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									We have video tutorials here:

Video 1: How To Start & Setup Your First Squeeze Page (including how to setup email & autoresponder)

Video 2: How to Add A New Domain (To Use With Our Squeeze Pages)

Video 3: How To Add A Domain(To Use With Blogs & Websites)


Create Your First Squeeze Page

    1. Login To BSP
    2. Scroll down to where it says “WEBSITES” and click on your domain name.
    3. Click the “TEMPLATES” link at the top and choose a Template (Below each template is a button.
       Click this and then scroll down and click APPLY).
    4. After choosing template you should edit the template
    5. After template is ready: Setup Email Account (such as Use the
       CPANEL to create your email account. Click Cpanel and then click “EMAIL ACCOUNTS”.
    6. Setup Autoresponer: Add your new email as the “FROM” email and click “Edit Default
       Autoresponder” to create email message to subscribers.

That is all you need to do.


On each squeeze page template there is an autoresponder in place. You need to do this:

    1. Create a new email account for your domain.
    2. Enter this new email as the “From” email on your autoresponder.

This is very easy to do.

To create your email account just do this:

    1. Login to BSP and click “CPANEL”
    2. Click “Email Accounts”
    3. Use the drop down window to find your domain and add your new email.

(If you can’t find your new domain in the drop down window then use the “PARKED DOMAIN” link in the
cpanel and add the domain.)
To Add New Domain For Squeeze Page:

You can add as many domains as you want to use with our squeeze pages. To add a new doma just
click “Manage Website” and add domain (do not include “http://” or “www” – just add domain such as,, or

After adding the domain just click the home icon you see in this image here:

This will bring you back to the main page where you can see your new domain.

Just scroll to the bottom and you will see the domain. Click on the domain to setup your squeeze page.


                                                            just eck
If you do not see the squeeze page on your live domain then j check the cpanel. Login to BSP and
click “CPANEL”. Then click “PARKED DOMAINS”. Make sure your new domain is listed as a “Parked
Domain”. If it is not just add it here.

                                    domain like you see in the image below:
Click “Parked Domains”…and add your do

When adding a PARKED DOMAIN you may see this error message….

This means the nameservers of your domain have not been updated yet. This will happen if you have an
existing domain and update the nameservers and then immediately add it to our system. The
                                    hours                                         worry,
registration company may take a few ho to update. If you see this message don’t worry just setup
your squeeze page in our system and come back later to add it as a PARKED DOMAIN.

To check on out nameservers just use this link here:
Add Domain For Blog Or Website

   1. Do NOT use “Manage Websites” link (this is only for squeeze pages)
   2. Click Cpanel and click “ADDON DOMAINS”
   3. Add domain here if you want to use it for a full website, blog, Wordpress, etc

Click “Addon Domains” then add your domain here:

(THE IMPORTANT THING IS THE “DOCUMENT ROOT”. You can call it anything but it must have a name
after “public_html/”. If you enter the domain it will add the domain to the end like you see above.
This is OK. You can also shorten if you want to something like “blog1”, “blog2”, etc.

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