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					                                                                                            British Columbia Disc
                                                                                                Sports Society
                                                    S P R I N G               2 0 0 5

Greetings                                       Want to Volunteer?
                                                                                             GREETINGS ...............................................1

H                                               T
        ello!     The summer                            he BCDSS is run by
                                                                                             THE BCDSS .............................................1
        season is almost here,                          people just like you,
        and discs are beginning                         people      who      are                WANT TO VOLUNTEER? .........................1
to fly again. 2005 is shaping                   passionate about disc sports.                ULTIMATE UPDATE...................................1
up to be another exciting year                  We are always looking for                       CONGRATULATIONS!!!...........................1
for disc sports in BC!                          people to help out. We have                     SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LEAGUE .............2
                                                some       open        executive                JUNIORS COACHES WANTED ..................2
This version of SPIN highlights                 positions, but can create                       JUNIORS "ALL-STAR" TEAM TRYOUTS ...2
some      of     this    summer's               additional positions if you have                BCUC: BC ULTIMATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2
activities. It is the first issue of            new ideas or special projects                DISC GOLF UPDATE ..................................2
SPIN in a long time, but you                    that you want to pursue. We                     DISC GOLF BRANCH BOARD ..................2
will see more in the future. If                 could always use extra                          WEBSITE IMPROVEMENTS ......................2
there is an event or story that                 volunteers for tournaments as                   COURSES ...............................................2
you'd like to share, please                     well.                                           TOURNAMENTS ......................................3
send us the details for a future                                                                FORMATION OF DISC GOLF CLUBS .........3
edition          via          email:            So if you've got fresh ideas, or                YOU SHOULD TRY IT! .............................3                                just want to give back to the                LEAGUE UPDATES .....................................3
                                                sport you love, please contact                  PENTICTON ULTIMATE (PUFF) ..............3
The BCDSS                                       us today. Visit our website for                 NORTH SHORE ULTIMATE LEAGUE
                                                more info.

       his     newsletter    is
                                                                                                VICTORIA ULTIMATE .............................5
       produced by the BC
       Disc Sports Society.                     Ultimate Update                                 BURNABY ULTIMATE .............................5
                                                                                                PRINCE GEORGE ULTIMATE ...................5

We     are    the    provincial                         ome of the stuff that                   KAMLOOPS ULTIMATE ...........................6
organization responsible for                            the BCDSS is doing                      SQUAMISH & WHISTLER ULTIMATE .......6
Ultimate, Disc Golf, and other                          with   respect     to                   SIMON FRASER ULTIMATE CLUB ............6
disc   sports    across    the                  Ultimate.                                    ULTIMATE LEAGUES AROUND THE
province.                                                                                    PROVINCE .................................................7
                                                Congratulations!!!                           UPCOMING ULTIMATE EVENTS ................8
We provide a number of

services for players, leagues,                          big      congratulations             JUNIORS CALENDAR OF EVENTS...............8
clubs      and     tournament                          goes out to Lara                      UPCOMING DISC GOLF EVENTS ...............9
organizers.    We host the                             Mussell     (who     also
                                                                                             CURRENT BOARD & BRANCH MEMBERS 10
provincial championships for                    happens to be our librarian) for
                                                being named the Aboriginal                   THIS ISSUE OF SPIN…............................10
Ultimate and Disc Golf, and
run other tournaments like                      Female Athlete of the Year.
                                                Here's an excerpt from the                      Mussell, a two time winner of
Flowerbowl for Ultimate and
                                                press      release    by    The                 the       World       “Ultimate”
the Duck Golf series for Disc
                                                Aboriginal      Sport     Circle                Championships and captain of
                                                (                  the     Canada’s       National
We invite you to poke around                    April 13th, 2005:                               Women’s        Team.       Often
                                                                                                referred to as Ultimate Frisbee
our website for more info
                                                The     Aboriginal   “Female                    or Frisbee Football, the game
about the Society and our
                                                Athlete of the Year” is Lara                    has been played since 1968 in

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            discover to so that we can take appropriate corrective measures based on the severity of the error.

 Any and all copyrights and trademarks remain the property of their respective owner's. Frisbee® is a registered Trademark of WHAM-O.

