds of fast food now.
11.The British often eat a quick lunch of only a sandwich and a cup of coffee.
12.They usually have their dinners of beef or fish with vegetables between 7-9 p.m..
13.They will begin with soup or snacks.
14.And if they have dinner with friends, it can last till midnight.
15.On weekends, they like to have meals with all the family members.

(1)Tom didn’t go to school yesterday, because he had/caught/got a cold.
(2)Reading in bed is bad for your eyes.
(3)There is something wrong with my feet.
(4)The old man is in poor health.
(5)You’d better have/eat breakfast every morning.
(6)We are used to getting up early.
(7)If you don’t feel well, you should go to see the doctor at once.
(8)How often do you exercise?
(9)You must look after/ take care of yourself and keep healthy/ fit.
(10)If you want to keep healthy, you must do exercise/ do sports/exercise every day.
(11)Doing morning exercises is good for our health.
(12)I think I’m kind of/ a little unhealthy.
(13)I hope you will feel better soon.
(14)You should lie down and have a rest.
(15)We should wash hands before meals and brush our teeth twice a day.

(1)It’s a fine day, isn’t it?
(2)What’s the weather like /How’s the weather today? It’s humid.
(3)It’s going to rain.
(4)Let me tell you about the weather of the week in Guangdong.
(5)On Wednesday, a strong wind will reach Guangdong and cause much rain。
(6)On Friday, it is going to be a little windy, and getting cold.
(7)Guangzhou will rain heavily tomorrow.
(8)What’s the temperature today?
(9)Hainan will be sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon.
(10)How nice the weather is today!/ What nice weather it is today!
(11)The highest temperature of today is thirty-three degrees, and the lowest temperature is
twenty-eight degrees.
(12)According to the forecast/ weather report, it’ll be snowy today.
(13)We didn’t go camping yesterday because of the heavy rain.
(14)It’s cold outside, so you’d better put on your coat.
(15)He didn’t take the umbrella with him so that he got wet.

(1)In my class, most of my classmates have colorful weekends.
(2)He thinks hanging out with friends is a way to relax.
(3)They don’t think thrillers are scary.
(4)I can’t stand the boring movie.
(5)I enjoy listening to music.
(6)I like music that I can sing along with.
(7)I prefer classical music to pop music.
(8)Liu Xiang is one of the most popular stars in China.
(9)Swimming is my favorite sport.
(10)Who do you think is the best football player in the world?
(11)The sports meeting is put off to next week.
(12)This is an exciting basketball match/ game.
(13)The World Cup is held every four years.
(14)The 29th Olympic Games was held successfully in Beijing last year.
(15)I often play ping-pong after class and I find it really helpful to my health and my study.

(1)I want to travel to English-speaking countries such as the United States and Canada.
(2)I hope to visit Hawaii some day.
(3)Neither his father nor mother has been to Beijing.
(4)I'm going to show you around People’s Park and Huangqi Mountain tomorrow.
(5)The Forbidden City is one of the most popular scenic spots.
(6)The Forbidden City is very big and you can learn much history of China from it.
(7)The Summer Palace is beautiful and famous.
(8)The Great Wall is a wonderful place to go.
(9)Going boating on the West Lake can be a good choice./ It can be a good choice to go boating
on the West Lake.
(10)Going by train is much cheaper than by air./ Taking a train is much cheaper than taking a
(11)The bank is next to/ by/ beside the bookstore.
(12)Walk straight along the street, and turn left at the first turning/ take the first turning on the
(13)There is a supermarket between the post office and the hospital.
(14)Go across the road and turn right, you can see a supermarket.
(15)Cars must stop when the traffic light is red.

(1)He can speak (both) English and French well.
(2)Zhanghua learns English by listening to tapes.
(3)When you practice speaking English, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
(4)Why don’t you join/ Why not join an English club to improve your spoken English?
(5)He has learned English for eight years.
(6)It is a good way to learn English in English-speaking countries.
(7)I think the best way to learn new words is by reading English magazines.
(8)He thinks studying grammar is a great way to learn a language.
(9)We should speak English as much as possible.
(10)We should try/do our best to learn English well.
(11)It’s important to read English every day.
(12)I am very interested in/ I take great interest in English.
(13)We must study English harder from now on/from today on/from this time on.
(14)In English, I’m better at listening than reading.
(15)I don’t know the differences between American English and British English.

