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					                                                   ABC District News
                                               Alberta and British Columbia Angela Honey, editor

ABC	District	Board	of	Directors	hits	the	road
STRATHMORE, Alta. - Instead of
its usual meeting place in Edmonton,
the ABC District Board of Directors
travelled afield for its latest gathering.
On Friday and Saturday, February 29
and March 1, the board convened in
Strathmore, Alberta, just east of Calgary,
at the headquarters of EnCharis, a
Listed Service Organization of Lutheran
Church–Canada that addresses housing
and other needs of seniors.
    Starting off the meeting, President
Don Schiemann reported that ABC                   ABC District Board of Directors gathered outside Calgary at the offices of EnCharis, an LCC-
District’s seed offering for the                  recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to helping seniors.
Nicaraguan Lutheran Synod, Iglesia
Luterana Sínodo de Nicaragua (ILSN),
exceeded $32,000 and is still growing.            YMI	workshops	focus	on	servant	events	
He also revealed the theme for the 2009               ABC District’s Youth                                workers with extensive service
District Convention in Vancouver: His             Ministry Institute (YMI) has                            experience: Lynn Gergens
Calling–To Faith for Life, based on               designed a comprehensive                                (youth and young families
Romans 1:7.                                       training program for youth                              director, Walnut Grove,
    LCC president Rev. Ralph Mayan                leaders. It spans five years and covers          Langley, B.C.), Deacon Michael
added more depth and detail about the             youth culture, service, community,               Gillingham (DPS and youth ministry
Nicaraguan church, sharing photos of              teaching and helping hurting youth.              director, Bethel, Sherwood Park,
his visit to Nicaragua and of ILSN’s              Each year YMI offers training in one             Alta.) and Joel Haberstock (youth
founding convention (see The Canadian             of these topics in four locations in             and young family ministries, St.
Lutheran, January/February 2008).                 Alberta and British Columbia.                    John’s, Vernon, B.C.).
President Mayan also shared news about                The 2008 training workshops                      Comments from participants
ongoing mission activity in Thailand,             cover the topic of servant events.               at the first workshop, held in
Cambodia and Ukraine. He ended                    Participants explore the Biblical                Edmonton, March 1 included:
by reminding the board of the Synod               foundations of service, living a life            “Informative. Detailed. Covers
Convention, June 5-9 in Winnipeg, the             of service, how to involve youth and             all aspects of servant events.” “I
theme of which is Give Jesus Glory:               congregations in servant events,                 learned lots…very interesting and
His Calling–Our Praise.                           and the logistics of planning both               informative.” “It helped me focus
    Friday’s agenda also included a               short- and longer-term servant                   on the kids more, and to build better
presentation by Rev. Steve Grande,                events. These one-day workshops                  relationships with them.”
executive director of EnCharis, that              culminate in a chance to use what                    Other dates and sites are April 5
included a tour of EnCharis’ Prince of            you’ve learned in a hands-on                     at Grace, Calgary; April 5 at Trinity,
Peace Campus, a four-part community               servant event.                                   Richmond, B.C; and April 26 at St.
consisting of a seniors’ village, a                   The training is a collaborative              John’s, Vernon, B.C.
supported-living manor, Prince of                 effort devised by ABC District church                                  Continued next page
Peace Lutheran Church and Prince
of Peace Lutheran School (K-9).
Additional information can be found
at the websites and
    Discussing and approving the 2008
District Budget was the main focus for
Saturday’s session. The board’s next
meeting will return to Edmonton in
June 2008.
                            Kurt Robinson,
                       Financial Ministries,
                               ABC District       Edmonton-area participants in March 2008 Servant Event Training workshop gathered at
                                                  Riverbend Lutheran Church.

