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									University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute
       Translating Research for Policy and Practice

        ANNUAL REPORT 2010

                   School of Medicine
                    and Public Health
Letter from The Associate Dean
                                      Dear Colleagues:
                                      Since its founding in 1984, the Population Health Institute continues
                                      to serve the mission of the Wisconsin Idea - where the boundaries
                                      of the University extend to the boundaries of the State, and
                                      beyond. Our engagement with the community in public health and
                                      health services policy and practice provides a cornerstone for the
                                      University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health as
                                      we transform from a traditional medical school to a school that
                                      integrates public health throughout its teaching, research, and
                                      service missions.
                                    Despite significant accomplishments, both here at the University of
                                    Wisconsin and elsewhere in basic, clinical, and population health
                                    research, a wide gap persists between research discoveries (i.e.,
what we know) and actual practice (i.e., what we do). The Population Health Institute researchers
examine the process and outcomes of disseminating public health programs and policies into practice.
Highlights of our research, dissemination and service projects during 2010 include:
•	 Extension of the Wisconsin County Health Rankings to county rankings in all 50 states in the nation
•	 Completion of a two-year comprehensive evaluation of the BadgerCare Plus program and publication
   of reports on enrollment, take-up, continuity of coverage, target efficiency, and relationship to
   employer-sponsored insurance
•	 Delivery of rapid response briefings to public and private sector leaders following passage of the
   federal 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
•	 The Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State project that identifies the key drivers of Wisconsin’s health
   and summarizes evidence on the effectiveness of over 300 policies and programs
•	 The Evidence-Based Health Policy Project that focuses on methods to connect researchers with policy
   makers, and addresses a broad range of issues in health care and public health
•	 An evaluation research program that continues to serve as an independent evaluator for many state
   and local projects, using a wide range of designs including both experimental and quasi-experimental
   approaches to assess program effectiveness and implementation
•	 Applied public health training programs, including the Population Health Fellowship and the Healthy
   Wisconsin Leadership Institute
In July 2010, Dr. Thomas DeLeire began serving as Acting Director while the Department of Population
Health Sciences conducted a national search for a permanent new director. With new leadership, the
Institute will continue to build on its mission to translate research into practice in Wisconsin, and beyond.

Patrick Remington, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Public Health
Professor, Population Health Sciences
University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute
        Translating Research for Policy and Practice

       Mission Statement ............................................................2

       Community Advisory Board ..............................................3

       Affiliated Faculty and Investigators....................................4

       Institute Programs and Cross-Cutting Themes ...................5
            Population Health Assessment and
            Community Engagement .............................................6

            Service Learning .........................................................7

            Health Policy ..............................................................8

            Program Evaluation .....................................................9

            American Indian Tribal-Academic Partnerships ........10

            Community Engagement ..........................................11

       Executive Committee and Institute Staff ..........................12

       Conferences, Seminars, Publications, Programs ..............15

       Budget ...........................................................................17

                 Media Solutions, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
                               Media Solutions and University Communications
Mission Statement
                   UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN

                    Population Health Institute
                   Translating Research for Policy and Practice

T  he Institute serves as the
   bridge to public health and
health policy practitioners in the
                                       To translate public health and
                                                                             ƒ Provide outreach and continuing
                                                                               education for practitioners
                                                                               and opportunities for applied
State, through an active citizen       health policy research into policy      learning for MPH, medical,
advisory board, issue briefs and       and practice.                           graduate, and other health
reports, and periodic conferences                                              professions students
and educational programs.              We strive to:
                                                                             ƒ Contribute to public health
                                       ƒ Address a broad range of
It also serves as a focal point for                                            and health care practice and
                                         real-world problems of topical
public health and health policy                                                policy decisions that improve
                                         importance to government,
within the University of Wisconsin                                             Wisconsin’s population health
                                         business, providers and the
School of Medicine and Public
                                         public                              ƒ Maintain the highest level of
Health by bringing together faculty,
staff, and students interested in                                              relevance, rigor, and objectivity
                                       ƒ Promote partnerships of inquiry
applying their skills and experience     between researchers and users
to answer “real-world” questions.        of research, breaking down
                                         barriers between the academic
                                         community and public and
                                         private sector policy makers
                                       ƒ Advance the development of
                                         interdisciplinary research, along
                                         the spectrum from public health
                                         to heath care, at the University
                                         of Wisconsin-Madison and other
                                         academic settings in Wisconsin

Community Advisory Board

T  he Institute is guided by a 17-member Community Advisory Board, with
   members from the health care, public health, business, and voluntary
sectors, as well as leaders from Wisconsin’s legislature. The Board meets
                                                                                 The Population Health Institute’s
                                                                                 initiatives are at the cutting edge
two to three times per year to guide the work of the Institute and provide       of a statewide awakening to the
feedback on its programs and publications.                                       profound importance of improving
                                                                                 individual and community health
Advisory Board Members in 2010                                                   as a necessary strategy to build
                                                                                 a better Wisconsin. Serving on
Bevan Baker                             Christopher Queram
Commissioner                            President and Chief Executive Officer    the Institute’s Advisory Board has
City of Milwaukee Health Department     Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare   been a rewarding opportunity to
                                        Quality                                  help shape the type of policy that
Rep. Charles Benedict
Representative                          David R. Riemer                          will help advance and improve
Wisconsin State Assembly                Director                                 access and health outcomes.
                                        Public Policy Institute
Steve Brenton
President                               Peggy Rosenzweig
Wisconsin Hospital Association          Former UW Regent and Legislator

Cheryl DeMars                           Ayaz Samadani
CEO                                     Family Physician
The Alliance                            Dean/St Mary Regional Clinic