 British Columbia Disc Sports Society                  –   SPIN newsletter           –    SPRING 2005                                Page 1
Canada and now includes               Aug 11-14, 2005: 2005                            bragging rights but don't have to take
                                                                                       the next step and go to Nationals)
over one million players in 50        Canadian National Ultimate
Countries. A member of the            Championships
Skwah     First   Nations   of        Location: Winnipeg, MB                           Disc Golf Update

Chilliwack, British Columbia,         Contact: Kieran McConnell,                               o what’s happening in
Lara has been a member of             Championship Series Director                             the world of BC disc
the     Canadian     Women’s          @                                                        golf? In the past 5
National Team since 1998.                           years     the    sport     has
                                                                                       experienced massive growth.
Support your local                    Juniors "All-Star"                               We have more courses and
League                                Team Tryouts                                     players than ever before and
                                                                                       this growth has also been

I                                     C
      n this issue we've                       heck        out                the      accompanied by a new
      included a listing of all                information     in             the      confident and mature attitude.
      Ultimate leagues that                    forum:
we're aware of in the province.
                                                                                       Disc golf in BC is as organized
For most of them, now is the                                                           and well run as anywhere and
time to sign up for their             BCUC: BC Ultimate                                we have a talented and
summer leagues. Check out             Championships                                    motivated group of volunteers
their websites for specific

                                            nnouncing the 2005 BC                      working hard to make sure
details on how to join. Now                                                            that this growth continues.
more British Columbians than                Championships,    July
                                            16/17 at Winona Park                       Here are some of the areas
ever     before    can     play                                                        where we have been active:
organized Ultimate in their           in Vancouver.
                                      This annual event, overseen                      Disc Golf Branch
Juniors Coaches
                                      by the BCDSS, acts as the                        Board
                                      qualification       event    for
Wanted                                Canadian Nationals (August
                                                                                       S     ome new faces and some
                                                                                             old ones:

         e are looking for            11-14, Winnipeg MB) as well
         some         qualified       as the tournament to crown
                                                                                       Chair – Jaspaul Bul
         people to coach the          the BC Champion in the Open,
                                                                                       Treasurer – Dave Stropky
BC Junior Team(s) that will           Mixed, Women's, Masters and
                                                                                       Secretary – Jim Brown
compete at the Canadian               Juniors divisions.
                                                                                       Members-At-Large – Pete
National Ultimate Champ-              Any BC based ultimate squad
                                                                                       Lizotte, Mike Graff, Craig
ionships. This tournament             (max. 3 non-BC residence per
happens      every    summer,         team)       are     eligible  to
usually the 3rd week of               participate. It is not necessary
August, and is in a different         for a team to have the                           Website
city across Canada every              intention of going to Nationals                  Improvements

year. The selected Coach(es)/         to     play      at    the   BC                            ur website underwent
Chaperone(s) will have their          Championships, but it is a                                                massive
expenses reimbursed. If you           great way to see how you                                   improvements         this
are interested, please fill out       stack up against National level                  year. Parts of it are still a work
the application form (URL             teams.                                           in progress but it is packed
below), and e-mail it to either                                                        with up to date information as
Mike Kaweski                          Registration will be open on-                    well as a very active          or       line at the BCDSS web page                       discussion board. Check it out
William Arlotta                       soon (                           at
                                      - Brian Gisel            (Tournament
                                      Director)                                        Courses
Thanks in advance for your

interest in Juniors Ultimate!                                                                  here are currently over
                                       (Ed. If you want to go to the Canadian                  25 official courses
                                      Ultimate Championships (CUC) You                         throughout            the
                                      need to qualify through the BCUC.
                                      However you can participate in the               province, with 10 of them
                                      BCUC without any aspirations of                  getting installed within the last
This year's Canadian National         going to the CUC. If you win you get             3 years: Kelowna, Kamloops,
Hot Spot:                                                                              Vernon, Cranbrook, Langley,

 British Columbia Disc Sports Society         –    SPIN newsletter              –   SPRING 2005                   Page 2
Maple Ridge, Campbell River,
and Comox.

