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					                                                 Nigel Herritt
                                                                 My New Room...
Feng Shui My Space
                                                                 Through the use of Feng                  Shui
Using a Bagua and the 9 Feng Shui
Remedies, reorganize your room to
maximize on the spaces benefits for
your life and wellbeing.

1. (planning and reference) Create a
rough draft of your room as is before
designing it according to feng shui.
Include all elements that must be in
your room.

2. (project) Using the tool of your
choice (E.g. Pages, Illustrator,
Sketchup, or 10” x 13” paper) make a
new floor plan of your room.                                                               Legend

                                                                                       Bed                Mop

                                                                         Portable Heater            Box       Lamp

                                                                           Bookshelf                  Shelf          Door

                                                                            Desk           Window

Learning Targets

•    The space reflects feng shui principles.

•    Neatly and clearly, try to get physical elements and walls to a consistent scale.
     Includes considerations for wall thickness, furniture, windows, & doors.

•    Leave at least 1" space margins around your layout. Include a legend, your
     name and title neatly presented and aligned with your layout.

•    Use colour and perhaps texture in your mark making to give a look and feel to
     the space.

•    Beneath or on the flip side of your design, include a written rationale of the
     decisions you made. Explain how Feng Shui was used to enhance aspects of
     your wellbeing. Also indicate problems FS may present.

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