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					Minutes of the Meeting of Cherry Willingham Parish Council held in the Millennium
                     Hall on Monday 16th July 2012 at 7.30 pm
Present: Cllrs Beattie, Blackwell, Booth, Gulliver, Houghton, Joy, Robinson, Scott, Trevor, Welburn,
           Mrs M Vail (Parish Clerk), PCSO Payne, & 4 members of the public.
Apologies: Cllrs Andrews, Bridgewood, Cutler, Parrott

A member of the public reported that he had notified the council the day before about the vegetation
height on Footpath 798 (Scout Hut path) but was pleased to see it had been cut that day. He asked if this
path was on the grass cutting schedule. It was explained the council had learned late on 13th July that the
lock on the gate had been recently changed. Arrangements had been immediately made for Veolia to be
given a new key. The path has received a cut on 16th July. All schedules are to be reviewed Autumn 2012.
A member of the public asked how many residents needed to apply in order to request a community
allotment. The Clerk is to find out and respond by e-mail.
A member of the public requested a reply by letter to the Bowls Club detailing if the Council would be
taking action to tackle the water problem. If so, what work would be carried out and to what timescale as
this would affect decisions made by the Club. It was explained that this matter would be put on the
agenda for the next Leisure & Amenities Committee meeting and the August full council meeting. A
written reply will be sent after the August meeting.
A member of the public asked if the Council has a policy of no parking on grass verges. It was explained
that the Council does not have any powers but PCSO Payne confirmed that the Police can act if a car
causes an obstruction as this is an offense.

Meeting began at 7.40pm.

1. Apologies, welcomes and attendance as above
2. Members’ declarations of interest, gifts and hospitality

Cllr Scott declared an interest in the Bowls Club and the Waterford Lane housing development.
3. Chairman’s remarks

The Chairman thanked the Clerk for her work during her first month. She stated that the Clerk had had to
hit the ground running and pick things up quickly, and had done so cheerfully. The Chairman also asked
for help from Councillors in managing the length of meetings.
4. To receive the notes of the Council meeting held on 18th June and agree to be signed as a true

A query over the accuracy of Item 6 was not carried. The minutes were signed as a true record, with 2

5. To receive reports from outside bodies, including the Police, District and County Councillors (if

PCSO Payne reported that arrests for burglaries had been made in other local villages.
Two pub break-ins were being looked into, related to which, the Police were working with the Co-op on
security matters.
SID had been in the village three weeks earlier and was fully functioning – it was confirmed that SID
does not record data. The Police are looking for new sites to place SID within the village.
A complaint received by Cllr Welburn about parking on Lime Grove had been passed to the Police.

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The Police are not aware of a lamp post being removed one night in the Minister Drive area.

District Cllr Welburn reminded the Council of the CAV fund, totalling £1.2 million, to help community
based projects. Whilst not a gift, the CAV fund can offer a loan, or match funding.

6. To consider issues concerning the future delivery of library services in Cherry Willingham and
   resolve on action accordingly

Some Councillors attended a recent meeting with Mike Cavanagh of LCC’s Library Service. Copies of
Mr Cavanagh’s presentation, and a profile of Cherry Willingham Library, were passed around.
The chair quoted Cllr Eddie Poll (Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Cultural Services), who has
said: “While we’ve no plans to close any of our static library sites, the service will certainly have to
evolve. It’s likely that volunteers and shared premises will both have a role to play. However, the present
service won’t be affected until we’ve had consultations with communities over the next couple of years”.
Cherry Library has to save a third of its annual costs, i.e. £10,500. The only realistic option presently is a
Co-op/pharmacy building swap with the library.
A discussion followed which included alternative scenarios where the Council would be involved in
running the library either in its existing site or in the Co Op site. The Council needs to produce a business
plan for each scenario, to be submitted to LCC. LCC would then consult with the public before making a
decision. It was noted that LCC would provide an annual grant and support through a Library
Development Officer, stock, and Information & Communications technology.
It was resolved that the Council invite members of CW2020 to form a joint group to formulate a business
plan for both scenarios, to be presented to the Board at the end of October. It was agreed that Cllrs
Blackwell, Booth and Joy sit on this group.
Action: CW2020 to discuss at their next meeting on 17 July 2012. Depending on
outcome a joint meeting will be initiated.

7. To consider issues relating to Affordable Housing developments within the village and resolve
   on any action as necessary

The Parish Council has a target for 23 affordable housing dwellings.
An application (128773) has been submitted to WLDC for a development of 37 houses off Hawthorn Rd.
The Clerk has asked WLDC for a time extension so the Parish Council can formulate a response.
Councillors were asked to look at this application, particularly the Design & Access statement, and
provide feedback to Cllr Booth. WLDC need to have received feedback by 31st July.
Action: All Cllrs to give feedback on application to Clerk

A 9 week consultation period on a new Core Strategy Local Plan (which includes policies on affordable
housing and wider issues) began last week. The Council need to feed back into this.
Action: Cllr Booth to circulate the relevant parts of this Local Plan to everybody.
Action: Clerk to diarise end date of consultation period so feedback is submitted in time.

