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									              High School Teacher & Student Information
                 (formerly published as The Pioneer)

1. Problem of the Week Contest

2. Careers in Mathematics

                                     CAREERS IN MATHEMATICS
     There are many mathematical organization websites with a wealth of information on careers.

      (1)The American Mathematical Society careers page


      (2)The Mathematical Association of America careers page


     (3)The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics careers page


     (4)The Association for Women in Mathematics careers page


     (5)The American Statistical Association careers page


     Some additional Mathematics and Statistics websites are:

                                       (1)     www.coolmath.com/careers.htm

                                     (2)      www.math.purdue.edu/jobs/careers/

    For additional links to resources for Teachers and students, check University of
    Wisconsin-Platteville Mathematics Links page.
3.    What kind of calculator do you need?

                                       We get many questions about which
                                       calculators students should have upon
                                       entering UW-Platteville.

                                     If the only mathematics class a student
                                     needs is a general education course, such as
                       Mathematics of Finance or Elementary Statistics, then a
                       basic scientific calculator will suffice.

                       Students in any of our mathematics classes can use a
                       TI 83, TI 84, TI 85, or TI 86. We do NO T permit the
                       use of TI 89 or TI 92 for exams.

4. Our Faculty and Staff
     (link to existing information)

5. Scholarships Available
      (link to existing information)

6. UW System Placement Tests
                                         UW System Placement Tests

           All freshmen students who are admitted to a UW school are required to take
placement tests in English and mathematics (foreign language is optional). The results of
these tests play a significant role in determining the number of English and mathematics
courses a student will be required to complete in college. Students who score low on either
of these placement tests may be required to successfully complete noncredit remedial
courses in English and/or mathematics (such as Communication Skills, Elementary
Algebra, and/or Intermediate Algebra) before they are allowed to register for credit level
English and mathematics courses. Therefore, it is very important that students take these
placement tests very seriously and actively prepare for them.
          The link to the UW System Placement Test website that states the contents of all
three placement exams (English, mathematics, and foreign language) can be found at
http://testing.wisc.edu/contents%20of%20the%20placement%20tests.html. The link that
specifically        describes      the       mathematics       placement        test     is
http://testing.wisc.edu/math%20test.html. We recommend that students visit this website
because it gives a brief background about the mathematics placement exams, gives a
blueprint for the exam, and then gives sample problems from each section on the exam.
The link also includes additional information about the high school preparation that is
necessary for the study of college level mathematics.
Below are some specific items that students should keep in mind when preparing for the
 mathematics placement test:
        1.    Students should begin their preparation by going to the above website to
become familiar with the test format and sample questions.
        2.    It is critical that students review their Elementary Algebra, Intermediate
Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry skills before taking the exam. For example, many
students believe that having had Intermediate Algebra two years ago is the same as
knowing Intermediate Algebra NOW.
        Students need to be made aware that the placement test measures their CURRENT
mathematical knowledge. Therefore, they should review mathematical concepts that were
covered in their freshmen and sophomore years of high school before attempting the
placement test.
        3.    Students are only allowed a scientific calculator during the mathematics
placement test. Therefore, students should be able to do algebra and trigonometry problems
without the aide of a graphing calculator.
        4.    High school students should take a mathematics class (that includes some
algebra) in their senior year of high school, regardless of their intended major. This
definitely improves a student’s mathematics placement score.
        5.    The results of these tests are very important in determining initial placement
in college, and therefore students should take these placement exams very seriously. A
poor performance on a placement test will require a student to take noncredit remedial
courses and/or additional testing in college.

                                 TO DO WELL, BE PREPARED!

