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					                                 Jo’s Bridal Boutique

                                     Marketing Plan

We hereby certify that this material, which we now submit for assessment as a continuous
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                                                                                  April 30, 2009

Table of Contents

Executive Summary ...........................................................................................................................

Situation and Market Analysis ...........................................................................................................

Competitive Profile ............................................................................................................................

Customer Profile ................................................................................................................................

S.W.O.T. Analysis .............................................................................................................................

Target Market.....................................................................................................................................

Positioning .........................................................................................................................................

Marketing Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics ...................................................................................

Implementation Plan ..........................................................................................................................

Conclusion .........................................................................................................................................

Bibliography ......................................................................................................................................

Appendices .........................................................................................................................................

Executive Summary
Purpose and Mission – Part One

Jo’s Bridal Boutique is located on Union Street, New Bedford and has been operating for one
year. Jo’s Bridal Boutique currently offers a unique and wide range of bridal wear and
accessories for its customers.

Jo’s Bridal Boutique wants to be thought of as a bridal boutique that offers highly personalized
service. Our goal is not necessarily to be the largest salon in our market, but
instead the salon that really cares about the unique, individual needs of each of their customers.
 Jo’s Bridal Boutique wants to provide a pleasurable shopping
experience that will satisfy the passion for fashion for yourself and others. They
aim to deliver superb customer satisfaction by offering a range of products and services. They
hope that their clients get as excited as they do walking into the shop. A unique and satisfying
shopping experience starts there. Jo’s Bridal Boutique is a boutique with service, quality and a
friendly, uplifting atmosphere.

The purpose of this marketing plan is to enhance sales and profitability in the current economy.
In order to do this, Jo’s is looking to introduce new products and services in the boutique.
Introduction of a wider array of products and services is an effort to start customer loyalty at an
earlier stage then a wedding day. By offering prom dresses and other gowns it will in essence
capture a target audience at a younger age, thus developing long term ties to the boutique
throughout life’s major events that call for formal wear and the links to other services needed for
such moments such as photography and limousine services. By offering these new features to
the boutique there will be a more deep rooted sustainability in the needs of the community to
shop at Jo’s Bridal Boutique.

Situation and Market Analysis
Over 60 billion dollars a year is generated in wedding and ceremony related expenses in the
United States. However, we need to keep in mind that although the wedding industry is huge in
terms of dollars, it is often difficult to track exactly where that money is being spent. This is
because the industry is unique and made up of multiple smaller enterprises like caterers, wedding
consultants, dresses, jewelry, various beauty suppliers (hair, makeup), photographers,
favors/bridesmaids gifts, music, honeymoon related, etc. In addition, many of these smaller
enterprises also do other events and don’t necessarily break their business down into wedding
versus non-wedding. Market data encompasses almost all expenses from engagement to the
wedding to the honeymoon and everything spent in between. (

In 2008, it was estimated that 2.4 million weddings were performed in the U.S. The median age
for first-time brides is 25 years. For grooms, it's 27 years. Second marriage median age is brides
35 years, grooms 38 years. Couples will be engaged for an average period of 14 months. Our
target market is local marrying couples looking for the traditional wedding. Jo’s needs to get
them into the shop or interested in the company during the first 10 months. Our focus will be
mainly on females who are drawn to Jo’s Bridal Boutique for the bridal wear which was Jo’s
solitary focus. Once in Jo’s, our associates will take the opportunity to expose the brides to our
new focus and they will discover Jo’s can be their one solution to all their bridal needs. The
median age of 25 will be part of our focus for packages and services, but we will try and offer
variety to appeal to all facets of this diverse market. As far as income, we offer a variety of
packages catering from middle to upper middle class couples.

The average amount spent on a traditional American wedding can be more than $25,000. Only
30% of all brides' parents will pay for the entire wedding, as was once customary, a remarkable
8% drop since 1999. Instead, 32% of brides and grooms will pay for their wedding themselves,
and 15% of couples will foot the bill with the help of both sets of parents. 36% of couples end up
spending more than they had planned on their big day. In our marketing and promotion, the focus
should always be on the bride. With less parents paying for the wedding more decision making
will be on the couple.

Tuxedos are typically purchased five to six months after the wedding gown. Bridesmaids' gowns
are general purchased three to four months in advance of the event. One third of engaged couples
retain a wedding consultant.