There are also new courses in
the works for Kamloops and

The historic Pender Island
received a facelift last year
that resulted in some of the
“side 9” holes getting changed
and 18 out of the 27 holes now
have baskets!


        he popular “Duck Golf”
        winter   series   has
        expanded      to   11
tournaments and this year we
had over 200 individual
participants and handed out
over $22,000 in cash and

The Canadian Disc Golf
Championships, one of the
largest   P.D.G.A.     B-Tier
tournaments ever, was held in      organize     themselves      into      is free to play and you don't
Kamloops last year.                clubs.                                 have to book a tee time. Just
                                                                          show up at one of our parks
Trying to build on that            A formal club, as opposed to           with a disc (doesn't have to be
momentum, the DGB will be          collections       of      random       golf disc, could be an Ultimate
hosting the inaugural BC Open      individual players, gives us a         disc, or a pie plate) and a
on July 2nd and 3rd in             formal     presence      in   the      good attitude and you will
Vancouver. This tournament         community and allows us to             have a good time. Being a
will be a PDGA sanctioned B-       form relationships with the            young and growing sport we
Tier tournament and we hope        local parks boards. The other          are always welcoming of new
it will be BC’s flagship           advantage of clubs is that             players. Remember to check
tournament for years to come.      when local players pool their          out our website and have a
                                   resources they are better able         good summer!
This      year’s      Provincial   to look after their courses.
Championships will be held at
Pender Island on September
                                                                          League Updates
                                   Currently there are disc golf
10th and 11th. Another exciting

                                   clubs at Queen Elizabeth Park                 ubmissions from the
new tournament is the Rocky        (the “Q”), Mundy Park, Pender                 various       leagues
Mountain Challenge, a Ryder        Island,    Saltspring   Island,               around the province.
Cup style match play event         Victoria (the Island Disc Golf
that pits the best BC golfers      Society),    Cortes     Island,        Penticton Ultimate
against Alberta's best. Check      Cranbrook, Kamloops, and               (PUFF)
out our website for details.

                                   Langley.                                        he Penticton Ultimate
                                                                                   Frisbee    Federation
Formation of Disc                  You should try it!                              (PUFF) hosted two
Golf Clubs
                                            aybe you've been              successful Ultimate Clinics for

       layers in the different              curious to try out the        adults last spring which
       parks are starting to get            sport but for some            brought out 18 players for the
       their acts together and     reason haven't got around to           first time and prompted a short
                                   it. In case you didn't know, it        season of pick-up.

 British Columbia Disc Sports Society    –    SPIN newsletter      –   SPRING 2005              Page 3
This year 8 core Penticton          official party will be in town this      Our league is made up of over
players are already hucking on      year, please be prepared to              30 regulars, and about 25 part
weekends and we have had            catch safe transportation back           timers.
communication        from    4      to camp (the unofficial party)
additional veteran players who      or make reservations at one of           We are anticipating a full
have recently moved to the          the many cool and affordable             league this summer with over
small city we call Paradise.        hotels on Lakeshore Drive,               60 regulars, and we hope to
                                    just     minutes       from     the      have a touring team that will
This is very exciting and with 2    incredible beach and all the             represent, as well as develop
more adult clinics planned for      action. There will be hotel              talent on the North Shore.
late Spring, this may be the        rooms blocked off for teams              The team has been, and will
start of something beautiful for    coming to the tournament.                continue to be called the North
summer ultimate in Penticton.                                                Shore Truckers. The league is
                                    For tournament registration              made up mostly of players
The 3rd annual PUFF BLUFF           and/or accommodation info                with a few years experience.
tournament is tentatively set       please contact Carol Flynn by
for June 18/19 and a great          email or             There are a few veterans, and
weekend is planned for those        by phone at 250-495-6562.                they have helped develop a
making the trek to the heart of                                              steady stream of newbies, that
the sunny Okanagan.                 - Carol Flynn                            have taken well to the sport.