7. 34th Annual Mathematics Contest
                               THE 34th ANNUAL HIGH SCHOOL
                                   MATHEMATICS CONTEST

           The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Mathematics Department held its thirty-
 fourth annual high school mathematics contest on Wednesday, November 15, 2006. The
 purpose of this mathematics contest is to recognize outstanding high school students and
 stimulate mathematical interest at the high school level.
             The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Mathematics Department held its
 thirty-fourth annual high school mathematics contest on Wednesday, November 15, 2006.
 The purpose of this mathematics contest is to recognize outstanding high school students
 and stimulate mathematical interest at the high school level.
           Approximately 500 students from 34 high schools in Southwestern Wisconsin,
 Eastern Iowa, and Northwestern Illinois participated in this contest.
           The teams were divided by their high school enrollments. The teams that
 participated in Division I were Des Moines Central Academy A, Des Moines Central
 Academy B, Des Moines East, Des Moines Hoover, Des Moines Lincoln, Des Moines
 Roosevelt A, Des Moines Roosevelt B, Des Moines Roosevelt C, Dubuque Hempstead,
 Dubuque Senior, Iowa City West, and Linn-Mar. The teams that competed in Division II
 were Des Moines North, Dubuque Wahlert, Lodi, Reedsburg, West Salem, Western
  Dubuque, and Wisconsin Dells. The teams that participated in Division III were Dakota,
  Dodgeville, Dyersville Beckman, Lena-Winslow, Platteville, River Valley, Viroqua, and
  Wauzeka-Steuben. The teams that competed in Division IV were Bellevue, Cascade,
  Cashton, Darlington, East Dubuque, Ithaca, Juda, Royall, and Shullsburg.
            Plaques were awarded to the top three schools in each division and an All-
  Academic Team was selected to honor individual contestants. The All-Academic Team
  members received certificates and t -shirts.
            Plaque winners in Division I were Iowa City West, first place; Linn-Mar, second
place; and Des Moines Central Academy A, third place. In Division II the winners were
Western Dubuque, first place; Wisconsin Dells, second place; and Dubuque Wahlert, third
place. Division III plaque winners were Platteville, first place; Dodgeville, second place;
and River Valley, third place. In Division IV the winners were Darlington, first place;
Ithaca, second place; and Cascade, third place.

                                   ALL ACADEMIC TEAM – LEVEL 1
                      Curie Ahn               Iowa City West
                      Michael (Joey) Appleby  Dubuque Hempstead
                      Tyler Archambo          Reedsburg
                      Cody Bindl              River Valley
                      Scott Brehm             Western Dubuque
                      Sarah Chrabaszcz        Reedsburg
                      Lorelei Coffin                  Iowa City West
                      Andrea Dunn             Linn-Mar
                      Jeremy Engler                   Beckman
                      Christian English       Dubuque Hempstead
                      Lydia Feldman           Dubuque Hempstead
                      Andrew Findora          Lodi
                      Nicole Gantz            Wisconsin Dells
                      Albert Gnadt            Wisconsin Dells
                      Alex Hoover             Des Moines Lincoln
                      Julie Hwang             Iowa City West
                      Jon Juett               Linn-Mar
                      Masha Kulikova          Iowa City West
                      Jacob Lewin             Des Moines Central Academy A
                      Michael Lipman          Iowa City West
                      Alec Lones              Des Moines Central Academy B
                      Brooks Lutes            Shullsburg
                      Travis Mallow                   Linn-Mar
                      Rebecca Maurer          Royall
                      Jeff Moore              Dodgeville
                      Kyle Moss               Des Moines Central Academy A
                      Caitlin Murphy          Platteville
                      Jarod Neiers            Cascade
                      Tim Nieman              Western Dubuque
                      Don Nye                 Iowa City West
                      Jackie Oberlander       Des Moines Roosevelt A
                      Anna Okulist            Des Moines Central Academy A
                      Rajin Olson             Linn-Mar
                      Cady Patton             Des Moines Roosevelt A
                      Emma Puls               Dubuque Senior
                      Jacob Ramos             Juda
Joel Rankin             Linn-Mar
KC Reed                 Des Moines Lincoln
Adrian Rice             West Salem
Scottie Rowe            Platteville
Charlie Rowe                    Platteville
Mike Sackmann           Ithaca
Jenna Schneider         East Dubuque
Dan Schuster            Cascade
Fred Shen               Des Moines Central Academy A
Louis Sievers                   Dubuque Hempstead
Cole Smith              Des Moines Central Academy A
Sean Snyder             Western Dubuque
Kerrick Staley                  Des Moines Central Academy A
Art Stocker             Shullsburg
Elias Stoehr            West Salem
Tracy Turba             Platteville
Abhishek Vermuri        Des Moines Central Academy B
Rachel Vorlander        Lodi
Kate Walsh              Des Moines Roosevelt A
Spencer Washburn        Dubuque Hempstead
Tianyi Wei              Iowa City West
Natalie Weires                  Dubuque Hempstead