(1)Rice is grown in the south of China.
(2)These flowers need to be watered every day.
(3)Spring is the best time to plant trees.
(4)Trees can beautify the environment and they are also good for our health.
(5)Trees can be used for building houses and making paper.
(6)We must plant more trees and mustn't cut down trees.
(7)Both sides of the streets are full of beautiful trees.
(8)These animals must be taken good care of/ be looked after well.
(9)What should we do to help the animals in danger?
(10)The tiger doesn’t sleep at night.
(11)These lions are from/ come from Africa.
(12)The sun rises in the east.
(13)We should love animals and care for the earth.
(14)We know that the earth goes around the sun.
(15)The elephant is the heaviest animals on land.

(1)Hawaii is famous for its beautiful beaches.
(2)Japan is to the east of China.
(3)Canada is an English-speaking country.
(4)India is the second largest country in Asia.
(5)China is larger than any country in Africa.
(6)I have been living in Beijing for some time and I find it very interesting.
(7)The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in Great Britain.
(8)We should do something for protecting the environment.
(9)A lot of water has been polluted.
(10)We can use cloth bags instead of plastic bags when we go shopping.
(11)We shouldn’t throw away rubbish everywhere.
(12)The world’s population is growing faster and faster.
(13)In order to protect the environment, we should stop using plastic bags.
(14)The environmental pollution is becoming worse and worse /more and more seriously today.
(15)We must plant more trees and stop/keep/prevent people from cutting them.

(1)Paper was invented in China.
(2)I think computer is one of the most useful inventions in the world.
(3)Do you know when the telephone was invented?
(4)The telephone was invented in 1876.
(5)We all know that light bulbs were invented by Edison.
(6)Stamps are used for sending letters.
(7)Most students think it is not safe for the junior students to ride electric bicycles, because they
are too young.
(8)The mobile phone is a fashionable and useful invention, so we should make good use of it.
(9)   Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students now.
(10)The Internet can make our lives interesting.
(11)More and more people are interested in the Internet.
(12)Many people like surfing the Internet, because they can learn how to use the computer and
get more information from it.
(13)The Internet can help us get in touch with people from all over the world.
(14)Because of the Internet, some students don’t study hard anymore.
(15)Though the Internet is useful/helpful, students should not waste too much time on it.

(1)On May 12th, 2008, a big earthquake happened in Wenchun, Sichuan.
(2)Many people lost their relatives and their homes.
(3)Thousands of soldiers help them to rebuild their homes.
(4)I’m deeply moved by these people.
(5)I’ll use my pocket money to buy some food and school things for the children there.
(6)I think all of us should try our best to help the people in need.
(7)As we know, our country met a snow disaster last Spring Festival.
(8)Everything was covered with heavy snow.
(9)Millions of people couldn't go home.
(10)As a student, I think we should learn from those heroes.
(11)We should study hard to make our motherland stronger and better.
(12)Planting trees can stop/keep/prevent soil from changing into sand.
(13)It’s our duty to protect the environment.
(14)Everyone should make a contribution to protecting the environment.
(15)We must try our best to protect the environment.

(1)There are many places of interest in China.
(2)Beijing is the capital of China.
(3)The People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949.
(4)Paris is the capital of France, and is one of the liveliest cities in Europe.
(5)Beijing is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
(6)Xi’an is a beautiful city with a long history.
(7)Many cities in China will become very big and crowded.
(8)Guangzhou is in the south of China.
(9)Great changes have taken place in Dongguan these years.
(10)We have built many tall buildings and wide roads.
(11)Shanghai is the one of the biggest cities in China.
(12) The Yangtze River is the longest river in China.
(13)The 2008 Olympic Games was held in Beijing.
(14)China has won 52 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
(15)Pandas are from/ come from China.