June is the most popular month for weddings and January is the least popular. The six month
stretch from May to October is the busiest time for weddings comprising almost 60% of the
business for the year. It is spread evenly, but also depends largely on the climates of the area.
Appendix ???? shows the percentage of wedding per month.

A survey of wedding statistics conducted by Conde Nast Bridal Group offered some insightful
information on the current state of the industry in respect to the current economic times. Daniel
Lagani, vice president and publisher of The Conde Nast Bridal Group, believes “that the
wedding industry is not only vital but is in fact thriving. Couples are entering this 'Wedding
Lifecycle' from the engagement to the reception right up to the honeymoon in ever growing
numbers flush with happiness and optimism.” Lagani’s thoughts are not the sole views of

industry experts. While some may believe the industry “recession-proof” other experts say they
are beginning to see longer engagements and more cohabitation, as couples look to save up for
the big day. And, when the big day does come, brides and wedding vendors report spending is
down. "I don't think there's any industry that is immune to this particular recession,'' said Alison
Adler Matz, publisher of Conde Nast's Brides, found spending had risen 1% between 2006 and
2008. "What we're seeing overall is people are still spending on their weddings. Like any
consumption, they're making smart, informed choices.''

Competitive Profile
Many bridal shop competitors have many common characteristics. They all have multiple
designers and they all have certain promotions. However, it is the differences that set them apart
from the competition.

David’s Bridal sets itself apart from the competition by going above and beyond. David’s is a
major chain store, meaning that they have a common name, and many consumers know about
them. David’s also sells more than just dresses; they provide prom dresses, tuxedos, and
invitations for the wedding. David’s also makes lower priced dresses available for those not
interested or able to spend the average. David’s Bridal has set an image as a one stop wedding
shopping experience which is convenient and this gives them a competitive edge. David’s offers
a large selection of off the rack dresses, but lacks the customization component of a specialized
shop, such as Jo’s.

Carmen Fashions Bridal salon is a smaller local store but has its own competitive advantage.
Carmen’s has lots of designers which helps them to stay competitive. Quick alternations are the
norm with their on site seamstress. As opposed to most other bridal shops, alterations are
included in the price of the dress, avoiding extra charges. A one on one service experience is a
benefit to their smaller size. Carmen’s lacks the branding of a chain and is closed on Sundays.

Jenn and Jill’s Bridal Boutique is a family owned business that strives on a very personal one on
one service. To highlight their excellence and ease the tension of the future bride, Jenn and Jill’s
only shows dresses by appointment to provide the best customer service possible. Planner
assistance is available too. This sets the boutique apart from others. Jenn and Jill’s small size,
limited hours and narrow selection puts them to competitive disadvantage to Jo’s in these areas.

Alexandra’s Bridal Boutiques’ competitive edge involves providing all the dresses for a
wedding. This includes brides’ maids as well as flower girls. They also have a reputation of
doing stunning alterations. Even though they are a small business and the website could use
some work, they still have a solid advantage by providing all the dresses.

Each of these different competitors has their own competitive advantage that allows them to stay
open and keeps business coming in. Playing to ones strengths is what allows each of these
businesses to strive.

See Appendix ??? includes expanded profiles of each of these companies.

Customer Profile

The wedding dress is the most researched item among brides-to-be. Research shows that seven
in ten engaged women consulted bridal resources before their fiancé ever popped the question.
( American wedding study 2009 fast facts)

Prior to reaching our boutique, young single women looking to have the wedding of their dreams
and her mother will be collecting information from friends and family regarding their experience
with boutiques in the area. Significant amounts of time will also be spent conducting research on
the Internet regarding styles and brands of wedding dresses.

Once the list of boutiques to visit is made, future brides travel in packs to bridal shops. Brides
will visit many stores but a return to purchase is more likely at a store where they experienced a
high level of consumer satisfaction. (Weiss) Jo’s recognizes this and we strive to create a
memorable experience by accepting appointments and walk-ins, serving light refreshments and
having comfortable seating available so that the influence of those traveling with the bride will
increase the chance of a purchase at our store.

The wedding date is a key factor affecting a brides buying behavior. It typically takes up to six
months to order and receive a wedding gown and then you have all the fittings to schedule into
an already busy schedule.

S.W.O.T. Analysis
By taking a close look at internal and external conditions we developed the following analysis.