This year's PUFF BLUFF will         North Shore                              The focus of the North Shore
feature: "Friday Night Lights":                                              Ultimate League is first and
1st Annual Ultimate Dodgeball
                                    Ultimate League                          foremost to have fun. The
Classic 7:00pm-10:00pm at           (NSUL)                                   North Shore Ultimate League,

the Penticton Sports Court/                his is the 5th Year of            with the help of the BCDSS
Tennis Dome. Teams of 6                    the     North    Shore            hopes to develop a strong
costumed competitors will                  Ultimate League, and              Juniors program on the North
attempt to Dip, Dodge, Dive,        we have developed into one of            Shore. We have the pieces in
Duck and...Dodge their way to       the best leagues in the Lower            place to make 2005 a
the finals where they will          Mainland (outside the big bad            breakout year from this
compete for the "ultimate"          VUL that is). The league is              standpoint.
prize... Followed by a late         run in principle by Aaron
night player's social/captain's     Jonckheere, with a lot of help           The biggest hurdle with
meeting at the Art Gallery of       from Kelly Mah.                          growing the sport of ultimate
the South Okanagan. Bring                                                    frisbee on the North Shore is
your instruments – it's an open     The league was initially started         field space, more so than any
stage and wine bar (yes, there      by Jeff Churchill, who then              other Ultimate League in BC.
will be beer too).                  passed the reins onto Illona             We hope that by growing the
                                    Chapman, who then passed                 sport at the Juniors level,
PUFF BLUFF (20 team)                the reins onto Aaron. All the            building      interest     and
tournament play Saturday and        while Kelly Mah has been a               knowledge about the game, in
Sunday at King's Park and           regular presence at meetings             addition     to       marketing
Queen's Park fields (same as        and league nights.                       ourselves to the Recreation
last year with some additional                                               Commission and Rec Centers,
fields within walking distance).    We started by offering our               we will be able to secure
Count on some sweet ulti            Saturday games only back in              additional space in the future
action and the return of our        the late 90's. Since that time           to meet our needs.
Penticton-style     field   food    we have grown to regular
spread. Saturday night is the       Saturday pick up games, a                From a marketing standpoint,
BBQ dinner and party aboard         regular league weeknight, in             our website ( and
the beautiful S.S. Sicamous --      addition    to    one    large           logo will undergo a bit of a
dinner/party only tickets will be   tournament in 2005, and a                change this year. The website
available to non-players.           bunch of smaller tournaments             will add a database option,
                                    as well.                                 and our logo will help brand
Dinner, party and camping will                                               the sport on the North Shore.
still be included in the
tournament fee, but as the

 British Columbia Disc Sports Society     –   SPIN newsletter         –   SPRING 2005              Page 4
Otherwise, we are looking          Burnaby Ultimate                       flying community of Prince
forward to a great summer and                                             George situated in Northern

                                          urnaby     Ultimate    is
successful 2005. If you can                                               BC. Ultimate has been in PG
                                          finally getting off the
make it out one of our                                                    in    some      capacity     for
                                          ground.     We started
weeknight or weekend games,                                               approximately 17 years. This
                                   with pick-up last year, and this
we are sure you will have a                                               winter we commenced an
                                   year with a new coordinator
blast.                                                                    indoor ultimate drop-in league.
                                   we are starting our own
                                   Thursday night Hat League!
- Aaron Jonckheere                                                        Our vision for the future is
                                   We are running clinics and
                                   pick-up through April (14, 21
Victoria Ultimate                  and 28) 6-8pm at the Burnaby
                                                                          1. PG Ultimate strives to

       ictoria continues to        Lake fields, leading into the
                                                                             develop a critical mass of
       experience          small   season.       They are free,
                                                                             players for multiple teams
       growth    in    ultimate    although we'll be accepting
                                                                             and an actual league. An
throughout the city despite the    donations to the Food Bank
                                                                             ongoing public relations
transient nature of many who       and the SFU Ultimate club.
                                                                             campaign     has     raised
live here and are also                                                       awareness and recruited
attracted to that pie shaped       The games will be happening
                                                                             several new players.
piece of heaven.                   at Burnaby Lake East, just like
                                   pick-up from last year (fields 3
                                                                          2. PG Ultimate strives to
Pickup continues to be offered     & 4 at the north end of the
                                                                             represent Prince George
to all who may cross our path      parking     lot   behind     Bill
                                                                             community in out-of-town
and it continues to be at 12:30    Copeland Arena). For details
                                                                             tournaments.        A team
at      Landsdowne      School     on how to register (registration
                                                                             called the PG Headonists
(Hillside and Shelbourne) on       has started), league format
                                                                             toured to tournaments in
Sundays.                           and fees, as well as any more
                                                                             the 90's and we want to
                                   recent    information please
                                                                             reinitiate such a team.
Lots of talk from the Victoria     check     out   the    Burnaby
based Nomads of preparing          Ultimate website (and consider
                                                                          3. PG Ultimate strives to host
for Winnipeg to defend their       joining our mailing list):
                                                                             a tournament of its own.
Canadian             Ultimate
                                                                             We have some creative
Championships open title this      Hope to see you on the field.
                                                                             ideas and the 20th
summer.                                                                      anniversary of Ultimate in
                                   - David Cowley (Burnaby
                                                                             PG might be something to
Anyone in town looking for         coordinator)
further information can e-mail or                                                4. Finally,    PG     Ultimate
call me at 480-0077.               Prince George                             strives to outreach to, and
- Dave Pettenuzzo
                                   Ultimate                                  support, other northern