Kurt Eggebrecht                         Tim Size
Health Officer                          Executive Director
Appleton City Health Department         Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative
                                                                                          Steve Brenton, President
Curt Gielow                             Dick Tillmar                                 Wisconsin Hospital Association
Executive Dean                          Owner
Concordia University School of          Tillmar Connect, LLC
                                        Karen Timberlake
Sheri Johnson                           Secretary
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics       Wisconsin Department of Health
Medical College of Wisconsin            Services

Gregory Nycz                            Susan Turney
Director                                Chief Executive Officer
Family Health Center of Marshfield      Wisconsin Medical Society

Rep. Sandy Pasch
Wisconsin State Assembly

     Affiliated Faculty and Investigators

Aaron Carrel, MD             Thomas DeLeire, PhD                   Jonathan Jaffery, MD                  Thomas J. Kaplan, PhD               David Kindig, MD, PhD
Department of Pediatrics     Associate Professor of Public         Chief Medical Officer                 Senior Scientist                    Emeritus Professor
                             Affairs, Population Health Science,   Wisconsin Department of Health        Institute for Research on Poverty   Population Health Sciences
                             and Economics; Director, La           Services, Division of Health Care                                         Emeritus Vice-Chancellor, Health
                             Follette School of Public Affairs;    Access and Accountability                                                 Sciences
                             Interim Director, Population Health                                                                             Senior Advisor, Population Health
                             Institute; Faculty Director, Health                                                                             Institute
                             Policy Group

Lindsey Leininger, PhD       D. Paul Moberg, PhD                   John Mullahy, PhD                     Tom Oliver, PhD, MHA                Paul Peppard, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow          Research Professor                    Economist                             Professor                           Assistant Professor
Population Health Sciences   School of Medicine and Public         Population Health Sciences            Population Health Sciences          Population Health Sciences
                             Health                                Professor, La Follette School of      Director, UW Master of Public
                             Director for Evaluation, Institute    Public Affairs; Co-Director, Robert   Health Program
                             for Clinical Translational Research   Wood Johnson Foundation

                             Patrick Remington, MD,                Barbara Wolfe, PhD                    Susan Zahner, DrPH, RN
                             MPH                                   Professor, Economics                  Associate Professor
                             Associate Dean for Public Health      Population Health Sciences;           School of Nursing
                             Professor, Population Health          Professor, La Follette School of
                             Sciences; Affiliate Professor,        Public Affairs
                             Family Medicine

Institute Programs and Cross-Cutting Themes

T  he Institute is led by nationally-recognized leaders in applied public health and health policy research. Our
   progress during 2010 could not have been achieved without the ongoing contributions from members of our
Community Advisory Board and support from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and
the Wisconsin Partnership Program.

Programs of the Institute                                   Cross-Cutting Themes
Population Health Assessment &                              Service Learning: Serves as a population health
Community Engagement: Monitors and                          ‘laboratory’ for learning, where graduate students and
assesses the major components of population health:         fellows apply their skills to real-world issues.
health outcomes, health determinants and programs
and policies. Under the Education and Training portion      American Indian Tribal-Academic
of this program, they connect the Institute to the public   Partnerships: Builds and maintains research
health and health care community in the state through       evaluation and service initiatives with Wisconsin’s
seminars, conferences, training programs, and an            American Indian communities and the Great Lakes
active website.                                             Inter-Tribal Council (GLITC)

Health Policy: Engages in research, consulting,             Community Engagement: The Institute
and analysis in partnership with Wisconsin’s leading        fosters strong partnerships between the University
public and private sector policy makers in health and       of Wisconsin and population health practitioners and
health care, focusing especially on cost, financing,        policy makers through all of its programs.
access, and health system performance.
                                                            Evidence-Based Practice: The Institute seeks
Program Evaluation: Conducts evaluation                     to evaluate and disseminate evidence-based policies
projects in many areas of public health, including          practices through its programs.
substance abuse prevention and treatment, maternal
and child health, school health promotion and related

Population Health Assessment and
Community Engagement
 Making Wisconsin the                                                       Major Projects
 Healthiest State                                                           ƒ Mobilizing Action Toward Community
                                                                              Health (MATCH) and the County Health
 At the close of 2010, we                                                     Rankings
 published the second Health                                                ƒ Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State
 of Wisconsin Report Card.                                                  ƒ Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute
 During the year, in addition to                                            ƒ Population Health Service Fellowship
 making continuing updates,                                                   Program
 we also began working on a                                                 ƒ First Monday Seminar Series
                                    Bridget Booske, PhD, Program Director
 complete overhaul of the What
 Works? Policies and Programs                                               Mobilizing Action Toward
                                    Description: The Population
 to Improve Wisconsin’s Health      Health Assessment and Community         Community Health (MATCH)
 database, available at http://     Engagement (PHACE) group monitors       The MATCH project is a major project that
                                    health and health disparities in        began on January 1, 2009 with funding
 WhatWorksForHealth.wisc.edu                                                from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
 This database was used by          communities; reviews evidence on
                                                                            The goals of the project are to:
                                    policies and programs to inform
 many of the applicants to the                                              ƒ Create a call to action by publishing
                                    health policy, program planning,
 Wisconsin Partnership Programs’                                              County Health Rankings in every state
                                    and evaluation; disseminates
 Community-Academic Partnership     information in user-friendly formats    ƒ Engage policy makers and other
 grant program as well as others                                              community leaders from multiple
                                    to motivate action toward community
                                                                              sectors in partnerships to improve
 across the state to identify       health improvement; and engages           population health
 effective policies and programs.   with communities in their efforts
                                                                            ƒ Develop incentive models to
                                    to improve community health. The
                                                                              stimulate multi-sectoral action toward
                                    program provides opportunities for        community health improvement
                                    population health graduate and MPH
                                    students to engage in the analysis,     On February 17, 2010, we released the
                                    interpretation, and communication       first County Health Rankings for all 50
                                                                            states via a comprehensive new website
                                    of health data to Wisconsin’s public
                                                                            www.CountyHealthRankings.org. The
                                    health and health policy community      website received over a quarter million
                                    and offers seminars, conferences,       visits during its first week of operation
                                    and applied training and continuing     and stories appeared in over 800 media
                                    education programs to community         print outlets. At the close of the year,
                                    and public health practitioners.        the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
                                                                            awarded us a planning grant to begin
                                    Primary Partners: National, state       development of a new “Action” initia-
                                    and local public health organizations   tive that will build on our work with the
                                    and policy makers. A diversity of       County Health Rankings. We also pub-
                                                                            lished a series of articles based on com-
                                    organization and individuals from
                                                                            missioned essays on population health
                                    non-profit academic, governmental,      metrics, partnerships and incentives in
                                    business and local public health        the July, September and December issues
                                    sectors working to improve the health   of Preventing Chronic Disease.
-6-                                 of the State of Wisconsin.
Service Learning
                                                                                   2010 Population Health
                                                                                   Practice Fellows
                                                                                   ƒ Sara Soka
Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute www.hwli.org
                                                                                   ƒ Marisa Stanley

