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					                           ST. PATRICK SCHOOL LUNCH MENU
                                                    February 2013
    MONDAY                      TUESDAY                  WEDNESDAY                   THURSDAY                       FRIDAY                             Lunch Prices
                                                                                                              French Toast Sticks    1          $3.25 per student
                                                                                                              Sausage                           $ .50 Milk only
                                                                                                              Hash Browns                       $ .50 Extras
                                                                                                              Fruit                             $ .40 Reduced
                                                                                                              Milk                              $4.00 per adult

 Hamburger/Cheese        4 Pizza Pasta Casserole    5 Popcorn Chicken          6 Grilled Cheese           7 Hot Dog                   8
French Fries               Butter Bread               Salad                      Tomato Soup                Mac & Cheese
Fruit                      Peas                       Baked Pretzel              Crackers                   Carrot Sticks
Milk                       Fruit                      Fruit                      Fruit                      Fruit
                           Milk                       Milk                       Milk                       Milk

Walking Taco           11 Salisbury Steak          12 ASH WEDNESDAY           13 VALENTINE'S DAY         14 Popcorn Shrimp           15
Refried Beans             Mashed Potatoes             Cheese Pizza               Chicken Fingers            cheesy Potatoes
Salad                     Spinach                     Corn                       Green Beans                Toasted Bun
Salsa                     butter Bread                Pretzel Rod                Muffin                     Fruit
Fruit                     Fruit                       Fruit                      Fruit                      Milk
Milk                      Milk                        Milk                       Milk
                       18 Hot Dog                  19 Turkey & Noodles        20 Chicken Sandwich        21 Cheese Ravioli           22
    NO SCHOOL             Baked Beans                 Mashed Potatoes            Scalloped Potatoes         Green Beans
    President's           Fruit                       Corn                       Broccoli                   Garlic Bread
       Day                Milk                        Fruit                      Fruit                      Fruit
                                                      Milk                       Milk                       Milk

Pizza                  25 Chicken Fingers          26 Chicken Noodle Soup     27 Hamburger/Cheese        28                  March    1
Peas                      Broccoli & Cheese           Peanut Butter Sand.        Baked Beans                  French Toast Sticks
Pretzel Rod               Cinnamon Stick              Carrot Sticks              Fruit                        Yogurt
Fruit                     Fruit                       Fruit                      Milk                         Hash Browns
Milk                      Milk                        Milk                                                    Fruit
                  Kindergarten Lunch: 11:20-11:45, Grades 1-2-3 Lunch: 11:45-12:15, & Grades 4-5-6 Lunch: 12:15-12:40                     USDA is an equal opportunity
                  Kindergarten Recess: 1:20-1:40, Grades 1-2-3 Recess: 12:10-12:30, & Grades 4-5-6 Recess: 11:50-12:10                      provider and employer

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