                                          rince George Ultimate              communities who would
                                          is located in the high             like to develop their own
                                                                             Ultimate programs.

 British Columbia Disc Sports Society    –   SPIN newsletter       –   SPRING 2005               Page 5
If anyone in the greater           by the high school students of           ball outfield, at least until the
Ultimate community has any         the Howe Sound Secondary                 mountain opens once again.
ideas on how they have made        School whose interest and
similar visions come true,         enthusiasm drove a weekly                For contact on both SUDS and
please contact Greg at 250-        pick up game every Thursday              WUDS         please    email
564-5191     or   email  at        all summer long. This year the  or call                  same will be happening and               604 902 DISC.
                                   pending on the Highway
- Greg Jonuk                       closures between Whistler and            -Tasso Lazaridis
                                   Squamish, the group will
Kamloops Ultimate                  attempt to enter a league team           Simon Fraser
                                   for the Whistler Ultimate Disc

        amloops       Ultimate     Society's league. Squamish is
                                                                            Ultimate Club

        League will be starting    turning out to be a very                          he    Simon      Fraser
        it's 4th season this       beautiful place to play, with                     Ultimate           club
May. Last season we had a          many fields available in the                      continues to grow in
great year with four teams         summer time and a great                  popularity,     success      and
battling it out for Ultimate       challenge to throw a disc after          competitiveness. Although the
supremacy and a chance to          noon with the Howe Sound's               club has only been around for
take home a bowling trophy         crazy winds, which will prove            a handful of years it is starting
purchased from Value Village.      to make this young ultimate              to generate some positive
This year we expect more           community into a powerhouse              results.
good times and are aiming for      wind playing community.
six teams. Once again league                                                At a recent tournament (the
fees will be $50 and there will    The Whistler Ultimate Disc               PLUBbq) in Tacoma, the
be registration online or at       Society (WUDS), is now                   men's team went 3-1 on
Rota's Bar and Grill on April      cruising into its 8th season             Saturday,      finishing    the
11th.                              with pick up and beginner                tournament 3-3.       Extremely
                                   clinics starting on May 15th. If         windy conditions presented a
We are also proud to present       we didn't have such a great              very challenging environment
our third Big Thirst Ultimate      snow season in the month of              for all teams.
Tournament on the weekend          April, we probably would have
of August 27th/28th. This B/C      started a little earlier. But as it      Unlike some University clubs,
level spirit tournament has        stands Whistler is a ski town            the SFU club strives to include
been a blast the past two          that loves their winters. But            a recreational component. It
years and this year we are         once those two mountains                 has suffered lately due to a
hoping to make it bigger and       close, the league gets into full         serious lack of field availability.
better. One new and exciting       force. The past two years                But it continues to be a club
addition to this years tourney     there have not been any                  priority in promoting the sport
is free camping (provided we       official beginner clinics which          on campus.
don't get burned out - plead for   did not produce any new
rain from August 1st - 26th!!).    players. This made our six               If you would like more
                                   team league drop down to a               information about the SFU
For information on the league      four team A/B level of play.             Clam, SFU Lady Clam or the
or the tournament, check out       This year we hope to achieve             recreation component, visit our
our website:                       3      recreational      and     3 or        competitive teams, all pending
email us at:                       on the Highway closures.                 - SFU Ultimate Club
                                   Come September Whistler
                                   Municipality offers their Spruce
- Dylan Houlihan
                                   grove fields to be play on by
                                   Ultimate players, which means
Squamish &                         Wednesday Night Lights. No
Whistler Ultimate                  matter what the temperature

     quamish Ultimate Disc         or the conditions you're sure to
     Society started off last      see at least 14 people playing
     summer        as      a       on a portafield marked base
community program, spawned