Concerns were raised as to the ‘Are you Being Served?’ comments made on page 12 of Cherry
Willingham News. The Chairman said she would be asking the Editor to provide a page for the Parish
Council to allow a summary of meetings to be published in the next edition.

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8. To approve the receipts and payments since the last meeting:

   Receipts                                              J E Spence & Sons - footpath
   Interest                           10.94               (Awards for All)            11,820.00
   Burial ground fees                 84.00              Staff wages (June)              344.71
   MM quiz income                    126.00              MM Pelican Trust - gala
   MM raffle income                  162.20               programmes                     183.00
                                                         Mr E Pitt                        52.68
   Payments (incl VAT)                                   Chattertons – burial ground
   Mr R Jones (printer cartridges)   133.50                 path fees for faculty        229.60
   Veolia - grass                    683.17              M Mason – PO gala raffle &
   Barriers Direct - seat High St    425.51               programme draw prizes          380.00
   E-on                               40.00              M Mason – postage/stationery
   Veolia - grass                    456.00               & gala sundries                123.24
   L Griffiths (window cleaning)        5.00             M Mason – CW2020 displays
   WLDC – dog bin footpath                                & materials for gala            76.80
    (Awards for All)                 153.60              HMRC (PAYE Apr-Jun 12)          214.80

The receipts and payments were approved.
9. To receive reports and recommendations (if any) concerning the business of the Council and its
   Committees, Sub-committees etc:
   a) Finance & General Purposes:

Nothing to report. The next Committee meeting will be the first week of September, date to be arranged.

   b) Employment Committee, including:

   i. To receive a brief report on the progress of recruiting the future RFO (Cllr Joy)
There is to be a meeting on 24th July to discuss the future of the RFO. Cllrs Joy and Robinson, along with
RFO Mike Mason, have agreed what the role will involve.

   c) Village Improvement Committee, including:

   i. To review the arrangements for the combined WLDC/PC litter picking and resolve accordingly.

The 6 month’s trial of the combined WLDC/PC litter picking has gone well so councillors are happy for
the arrangement to continue. The Service Level Arrangement will roll over.
It was resolved that the Clerk and Chair of the Employment Committee decide whether the extra 2 hours
litter picking around the village in the school summer holiday period are needed. These 2 hours are not
in the Service Level Agreement.

   ii. To consider the siting for the planting of the Jubilee Oak and resolve accordingly.

It was noted that the wood carvings are now installed. The location of the plaque was resolved and the
Jubilee oak is to be planted in October accordingly on the grass area at the top of the pond on the burial
ground side.

   iii. To consider dog restrictions in the pond area and resolve accordingly.

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Information about Dog byelaws had been distributed by the Clerk prior to the meeting. Cllr Joy reported
that these have been replaced by dog control orders. The council agreed to explore the option of issuing a
new dog order for the village. It was agreed therefore to delay work on the new dog signs until more
information is received on dog control orders.
Action: Cllr Joy to prepare a report for VIC to consider and bring to the next meeting.

   iv. To consider the siting of a new dog bin in the village and resolve accordingly.

It was resolved that the bin be sited near the pavement on the SE corner of the pond.

   v. To consider issues relating to recent grass cutting.

The Clerk reported on recent grass cutting issues, including vegetation being overgrown, cut grass being
left on footpaths, uneven cutting leaving clumps of grass untouched; as well as an accident at Laburnum
Drive play area, whereby a child tripped in the long grass, stumbled into an upright support of the slide,
which resulted in a black eye and bruising to the child’s temple. Veolia were informed about the accident,
and cut the playing area the following week. Veolia have been hindered by the incessant heavy rain which
has encouraged vegetation to grow faster than usual, but are responding to problem areas as reported to
them by the Clerk.
The schedules, including play areas, will be reviewed in the Autumn prior to tender.
Action: Clerk to ask Veolia for dates of recent grass cuts in the village
Action: Cllr Beattie to provide Clerk with his list of dates for grass cuts

   vi. To approve a revised quote for the High Street seat

Due to an unclear website, a bench was inadvertently ordered instead of the preferred seat. To cancel the
bench order would mean paying the supplier restocking charges of £88.65 exc. VAT. Pictures of
alternative seats were passed around and a discussion followed on whether to continue with the bench
order, or cancel this order, incurring the restocking fee, and ordering a seat instead.
It was resolved that the Parish Council continue with the bench order.

