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					                           San Mateo County
                          MINIATURE GOLF
                         TOURNAMENT RULES
                      Team Captains may comment until 5/22/2009

All County employees and adult spouses/partners (“non-employees”) are eligible to
participate. No one under the age of 18 years old will be permitted to play.
For the purposes of this tournament only, a “spouse/partner” is defined as a spouse,
domestic partner, family member or friend of an employee.A “partner” is not a son,
daughter, stepchild nor other relative by blood or marriage. Only one partner may be
designated per employee and that individual must be an adult.
For the purposes of this tournament only, a “County employee” is considered to be any
active County employee of any type (regular, extra help, etc) or a County retiree. An
employee from an affiliated public agency or any individual under current contract with
the County to provide goods or services can also be considered a “County employee” in this
tournament if that individual possesses a County photo ID card key or a County paycheck
stub and submits a photocopy of it as part of the registration process. If no direct
affiliation with the County can be easily determined for such an individual, then s/he will
be considered a “non-employee’’ and subject to any roster limitations as written in the
tournament rules.
Department Teams / Coordinators
A minimum of 18 teams and a maximum of 36 teams may play in this event. To assure an
equal opportunity for all County employees to participate, team composition will be
determined by Department or Division.
Individual(s) may petition to join another team. This matter is handled solely by the
departments and the teams involved. Whenever possible, individuals are encouraged to
remain within their department.
It is the responsibility of the Department(s) to coordinate the roster. At least one person
from the Department(s) should be designated as a coordinator.
Team Composition
Each team shall have four players. Teams can be co-ed or single sex. While it is preferred
that teams consist of all County employees, a team may consist of up to 2 non-employees.
A player may play on only one team.
Team Registration
On or before the registration deadline, each team shall submit to the Tournament
Coordinator a roster of players delineated according to the various categories (sex,
employee / non-employee, department). The event is first-come, first served and can
accommodate up to 54 teams.
Team are highly encouraged to submit up to two “Substitute / Alternate players” in
addition to its four players. The names of these individuals are posted to the team and they
are automatically qualified to play if there are any cancellation(s) by one or more of the
original four players up to the beginning of the tournament. The team captain shall notify
the Tournament Coordinator of use of the Substitute/Alternate Player(s) on event day at the
time of tournament check-in. To eliminate any possibility of a non-employee majority on a
team, the substitute/alternate player(s) shall be County employee(s).
Alternately if a team chooses not to use the Substitute / Alternate Player option, Team
Captains may submit changes to their team roster to the Tournament Coordinator
according to posted deadlines. The Tournament Coordinator will not accept any changes
to the roster after 12 noon on the Wednesday before the tournament. If a player does not
show for whatever reason on tournament day, that slot cannot be filled and a “ghost
player” option will be in effect.
Final rosters will be available on the day of the event. During the tournament, if it’s
determined that a team is fielding players who are not on the final roster, that team will
automatically forfeit the tournament and will be asked to leave the course. In addition,
that team will be deemed ineligible for the final round.
Team Representative ("Captain")
The team representative solicits interest within the Department by promoting the event,
registering players for the team, collecting required fees and paperwork and submitted
team registration packet to the Tournament Coordinator in a timely manner. The team
representative will act as the liaison in all matters involving the team and the other teams
in the Tournament, including communication with the Tournament Coordinator before,
during and after the event.

General Description
The Miniature golf tournament consists of 18 holes. Teams will be assigned to begin on a
specific hole. A minimum of 18 teams and a maximum of 54 teams may play in this event.
There will be a “shot gun” start.
The top two teams from each course will advance to the finals and play 9 holes. The
tournament winner is the team with the lowest aggregate stroke play total from the final
In the event of a tie for top two positions for tournament play on a course and/or for the
top two positions in the final round, a sudden death play-off will be held. This begins on
the first, second and/or third hole, and continues until the teams can be separated.
A player will be issued a putter and a golf ball by the miniature golf course. All balls in the
grouping should be a different color.
Team Size and Playing order
Each team shall consist of four players, consisting of two pairs (A & B). Each pair shall
consist of at least one employee.
Each pairing shall be assigned to a different hole and will play with a twosome from
another team. Team pairs will be assigned to adjacent holes. Each pair will keep the score
for the other pair.
       Example: Team 1(A) pair will be assigned to start at Hole #1, and Team 1(B) pair
       will be assigned to start at Hole #2. Team 2(A) pair will be assigned to start at
       Hole #2 and will play with Team 1(B). Team 2(B) pair will be assigned to start at
       Hole #3. This will be done for all teams assigned to one course.