 British Columbia Disc Sports Society    –   SPIN newsletter         –   SPRING 2005                 Page 6
Ultimate Leagues                         Maple Ridge, Maple Ridge Disc
                                                                                        Victoria, Victoria Ultimate Players
around the Province                     
                                         age: any, format: co-ed                        age: any, format: co-ed
          (alphabetical)                 Dwight Milford                                 Dave Pettunuzzo
Burnaby, Burnaby Ultimate                Nanaimo, Nanaimo Ultimate
age: any, format: co-ed, hat             Association
David Cowley                                         age: any, format: co-ed
                                         Scott Northrup
Campbell River, Campbell River 
Ultimate Society
age: any, format: co-ed                  Nelson, Nelson Ultimate
Ben McGuffie                               age: any, format: co-ed
                                         Daiva Villa
Chilliwack, Chilliwack Ultimate
Frisbee             North Vancouver, North Shore
age: any, format: co-ed                  Ultimate League
Ian & April Gardner                                    age: any, format: co-ed
                                         Aaron Jonckheere
Comox, Comox Ultimate          
age: any, format: co-ed
Mark Erickson                            Parksville, Parksville Ultimate League           
                                         age: any, co-ed: Diana Jolly
Coquitlam, Tri-Cities Ultimate Players
age: any, format: co-ed                  Penticton, Penticton Ultimate Frisbee
Dean Palmer                              Federation               
                                         age: any, format: co-ed
Fraser Valley, Fraser Valley Juniors     Carol Flynn
Ultimate League                
age: juniors, format: co-ed              Prince George, Prince George
FVJUL                                    Ultimate              
                                         age: any, format: co-ed
Kamloops, Kamloops Ultimate              Greg Jonuk
age: any, format: co-ed                  Squamish, Squamish Ultimate
Dylan Houlihan                           age: any, format: co-ed               Tasso Lazaridis
Kelowna, Kelowna Ultimate Players
Society                                  Vancouver, Vancouver Ultimate                  League
age: any, format: co-ed        
Joel de Pfyffer                          age: any, format: co-ed                 Jeff Malmgren
Langley, Langley Ultimate                Vernon, Vernon Ultimate Club
age: any, format: co-ed        
Vy Tri Truong                            age: any, format: co-ed                      Dan Reid