(1)We have to wear school uniforms at school every day.
(2)In Switzerland, it’s very important to be on time.
(3)Different countries have different table manners.
(4)It’s not polite to laugh at others.
(5)People like to spend time with their families on Chinese New Year.
(6)Parents should not be too strict with their children.
(7)Students shouldn’t get their ears pierced.
(8)Young people should stay away from smoking.
(9)He not only likes Chinese food, but he also learns a lot about Chinese culture.
(10)You are supposed to shake hands with someone you meet for the first time.
(11)When we are waiting for a bus, we should wait in line.
(12)Please put out the fire. Please don’t smoke in public from now on.
(13)Chinese are friendly to foreign friends.
(14)People eat moon cakes on Mid-autumn Day.
(15)December 25th is Christmas Day.

(1)More and more people are interested in art.
(2)Do you want to know about Chinese paper cut? Let me tell you.
(3)Chinese paper cut has a history over/more than 2,000 years.
(4)Chinese paper cut is very popular in different parts of China.
(5)Both young and old people love Chinese paper cut.
(6)People in northern part of China do well in/are good at making paper cut.
(7)They cut paper into different shapes, like birds, animals, flowers and so on.
(8)I think Chinese paper cuts are not only beautiful but also very useful.
(9)When Spring Festival comes, people like putting paper cut on windows.
(10)I hope you'll come to China to see more Chinese paper cuts one day/some day.
(11)The well-known/ famous pianist Li Yundi started to play the piano at the age of 4/when he
     was 4 (years old).
(12)Shakespeare is famous for his plays.
(13)Everyone likes Mark Twain’s short stories, because they are humorous.
(14)Mark Twain is an American writer, while Lu Xun is a Chinese writer.
(15)Harry Potter is popular all over the world.

                             附: 2010 年招考模拟试卷八套

                             2010 年 中 考 英 语 模 拟 试 卷 ( 一 )
一、A.1-5 BCCAB          B.6-10 BCCAB 11-15 CBABC C.16-20 ABCAB
      D.21. May 1st   22. in Germany 23. black 24. about 200,000 25. a bike
二、26-30 BCBAD             31-35 DABCC      36-40 BDBAC 41-45 CDABB
三、46-50 ADCAB             51-55 DCDAB
四、56-60 CDBDA             61-65 CADDB      66-70 DGAEB
五、71. food           72. found       73. home       74. heavy    75. while
      76. bike       77. came        78. as         79. much     80. what
六、A. 信息归纳
81. four weeks 82. Canada 83. French and history 84. 92646855
85. write a report about the trip
B. 书面表达
Dear Sam,
   I have just been back from an unforgettable trip. A month ago, I was so lucky to win a free
four-week trip conducted by Honey Travel Agency. I was so excited and happy. I decided to go to
Canada. I went there by plane and stayed in a school. I chose to study French and history there.
And I enjoyed skating and playing tennis when I was free. I also visited a museum and spent a day
at the beach. What a great time! Now I had to write a report about the trip and fax it to the
manager. See you!

                             2010 年 中 考 英 语 模 拟 试 卷 ( 二 )
一、A.1-5 AACCB B.6-10 BCBAA 11—15 CBABB C.16-20 BCBAB
      D.21. England 22. her first story       23. French 24. cafes 25. In 1997
二、26-30 CABBD 31-35 CDCBA 36-40 CAABD 41-45 DCBBA
三、46-50 BCDAB 51-55 BADBC
四、56-60 DACDB 61-65 BADDC 66-70 FEGDB
五、71. rules 72. waste               73. duty         74. books           75. bad
      76. loudly 77. off            78. watch        79. sleep           80. ten
六、A. 信息归纳
81. three               82. Chinese food, Italian food
83. the Plaza           84. big shops on 5th Avenue              85. 8%
B. 书面表达
   Welcome to New York! It is the biggest city in the USA. In New York, you can travel to any
place by bus, by subway or by taxi. The best hotel is the Plaza. But it is very expensive. There are
also many smaller and cheaper hotels for us to choose. We can eat many different kinds of food
like fast food, Chinese food, Italian food and so on. The fun place to go shopping is 5th Avenue.
We will find lots of big shops there. Then we will visit the Empire State Building, Central Park
and Time Square. And we will climb the Statue of Liberty to enjoy the beautiful sights of the city.
I’m sure everybody will have a great time.

