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									    Vol. 11, No. 2     June 2010

         Partners In Education

Faith Practices Workshops Are a Hit!
     Many Partners In Education across the United         be used. I even took along my Imaging the Word
Church of Christ are having good experiences              coffee table books to show where some of the
introducing Faith Practices to local churches,            artwork can be found.”
conferences, and associations. The Connecticut                A UCC congregation, North Church in
Conference held a curriculum                                                 Portsmouth, New Hampshire,
event where Faith Practices                                                  spent quite a bit of time
was introduced, and offered                                                  discerning if Faith Practices is
two workshops which focused                                                  the right choice for them. Mary
on experiencing a faith practice.                                            Ann Drapcho wrote to Ken
“We used the United Church of                                                Ostermiller: “This is just
Christ’s new Language of God                                                 wonderful! I have been
video to help introduce what a                                               teaching church school for
faith practice was. We watched                                               thirty years and Faith Practices
the video twice—the first time                                               works extremely well as a
to experience it, and the                                                    church school resource! Our
second time to look for the                                                  Parish Life Board and Church
different faith practices shown                                              School went through a very
—how is the UCC practicing                                                   thorough study of available
faith?”                                                                      curriculum materials before
      Jeffrey Dick led two workshops in the               choosing Faith Practices. We wanted a
Michigan Conference. One was based on Keeping             curriculum resource that would engage students,
Sabbath, Seekers, and New Members. “We                    have meaning for their everyday lives, and be fun
sampled three different parts of the material and         for the students and teachers. Faith Practices
talked about the different settings in which it could     has a wealth of this and more. It is easily
                                                          adaptable for our congregation’s ‘Cross
                                                          Generational’ events and offers the opportunity
                                                          for synergy.”
   In This Issue                          Page                After searching for ways to promote the Faith
                                                          Practices resources, the Partners in Education of
   Faith Practices Update                   1             the Western Reserve Association of the Ohio
   Partners Egroup News                     2             Conference are locating funds to provide grants
                                                          to at least two small churches to purchase a set
   Faith Practices Promos                   3, 4          of resources for one of the practices. “We will try
                                                          to identify some highly motivated churches that
                                 Published quarterly by   are being hampered only by the lack of funds to
                                Local Church Ministries   purchase the resources on their own.”
                                 A Covenanted Ministry        Mary Sicher wrote to us: “I want to let you
                                United Church of Christ   know how the Faith Practices introduction is
                          Worship & Education Ministry    going in the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference.
                                      700 Prospect Ave.
                             Cleveland, OH 44115-1100

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2                                    Partners In Education                                  June 2010

New Location for
Partners In Education Egroup
    One of the best “perks” of being a Partner In    have an email address to join the group at the
Education is the high quality of discussion on the   new location. If you did not receive the invitation,
Partners In Education Egroup. We have moved          or did not respond to it, you may ask to subscribe
the egroup to a new location at Google Groups.       to the group by sending an email to
You can visit the group on the web to read the       u c c - p a r t n e r s - i n - e d u c a t i o n
discussion on your computer by visiting:             +subscribe@googlegroups.com.
http://groups.google.com/group/ucc-partners-in-          Google Groups gives you full control over
education.                                           how you receive the information from the egroup.
    Ken Ostermiller reports, “As the owner of the    You can receive individual emails, a daily digest,
group, I was using my free Yahoo account to          or read the notes at
provide the group through Yahoogroups. My            the Google Groups
internet provider, Verizon, was using Yahoo to       web site. To post a
manage email and I associated my free Yahoo          note to the group,
account with my Verizon account. This was a          send it to ucc-
mistake! Recently Verizon decided to stop using      partners-in-education@googlegroups.com.
Yahoo to manage email. I had made a number of        Jeffrey will read notes before they are posted. If
adjustments to my email accounts, but it did not     you are replying to a previous post, please do not
occur to me that I needed to do something about      include quoted material in your reply. Usually the
our Partners In Education Egroup. So when my         subject line is enough to identify the topic. Or you
Verizon email account was no longer being            can copy and paste a short snippet from the note
serviced by Yahoo, Yahoo deleted all my              to indicate the part of a note to which you are
Yahoogroup accounts, even those opened by my         referring.
free Yahoo account.”                                     Keep the discussion and questions coming.
    The Partners In Education Egroup now is at       Most of us who are a part of this egroup find the
Google Groups. Jeffrey Dick continues to             information extremely helpful in our own
moderate the discussions there. Ken Ostermiller      ministries, and it provides us with excellent
has invited all Partners In Education for whom we    information to share with others in the church.