1		THE CANADIAN LUTHERAN        April 2008
                                                      ABC District News
                                                  Alberta and British Columbia Angela Honey, editor

YMI workshops, continued                             Variety	is	the	spice	of	outreach	life	at	Redeemer
    These workshops have been                        CRESTON, B.C. - Outreach comes                   Kids’ Korner. Adults supervise,
a great opportunity for youth                        in many forms, as proven by the                  but the children themselves, who
leaders to share experiences, to be                  members of Redeemer Lutheran                     range in age from 3 to 12, do the
encouraged in what they do, and                      Church.                                          main work.
to be spiritually refreshed for their                    Shawls, lap robes, sweaters, and                 This is the third year Kids’
journey.                                             even knitted bears and bunnies                   Korner has hosted the event, and
    In addition to servant event                     provide comfort to all ages, from                the children really love taking
training, YMI offers Youth Culture                   children to seniors, thanks to the               part. A donation jar is set out to
workshops for congregations                          clever handiwork of Redeemer’s Knit              cover expenses. People were so
or circuits. Pastors and youth                       Wits group.                                      generous that Kids’ Korner sent
leaders believe it is imperative                         Knit Wits began in early 2006                $90 to the Gogo Grannies (a South
that parents and congregational                      when a handful of people decided                 African project); $90 to missions in
leaders be educated in youth culture.                to gather to knit and socialize. They            Nicaragua; and $90 to World Vision
Understanding the world today’s                      ordered a Prayer Shawl Ministry                  for three sets of mosquito nets to
youth live in gives us a heart of                    book from Mary Maxim, and a new                  help stem malaria.
compassion for them and also helps                   form of outreach was born.                           Thanks be to God for giving to us
us to minister to them, and with                         Soon the group was providing a               so that we can give to others!
them, more effectively. Last spring,                 knitted lap robe or shawl, complete                                             Betty Marzke
after a youth culture workshop,                      with handmade card, to accompany
a typical participant wrote: “I’m                    pastoral hospital visits. Shawls are
from a different generation, one                     dedicated at special services about
quite conservative. Understanding                    four times a year before they are
these kids will be very helpful in                   handed out.
ministering to them.”                                    In the last year Knit Wits has
    If you are interested in attending a             started crafting simple T-shaped
Servant Event Training workshop or                   sweaters and knitted teddy bears
booking a Youth Culture workshop,                    and rabbits. Children baptized in
contact Susan Bernhardt, director                    the church or children in hospital
of Youth Ministry Institute, at                      receive the bears and rabbits. (Praise
403-208-4343, or e-mail director@                    God, only one has been needed for                                         a hospital visit so far, and that was
                             Susan Bernhardt         a birth!)
                                                         The sweaters are distributed by
                                                     Lutheran Association of Missionary
                                                     Pilots (LAMP). They have gone with
                                                     travellers to Ukraine, Guatemala, and
                                                     Baja California, and another batch
                                                     is ready for Nicaragua. Redeemer
                                                     tourists tuck bears and rabbits
                                                     into their suitcases, and we trust
                                                     that donors will be led by God to
                                                     distribute the toys and sweaters
                                                     where they are most needed.
                                                         To help with the cost of materials,
                                                     Knit Wits asked for donations of
                                                     yarn from the congregation, and the
                                                     group has been blessed beyond our
                                                         And for the children…
                                                         Another thriving Redeemer
                                                     outreach is Kids’ Korner. On a
                                                     snowy Shrove Tuesday, (February
                                                                                                      Some of the busy children of Kids’ Korner
Susan Bernhardt, director of Youth Ministry
                                                     5), more than 85 congregation                    who, along with their adult helpers, prepared
Institute, leads the first of the 2008 training      members enjoyed a warm and tasty                 pancakes for the congregation of Redeemer
workshops.                                           pancake/sausage supper served by                 (Creston, B.C.) on Shrove Tuesday, 2008.