Cllr Trevor left the meeting at 9.07pm

   vii. To receive a proposal that the area around the pond receives a one-off cut in July/August 2012 and
        resolve accordingly

The above proposal was passed.

   viii. To receive a proposal that the area around the pond receives an annual cut in July/August,
         beginning from 2013, and resolve accordingly.

It is noted that a specialist is needed for this area with appropriate care, skills and knowledge.
The above proposal was passed.

   d) Leisure & Amenities Committee, including:
   i. To receive a report regarding the dog byelaws on the Laburnum Drive Playing Field and St Paul’s
      Play Area (Cllr Andrews).

Cllr. Andrews was thanked for his efforts in producing this report which the Clerk had distributed prior to
the meeting. The Parish Council will now wait for Cllr Joy’s report on Dog Control Orders.

CWPC minutes                                                                                         Page 4 of 8
    ii. To note Veolia’s report following inspection of poplar trees on Laburnum Drive Playing Field.
Veolia had reported that the fallen branch had been a small one; there was no Health & Safety risk so no
action had been taken. There is some dead wood but nothing of significance.

   iii. To note meeting with suppliers and young people scheduled for 16th July.

A meeting took place on 16th July between Cllrs Robinson and Joy, 4 suppliers, 4 pupils and 1 teacher.
Once quotes have been received, the Parish Council will take the ideas to school for pupils’ approval. The
Council are aiming to gain resolution on this project in the September full council meeting.

   e) Burial Ground, including;
   i. To receive proposal that the clerk be appointed as Registrar to the Burial Ground.

It was resolved that the Clerk be appointed.

   ii. To receive a report on the progress of the faculty application for the extension of the path within
       the burial ground.

The Clerk reported that a cheque for £229.60 had been sent to Chattertons to enable the faculty work to
proceed. It was recommended that the Burial Committee meet in connection with this work. A query was
raised as to whether quote would still be in date.
Action: Clerk to check quote
    f) Planning matters including:
    i. To receive a report on recent planning applications, approvals and refusals
Applications to WLDC:
128791 64 Croft Lane replacement porch, 2 storey rear extension, single storey rear and side extensions
and conservatory. No comments have been submitted by the Parish Council
128773 Land adj 4 Hawthorn Road 37no. semi-detached, terraced and detached dwellings. The Parish
Council requested and were granted a time extension from WLDC until 31 July 2012 to further consider
this application.
128692 30 Hawthorn Road demolition of existing garage and porch/conservatory to rear of dwelling.
Erection of first floor extension and single storey rear extension to dwelling. Erection of detached
double garage. No comments have been submitted by the Parish Council.

Approvals by WLDC:
 128394 Petworth, Fiskerton Road East Change of use to day nursery – approved with conditions (40

   ii. To receive a report on any actions taken on acquiring the VLA (Cllr Booth)

A proposal was passed at the March 2012 extraordinary meeting approving £300 to undertake a Visual
Landscape Assessment at Waterford Lane. It was noted that a suitable agent to undertake a VLA for that
sum had now been found and the VLA would be duly completed.

   g) Midsummer Madness Summer Events Task and Finish group
   i. To receive a report on the Midsummer Madness events, including the Community Gala

A review meeting is to be held next week, but positive feedback has been received. Evaluation sheets are
being returned. The final total of monies raised is still to be calculated. A full report would be given at
the next Council meeting.

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The level crossing was to have been closed on the day, but the Chair managed to get this changed. It was
agreed to write to Alan Brown thanking him for his help with this. It was noted that the Council had not
been informed of this closure. It was also noted that for future events the Council need to notify
Highways and check that there is no planned work on the roads or level crossing.
Action: Chair to draft letter for Clerk to send to Alan Brown

   h) Christmas events task and finish group
   i. To request that the group meet to discuss possible Christmas event.

Cllrs Beattie, Trevor, Cutler and Bridgewood are to meet and approach potential organisations to see if
there is a demand for a Christmas event this year. Cllr Beattie is to tell the Clerk when to order the tree.
Action: Cllr Cutler to call meeting, Cllr Beattie to inform clerk about Christmas tree
   i) Emergency planning
   i. To review planning measures in the light of recent heavy rain.

There were no major issues as a result of the recent heavy rain. The Flood Warden and Cllr Welburn had
both been out overseeing the village. If there are issues in future, Cllr Welburn is the person to contact
Sycamore Close is a ‘problem’ area – Noel Robinson is awaiting Defra permission to install a drain.
It was suggested that a list of where people could access snow shovels be published in Cherry
Willingham News.