 British Columbia Disc Sports Society           –    SPIN newsletter             –   SPRING 2005                    Page 7
Upcoming Ultimate                              July 16-17, 2005: 2005 BC Regional
                                               Ultimate Championships
                                                                                                  recommended as this is a fundraiser
                                                                                                  for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Events                                         Location: Vancouver                                Volunteers: Please contact Mimosa
                                               web:                        Nguyen to volunteer.
Details subject to change.          Please
                                                                                                  For more Info:
check websites for most             current
information.                                   July ???: Mtn 2 Lake Classic
                                               Location: Sandpoint ID
                                               web:                    Apr 30 - May 1: UPA High School
April 30: Gnarly Gnines
                                                                                                  State Championships, Open/Girls
Location: Burlington WA
                                                                                                  Location: TBD
web:      Aug 11-14: Canadian Nationals
                                                                                                  Contact: Meredith Tosta
                                               Location: Winnipeg                       
May 7-8: SunFlicker 2
Location: Kelowna
                                                                                                  May 7: Vancouver School Board City
web:                                           August 21-22: The Big Thirst
                                                                                                  Championships, Open/Girls         Location: Kamloops                                 Location: Vancouver BC @ St.
                                               web:           George's Secondary School
May 14-15: Udder Bowl 2005                                                                        Contact: Harp Sohi @
Location: Nanaimo                              August ???: Wapooti                      
web:                                           Location: Canmore AB           web:                    May 14-15: BCDSS Junior High
                                                                                                  School and Elementary School
May 14-15: That VII                            Sept ???: Pre-Fall Brawl                           (Elementary Saturday only)
Location: Wenatchee, WA                        Location: Edmonton AB                              Championships, co-ed 4-3
web:                    web:                                  Location: Burnaby, BC
June 11-12: FlowerBowl                         September 17-18: UHF 9                             ments_parks/
Location: Vancouver                            Location: Vernon                                   ml
web:              web:            Cost: $200/team for Junior High;
                                                                                                  $100/team for Elementary (1 day only)
June 11-12: C-Fest 2005                        Halloween: Pumpkin Pull                            Contact: William Arlotta @
Location: Vancouver                            Location: Victoria                        or Mike
web:                                           web:                    Kaweski @                                                               Juniors Info:
June 18-19: Puff Bluff
Location: Penticton                            Juniors Calendar of                      
                                                                                                  Open to all school teams from BC,
                                               Events                                             players must represent their own
                                               Details subject to change.           Please        Volunteers: Please contact Mike
                                               check websites for most              current       Kaweski to volunteer.
June 24-25: HoDown/Slodown 20                  information.
Location: Calgary AB
web:                                                                     May 14-15: 2005 UPA High School
                                               April 16: Annual Yale Plaque                       Western Championships, Open/Girls
                                               Tournament (Juniors Division grades                Location: Burlington, WA
June 25-26: Gender Balance                     8-10 and Senior Division grades 11-
Location:   Orcas     Island             Hat                                            
                                               12), co-ed 4-3                                     ngton.html
Tournament                                     Location: Abbottsford, BC @ Yale
web:                                                                     Contact: Ryan Seguine @
                                           Qualifiers: 16 High School Open
June ???: StubbleJumpers Hat                   Contact: Ann Penner @                              teams, 8 High School Girl's teams
Tourney                               or Reg                       (Western states are all states West of
Location: Edmonton AB                          Gabriel                     and including ND,SD,NE,KS,OK,TX.)
web:                              Cost: $100 per team                                Application Info: See
                                               April 30: Huckin' for Hearts Charity               ndex.html for application and
July 2-4: Potlatch
                                               Tournament                                         player/team requirements.
Location: Redmond, WA
                                               Location: Richmond, BC @                           Volunteers: Please contact Ryan
                                               Steveston/London Secondary Schools                 Seguine to volunteer.
                                               Contact: Mimosa Nguyen @                           For Info:
July 9-10: Babes 'N Hats              or (604)       
Location: Vancouver                            728-0613                                           005_westerns/championships.shtml
web:                                           There are 12 spots open for teams,           anywhere from Elementary School to                 May 28-29: BCDSS High School
                                               High School teams.                                 Championships, co-ed 4-3
                                               Cost: $80/team; For pickup players:                Location: Burnaby, BC
                                               you need to be in a registered school     or
                                               and it will be $10 dollars per player.   
                                               Pledges are optional, but strongly