    Excellent one-on-one service
    Local
    Welcoming accommodations and servicescape
    Attention to influencers

   No website
   Only bridal wear and accessories offered
   Little financial resources
   Small size and staff

   Large market unaffected by recession
   Currently in “wedding season”
   Extension of other services (prom’s, cake, limo, etc.)

    Larger chains, with well known name and more resources
    Other local boutiques, already established offering similar products and services
    Limited population

Target Market and Segmentation

Geographic Segmentation
Jo’s will focus its marketing and sales efforts on future brides located in New Bedford and
greater New Bedford area. The target market is a metropolitan area. Trends show that bridal
spending has increased 100% over the last 15 years and the average wedding cost now tops
$25,000 and that most brides and grooms pay for the wedding themselves. (Conde Nast Bridal
Group, 2006 – from Wedding Trends 2006)

Demographic Segmentation

Gender                Female
Age                   19 – 40 (62.5% between the ages of 21 and 24.)
Sexuality             Heterosexual
Ethnic Background     White
Income                Income $14,999 – 90,000, 65% less than $29,999.
Information above contained in study from Weiss and found consistent with results from
2007 Conde Naste Study.

Psychographic Segmentation
Jo’s is a local shop focused on South Coast consumers who are looking for a boutique that is a
part of their community and will represent the thoughts and feelings of their neighborhood, yet
represent the latest in fashion. Brides hope to buy a wedding dress once and regardless of their
body size or shape we want them to look and feel great in their wedding dress.

Usage-Rate Segmentation
The engagement period is generally less than 18 months. Most brides will know their wedding
date prior to setting out for a gown. The bride-to-be wants to get the wedding dress purchase
settled so she can move on with her plans. In planning the purchase, brides and boutiques have
to consider not only the date of the wedding, but the months worth of fittings necessary, plus the
average six month lead time to order the gown. (Weiss 4)

Sub Market
A sub target market includes early and late teen females attending school proms and other formal
gatherings. While they may not purchase a prom gown from our store, we want to take
advantage of the opportunity to expose them to our style of service. This market represents a
portion of the future wedding gown consumers. (Lamb – textbook)

A bride will budget about 10% of her wedding budget to the gown, about $2,700. A bride will
not be shopping alone. Generally, her mother, grandmother, friends, sisters, and even mother-in-
law are present for all shopping trips and she values their opinion.

At Jo’s we strive to provide top notch service and exceed expectations to impress the bride with
the proper attitude towards our bridal shopping experience to result in a purchase within the time
frame between required. (Weiss)

NANCY - Expand to include all products and services.

Existing brands, images, and positions
Jo’s Bridal Boutique marketing mix will bring in new customers by catering to every level of
income with the products and services offered. Jo’s has taken the position that with each of the
packages designed, the consumer is comparing the contents to match their budget as well as their
needs and desires.

By working with area vendors, Jo’s will offer expanded services in various combination
packages at all inclusive discounted rates. This will be the edge that they will have against other
bridal shops in the area.

Perceptual map of the brand in the market relative to their primary competitors
The positioning bases that are incorporated into Jo’s Boutique will be:

Price and Quality Base – as the package price escalates, so does the level of services that are
included within each package. The quality lies within the limits of what the consumer is willing
to spend.

Product User Base – Jo’s Boutiques is attempting to bring in a younger cliental by starting with
prom age consumers. This will promote the boutique to a younger crowd that will remember
their first experience with Jo’s and return for events that occur later on in their lifetime, opposed
to coming in the doors for the first time for a wedding only.

Product Class Base – Jo’s Boutique is seeking a personalized service that suites each individuals
needs in an elegant atmosphere that allows the consumer to feel pampered during special
occasions alleviating stress for the consumer thus heightening the experience to bring added joy
and cheer to its customers.

Emotion Base- This is the true building block of the Boutique and their package offers. Jo’s
Boutique envelopes the customer and makes its customers feel lighthearted, beautiful less
stressed and very special planning and coordinating their life’s events with this shop providing
experienced and knowledgeable staff to assist with upcoming events.