                               2010 年 中 考 英 语 模 拟 试 卷 ( 三 )
一、A.1-5 CCBAB B.6-10 CAABC 11-15 ABBCB C.16-20 BBCAC
      D.21. 6 million 22. nor too cold 23. Spring City 24. the southeast of the city 25. Rice noodles
二、26-30 BDBAC 31-35 CADBC 36-40 DBABC 41-45 CDBAC
三、46-50          ABBCD 51-55              DCBBA
四、56-60          BCAAD 61-65              DBCAC 66-70              BCEFA
五、 places               72. fast           73. mustn’t/shouldn’t/can’t     74. right         75. opens
    76. six             77. be             78. No              79. take        80. quiet
六、A. 信息归纳
81. African Americans                         82. love, jobs, games and so on.
83. the music, break-dancing and graffiti 84. speak words very quickly to a certain beat
85. large T-shirts and baggy jeans
B. 书面表达
   I’m a music fan. I usually listen to all kinds of music. Rap music is very hot and popular now. It
was started by African Americans over 30 years ago. Singers rap the words quickly to a certain
beat and have a lot of fun. This kind of music is very exciting. I like the famous rap stars like
Eminem, Pan Wilber and Jay Chou. Their songs are so great. Music has become an important part
of my life, it makes me relax and be happy every day.

                     2010 年 中 考 英 语 模拟试题(四)
一、1-5. ACBCA 6-10.BACBC 11-15.ACBAC 16-20.BACAC
     21. Shanghai 22.June 6th 23.take part in a meeting 24.train 25.two weeks
二、26-30 BDACD 31-35 DCCAD 36-40 CDABB 41-45 ABABA
三、46-50 BCADB 51-55 BCCAC
四、56-60 CBDBC 61-65 BBDCC 66-70 ACDEG
五、 71.finished 72.job 73.tried 74.than              75.reading
       76. can’t      77.to 78. found 79. wrong 80. leave
六、A. 信息归纳
81. 16 82 American 83. Off Candle/Wright Candle
84. National Gallery of American’s Young Inventors.
85. make a positive contribution to society
B. 书面表达
                                     Be Creative
     I learned from a newspaper that a middle school student invented a machine which can help
the blind people read more quickly and easily. I think this invention is very useful and helpful.
      In my opinion, I think schools should try to encourage school students to use their
imagination to create new things. On the one hand, small inventions show students’ ability. On the
other hand, having some inventions in spare time can make the students’ life more colorful, and it
is helpful for their studying.

                                2010 年 中 考 英 语 模拟试题(五)
一、1-5 BABCC 6-10 CACCB 11-15 BCACC 16-20 BABCA
      21. happiest 22. rainy 23. note 24. either 25.invited
二、26-30 CDBAD 31-35BDACD 36-40 CDDDB 41-45 DBCBA
三、46-50 ABCCA               51-55 ABCDC
四、56-60 DBDDC              61-65 DBCAD 66-70 CGADF
五、71. driving 72. worried/afraid/nervous 73. Don’t 74.pass 75.about
      76. if/when 77. but 78. handed 79. surprised/excited 80. my
六、A. 信息归纳
81.Mother Love 82. waking hours 83. growing up day by day
84. cold winter days 85. you do well at school
B. 书面表达
                                            Mother Love
      My mother is a 38-year-old woman. She is beautiful with long hair and big eyes. She works
as a nurse in a hospital. Although mother is always busy, she never forgets to care for me and she
is also kind and helpful to others. When I was 8 years old, I fell down from the stairs and hurt my
left leg, I couldn’t go to school on foot. My mother took me to the hospital and school y on the
bike every da. Sometimes she even carried me on her back on the stairs. Mother love is the
greatest love in the world. I love my mother.