                                                                                                      THE CANADIAN LUTHERAN April 2008        1
                                                 ABC District News
                                             Alberta and British Columbia Angela Honey, editor

Lutheran	school	administrators	strive	for	excellence
EDMONTON - Lutheran Teacher                     not be lost. God will have regard for            and to project where improvements
Association Administrators (LTAA)               your faithful service and count it as            might be made.”
is a group that brings together                 though it had turned out well.”                      Cochran’s years of experience
preschool administrators, grade                     Rev. Van Maanen spoke of his                 gave participants much insight
school principals and high school               personal teaching experience and                 into the nature of administering a
principals from across LCC, and they            reminded the administrators: “I had              Lutheran school.
met for their annual conference this            forgotten why I wanted to teach...                   “For me,” continued Rev. Van
year in Edmonton.                               to what end? So that the Word of                 Maanen, “the best part of the conference
    Rev. Sye Van Maanen, Central                God might work powerfully in [my                 was a chance to meet and interact with
District’s assistant to the president           student] by the Spirit and so that               Lutheran school administrators from
with responsibility for congregational          she could know who she was, not                  Alberta and British Columbia. It was
services and mission, was invited to            just a sinner but a forgiven sinner              evident that the ABC District has a
bring an opening devotion. His words            in Christ Jesus.”                                wealth of excellent administrators
of encouragement came from Martin                   William D. Cochran, school                   who work hard to extend the work
Luther on the wisdom of Christian               ministry director for The Lutheran               of Jesus Christ here in Canada. Their
education. Dr. Luther, in answer to a           Church–Missouri Synod, gave a                    insight and wisdom is a great blessing.
hypothetical question of the era, wrote:        “great” presentation, reported Rev.              I pray that the Lord continues to bless
“But you say, ‘Suppose things turn out          Van Maanen, on how our schools can               their work as we bring Christ to the
badly and my son becomes a heretic              strive to be schools of excellence. “He          world and the world to our Lutheran
or knave?’ As they say, ‘The learned            led us through a workshop in which               classrooms.”
are daft.’ Well you have to take your           he gave us tools that can be adapted                                       From a report by
chance. Your diligence and labour will          to measure excellence in schools                                      Rev. Sye Van Maanen

                    From the President
                    Banishing	false	gods                               as many false gods in this world as there are people.

                    S      amuel Clemens was a famous
                           American author of the last century.
                      Most of us know him better by the name
                                                                            The images we conjure up fall far short of who the
                                                                       True God really is. What is so sad about the false gods
                                                                       people imagine is that these idols all demand something
                      “Mark Twain.” He was famous for two              from their worshippers, and no matter how hard people
  things: his literary talent and his lack of belief in the            try to supply what is demanded, everyone falls short.
  existence of God. While touring Europe, Twain received an                 Jesus came that we might know the True God and know
  invitation to visit the Kaiser. His little daughter, who was         Him in a saving way. At the beginning of his Gospel, St. John
  travelling with him, exclaimed: “Why, Papa, if this keeps            tells us: “No one has ever seen God; the only Son, who is at
  up, there won’t be anybody left for you to get acquainted            the Father’s side, has made Him known” (John 1:18).
  with but God!” She was a perceptive little girl indeed.                   Take a close look at Jesus. He is the Son of God who
       Unlike Mark Twain, ours is an increasingly religious—           gave His life to redeem sinful and broken people. His
  some would say spiritual—society. Yet Twain’s daughter’s             life and death filled the demands of the law on our
  observation might well apply today: so many people                   behalf. Now, He gives to us. He gives forgiveness, life
  still need to become acquainted with God. Doesn’t that               and salvation. He gives Himself in Word and Sacrament.
  sound like a contradiction? A “religious” society that               He gives hope and peace in His promises. He raises us
  needs to become acquainted with God? But in what                     to life in His resurrection, and gives us newness of life
  sense are we religious?                                              and eternal life.
       A famous businessman from mainland China stood at                    St. Paul writes: “But God, being rich in mercy, because
  the New York Stock Exchange not so long ago after having             of the great love with which he loved us, even when we
  visited half-empty U.S. churches. He was so impressed with           were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with
  the furor and intensity of the trading floor he cried out: “Ah,      Christ—by grace you have been saved—and raised us up
  this is their real religion! This is what they care about!”          with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places
       There are many religions in our society. Some people            in Christ Jesus, so that in the coming ages he might show
  worship pleasure. Others worship the god of the                      the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward
  machine. Still others worship the god of the cash register,          us in Christ Jesus” (Eph. 2:4-7).
  or the god of athletics, or the god of ... (feel free to fill in          What a joy and blessing it is to know, through faith,
  the blank). When it comes down to it, there are probably             the only True God!
                                                                                                                     Rev. Don Schiemann