Brand identity and positioning in the market place
Jo’s will offer some branded products and some generic. In the wedding packages the wedding
dresses will be generic and yet consumers will have the opportunity to order brand name dresses
as well if the consumers wish to purchase such and item individually. By offering the consumer
the choice, it will increase future sales as there is no limitation to expense. It is the consumer’s
choice as to whether they want a brand name or not or more so what fits their budget better. This
will encourage repeat sales and allows Jo’s to increase their new product sales.

Marketing Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics
Objectives and Goals

By reviewing the Ansoff Matrix, we found that when we implement the new line of products and
services at Jo’s Bridal Boutique, the best strategy would be to utilize a Diversification Strategy.
In order to do this for Jo’s Bridal Boutique, we want to diversify in a related business with which
we are familiar women’s formal wear and services associated with them. By using a
diversification strategy, it will help bring in new customers at younger ages thus developing
customer loyalty for future milestones in the customer needs for such instances when the need
for formal women’s wear and services are needed. The theory is to bring in the new line of
products/services for new and existing customers alike. These products and services will now
target new marketing segments that were not previously targeted selling bridal gowns only.

The new market line will bring with it Market Stability. Now the shop will be busy during the
wedding season as well as at prom time, during the holidays, First Communion, and Easter. The
new product line will also allow Jo’s to outfit others who attend weddings as well such as the
Mothers in their dresses and others who may not be necessarily be in the wedding party but who
need a fancy gown to attend the wedding with.

Products/Services Offered
Price – price of each product contribution margin, pricing philosophy
A higher income bracket may choose to select the full wedding package which includes the
dress, photographer, and limousine, cater/function hall; where a marriage that has a lesser budget
may choose a lesser package that is offered. Jo’s offers the same packaging features with the
proms, graduations, or sweet 16 functions in hopes to capture a younger cliental that will use Jo’s
for future occasions when warranted. All packages include choice of vows, toasts, and speeches.
Alterations done on site.

Make this part of a paragraph
                             Individual Products and Services:
Bridal wear
Evening gowns/Prom Dresses
Accessories (Candles, Favors, Decorations, Jewelry)
Ceremony sites
Function/Reception Hall Listings
Toasts and Speeches selections

Contribution Margin

Jo’s Total Contribution Margin is targeted at 55%. Jo’s is looking to increase revenue by selling
packaged wedding plans as well individual products through an expanded product line. The
expanded product line includes prom grown and evening dresses as well that will increase foot
traffic to the store. Included in the line is a prom party package that includes a limousine. They
will offer other items that they will not invest cash into but it will be able to include these
services to their customers via networking making a profit at the same time. These networked
services will be offered to Jo’s at a discounted rate due to the amount of service that is generated
for the outside agencies are items such as Caterers, Ceremony sites/locations, DJ’s, Florists,
Function/Reception Hall Listings, Limousines, Photographers, Cakes.

Pricing Philosophy

In pricing products for Jo’s, the process taken is a scientific process, but pricing can be its own
philosophy or art form. Especially when offering packaged products, there is no precise
mathematical formula. Prices are best determined through (a) improved information about
estimated costs of Jo’s contracted or networked services and (b) and the need for services offered
by Jo’s in the prom season and wedding season the perception of community needs and

Using this activity-based costing we calculate overhead costs on a product-specific basis. In
considering each packages included features we consider customer's perceptions, needs and
objectives, with the variety of levels of packages it helps couples who know what their budget is
and what is included is what they are willing to spend and as the prices go upward it helps take
some of the stress of all the decision making away from the couple. Packages may change
throughout the years as they inclusions in the packages are based on customers wants and needs
in their wedding planning. We can make Jo’s packages more enticing by utilizing various
surveys and analyzing the data regarding current products and packages that Jo’s offers its
customers. The surveys will be important to Jo’s as there is constantly an ongoing challenge
because the targets are constantly moving. This dynamic marketplace is as much an opportunity
as it is a challenge.

Distribution – how should their products and services be distributed and why?

Jo’s will use a number of alternate 'channels' of distribution:

      Selling directly to the consumer with items like mail orders, Internet and telephone sales
       of their products.
      Jo’s will also be an Agent for producers of certain items sold such as wedding and
       evening gowns that shall be ordered directly from the producer
      Jo’s will be a Retailer of merchandise to it’s customers
      Advertisement is another channel which will be used for the networking of the DJ’s,
       Photographers, Videographers, Halls locations and Ceremony Sites, and the Cake Makers
       it is in the advertising of the services performed when included in a package. This is the
       incentive for the service offerings to offer lower fees to Jo’s in hopes that their presence
       promotes future customers due to participation with Jo’s packages.
      Jo’s will also be franchising in the rental of the tuxedos to its customers.

