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					                             Town Board Regular Meeting June 24, 1997

TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 1997

                PRESENT:     Clinton B. Smith, Supervisor
                     Marion S. Sinek, Council Member
                     Janet L. Wells, Council Member
                     Kenneth J. Novenstern, Council Member

           ABSENT:      Richard Laster, Council Member

       The meeting was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by Supervisor Smith, Also present were Town
Clerk Caroline Corwin, Deputy Town Clerk Patricia Lawson, Town Administrator Gennaro Faiella and
Town Counsel Lawrence Dittelman.


        Supervisor Smith reminded residents that the Chappaqua Volunteer Ambulance Corps is in the
midst of their fund drive and he urged everyone to contribute. He said the thermometer at the intersection
of Route 120 and South Greeley should be moving up.

          Supervisor Smith also announced that the Recreation Department is looking for volunteers during
the coming weekend to construct the new playground at Gedney Park. He urged anyone that is interested
to call the Recreation Department to sign up.

        Supervisor Smith said that the New Castle Cable T.V. is also looking for volunteers in
production, programming or any other related area. Anyone interested should call Rob Lutz at Town

        Supervisor Smith announced that the Westchester Planning Department will be having a public
hearing at Town Hall on July 14th at 7:30 p.m. on the Draft E.I.S. for Hudson Hills golf course.

        Council Member Wells announced that she had received a phone solicitation from someone
claiming to represent the Town's Police Department, but that it was a false claim, and that she had
reported it to the local PBA.

         Council Member Novenstern congratulated the Town Clerk and the Town Assessor for obtaining
a grant from New York State for $12,545 to study implementation of a geographic information system
within the Town.

            There was no public comment made, or any new business introduced.


        The Board unanimously agreed to carry the minutes of June 2nd over until the next meeting to
allow some revision by Council Member Wells.

       Council Member Sinek moved, seconded by Council Member Wells, to accept and file the
minutes for June 10, 1997 with typographical errors corrected and the following amendments:

         page 4, SANITATION LICENSE (SUBURBAN APPROVAL), second paragraph last line after
license add "for commercial collection"

         page 8, DEPARTMENTAL ACTIVITY REPORTS, add a last line "Administrator Faiella agreed
to get that information.

                           VOTE: AYES             ALL


        Council Member Novenstern moved, seconded by Council Member Sinek, that the
correspondence listed below be received and filed, and that the originals be maintained by the Town
Clerk in a separated volume for the period of time required by law.

NO.                TO                            FROM

41.           Zoning Board of Appeals Henrietta Suhr
                  Re: Petrillo

                   VOTE: AYES             ALL


        Council Member Sinek moved, seconded by Council Member Novenstern, to accept and file the
Ethics Disclosure Statement from Audrey Rabinowitz, Chair of the Recreation Commission, regarding
her involvement with the Chappaqua Chamber of Commerce as well as the opinion of Board of Ethics
dated June 20, 1997.

                           VOTE: AYES             ALL


        Supervisor Smith moved, seconded by Council Member Sinek, to make the following transfer of
funds as recommended by the Comptroller:

            FROM: A 1010 80 0 Contingent Account $10,000
      TO:      A 1440 105 0 Internships     $ 3,500
             A 1440 53 3 Open Space Project $ 6,500
                       VOTE: AYES              ALL

        Supervisor Smith moved, seconded by Council Member Wells, to make the following transfer of
funds to purchase a computer in the Police Department as recommended by the Comptroller:

   FROM:     A 3120 48 0 Equipment Maintenance
                  & Repair      $ 754
   TO:     A 3120 22 0 Departmental Equipment $ 754

         Council Member Wells asked if the purchase will be reviewed by Walter Anderson to make sure
the latest model is bought. Town Administrator Faiella said that it would.

                       VOTE: AYES              ALL


         Council Member Wells moved, seconded by Council Member Sinek, to accept and file the
reports on audited vouchers from the Comptroller dated June 5 and 12, 1997.

        Council Member Wells asked the Comptroller if the Town owns or rents a sound system, and the
Town Comptroller answered that it is rented. Council Member Wells further questioned whether the
Town has a need for a sound system, and the Comptroller said that she would look into it.
        Council Member Wells questioned the charge for the maintenance contracts and asked if they
have been reviewed recently. The Town Comptroller responded that they do review them constantly
especially the AS400 because the Town uses the services all the time and must make sure it
accommodates all the needs.

                       VOTE: AYES              ALL


        Supervisor Smith explained that the proposed amendments are revisions of the local ordinance
that applies to areas of special flood hazards within the jurisdiction of the Town of New Castle as
required by Federal Regulations and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

       Supervisor Smith moved, seconded by Council Member Novenstern, to set the public hearing to
amend Section 70-300 and 70-310 Flood Damage Prevention for July 8, 1997.