16		THE CANADIAN LUTHERAN       April 2008
                                                      ABC District News
                                                  Alberta and British Columbia Angela Honey, editor

Keeping	the	‘Sabbath’	                               Concordia	‘Thunder’	makes	noise
M U L H U R S T,
Alta. - Sabbath,
a national
conference for
church workers,
m e t M a rc h 4 -
6 at Mulhurst Gary Brucker (family
                    life director, First
Lutheran Camp, Lutheran, Kelowna,
located about 90 B.C.) presents ideas
minutes south on team ministr y
o f E d m o n t o n to church workers
                    gathered at the
on Pigeon Lake. Sabbath retreat.
Twenty rostered
and non-rostered workers, along
with church volunteers, gathered for
spiritual growth and fellowship, with
sessions aimed at developing healthy
team ministry.
                Deacon Anne Marie Schwartz           The Thunder, Concordia High School boys’ basketball team, won a zone playoff in March,
                                                     qualifying them for provincial championships in Calgary.

                                                     EDMONTON - As a result of winning                strong defense by Kruse—Concordia
                                                     the playoffs in North Central Zone 2A,           triumphed (81-59). As a result,
                                                     Concordia High School’s basketball               Concordia finished in seventh place
                                                     team, the Thunder, coached by                    for the tournament.
                                                     Deacon Keith Kruse, qualified for                    During the presentations ceremony,
                                                     boys’ provincial championships in                the Thunder was overwhelmed when
                                                     Calgary, March 13-15.                            it won the “Most Sportsmanlike
                                                         The boys’ team entered the                   Team” award.
                                                     contest seeded No. 11 (out of 12                     This is the first time since 1984
                                                     teams), thereby scheduling them to               that Concordia’s boys’ team, coached
(l-r): Melanie Kuhn (parish worker, Mt.              play the No. 6 seeded team (Peace                by Keith Kruse, has advanced to
Calvary, Red Deer, Alta.), Deacon Michael            River High School) in the first game.            provincial championships. In the
Gillingham (DPS, Bethel, Sherwood Park,
                                                     Concordia led the game until the last            1984 appearance Concordia won
Alta.) host a question-and-answer time with
DPS students.                                        three minutes, when the Peace River              third place.
                                                     team made five three-point shots and                        Keith Kruse, assistant principal,
Here’s	the	news                                      sealed its win (58-54).                                             Concordia High School
     Sometimes we don’t realize                          Game two saw Concordia play La
that what’s happening in our                         Crete High School—a team Concordia                  Visit the ABC District website at
congregations is news. It’s easy to                  had lost to by 21 points two months
identify anniversaries, milestones                   earlier. In the rematch, Concordia
and special programs as news items.                  was down for the majority of the
But maybe a member received a                        game until some timely shooting by                  Send news, photos, articles
s p e c i a l re c o g n i t i o n f ro m t h e      Dylan Bonyai (Grade 10) and Simon                     and announcements six
community. That’s news! Or the                       Potoniec (Grade 12), combined with                  weeks prior to publication
youth group helped the food bank.                    key defensive stands led by Aaron                            month.
That’s news too!                                     Kruse. Game three saw Concordia                    Angela Honey, district editor
     Whatever the activity, your                     playing the host school, Rundle                        7100 Ada Boulevard,
district editor wants to know about                  College—a team that had beaten                        Edmonton, AB T5B 4E4
it. Send your stories and photos right               Concordia by 17 points earlier in the                  phone: 780-474-0063
after your newsworthy event. That                    season. Concordia was in control from         
way we can thank God together                        the beginning and once again—due
for what He is doing through His                     to some key shooting led by Bonyai,                      Next	deadline:	
people.                                              Brodie and Marshall, combined with                        May	,	2008

                                                                                                      THE CANADIAN LUTHERAN April 2008       1

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