Educator Salary Guidelines Sought on Partners Egroup
   Recently a query was posted on the Partners in Education Egroup regarding compensating
Christian educators. Partners shared web links where these guidelines may be found:

Association of United Church Educators

Massachusetts Conference

Ohio Conference

Wisconsin Conference
June 2010                   Partners In Education                      3

            Hundreds and hundreds of activities
            to spark meaningful conversations & practice your faith!

            The laundry is piling up,
            yet I’m supposed to keep Sabbath?

            How do I reach out
            to those outside my
            comfort zone?

            Others know how to play and live joyfully.

                                      Why not me?
            How can I be a good steward of everything
                                  God has given me?

2007. The United
 ul decisions about resources
   been.of us – two
                                                 At the event in February enclosed Minister for Wor-
                                  handouts from that event areSid Fowler, with this newslet-
                                  ter. ship, Liturgy, and Spiritual Formation of the Worship &
ent ten days with the writers Sid helped the group examine vocabulary such as
 One of the things                           Education Ministry Team, United Church of Christ,2010                           fa-
                                                          Partners In developing, catechesis,June
  of the Spirit curriculum instructing, nurturing, Education
            4                      as                                                                                   counsel-
 he for Advent-Christmas- cilitated discussion among the Partners on the topic
ces talented writ-                ing, forming, transforming. We were able to raise our
have given to lis- United “Naming What We Do...Doing What We Name.” The
  nt-Easter 2007. The
                                             handouts only we of event are enclosed experience in what
                                  level of awarenessthatthe many waysto with this newslet-
                                                            from                                     we engage
 sented by four of Practices are
                 Faith                                                              permission
 f churches using – two all around us, ifhelped give ourselvesexamine vocabulary them. as
                    of the
                                  we do. Attaching certain words to our list of such
  ionforme. OneSavoring a cup of coffee.
      to changes in things
                                             ter. Sid                  the group                                      “doings”
                                              many dimensions developing, catechesis, counsel-
                                  addedinstructing, nurturing,to
 me about the talented writ- an unfamiliar our already complex tasks. A
  those using it. Taking ing, forming, transforming. We were able to raise our
                        If                                                        route to work.
  care they have given to lis-    game of charades offered the opportunity to be creative
 nd ideas of churches using our search. How does one “act out”places.
   switched, itFinding beauty in unexpected engage in what
                   may                       level of awareness of the many ways we
                                  in         we do. Attaching certain words to our list of “doings”       spiritual forma-
  s some see if changestion orwhen you shouldn’t, and it’s okay.
 ook, totime for the   Laughingadded many dimensions to our liturgical development?
                                    in          religious instruction or already complex tasks. A
  lieve they are.using is a new set ofgame of charades offered the opportunity to be creative
 pparent to those Practices it. If
                 Faith                        online resources for every with and setting sampling of definitions
                                  Sid also provided usage groupa large in your congregation. Created by
 easons and Church United Church of Christ, Faith Practices helps us practice and discuss our faith in daily life.
                 and for the
              switched, it may
  e United ! At least 24 different faith practices to explore over How does one “act out” spiritual forma-
                                             in our search. the coming years.
    another look, Each see if from a variety of sources. It from. a unique opportunity to
e publishing!part- everythe practice has more than 600 activities to choosewasThat’s more than 50 activities per
 t                  to and         faith
                   age group!
                                             tion or reflect instruction or liturgical development?
                                  discover andreligious on what God is calling us to do in a
 cant as I believe they are. downloads always available when you need them.
 used by a smaller online
                 ! Affordable,               Sid also provided us with a large sampling of definitions
                                  multitude of ways! sources. It was a unique opportunity to
 resented the United Churchand attractive presentation (including microwave-ready “e-z preps”) appeal to volunteer
                 ! Accessible content
o believe itpublishing part- from a variety of
Bible Quest isNon-linear activities weave your church’s educational experiences into the full fabric of congregational life,
                   and professional educators alike.

