2012 ROTOR EGG DROP.pptx - HASTscienceOlympiad by fjzhangweiyun


Science Olympiad Summer Institute
Phoenix, AZ
July 16 – 20, 20112
 Construct a helicopter type device to safely
  transport a raw chicken egg from a given
  height to the floor

 Use wings/blades that rotate around a
     central axis to slow decent
        No energy producing mechanisms
        No pre-made rotor assemblies
        Cannot be:
         Airplane
         Balloon
         Parachute
 Grade A large chicken egg
   Sealed in plastic bag
   Placed in cup
    8 – 10 oz
    Foam?
    Attached to device by tape
  Egg, bag, cup, and tape provided by event

 Cup is 1st surface to touch the floor
   Devices where cup does not touch floor first will
    be ranked below other devices where cup does
    touch the floor first

 No other shock absorbing material allowed

 Devices must fit w/in 51 cm x 51 cm x 51 cm
 Impounded before start of event
   No modifications allowed other than to attach egg

 Students may inspect egg
   If cracked may request another egg
   Once accepted if broken before drop students
    may receive another egg
     2 sec. penalty subtracted from final time

 Only one drop
   Height announced day of tournament
   5 meter minimum

 Time – release time until it hits floor
   3 timers – MEDIAN of the 3 times
     (the middle time is used)

 After drop student removes egg from device
  and gives to supervisor
 All devices with eggs surviving will be ranked
  ahead of devices with broken eggs
   even if student breaks the egg after the
    drop and before giving to supervisor
     Broken egg defined by wet spot on paper

 Highest time wins
 Devices not meeting construction parameters
  will be ranked below all devices that do
 Devices with broken eggs will be ranked
  below successful devices
 Tiebreaker
   Lightest helicopter (w/o egg, bag, cup)
 No appeals after device leaves impound

 To practice without wasting eggs, take a
    plastic egg and weight with pennies to
    approximate mass of egg
   Plan on making lots of different rotor designs.
   Rotors must rotate at least 360 degrees in its
    descent or it is not a rotor it is a parachute
   The higher the drop, the easier it is to get
    rotor to rotate 360 degrees
   Angled blades rotate better than flat blades
Web Sites
   http://fc.niskyschools.org/~psherman/03978F9B-011EDE4C.25/HelicopterEggDropNotes.pdf

   http://www.instructables.com/id/Amazing--Graceful-Egg-Drop-Contraption/

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