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whatsoever for any loss howsoever from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the
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   Establishment of Sichuan Zhonglu Energy Company Limited*

As considered and approved at the forth meeting of the fourth session of the board
of directors of Chengdu Shuhai Investment Management Company Limited (“Shuhai
Company”) on 29 March 2011, Shuhai Company, a non wholly-owned subsidiary of
Sichuan Expressway Company Limited* (the “Company”), jointly established a new
company with PetroChina Company Limited (“PetroChina”). The new company has a
registered capital of RMB52 million, to which each of Shuhai Company and PetroChina
has agreed to contribute RMB26.52 million and RMB25.48 million in cash, for 51% and
49% equity interests in the new company.

The new company proposes to lease from the Company the lands and related resources
sufficient for constructing 4 pairs of gas stations along the Chengren Expressway (an
expressway operated by the Company), and to invest in, construct and operate these gas
stations. In addition, the new company proposes to lease and operate the gas stations along
the Chengyu Expressway (an expressway operated by the Company), and then gradually
get involved in the development of gas stations along other expressways of the Company.

A capital injection agreement was entered into by Shuhai Company and PetroChina on 16
May 2011.
The new company has completed all business registration procedures with Sichuan
Administration for Industry and Commerce and obtained a corporate legal person business
license (registration number: 510000000211210) on 8 June 2011, the details of which are
set out as follows:

1.    Company name: Sichuan Zhonglu Energy Company Limited

2.    Company’s residence: 1-3-2014 and 1-3-2015, No.19, West 2nd Section, 2nd Ring
      Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu City

3.    Legal representative: You Xiaosu

4.    Registered capital: RMB52 million

5.    Paid-up capital: RMB52 million

6.    Company type: other limited liability company

7.    Business scope: general business items (excluding pre-approval projects; post-approval
      projects which can be operated with permits or approval documents); investment in
      energy projects; consultation of business information.

                                                       By order of the Board
                                              Sichuan Expressway Company Limited*
                                                         Zhang Yongnian
                                                        Company Secretary

Chengdu, Sichuan, the PRC
9 June 2011

At the date of this announcement, the Board comprises: Mr. Tang Yong, Mr. Zhang
Zhiying, Madam Zhang Yang, Mr. Gao Chun, Mr. Zhou Liming, Mr. Wang Shuanming,
Mr. Liu Mingli, Madam Hu Yu, Madam Luo Xia #, Mr. Feng Jian#, Mr. Zhao Zesong# and
Mr. Xie Bangzhu#.

#    Independent non-executive Director

*    For identification purposes only


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