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					          Geomancy: The Full Download! 2012 Workshops:

                                                Feng Shui Design
                                          Sat 6th - Sun 7th October 2012
                                                               Glastonbury Area
                                       Two Days of the Principles of Feng Shui
                                         Design & Practical Uses in a Home.
                                          with Richard Creightmore & Shaun Kirwan
                                                        Cost: £180/£150 Conc.
                                                             10am Start, 6pm Finish

    Light refreshments provided. Hot Soup Lunch at minimal cost. Camping
                            available £5 per night.
This workshop will teach the principles of Feng Shui - Precepts of classical Feng
Shui for location and design of sacred and secular space. Richard will show how
buildings suffer and benefit from orientation and positioning in a landscape.
Richard will also give an overview of the nature and importance of a variety of
different types of earth energy line, and a discussion of Geopathic Stress including
a brief demonstration of Earth Acupuncture.

Richard recently Published the outstanding ~ ‘Feng Shui: Secrets of Chinese
Geomancy’ in the Wooden Books Series.
         This Geomancy workshop will provide you with tools for:
                  Principles of Secular space design from Feng Shui.
           Chinese Dragon Lines & the different types of Qi in the landscape.
          Finding the optimal place in a landscape to site a dwelling or home.
            A deeper understanding of Earth Energies & the use of dowsing.
             Practical Methods to activate abundant Qi in your own home -
      Including how to deal with disturbed energy lines using Earth Acupuncture.

                For booking and directions contact:
  or call
                      This is part of a new Geomancy training course:
                            Geomancy: The Full Download!
                  Full details can be found at
Richard Creightmore M.A. (Oxon.), B.Ac., has been practicing as a professional Geomancer since 1986,
specialising in Earth Acupuncture to heal geopathic stress and medical Feng Shui. His work integrates training in
Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qi Gong and other Shamanic and spiritual healing traditions with Geomantic training in
Britain, China and Australia. His direct and engaging style makes him a popular and highly sought after lecturer.
Shaun Kirwan - By drawing on western Geomancy and his Shamanic and Buddhist backgrounds, Shaun has
developed intuitive techniques for Earth Healing, and creating sacred sites, including the Fern Hill Farm Stone Circle
and Sunrise Wood Circle. He is a natural psychic & dowser, with an affinity to Nature Spirits. Shaun has been
teaching awareness of earth energies for years. His Geomantic consultancy, operating since 2003, includes home
and landscape healing and sacred space creation.

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