                                  Jane discover and reflect on what God calling us Consultant
 eloped. The Bible smaller Fredricksen is a United ChurchisEducation to do in a
                    by a
 m is being usedincluding worship.
                                  and multitude of ways!
 ess of discerningit is one a Partner In Education in the Ohio Conference.
 continue to believe Online subscriptions at www.faithpractices.org include a variety of plans to fit every church’s budget. Available July 15, 2010.

 ese excellent re- Bible Jane Fredricksen is a United Church Education Consultant
  la ever developed. The
 in the process of discerning                and a Partner In Education in the Ohio Conference.
year cycle (2008-
 to keep these excellent re- R. Kenneth Ostermiller,
            Workshops, continued from Curriculum Development
 ontinued sales of (2008- Minister for page 1
  hird four-year cycle                             R.
  reed in continued sales of and some Kenneth Curriculum Development worship service I prepared
            principle pastors                       Church of Christ
pends on Ileadership around the UnitedMinister forlay
              met with two                              of their
                                                                          resources and the
                                         resource. All are very           around them, their creative juices started to
   available for the using 700 ProspectChurch of Floor
                                                   United Ave
  hip has agreed in principle it. Both pastors said 5th Christ
            enthusiastic about                                            flow.”
             that rather than buy a Cleveland, they are
  ible Quest available for thepractice or two,OH 441155th Floor Faith Practices websitebe on schedule
                                             700 Prospect Ave
             going to find someone in the congregation willing
                                                                     Faith Practices continues to
                                                                 with the                         “going live” on
                                      216-736-3866 ostermik@ucc.org
                                             Cleveland, the
             to underwrite the cost of purchasing all of OH 44115 15th. Updated information and samples to
 have spent some                             216-736-3866
                                       are ready. When I ostermik@ucc.org
                                                                 download are
             resources when they Toll Free: 866-822-8224 Ext. 3866 available at http://www.ucc.org/
   ow that I have spent somethe Hospitality sample
             introduced them to                                  education/practices.
    important work                           Toll Free:
                                      Visit education 866-822-8224 Ext. 3866 website
                                                        resources on the UCC
 at the truly important work                 Visit education resources on the UCC website
 elp localhelp local churches http://www.ucc.org/education
  tion is to                                 http://www.ucc.org/education
              the fits
 best fits best cir- the cir-
 education R. Kenneth Ostermiller                    Deborah Gline Allen
                                                     Partners Allen,
                                         Deborah Gline In Education Newsletter Editor
             Minister for Curriculum Development Deborah Gline Allen,
 etting. The work- of work- Partners In Education Newsletter Editor
 heir local setting. The
             United Church Christ                    17 South Education
                                                 Partners In Range Road Newsletter Editor
     Mapping Christian
 onChristianProspect Ave. Edu-
 g           700 Edu-                                Derry,
                                                 35 Frost NH 03038
             Cleveland, OH 44115-1100
                                         35 Frost RoadRoad
 ing churches with that pro- Derry, Derry, NH 03038
 es with that pro- ostermik@ucc.org 603-370-0294
             216-736-3866                             03038
              Partners In Edu- 3866
  and all theToll Free: 866-822-8224 Ext.603-370-0294
  Partners In Edu- web
              on the UCC                         deb@allenhome.org
 e availableVisit education resources deb@allenhome.org
  on the UCC UCC web site:
             on the

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