T    he year-long Community Teams Program for 5 to 9 teams focuses on
     building public health and collaborative leadership skills as they work to
address a priority health issue in their community. A cohort of 5 community
                                                                                   ƒ Raisa Koltun
                                                                                   ƒ Katarina Grande
teams graduated from the program in September 2010. The fourth cohort              ƒ Katherine Vaughn-Jehring
(2010-2011) includes a record 9 teams representing community health                ƒ Paula Tran Inzieo
initiatives in Brown, Calumet, Chippewa, Eau Claire, Green Lake, Milwaukee         ƒ Kelli Truszynski
(2), Polk and Winnebago counties. The teams are addressing health issues
from cancer to substance abuse and physical activity and nutrition.                2010 Graduate Student
                                                                                   Assistants across the
 Wisconsin Population Health                                                       Institute
  Service Fellowship                                                               ƒ Penny Black
Wisconsin Population Health                                                        ƒ John Bowser
Service Fellowship Program                                                         ƒ Sara Busarow
                                                                                   ƒ Erika Cheng

T  his two-year fellowship program provides recent masters level
   graduates with service and training opportunities in community based,
non-profit, governmental and health service organizations. The primary
                                                                                   ƒ Laura Dague
                                                                                   ƒ Kristin Gallagher
goal of the Fellowship Program is to develop the next generation of public         ƒ Lael Grigg
health practitioners skilled in planning, implementation, and evaluation of        ƒ Colleen Moran
public health programs.
                                                                                   ƒ Julie Halverson
Description: Each of the                  their skills to real-world issues and,   ƒ Emma Hynes
Institute’s programs provides             in turn, have an opportunity to          ƒ Karen Odegaard
students and fellows the                  publish results as issue briefs, in
opportunity to “learn while doing.”       the Wisconsin Medical Journal, or in     ƒ Clare O’Connor
This focus on service learning            named publications.                      ƒ Hyojun Park
adds to coursework that students                                                   ƒ Jason Paltzer
take in the Population Health MS/         Primary Partners: State
                                          and local health and health care         ƒ Matt Rodock
PhD program, or in the applied
                                          leaders who provide service              ƒ Anne Roubal
coursework offered as part of the
Master of Public Health (MPH)             learning opportunities for students      ƒ Lillian Shields
program. The Institute serves as          working in the Institute, or for         ƒ Julie Woulfe
a population health ‘laboratory’          fellows in the Wisconsin Population
for learning, where students apply        Health Fellowship program.

Health Policy
 Evidence-Based Health                                                          Highlights from 2010
 Policy Project (EBHPP)                                                         include the following:
                                                                                ƒ Completed a multi-faceted evaluation of
 The EBHPP, a partnership with the                                                BadgerCare Plus, in partnership with the
 La Follette School of Public Affairs                                             Wisconsin Department of Health Services.
 and the Wisconsin Legislative                                                    Published reports, issue briefs, and
 Council, connects lawmakers and                                                  peer-reviewed articles on enrollment and
                                                                                  continuity, affordability, take-up and the
 researchers, along with public and
                                                                                  impact on private employer-sponsored
 private sector decision leaders to                                               health insurance.
 advance Wisconsin’s health.                                                    ƒ Extended the BadgerCare Plus evaluation
                                                                                  to the Core Plan for adults without
 ƒ Provides policy makers, in both                                                dependent children (childless adults)
   the public and private sectors,                                                and expanded the analysis to health care
   with timely, nonpartisan,            Donna Friedsam, MPH, Program Director     utilization trends and health outcomes, with
   high-quality information for                                                   support from the federal Health Resources
   evidence-based decision                                                        and Services Administration (HRSA).
                                        Description: The Institute’s
   making; and increases                                                        ƒ Produced rapid response programming,
                                        health policy programs connect            through the Evidence-Based Health Policy
   involvement of University
   of Wisconsin research and            the University of Wisconsin School        Project, following passage of the federal
                                        of Medicine and Public Health to          2010 Patient Protection and Affordable
   teaching activities in topical                                                 Care Act.
   issues of state public policy.       Wisconsin’s leading public and
                                                                                ƒ Delivered briefings focusing on provider
 ƒ Designated as a core
                                        private sector policy makers in           scope of practice laws and regulation,
   community engagement                 the public health and health care         and on the emerging Accountable Care
   component of the University of       arenas, with particular focus on          Organization model.
   Wisconsin School of Medicine         cost, financing, access, coverage       ƒ Mentored two La Follette and two MPH
   and Public Health Institute          and on health system performance.         graduate students as project assistants,
                                                                                  and engaged two economics doctoral
   for Clinical and Translational       Evidence and analyses are                 students on BadgerCare research.
   Research - Community Academic        communicated through issue briefs,      ƒ Initiated a study of Black-White racial
   Partnership (ICTR-CAP)               consultancies, briefings, forums,         disparities in health care outcomes, focusing
                                        symposia, and collaborative               specifically on diabetes care and outcomes,
                                        research.                                 in collaboration with the Wisconsin
                                                                                  Collaborative for Healthcare Quality.
                                                                                ƒ Launched an exploratory study of the
                                        Primary Partners: Legislators             potential uses of emerging data from the
                                        and their aides, executive agency         Wisconsin Health Information Organization
                                                                                  (WHIO) – Wisconsin’s all-payer claims
                                        leadership and their staff, health        database.
                                        care provider purchasing payer
                                                                                ƒ Served on several government and industry
                                        organizations, and provider               committees including Wisconsin BadgerCare
                                        associations.                             Plus Advisory Committee, Wisconsin
                                                                                  Collaborative for Health Care Quality Aligning
                                                                                  Forces for Quality Initiative, the Wisconsin
                                                                                  Health Information Organization data
                                                                                  users group, and the Wisconsin Hospital
                                                                                  Association Quality Steering Committee.
Program Evaluation
                                           ƒ School-based programs to increase
                                             physical activity among children,        Examples of the
                                             funded by the Centers for Disease        services provided:
                                             Control and Prevention (CDC) and         ƒ Designing and implementing
                                             Wisconsin Partnership Program; and         comprehensive program
                                           ƒ Evaluation of child obesity prevention     evaluations
                                             through the Fit Families program         ƒ Developing a wide range of
                                             in Wisconsin Women, Infants and            evaluation designs and needs
                                             Children (WIC) settings in six             assessments
                                             counties.                                ƒ Developing data collection
                                           Another area is evaluation of                methods and survey
                                           programs targeting populations               instruments
D. Paul Moberg, PhD, Program Director      experiencing health disparities.           ƒ Monitoring program services
                                           These include Native American                (e.g., measuring progress in