                        2010 年 中 考 英 语 模拟试题(六)
一、1-5 ABACB 6-10 BBBCC 11-15 CABAB           16-20 CBABB
  21. May 25   22. humorous 23. sports 24. spoken and written 25. 3536-8083
二、26-30 BA ACA 31-35 BBBCD        36-40 BCDCB       41-45 ABBCC
三、46-50 BCADA        51-55 BBCAD
四、56-60 C C A D C 61-65 B B C C D                      66-70 D F E C A
五、71. better              72. house       73. gift/ present       74. thought       75. radio
     76. immediately 77. cost             78. sent       79. after         80. surprise
六、A. 信息归纳
81. New York, America 82. 9/ Nine 83. 15/ Fifteen 84. Xi'an,Shanghai 85. Excellent
B. 书面表达
     Last summer vacation, we had a good time in Beijing. We stayed there for 6 days. Beijing is a
city with a long history. There are many places of interest in it. We visited some of them. The
Forbidden City is one of the most popular ones for visitors. It is very big and you can learn much
about the history of China from it. The Summer Palace is beautiful and famous. The Great Wall is
also a great place to go. I think I will never forget the wonderful trip to Beijing.

                         2010 年 中 考 英 语 模拟试题(七)
一、1-5 BABCB        6-10 BCCBC 11-15 BBACC           16-20 CBBCB
   21. (A/H1N1) flu 22. University 23. Monday afternoon 24. student hall                25. Grade
   Seven and Eight
二、26-30 BBBCD 31-35 ACDCA 36-40 DACCD                 41-45 CCBCD
三、46-50 CBBDC 51-55 ABCAD
四、56-60 CBADB 61-65 CDBCA          66-70 FCBAE

五、71 thirteenth / 13th       72. same       73. dinner      74. count       75. Suddenly
     76. except 77. smile         78. fourteen         79. baby        80. happy/ pleased
六、A. 信息归纳
81. To save energy and improve climate       82.To turn off lights for an hour
83. March 31, 2007 84. 35 countries 85. Over 2100 cities
B. 书面表达
     Nowadays, the environment is worse and worse. People's health has been greatly affected.
Many people died of diseases. In order to live on a life, something must be done to protect
our world.
     The first thing we can do is to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags when shopping. Second,
we should reuse paper. Third, we should also never forget to turn off the lights in order to save
energy. What’s more, it would be better if we walk or ride a bike to school. We should try our best
to reduce pollution and waste.
     In fact, these simple everyday activities can make a real difference to the environment. I
believe we can make the world a better place to live in.

                         2010 年 中 考 英 语 模拟试题(八)
一、1-5 ACCBC 6-10 BBCCA 11-15 BBCBC                  16-20 BCAAB
   21. 5/ Five 22. black 23. white T-shirt        24. Room 205        25. 8634259
二、26-30 BCBBC 31-35 ADCAA 36-40 ADCAC                   41-45 DABBB
三、46-50 BCABD 51-55 BCADB
四、56-60 DBDCA 61-65 ABADC               66-70 EAGBD
五、71. stopped    72. joy/excitement      73. stopped/warned      74. hurt    75. with
  76. threw 77. second      78. pockets          79. rush/run   80. understand
六、A. 信息归纳
81. Barack Obama 82.May 83. To make people healthier, happier and help them learn better
84. At least one hour of physical activity 85. Seven
B. 书面表达
Nowadays more and more people care about their health. But how to keep healthy? Different
people may give different answers to this question. In my opinion, it is necessary to keep a
balanced diet if you want to keep healthy. You’d better eat enough fruit and vegetables and proper
meat. Secondly, it is important to do regular exercises to build up our bodies, such as running or
taking a walk every day. Physical activity can make people healthier and happier. Thirdly, we
should have a good attitude towards life. Keeping active is good for our mental health. If people
follow these three ways, they will greatly improve

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