 British Columbia Disc Sports Society                  –     SPIN newsletter               –   SPRING 2005                     Page 8
ments_parks/         8 Youth Club Mixed teams                    Phone: 778-228-4170
ml                                          Application Info: See                       web:
Cost: $250/team                   
Contact: William Arlotta @                  ndex.html for application and or Mike                player/team requirements.                   July 23 & 24. 7th Annual Dawg Days
                                                                                        Location: Cortez Island
Kaweski @               Volunteers: Please contact John
                                                                                        Contact: Brent Wilken
Juniors Info:                               Sandahl to volunteer.                                                    Email:
                                                                                        Phone: 250-935-6675
Registration:        Upcoming Disc Golf
Open to all school teams from BC,
players must represent their own
                                            Events                                      Aug ??, BC Club Championships
                                                                                        Location: TBD
school                                      Details subject to change.    Please        Contact: Dave Stropky
Volunteers: Please contact Mike             check websites for most       current       Email:
Kaweski to volunteer.                       information.                                Phone: 604-269-2440
                                                                                        Contact: Jas Bul
                                            April 24, Doomsday Tour 2                   Email:
June 2, 7 and 9: BC Juniors "All Star"
                                            Course: Hidden Castle (private              Phone: 778-228-4170
Team Tryouts
They will be from 6 pm to 8 pm.             course)                                     web:
Location: Burnaby, BC                       Contact: Colin McKinnon or   Phone: 250-554-0496                         Aug. 28, Doomsday Tour 6      web:              Course: TBA
ments_parks/                                                     Contact: Colin McKinnon
ml                                          Apr 30 & May 1, Rocky Mountain              Phone: 250-554-0496
Contact: William Arlotta @                  Challenge                                   web:                        Location: Kamloops
2 of 3 dates are mandatory                  Contact: Clint Anderson
attendance for consideration on the                                                     Sept 17 & 18, BC Provincial
                                            Email:                Championships
team                                        Phone: 250-579-2223
Please bring cleats, a disc, water, and                                                 Location: Pender Island
                                            web:                        Contact: Liz & Alex Fraser
a dark and light t-shirt.
Tryouts are open to all players that will                                               Email:
be 18 and under by December 31,             May 15, Doomsday Tour 3                     Phone: 250-629-6494
2005.                                       Course: Fallow Ridge (Vernon)               web:
The team is co-ed, so boys and girls        Contact: Colin McKinnon
need apply.                                 Phone: 250-554-0496                         Sept 18, Doomsday Tour 7
                                            web:              Course: TBA
June 11-12: BCDSS Flower Bowl                                                           Contact: Colin McKinnon
Tournament                                  May 28 & 29, Pender Island Classic          Phone: 250-554-0496
Location: UBC, BC                           Location: Pender Island                     web:           Contact: Liz & Alex Fraser
modations.html                              Email:                Oct 2, Doomsday Tour 8
Contact:             Phone: 250-629-6494                         Course: TBA
For Info:                                                                               Contact: Colin McKinnon                                                            Phone: 250-554-0496
                                            June 5, Doomsday Tour 4
                                            Course: Rose Hill                           web:
July 16-17, 2005: 2005 BC Regional          Contact: Colin McKinnon
Ultimate Championships                      Phone: 250-554-0496                         Mar to Oct
Location: TBD                               web:              Alberta Tournaments, AB
Contact: Brian Gisel @                                                                  web:
                                            June 25, Doomsday Tour 5
This is the qualifying tournament for
                                            Course: TBA                                 Mar to Oct
Canadian Nationals 2005
                                            Contact: Colin McKinnon                     Washington/Oregon Tournaments,
                                            Phone: 250-554-0496                         WA/OR
Aug 11-14, 2005: 2005 Canadian              web:    
National Ultimate Championships
Location: Winnipeg, MB
                                            June 25 & 26, Bobbo's 3rd Annual
Contact: Kieran McConnell,
                                            Location: Vernon
Championship Series Director @
                                            Contact: Bobbo Dac
Qualifiers: Regionals - July 9-10 or 16-
                                            Phone: 403-863-5202

Aug 13-14, 2005: 2005 UPA Youth
                                            July 2 & 3, BC Open
Club Championships
                                            Location: Vancouver
Location: Blaine, MN
                                            Contact: Craig Sheathe
Contact: John Sandahl, Tournament
Director @
                                            Phone: 604-939-4741
Qualifiers: 8 Youth Club Open teams
                                            Contact: Jas Bul
8 Youth Club Girl's teams

 British Columbia Disc Sports Society             –    SPIN newsletter           –   SPRING 2005                  Page 9
Current Board &                  DGB Secretary
                                 James Brown
Branch Members         
Library services
Lara Mussell                     DGB Treasurer              Dave Stropky
Spin editor
Shaun Luttin                     DGB Members at Large                 Mike Graff
                                 Peter Lizotte
Web services                     Craig Sheather
Craig Woods            
                                 DGB Regional Reps
Membership coordinator           Clint Anderson (Kamloops)
Jas Bul                          Kent MacFayden (Victoria)           Mike Walls (Cranbrook)

Coaching coordinator
Adrian Liem
                                 This issue of SPIN…
                                 …brought to you by the
Goaltimate coordinator           BCDSS with the invaluable
Ryan Knowles                     volunteer efforts of Shaun           Luttin and David Cowley.

Juniors Coordinators
William Arlotta
Mike Kaweski

BC Championships TD
Brian Gisel

Flowerbowl TD
Travis Bryson

Susan Ewing

David Cowley

President & Outreach
Craig Woods

DGB Chair
Jas Bul

British Columbia Disc Sports Society   –   SPIN newsletter   –   SPRING 2005   Page 10

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