T  he Program Evaluation group
   was involved in over 20 actively-
funded projects during 2010.
                                           health, partnering with GLITC, and
                                           programs targeting African American
                                                                                        reaching program objectives)
                                                                                      ƒ Conducting qualitative
                                           and Latino health, partnering with           research, including content
These projects cut across many             the WI Division of Public Health. We         analysis, intensive interviews,
areas of population health and             are also working with partners to            focus groups and site visits and
used a diversity of approaches.            evaluate statewide mental health             statistical analysis of data from
The primary areas of focus are             programs, physical activity and              surveys and program-specific
substance abuse, prevention and            fitness programs in schools and              data sets
treatment, and health promotion.           diabetes quality improvement.              ƒ Conducting rigorous evaluation
                                                                                        research in many areas of
Projects included:                         Description: This unit conducts              public health and human
                                           evaluations of programs in public            services
ƒ Substance Abuse and Mental Health
                                           health and human services. The
  Services Administration (SAMHSA)
                                           evaluation group also maintains
  funded state projects—the Strategic
                                           directly-funded evaluation research
  Prevention Framework State Incentives
  Grants (SPF-SIG) in Wisconsin and
                                           projects, rigorously evaluating inno-
  South Dakota and Wisconsin’s             vative programs using experimental
  Screening, Brief Intervention, and       and quasi-experimental designs.
  Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) project;   Primary Partners: Community,
ƒ Evaluation of correctional programs      tribal and State governmental
  providing treatment alternatives         organizations and collaboration
  for offenders with substance abuse       with other University of Wisconsin
  problems;                                researchers and practitioners.
ƒ A National Institute on Drug Abuse
  funded study of Recovery Schools for
  high school students with substance
  use disorders;                                                                                                       -9-
American Indian Tribal-Academic Partnerships
  Great Lakes Native
  American Research
                                       I nstitute staff members build
                                         and maintain research and
                                       service initiatives with Wisconsin’s
  Center for Health                    American Indian communities
                                       and the Great Lakes Native
  The Institute works with the
                                       American Research Center for
  Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council     Health. The Institute provides
  and Wisconsin’s tribal and urban     technical assistance, training, and
  Indian clinics through Great         evaluation services for programs
  Lakes Native American Research       that address maternal and
  Center for Health, supported by      child health, and the delivery of
  the National Institutes of Health    health care services. A student
  and Indian Health Service. A joint   development component aims
                                       toward bringing American Indian
  Memorandum of Understanding
                                       youth into the sciences and health
  governs the relationship between
  the University of Wisconsin
  School of Medicine and Public
  Health and our American Indian       The following projects were ongoing in 2010
  partner communities; based           ƒ Continued to participate in the University of Wisconsin Native American
  on collaboration, tribal self-         Health Work Group
  determination, and respect for
  tribal sovereignty.                  ƒ Represented the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public
                                         Health in the Native American Research Center for Health (NARCH)
                                         partnership with the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council (GLITC)
                                       ƒ Collaborated with GLITC in developing grant proposals for several public
                                         health programs
                                       ƒ Continued the evaluation of GLITC’s Honoring Our Children project,
                                         ongoing since 1998, and the related Honoring Our Families, Urban/Rural
                                         Outreach, and Doula projects
                                       ƒ Supported the Collaborative Center for Health Equity in the 5th Annual
                                         Indigenous Health and Wellness Day, with over 150 American Indian
                                         student participants from around the state

- 10 -
Community Engagement
                                                                                 Private and Not-for-
                                                                                 Profit Agencies
                                                                                 ƒ Alliance Employer Health Care
                                                                                   Cooperative and Alliance
                                                                                 ƒ Aurora Health Care, Inc.
                                                                                 ƒ Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council
                                                                                 ƒ Medical College of Wisconsin
                                                                                 ƒ The Robert Wood Johnson
Community Teams Alumni Panel                                                     ƒ United Way of Dane County
                                                                                 ƒ University of Wisconsin Medical