10. To receive reports and recommendations from Councillors representing the Council on outside
    Committees (if any), including:
    a) CW2020 Steering Group
A meeting is to take place on 17th July.

    b) Youth Club
LCC have recently told the new youth centre management committee that they are the preferred option
and they expect to take over the running of the youth centre from the start of September. Cllr Joy was
congratulated for all his hard work and efforts in achieving this outcome. Cllr Joy has talked to various
local youth bodies with a view to everybody working together as a young persons’ community group
across the local area.

   c) The Parade Committee
Nothing to report.

11. To consider other matters relating to the work of the Council
    a) To receive a proposal that the Council adopts the Code of Conduct as issued by NALC.
A second Code of Conduct as issued by West Lindsey had also been circulated. It was resolved to adopt
the West Lindsey Code of Conduct.

    b) To receive a proposal that the Council purchases suitable tables for the Millennium Hall similar
         to those being loaned by the church hall (Cllr Joy)
It was resolved that up to a maximum of £350 can be spent on tables. Cllr Joy is to liaise with the Clerk
regarding the purchase of these.

CWPC minutes                                                                                      Page 6 of 8
    c) To receive a proposal that the council purchases two noticeboards and other small items of office
         equipment (Clerk to report)
It was resolved that the Clerk can spend up to a maximum of £150 on noticeboards and other small office

     d) To consider the reply from Stagecoach regarding the changes to bus route 15 and take further
         action accordingly.
The Clerk summarised the response received from Stagecoach. It was agreed that further clarity is needed
over where residents need to stand to catch the bus. Concerns were raised over whether Laburnum Road
is the best route given its narrow width and proximity to the primary school, also that drivers are still
waiting in different locations.
Action: Clerk to contact Stagecoach again.

     e) To consider a suggestion from a resident regarding erecting a flag and flag pole outside the
         Millennium Hall and resolve accordingly.
It was agreed to discuss this at a future suitable date. It was noted that there was a flag pole in the centre
of the village with a flag flying, for the Jubilee.

12. To consider any Police Matters not already dealt with, including issues arising from the minutes
    (if any)
No matters arising.

13. To receive reports on action taken in relation to matters arising from the minutes not covered
    by the agenda and/or reports from Committees
     a) 2010/111 d) Extension to the Fiskerton Road East footpath – confirmed by Noel Robinson. Will
         be undertaken in next quarter.
     b) 2010/162 d) Laburnum Drive – Needs to be moved forwards.
Cllrs were reminded that this point relates to the access road to the playing field – a legal document
relating to its maintenance exists but changes to the law mean that the wording makes the document
impossible to enforce. The Council itself is not affected but wishes to act sooner rather than later in
resolving this issue.
Action: a meeting needs to take place with interested parties
     c) 2011/110 c) iii Feasibility of path from pond area to Church Lane – to be dealt with late
         2012/early 2013.
     d) 2011/116 To explore the feasibility of path/wooded area linking Hawthorn Ave to main part of
         CW – ongoing.
     e) 2011/128 c) ii Request to Andrew & Co for list of documents held by them pertaining to Cherry
         Willingham and the Parish Council
A previous Clerk, Kathryn Wiswould, has been contacted. It was reported that various documents should
be found in the Parish Office. Some may need to be archived.
     f) 2011/151 e) To discuss issue of Parish Council Press releases - pending future discussion

14. To note any other correspondence received and to agree action as appropriate
    a) Letter received from Lincolnshire County Council informing of temporary closure of Fiskerton
         Road (slip road) from 8th Oct 2012 for approximately 4 days.
This is for carriageway maintenance. No action needed.

    b) Letter from resident expressing concerns over both housing due to be built, as well as
       implications of a possible future relocation of the Co-op site.
Action: Clerk to write to resident to inform him that his points have been noted.

CWPC minutes                                                                                       Page 7 of 8
Three further letters have been received:
    c) Letter from resident pointing out that dog walkers are depositing bagged dog mess into the bin
        outside the library.
Action: Clerk to write to resident to inform him that his points have been noted. Clerk to
ask Library if a notice can be displayed highlighting that the nearest dog bin is over the
level crossing.
    d) Memo from a resident regarding the state of the public footpath (Scout Hut).
The resident attended the meeting – the grass along this path had been cut earlier in the day.
    e) Letter from a student at Cherry Willingham Community School asking for funds to support a
        school cricket tour to Tobago. This will be put before the next Finance and General Purposes
        meeting in September.
Action: Clerk to e-mail the teacher co-ordinator of the trip.

15. Councillors’ matters for report and notice of items to be included in the July agenda
The issue of poor drainage on the cricket pitch and bowls club needs to be resolved.

Meeting closed at 9.58pm.

Mrs Michelle Vail: Clerk Cherry Willingham Parish Council
Date of next meeting: 20th August 2012 (items for agenda by 8th August)

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