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       Health Informatics

               Online Health Informatics Certification
                                       The rapidly burgeoning health care industry is moving ahead
                                       with the development of both the pharmaceutical and
                                       software industry in our country. Till date, the improvement
                                       in the healthcare sector is approximately 12% and is
                                       anticipated to grow by 13% year on year. The health
                                       informatics, a novel academic discipline bridging medicine
                                       and information sciences, has already made its presence felt
                                       in the country. However, there exists a gap between the
                                       healthcare and the IT sector.
                                       To reduce this gap and to meet the needs of the Healthcare
                                       professionals and Paramedical personnel, Mahatma Gandhi
                                       Institute of Medical Sciences has designed and delivered
                                       Online Health Informatics Certification (OHIC)

OHIC is a six months online curricular certification course assisting the professionals in learning
the basic concepts of Health informatics and core concepts of Healthcare based specialized IT

What is OHIC?                                     Importance & Usefulness

• OHIC Is an online IT certification course       • Basic course content gives a strong platform to
                                                    all healthcare personnel for further study. After
• OHIC is a solution for the Healthcare             successful completion of the course, students
  professionals and Paramedical personnel           become experts in data and information
  in delivering better patient care.                management techniques used in healthcare.

• Provides basic technical knowledge that a       • It enables students (Healthcare Professionals
  modern Healthcare professional require
                                                    and Paramedical Personnel) to understand how
                                                    to incorporate information technology into the
• Provides IT based techniques for proper           provision of safe, effective and evidence-based
  patients’ management
                                                    health care.
• 24x7 online accessible classrooms
                                                  • It enables the health professionals to adopt
                                                    new ways to accomplish their tasks more
• Syllabus charted out by experts
                                                    efficiently than they were doing earlier.
• Online evaluation on alternate months

• MGIMS     certificate,   on       successful
                                                  Eligibility Criteria
  completion of the course

                                                  •   Healthcare Professionals and Paramedical
                                                      Personnel with Bachelors degree qualification
Course Structure

Course structure covers 6 Units from basic to advances in the related fields

 Introduction to Health Informatics
               Overview and perspective
               IT in health care
               Communication Technologies in Healthcare
 Knowledge Management in Health Informatics
               Data, Information – Processing & Integration
               Clinical Terminologies
               Health Information Standards & Protocols
               Data Mining in Biomedicine & Healthcare
 Integrating Technology into Health Care Delivery
               Evidence Based Medicine
               Statistical Approach to Health Informatics
               Decision Support & Expert Systems
 Imaging, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Informatics
               Imaging Informatics
               Pharmaceutical Informatics
               Laboratory Informatics
 Nursing, Public Health and Consumer Health Informatics
               Nursing Informatics
               Public Health Informatics
               Consumer Health Informatics and Personal Health
 Electronic Medical Records
               EMRs / EHRs / PHRs History & Evolution
               Components, Challenges in its implementation
               Benefits, Applications in Health & Disease Management

Training & Testing

 • Online Health Informatics Certification sessions comprise of Introductory, E-Classes,
   Assignments and Final Evaluation.

 • Online material is provided to the registered candidates.

 • During the training programme, assignments are given to each student at the end of each
   month. Each student is provided a web folder for posting their assignment material with in
   stipulated time.

 • At the end of the course final evaluation is done based on assignments and final examination.
How to Apply & Course Fee
•    Interested candidates can register online.
•    Alternatively registration form can be downloaded, filled up and sent along with the hard
     copies of graduate certificate.
•    Candidates applying for each Session (January, April, July, October) are required to send the
     Registration Fees of Rs. 6000/- by Demand Draft OR Rs. 6050/- by cheque (inclusive of Rs. 50/-
     for bank clearance charges) in the name of ‘BIC Project’ payable at Sevagram / Wardha and
     send to Bioinformatics centre, JBTDRC, MGIMS, Sevagram- 442 102, Maharashtra, India
     before 15th of December, 15th of March, 15th of June or 15th of September for January, April,
     July, October sessions respectively. The Fees will be $200 for International Students.

OHIC Organisers:

 Patron           : Shri Dhiru S. Mehta, President, KHS, Sevagram

 Coordinator      : Dr. B. C. Harinath, Director, JBTDRC, MGIMS, Sevagram

 Advisory Board:

 •   The Dean, MGIMS, Sevagram

 •   Dr. Satish Kumar, Professor, Biochemistry & Dy. Coordinator, BIC, MGIMS

 Technical Personnel:
 •   Mr. Lingaraja Jena, Information Officer, BIC, JBTDRC, MGIMS, Sevagram
 •   Mr. Pramod Deshmukh, Technical Assistant, BIC, JBTDRC, MGIMS, Sevagram

 Bioinformatics centre
 JB Tropical Disease Research Centre
 Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
 Sevagram (Wardha) - 442 102, Maharashtra, India | |
 Tele Fax - +91 7152 284038

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