T   he “Wisconsin Idea” envisions
    close working relationships
throughout the State of Wisconsin,
                                                                                 ƒ Wisconsin Education
such that “the beneficent influence   ƒ Wisconsin Department of Health
                                        Services                                 ƒ Wisconsin Hospital Association
of the University reaches every
                                      ƒ Wisconsin Legislative Council            ƒ Wisconsin Medical Society
family in the State.” Institute
staff members regularly engage        ƒ Wisconsin Department of                  ƒ Wisconsin Nursing Association
with colleagues and partners            Corrections                              ƒ Intertribal Council of Michigan
in programs, applied research,        ƒ Wisconsin Department of Public           ƒ Wisconsin Association of Drug
program evaluation, committees,         Instruction                                Court Professionals
consulting, proposal development      ƒ Wisconsin Department of Employee         ƒ Wisconsin Collaborative for
and other activities. These             Trust Funds                                Healthcare Quality
partnerships, some funded, some
                                      ƒ National Institute on Drug Abuse         ƒ Wisconsin Council on Children
in-kind, and some simply collegial,                                                and Families
include entities in the public        ƒ Centers for Disease Control and
and private sector as well as in        Prevention                               ƒ Women, Infants and Children
other departments and centers         ƒ Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance
within the University. Institute      ƒ Substance Abuse and Mental Health
participation may be based on           Services Administration
grants and contracts, in-kind
commitments, or colleagueship.
The list provides a selected view
of the myriad organizations with
which Institute staff collaborated
and/or consulted in 2010.

                                                                                                                  - 11 -
Executive Committee and Institute Staff
                                             Executive Committee                       Susan Goelzer
                                                                                       Professor, Department of
                                             Gordon T. Ridley, Chair                   Anesthesiology, UW School of
                                             Senior Associate Dean                     Medicine and Public Health
                                             UW Administration and Finance             Senior Medical Director, Graduate
                                                                                       Medical Education, University of
                                             Patrick Remington
                                                                                       Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
                                             Associate Dean for Public Health
                                             Professor, Population Health Sciences,    Tom Oliver
                                             UW School of Medicine and Public          Professor, Population Health Sciences,
                                             Health                                    UW School of Medicine and Public
Gordon T. Ridley                             F. Javier Nieto
Senior Associate Dean for Administration     Chair, UW Department of Population        Maureen A. Smith
and Finance, Associate Vice Chancellor for   Health Sciences; Professor, Population
Medical Affairs
                                                                                       Associate Professor, Departments of
                                             Health Sciences and Family Medicine,      Population Health Sciences,
                                             UW School of Medicine and Public
T   The Population Health Institute                                                    Surgery, and Family Medicine
                                             Health                                    Director, Health Innovation Program
    supports the mission of
                                                                                       UW School of Medicine and Public
our newly integrated School of               Alexandra K. Adams
Medicine and Public Health by                Associate Professor, Department of
translating public health and health         Medicine, UW School of Medicine and       Barbara (Bobbi) Wolfe
policy into practice. We consider            Public Health                             Professor, Departments of Population
our work as the most recent                                                            Health Sciences, Economics and
                                             Ron Cisler
embodiment of the Wisconsin Idea                                                       La Follette School of Public Affairs
                                             Director, Center for
by working with government and                                                         UW School of Medicine and Public
                                             Urban Population Health
community toward a healthier
Wisconsin. We merge the                      Tim Corden
                                                                                       Susan Zahner
                                             Associate Professor of Pediatrics
burgeoning body of public health                                                       Associate Professor, School of
                                             Critical Care, Medical College of
knowledge with the realities of              Wisconsin
                                                                                       Nursing, UW School of Medicine and
behavior, culture, resources and                                                       Public Health
                                             Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
institutional interests to create            Associate Professor of Pediatrics -
strategies that make a difference            Critical Care, Co-Director, Policy Core
in the health of our citizens across         – Injury Research Center
the full spectrum of our society.            Medical College of Wisconsin
                                             Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
The Executive Committee provides
guidance to the Director on the              Tom DeLeire
performance of the Institute,                Associate Professor of Public Affairs
reviewing goals and objectives               Interim Director, Population Health
                                             Institute; UW School of Medicine and
and evaluating accomplishments
                                             Public Health
through this annual report.

- 12 -
Institute Staff In 2010               Carissa Gottlieb, MS              Patrick Remington MD, MPH
                                      Assistant Researcher              Associate Dean for Public Health
Kelly Anderson
                                                                        Faculty Director, PHACE Group
Grants & Contract Manager             Anna Graupner, MPH
                                      Assistant Researcher              Kirstin Siemering, DrPH, RD
Jessica Athens, MS
Associate Researcher                  Barbara Hill, MSSW
                                      Researcher                        Kit Van Stelle, MA
Alison Bergum, MPA
Associate Researcher                  Nathan Jones, PhD, Researcher
                                      UW Comprehensive Cancer Center    Rick Volund, PhD, MA
Bridget Booske, PhD, MHSA
                                                                        Associate Researcher
Senior Scientist                      Amanda Jovaag, MS
Program Director, PHACE Group         Associate Researcher              Kristen Voskuil, MA
                                                                        Associate Researcher
Jennifer Buechner, BS                 David Kindig. MD, PhD
Research Specialist                   Senior Advisor                    Julie Willems Van Dijk, PhD, RN
                                                                        Associate Scientist
Marion Ceraso, MHS, MA                Kate Konkle, MPH
Director, Education and Training      Outreach Specialist               Lesley Wolf
                                                                        University Services Associate II
Colleen Comeau, AAS                   Daphne Kuo, PhD
University Services Associate II      Assistant Scientist
Tim Connor, MS, MA                    Robin Lecoanet, JD
                                                                        Institute Graduate Students
Associate Researcher                  Associate Researcher              Jonathan Alfuth
Tom DeLeire, PhD                      Sarah Linnan, BS                  Penny Black
Associate Professor and               Research Specialist
Interim Director; Faculty Director,                                     John Bowser
Health Policy                         D. Paul Moberg, PhD
                                                                        Sara Busarow
                                      Senior Scientist and
Nancy Eberle, MPH                     Research Professor; Faculty and   Erika Cheng
Assistant Researcher                  Program Director, Evaluation
                                      Research                          Ivan Cherniack
Liz Feder, PhD
Associate Researcher                  Christine Niemuth, BA             Laura Dague
                                      Research Specialist
Charlanne FitzGerald, MPH                                               Kristen Gallagher
Researcher                            Tom Oliver, PhD
                                      Associate Professor               Lael Grigg
Donna Friedsam, MPH
Researcher                            Doug Piper, PhD                   Colleen Moran
Programs Director, Health Policy      Senior Scientist                  Jason Paltzer
Janae Goodrich, BA                    Seth Prins, MPH                   Hyojun Park
Research Specialist                   Associate Researcher
                                                                        Matt Rodock