                       VOTE: AYES              ALL


         Supervisor Smith moved, seconded by Council Member Sinek, to authorize the Town Supervisor
to sign the extension and to adopt the following resolution:
        RESOLVED, the Town Board hereby authorizes the Town Supervisor to sign a License
Agreement with Paul McDonald d/b/a Commuter Cleaners, 29 N. Main Street Port Chester, New York
10573, for a three year period at the Chappaqua Train Station in form presented in a letter dated 6/19/97
by Town Counsel with an annual CPI Cap of 7.5%

                       VOTE: Supervisor Smith           Aye
               Council Member Sinek Aye
               Council Member Wells Abstain
               Council Member Novenstern Aye

       Council Member Wells questioned page 3, item 3. The Town Administrator said that the current
payment in lieu of taxes is $1,000 but was increased to $1200.00 and would increase each year by the
same amount.

        Council Member Wells asked the Town Administrator if the payment to the Town would be less
if property taxes were reduced. The Town Administrator said it would remain at $1,200.00.

         Council Member Wells said she had abstained from voting based on principle because she is not
in favor of trucks doing business at the train station.


       Supervisor Smith moved, seconded by Council Member Sinek, to authorize the Deputy
Commissioner of Public Works to go to bid for guiderail replacement on a unit cost per foot basis as per
his memo of June 19, 1997.

                        VOTE: AYES               ALL


        Supervisor Smith moved, seconded by Council Member Wells, to adopt the following resolution:

         RESOLVED, the Town Board accepts the recommendation of the Town Administrator and Town
Comptroller to apply for a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting as sponsored
by the Government Finance Officers Association and hereby authorizes the Town Comptroller to secure
the services of Bennet Kielson Storch and Company LLP to provide the necessary technical review for a
sum not to exceed $5,000.

                        VOTE: AYES               ALL


        Proof of publication having been furnished, the Public Hearing on designation of proposed
Historical Landmarks was called to order at 8:15p.m. Supervisor Smith noted that the properties being
considered are owned by Cummins, 236 North Bedford Road; Harris, 478 Quaker Road; Tunstead, 1270
Roaring Brook Road; Striker, 350 Bedford Road; Abraham, 382 Bedford Road; and Suhr, 348 Old
Roaring Brook Road. All these properties have been identified by the Landmark Advisory Board as
being worthy of recognition and that four owners have consented to a designation.
         Gray Williams and Charles Napoli representing the Landmark Advisory Committee were present.
Mr. Williams said that the Harris house, dating from the 18th century, is part of the Quaker hamlet of
Chappaqua and is already on the National Register. The Tunstead house, called the Marshall house, is of
18th century construction. In connection with the Old Roaring Brook Road area, which has some very
old homes, the Landmark committe may come to the Town Board to propose a historical district there.
The Suhr house is part of the Van Tassel farm at the corner of Lawrence Farms Crossway and Old
Roaring Brook Road and the Advisory Board is still doing research on it. The other homes listed are on
Bedford Road and are Neo-Classic. Two are pillared houses similar to southern mansions which were
built by Samuel Haight.

        Supervisor Smith asked Gray Williams to address what affect historical designation might have
on a property and what the process is, so that the Abraham family who were present at the hearing could
have a better understanding before they make a decision.

         Gray Williams said that the law requires the permission of the owner and that the home is kept in
good condition. It does not put any onus on the owner to do anything particular, and is basically a moral
committment on the part of the owner. He cited the example of the Granite House which had been on the
National Register but now does not exist. Mrs. Abraham questioned adding an addition and asked, if a
Board deems the addition is not historically correct, would they then not be able to build it. Mr. Williams
replied that he knows of several historic homes where additions were added in another style. Ms.
Abraham asked, in terms of resale, whether a historical designation an asset or an impediment. Mr.
Williams answered that in the past it has been considered an asset. Mrs. Abraham asked if there were any
tax breaks and was told by the Supervisor there were none.

         Mr. Napoli said that the people that have historic homes want to keep them that way, and
whether they think its a good investment or not, they invest in the history and if they do put an addition
on they usually try to keep it in character and keeping.

       Council Member Sinek noted that the approval that the Town Board gives is simply a statement
on how much the Board values the history of the Town and the research that is being done by the
committee and the historical society.

    Supervisor Smith moved, seconded by Council Member Novenstern, to adjourn the public hearing
until July 8th.

                         VOTE: AYES                ALL


        At 8:35p.m. on motion by Supervisor Smith, seconded by Council Member Novenstern, the
Town Board unanimously voted to adjourn the
regular meeting and enter into a work session to discuss park regulations, Cedar Lane Park, fence
regulations and volunteer Board vacancies.

                         Respectfully submitted,
Caroline W. Corwin
Town Clerk

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