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									                                  Going on Operations?

                                     Did you know?...
                                    SLI has been specifically designed
                                    for all Regulars and Reservists of HM
                                    Armed Forces

                                    SLI Life cover is available to all
                                    service personnel, regardless of
                                    military activity or likelihood of
                                    operational deployment

                                    The MOD chose SLI to provide Life
                                    insurance cover to members of HM
                                    Armed Forces for

                                    SLI covers you if you die on active
                                    military duties at all times and by
                                    natural causes, e.g. (cancer, heart
                                    attack, stroke)

                                    Someone dies from a heart attack
                                    every 6 minutes – 10 people every
                                    hour source: (CardiacMatters 2010)

                                    SLI covers you for war and terrorism

                                    SLI covers you whilst in Afghanistan

                                    Even when you leave HM Armed
                                    Forces, SLI will continue for the
 SLI has been arranged              same monthly premium
under contract with MOD
                                    Want to know more? Visit:
               Being Deployed?
     Essential Protection for your
              loved ones

              Unique cover at an affordable price
              Up to £200,000 life cover – means a lump
              sum and peace of mind for your loved ones
                                                                                NOW apply
             Acceptance a certainty – no lengthy
                                                             To get SLI cover
             Monthly premium – will stay fixed throughout
                                                                       online at:
             your policy
             Terminal illness cover – automatically         w ww .servicelifein
             included at no extra cost
                                                                                 ber to quote
                                                                   (Please remem when applying)
             War and terrorism cover – for Regulars and
             Reserves                                           Towergate
             Payroll deduction – monthly premium paid by                      or
             JPA payroll deduction or direct debit

                                                                           08 334 1557
                                                               Telephone 02

                  The SLI Deal…

   18                                          only
   to             £100,000                   £9.27*
   30              Cover                    per month

*Example given excludes the £1.50 monthly policy fee
(Above based on a non-smoker for a 10 year term)

 SLI - worldwide protection including
 war and terrorism – covering you at
 all times including on active military
 duties regardless of your specialist
         24 hours a day
         365 days a year

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