                                                                                                           - 13 -
                           UW Population Health Institute – December 2010 Staff

Institute Staff
                                                                                              UW Population
                                                   Executive Committee                        Health Sciences
   UW School of Medicine and                                                                   F. Javier Nieto
          Public Health
 Associate Dean for Public Health
       Patrick Remington

                                                       UW Population
                                                      Health Institute                         Collaborating UW Entities
                                                      Interim Director                        UW Carbone Cancer Center
                                                        Tom DeLeire                        La Follette School of Public Affairs
                   External                                                              Institute for Clinical and Translational
                Advisory Board                                                                    Research (ICTR-CAP)
                                                                                          Center for Urban Population Health
                                                                                         Collaborative Center for Health Equity

      Health Policy
         Group                                                        Pop. Health Assessment                  Administrative
                                  Evaluation Research
     Faculty Director                                                & Community Engagement                     Support
       Tom DeLeire                                                             Group
                                      Faculty and
                                   Program Director                       Faculty Director                    Kelly Anderson
   Programs Director                                                       Pat Remington                     Colleen Comeau
                                    D. Paul Moberg
    Donna Friedsam
                                           Staff                          Program Director
             Staff                                                         Bridget Booske                    Hourly Students
                                        Tim Connor
            Liz Feder                                                            Staff                       Jennifer Bagley
                                       Nancy Eberle
          Daphne Kuo                                                                                        Jonathan Erickson
                                    Charlanne FitzGerald
         Kristen Voskuil                                                     Jessica Athens                    David Frey
                                      Janae Goodrich
                                      Amanda Jovaag                          Alison Bergum                   Stephanie Kroll
         Graduate PAs                                                       Jenny Buechner
                                      Robin Lecoanet
                                       Sarah Linnan                          Marion Ceraso
          Laura Dague                                                       Carissa Gottlieb
                                     Christine Niemuth
           Lael Grigg                                                        Anna Graupner
                                     Candace Peterson
         Colleen Moran                                                        Nathan Jones
                                        Doug Piper
                                       Kit Van Stelle                          Kate Konkle
                                        Rick Voland                           Mary Michaud
                                                                                Seth Prins
                                       Graduate PAs                        Kirstin Siemering
                                                                         Julie Willems Van Dijk
                                       Penny Black                             Lesley Wolf
                                       John Bowser
                                      Sara Busarow                          Graduate PAs
                                     Kristen Gallagher
                                       Jason Paltzer                        Jonathan Alfuth
                                                                              Erika Cheng
                                                                            Ivan Cherniack
                                                                              Hyojun Park
                                                                             Matt Rodock