             ALL ACADEMIC TEAM – LEVEL 2
Nicholas Allendorf     Iowa City West
Vasu Balakrishnan      Iowa City West
Abby Bowman            Des Moines Central Academy A
Amelia Browning        Des Moines Roosevelt A
Tracy Brunsman         Western Dubuque
Sagar Chawla                   Des Moines Central Academy A
Elliot Combs           Dubuque Hempstead
Claire Funke           Dubuque Hempstead
Ryan Herbeck                   Ithaca
Paul Hlebowitsh        Iowa City West
David Hoobler                  Linn-Mar
Kathy Ingram                   Iowa City West
Kwin Keuter            Wahlert
Michael Kirpes         Linn-Mar
Charles Kirpes                 Linn-Mar
Andy Kruckenberg       Iowa City West
Mike Madsen                    Wisconsin Dells
Matt Madsen            Wisconsin Dells
Saamia Masoom          Platteville
Kyle McDaniel          Darlington
Neil Mehta             Wahlert
Arpit Mehta            Linn-Mar
Kacy Messerschmidt     Des Moines Hoover
Anders Nelson                  Des Moines Hoover
Timothy Ouverson       Western Dubuque
Brent Putz             Western Dubuque
Qiong Qiu              Iowa City West
                          Chris Rauh                 Des Moines Roosevelt A
                          Nate Rehfuss               Iowa City West
                          Michael Sealy                     Linn-Mar
                          Joe Singer                 Darlington
                          Ben Snyder                 Western Dubuque
                          Kyle Soeder                Dubuque Senior
                          Harrison Starr                    Linn-Mar
                          Jordan Tractenberg         Des Moines Roosevelt A
                          Joshua Wernimont           Western Dubuque
                          Annie Ye                   Des Moines Central Academy A

     The next UW-Platteville Mathematics competition will be held on Wednesday,
November 7, 2007. We invite and encourage all area high schools to participate

        Problems from the 2006 Contest

                      •        2006 Level One Individual

                      •        2006 Level One Team

                      •        2006 Level Two Individual

                      •        2006 Level Two Team

        2006 Solutions

                      •        2006 Level One Individual Solution

                      •        2006 Level One Team Solutions

                      •        2006 Level Two Individual Solutions

                      •        2006 Level Two Team Solutions

 8. Summer 2007 Classes

                    SUMMER 2007 CLASSES
                       (June 11-August 3)

                 1530             College Algebra
         (First 4 weeks June 11 - July 6)
                  Thomas 3 credits       7:40-9:45 a.m.    MTWTh

 1830           Elementary Statistics
                Barnet   3 credits    8:50-9:55 a.m.       MTWTh

 2450           Precalculus
                Thomas 5 credits        7:40-9:45 a.m.     MTWTh
2530         Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry
             (Second 4 weeks July 9 – August 3)
             Thomas 3 credits     7:40-9:45 a.m.      MTWTh

2640         Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
             Jeske     4 credits   8:00-9:40 a.m.     MTWTh

2740         Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
             Calcaterra 4 credits 8:00-9:40 a.m.      MTWTh

2840         Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
             Ira       4 credits   8:00-9:40 a.m.     MTWTh

3630         Differential Equations I
             Staff      3 credits 10:00-11:05 a.m.    MTWTh

4030         Statistical Methods with Applications
             Barnet      3 credits 10:00-11:05 a.m.   MTWTh

9. Math Club Activities

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