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									22 February 2010

             Statement re Sichuan Chengdu Quanxing Group Company Ltd

As a shareholder in Sichuan Chengdu Quanxing Group Company Ltd, Diageo has today
been a party to an announcement which was made by Sichuan Shuijingfang Company Ltd.
(the ‘Company’) to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, in substance:

Prior to the start of share trading on the morning of 22 February 2010, the Company
received a written notice from Sichuan Chengdu Quanxing Group Company Ltd (‘Quanxing
Group’), the biggest shareholder of the Company, informing the Company that the Chinese
and foreign shareholders of Quanxing Group are engaged in formal discussions in respect of
further cooperation to speed up development of their joint venture relating to Quanxing
Group. The discussions are directly connected to the Company. Given that there remain
quite a lot of uncertainties as to the matter, in order to avoid any fluctuation of the market
price of the Company’s shares and protect the interests of investors, according to the
Company’s application, the Company’s share trading will be suspended today, until the
resumption of trading on 2 March 2010 and the timely disclosure relating to the arrangement
and progress of the situation.

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