- 14 -
Conferences, Seminars, Publications, Programs
                                                                                                       March 3, 2010
Institute-Sponsored                                Healthy Wisconsin                                   Scope of Practice: Who Should Do What to
Seminars                                           Leadership Programs                                 Assure High Quality, Efficient Health Care . . .
                                                                                                       And How Can States Decide?
February 1, 2010                                   Fourth Street Forum: Fundamentals of                Speakers: Dr. Ned Calonge, Interim Director
Climate Change and Health: Why Energy Policy       Direct Action Organizing and Understanding          of Colorado Department of Public Health and
Decisions Could be our Largest Population          Relations of Power, Local Community Strategy        Environment, and Chair of Governor Ritter’s
Health Intervention this Century                   Exercises and the Principles of Recruitment         Collaborative Scopes of Care Task Force
Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH, Professor and              Retention and Messaging
                                                                                                       Catherine Dower, J.D., Associate Director of
Director, Global Environmental Health and          Judy Hertz, Midwest Academy
                                                                                                       Research, Center for the Health Professions,
Population Health Sciences, Nelson Institute       February 2010                                       University of California, San Francisco
Center for Sustainability and the Global
                                                   Fundamentals of Direct Action Organizing            Cindy Greenlaw Benton, Minnesota Health
Environment (SAGE), University of Wisconsin
                                                   and Understanding Relations of Power,               Occupations Review Program
March 1, 2010                                      Local Community Strategy Exercises and
Covering Health Care Reform                        the Principles of Recruitment Retention and         April 12, 2010
Guy Boulton, Reporter, Milwaukee Journal           Messaging                                           Federal Health Care Legislation: What Do
Sentinel                                           Judy Hertz, Midwest Academy                         Wisconsin Policymakers Do Now?
April 5, 2010                                      March 2010                                          Moderator: David Kindig, Emeritus Professor,
It Takes More than Willpower: Supporting           WPHA Pre-Conference Workshop: Honoring              UW School of Medicine and Public Health
Americans’ Efforts to Eat Well and Watch Their     Our Common Differences: Creating Inclusive          Speakers: Joy Johnson Wilson, National
Weight                                             Organizations                                       Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
Margot Wootan, D.Sc., Director of Nutrition        Kathy Germann, UW-Madison Division of
Policy, Center for Science in the Public                                                               Andy Webber, National Business Coalition on
                                                   Continuing Studies
Interest (CSPI), Washington, DC                                                                        Health
                                                   May 2010
May 3, 2010                                                                                            Kathy Witgert, National Academy for State
                                                   Featured Keynote, Wisconsin State Prevention
Blogging, the Quintessential Health 2.0                                                                Health Policy (NASHP)
                                                   Conference: The Power of Collaborative
Technology                                         Solutions                                           Update on Wisconsin’s Implementation Plans:
Edward A. Miller, PhD, MPA, Associate              Tom Wolff, PhD, Tom Wolff and Associates            Karen Timberlake, Secretary, Wisconsin
Professor of Gerontology and Public Policy,        June 2010                                           Department of Health Services
and Fellow, Gerontology Institute, University of
                                                   Sharing Power and Influence in Coalitions           Responses: David Newby, President,
Massachusetts, Boston
                                                   Tom Wolff, PhD, Tom Wolff and Associates            Wisconsin AFL-CIO
October 4, 2010                                    June 2010                                           Patricia McManus, President/CEO, Black Health
Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom
                                                                                                       Coalition of Wisconsin
in Low-Wage Labor Markets: Implications for
Public Health                                      Capitol Briefings                                   Larry Zanoni, Executive Director, Group Health
                                                                                                       Cooperative of South-Central Wisconsin
Jane Collins, PhD, University of Wisconsin-        and Forums by the
Madison Evjue Bascom Professor of                                                                      Remarks: Senator Jon Erpenbach
Community & Environmental Sociology and            Evidence-Based Health
                                                                                                       Representative Kitty Rhoades
Gender & Women’s Studies.                          Policy Project
November 1, 2010                                                                                       May 27, 2010
Framing Food and Fitness                           February 25, 2010                                   Health Insurance Exchanges: Goals, Options,
Moira O’Neill, PhD, Senior Researcher, The         Accountable Care Organizations: New Model           and Considerations for Wisconsin.
Frameworks Institute                               for Health Care Payment and Delivery. How will      Rick Curtis, President, Institute for Health
                                                   they work? Can they promote quality and reduce      Policy Solutions
December 6, 2010                                   costs?
The Wisconsin Public Health Practice Based         Dr. Elliott Fisher, Director of Population Health
Research Network                                   and Policy at The Dartmouth Institute for
Susan Zahner, DrPH, RN, Associate Professor,       Health Policy and Clinical Practice
University of Wisconsin-Madison School of          Darthmouth Medical School

                                                                                                                                                  - 15 -
Conferences, Seminars, Publications, Programs
                                                  What Works? Policies and Programs to             Recovery High Schools to Support Adolescents
Peer Reviewed                                     Improve Wisconsin’s Health. Bridget C. Booske,   Recovering from Substance Abuse: Studying
Publications                                      Julie Willems Van Dijk; Wisconsin Prevention     Feasibility and Effectiveness. D. Paul Moberg;
                                                  Conference, Wisconsin Dells, WI                  University of Wisconsin-Madison School of
Kindig DA, Booske BC, Remington PL.               June 2010.                                       Education Interdisciplinary Training Project in
Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health                                                          Education, Madison, WI
                                                  Research on Recovery High Schools: Empirical
(MATCH): Metrics, incentives, and partnerships                                                     September 17, 2010
                                                  Findings and Proposed Future Studies. D. Paul
for population health.
                                                  Moberg and Andrew J. Finch (Peabody College      Estimating Crowd-Out from a Public Insurance
Prev Chronic Dis 7(4), 2010
                                                  at Vanderbilt University); College on Problems   Expansion Using Administrative Data
                                                  of Drug Dependence, Scottsdale, AZ.              Laura Dague and Thomas DeLeire; Annual
                                                  June 14, 2010                                    Health Economics Conference, Lehigh
Kindig DA, Peppard PE, Booske BC. How                                                              University, Bethlehem, PA
                                                  Getting Parents Enrolled in Medicaid: Lessons
Healthy Could a State Be?                                                                          October 15, 2010.
                                                  from Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Plus Auto-
Public Health Reports 125(2):160-167, 2010
                                                  Enrollment Process. Thomas DeLeire, Lindsey      External Advisory Committee
Booske BC, Rohan AM, Kindig DA, Remington         Leininger, Laura Dague, Shannon Mok, and         Recommendations Incorporating into
PL. Grading and Reporting Health and Health       Donna Friedsam; Academy Health Annual            Utilization-Focused Evaluation. Janice A. Hogle,
Disparities.                                      Research Meeting, Boston MA                      D. Paul Moberg, PhD, Christina Spearman (UW-
Prev Chronic Dis 7(1): A16, 2010                  June 29, 2010                                    Madison) and Jennifer L. Bufford (Marshfield
                                                  Recovery High School Essential Practices:        Clinic); American Evaluation Association, San
                                                                                                   Antonio, TX
Selected Abstracts and                            Current Data and Future Directions. D. Paul
                                                                                                   November 10, 2010
                                                  Moberg and Andrew J. Finch (Peabody
Presentations                                     College at Vanderbilt University); Association   CTSA Evaluation Key Function Committee
                                                  of Recovery Schools Annual Meeting,              Meeting, Rockville, MD
Using the New County Health Rankings to
                                                  Northeastern University, Boston, MA              December 8, 2010
Improve Community Health. Julie Willems
                                                  July 21, 2010                                    Recovery High Schools and the Continuum
Van Dijk; Association of Community
Health Improvement National Conference,           Metrics for “Getting Real” about Population      of Care: Empirical Findings. D. Paul Moberg;
Jacksonville, FL                                  Health Improvement. David A. Kindig; National    Joint Meeting on Adolescent Treatment
March 5, 2010                                     Health Policy Forum, Washington, DC              Effectiveness, Baltimore, MD
                                                  September 2010.                                  December 15, 2020
The County Health Rankings: Epidemiology
in Action. Patrick L. Remington; Alexander D.     What is Program Evaluation (or Quality
Langmuir Memorial Lecture, Atlanta, GA            Improvement) and When Does It Become             eNEWS available at
April 2010.                                       “Research”? D. Paul Moberg; School of
                                                  Nursing Research Colloquia, University of
Recovery High Schools to Support Adolescents
                                                  Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Recovering from Substance Abuse: Studying
                                                  September 8, 2010
Feasibility and Effectiveness. D. Paul Moberg;
University of Wisconsin Institute for Clinical    Recovery High Schools. D. Paul Moberg;
and Translational Research (ICTR) Research        Invited Presentation, Expert Meeting on
Learning Series, Madison, WI                      Recovery for Youth with Substance Use and
April 28, 2010.                                   Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders in
                                                  Educational Settings. Sponsored by federal
Adolescent Recovery Schools: Translational
                                                  agencies including Office of National Drug
Research Potential for NIDA-CTSA Collaboration.
                                                  Control Policy (ONDCP), Department of
D. Paul Moberg; NCRR-NIDA Joint Meeting,
                                                  Education (DOE), National Institute on Drug
Invited Round Table, Bethesda, MD
                                                  Abuse (NIDA), Substance Abuse and Mental
May 26, 2010
                                                  Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and
County Health Rankings: Mobilizing Action         the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and
Toward Community Health. Bridget C. Booske;       Alcoholism (NIAAA), Washington, D.C.
Academy Health Annual Research Meeting            September, 15, 2010
June 2010