A player is deemed ready to play when, in addressing the ball, s/he begins his back-swing.
Any movement of the club back and forward after this counts as readiness to play.
Unintentional contact with the ball in the absence of clear readiness to play does not count
as a stroke.
It is not permitted to take practice strokes or to roll the ball on the greens, except on the
first hole of the tournament. This (optional) practice shot cannot be counted as or towards
the player's score for that hole.
Deliberate play to hit another’s ball utilizing your own ball is allowed. However, deliberate
striking of another’s ball with your putter is NOT allowed. Occasionally an accidental hit
may occur where the balls are very close together.
Players may remove debris (e.g., leaves) from the intended path of their ball before taking a
Each stroke counts as a point. If the ball has not been holed after six strokes, another point
is added. The highest possible score at any hole is 7.
No team is allowed to keep its score. Teams will be divided into two pairs and will be
paired with another pair from a different team. Each pair will be responsible for keeping
score for the other team’s pair for the entire tournament.
If, for whatever reason, a team that does not have four eligible players on the day of the
event, a “ghost player” option will be used. Unassigned slots will be automatically assigned
a score of 6 for each hole (108 for 18 holes).
Before the total score for any hole is entered onto the score-card, it should be announced.
If there are any corrections, it should be initialed by a member of both pairs and must be
done prior to going to the next hole.
At the end of 18 holes, each pair should add the score for the other pair. Each team should
then confirm its own score and sign at the bottom. The scorecard should then be
submitted to the Tournament Coordinator.
Tee off
The first shot at every hole is to be played from the teeing off area. All players in the group
tee off before any of the players play their 2nd shot. Subsequent to all tee shots having
been played, strictly furthest away plays first.
Holed ball
A ball is deemed holed when it comes to rest in the hole. It must be removed before any
other shots are played. If a player's ball is knocked into the hole by another ball the score
recorded for that player is the number of shots taken up until that point.
If a ball lands within one club head’s length of the hole, the player may immediately hit the
ball again to hole it or pick it up and add one stroke to his / her score.
A ball should only be repositioned when it’s that players turn to play.
When a ball comes to rest alongside or near to the perimeter boundary of a run, or to an
obstacle, plateau or immovable obstruction, it can be repositioned the length of the club
head from it at no penalty. Repositioning is to allow the player a proper back-swing and/or
follow-through. A ball must not be repositioned other than at 90 degrees to the obstruction
in order to provide a direct line of sight to the hole if one did not exist from where the ball
originally came to rest. Where two or more balls need to be repositioned their relative
position to each other must be maintained.
Ball leaving the playing area
When a ball leaves the playing area and comes to rest 'out of bounds', the ball should be
replaced on the playing area at its exit point at no penalty. The ball may then be
repositioned when it’s that players turn to play.
If a ball leaves the playing area and then returns of its own accord, the ball is deemed to be
still in play and can be played from where it lies, providing this is within the playing area.
No penalty.
Ball rolls back to the tee
When a ball in play rolls back to the teeing off area and comes to rest, it can be played from
any point within the teeing off area. The original stroke is counted in the player’s score.
When a ball in play comes to rest within an obstacle construction such that it is unplayable,
it must be repositioned one club head’s length outside the obstacle in the direction from
which it came at no penalty.
When a ball in play becomes trapped inside a pipe, it may be repositioned one club head’s
length and at 90 degrees from the exit of that pipe. No penalty will be incurred.
Safety / Sportsmanship:
Players must at all times exercise due care, responsibility and caution as not to injure
themselves or other persons. There will be no spectators allowed on the course(s) during
the tournament.
For safety reasons, other players in a group and nearby must stand at least 6 feet away
from the player making his/her shot and remain stationary until the play has completed
his/her shot.
Players must not perform any act of a reckless or dangerous nature. The following are
examples of acts that may be considered to be of a reckless or dangerous nature:
· Making a full swing of the club above shoulder height in an uncontrolled way
· Throwing of clubs or balls
· Intentionally hitting obstacles with clubs or otherwise intentionally causing damage to the
course or surrounding property.
The highest level of sporting conduct is expected of all who participate. Any abusive
behavior to other players, spectators or tournament coordinators will not be tolerated. Any
individual who exhibits abusive or unsportsmanlike conduct will be asked to leave the

Registration & Fee
Every player must complete a registration form and sign a liability release statement as a
condition of participation:
      "Your employer or its insurance carrier may not be liable for the payment of
      workers' compensation benefits for any injury which arises out of an employee's
      voluntary participation in any off-duty recreational, social, or athletic activity
      which is not a part of the employee's work-related duties."
Player fees offset the entire cost of the tournament. These monies are used to pay course
fees and to purchase trophies. No County funds are used to pay for this event.
Spectators not permitted on Course(s)
Adult and child spectators are not permitted on the course(s) during the tournament and
final round.
No smoking or alcohol
No smoking or consumption of alcohol is allowed on the course.
Tournament Desk
Central operations for the tournament are coordinated at the tournament desk, which is
staffed throughout the tournament.

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