- 16 -

D    uring 2010 the Institute had a
     total budget of approximately
$4.8 million. This funding was
                                      Robert Wood Johnson
                                      Foundation (RWJF)
                                                                                      Wisconsin Partnership Programs
                                                                                      •	 Population Health Fellowship Program
                                      $1,576,000                                      •	 Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute
from a diverse mix of sources,        •	 Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health    •	 Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State
including the Robert Wood                (MATCH)                                      •	 Evidence Based Health Policy Program
Johnson Foundation, the Wisconsin     •	 Catalysts for Action Toward Community        •	 What Works: Reducing Health Disparities
Partnership Programs (Blue               Health (CATCH)                               •	 Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families
                                      •	 BadgerCare Plus Evaluation                      Evaluation
Cross/Blue Shield conversion),
                                      •	 Simulation Tool for Social Determinants of   •	 FIT WIC/FIT Families
Wisconsin state agencies, federal        Health                                       •	 Honoring Our Children Urban/Rural Project
agencies, core funds from the                                                         •	 Symposium on New Governance
University of Wisconsin School        State Agencies (including                       University of Wisconsin Institute for
of Medicine and Public Health,        federal pass-through)                           Clinical Translational Research (ICTR)
and several foundation and other                                                      ($37,000)
                                      Wisconsin Department of Health
non-profit sources. The following     Services, Division of Public Health
                                                                                      •	 Using Emerging WHIO All-Payer Claims Data
                                                                                         to Understand Health
graph summarizes funding              ($753,300)
                                      •	 BadgerCare Plus Evaluation                   •	 ICTR Evaluation
source as percent of total:                                                           •	 Evidence-Based Health Policy Project
                                      •	 ARRA Prevention and Wellness Active
                                         Schools Program
                                      •	 Service Integration for Chronic Disease      Foundations and other
                                      •	 System-Based Diabetes Prevention and         Nonprofit Sources
                                         Control Program
                                                                                      Great Lakes InterTribal Council
                                      Wisconsin Department of Health                  ($73,000)
                                      Services, Division of Mental Health             •	 Honoring Our Families Evaluation
                                      ($647,300)                                      •	 Honoring Our Children–Healthy Start
                                      •	 Strategic Prevention Framework State            Evaluation
                                         Incentives Grant Evaluation                  •	 Honoring Our Children–Community Based
                                      •	 Screening, Brief Intervention Referral and      Doula Evaluation
                                         Treatment (WIPHL) Evaluation
                                                                                      South Dakota Department of Human
                                      •	 Mental Health Program Evaluation Services
                                                                                      Services ($241,100)
                                      Wisconsin Department of Corrections             •	 Strategic Prevention Framework State
                                      ($77,500)                                          Incentives Grant Evaluation
                                      •	 Treatment and Diversion Program              Milwaukee County Department of
                                                                                      Health and Human Services ($60,600)
                                      •	 Study of Offender Revocation                 •	 Milwaukee County Reentry Program
                                      Wisconsin Department of Public
                                      Instruction ($3,800)                            Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare
                                      •	 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Analysis          Quality ($48,800)
                                                                                      •	 Aligning Forces for Quality: Analysis of
                                      UW School of Medicine                              Health Disparities
                                                                                      •	 LaCrosse County, WI ($15,500)
                                      and Public Health
                                                                                      •	 Fit Families Program Evaluation
                                      Core SMPH Funds ($345,000)
                                      •	 Wisconsin County Health Rankings             Sawyer County, WI ($10,000)
                                                                                      •	 Evaluation of Sawyer County Drug Court
                                      •	 Issue Briefs and eNews
                                      •	 Conferences and Seminars
                                      •	 Native American Health Working Group                                                 - 17 -

             Population Health Institute
             Translating Research for Policy and Practice

                     Health Sciences

                      University of Wisconsin
                      M A D I S O N

                Contact Information
     University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute
          Department of Population Health Sciences
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
                     528 WARF Building
                      610 Walnut Street
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