Because there are services involved, the various distribution channels used are not just restricted
to physical products. There is some service integration, with services linking together within the
packages. The uses of both direct and indirect channels are important to Jo’s due to the mixture
of products and services offered.

Channel membership will also consist of three types of distribution due to the variety of products
and services that Jo’s offers they will utilize the following:

   1. Intensive distribution – Jo’s will resell product they have purchased/ordered from their
      jewelry, accessories and various gowns. These product prices will be in line with their
   2. Selective distribution – Will be used for the wedding dresses that are offered in the
      package promotion. Only certain wedding dresses will be those that are included in the
      wedding packages due to the fact that some dresses are extremely more costly then what
      the package price is. Jo’s will choose a 'suitable' resellers stock for these products even
      with the services as well.
   3. Exclusive distribution – For the tux rentals there will only be specially selected reseller or
      dealer used this will insure low cost rentals for Jo’s if they state that they will only use
      one company if they offer a substantial discount to the shop exclusively if Jo’s uses them

Channel motivation is going to be important as well. Jo’s not only wants to motivate their own
direct employees to ensure that they provide the necessary sales and service support to all
customers, but they will also need to motivate the owners and employees of the various
independent organizations used in the distribution chain incorporated into the package deals.
Incentive is the main device Jo’s will use for their motivation. Jo’s offers these businesses an
escalation in business and a means to advertise their services to the community. By being
offered a guarantee of elevated service by participating with Jo’s, the suppliers in turn offer a
better fee to Jo’s for bringing them more business and thus allowing Jo’s to advertise for them
within their package deals. Gaining business where the consumers may otherwise choose
another competitor of like services instead. When service is performed at a wedding and the
customers are satisfied with their work, the consumer will refer to others that are seeking their
types of services in future endeavors, the incentive to do well is there as they want the customer
to return to them on the merits of how well their services were performed at the wedding.

Promotion – promotion mix, branding strategy, and media selection
In order to reach Jo’s target market and fulfill overall goals, Jo’s will use a mix of promotional
tools including print advertising, the Internet, Google AdWords, color brochures and direct mail.

Implementation Plan
Jo’s will be using the local New Bedford newspaper the Standard Times to advertise. The Times
reported a circulation of 31,629 daily, 33,524 Sunday in 2006. The Times covers New Bedford
local news so the reader base is from the New Bedford and immediate surrounding areas. Their
advertising fees are $63.50 a week. We will be advertising 48 out of the 52 weeks for a total of
$3,048 for the year. This will use 38% of the budget.

Jo’s will be ordering attractive and colorful post cards from Southcoast printing. Postcards will
be placed in the local school systems prior to prom, homecoming and other formal occasions.
The postcards will be placed in public, private, and vocational schools and will promote the
prom packages as well as prom dresses. 5,000 card will be purchased for a total of $265 for the
entire year using 3.3% of the budget.

Jo’s will launch a brand new interactive web site. This website will include all products,
promotions, pricing and have an attractive layout. Information will be readily available for
customers and the website will be easy to navigate. Jo’s will work closely with a local web
designer with experience marketing to consumers to develop the website. $2,500 will include all
development costs using 31.3% of the budget.

Google AdWords will be implemented once the website is fully functional. When “wedding” is
googled a link to Jo’s will appear on the right hand side of the page. This will allow Jo’s page to
be on the front page of more searches with the word “wedding.” Each click has $0.10 cost and
Jo’s will allot $5 per day to Google AdWords for the year with a maximum cost of $1,825. This
will give Jo’s 50 clicks per day and 18,250 per year further exposing Jo’s and Jo’s products to
more consumers. It will account 22.8% of our budget.

Personalized business cards and brochures will be ordered from 625
business cards will cost a total $50. These cards can be given to customers so they can easily
contact Jo’s after leaving in the store. The brochures will include additional information about
the products and services offered by Jo’s. They will be placed in other local wedding related
businesses; bakeries, flower shops, etc. 2,000 brochures will cost a total $279.95 These cards and
brochures will cover the other 4.2% of the budget.

Plan developed falls in line with the information discovered during an interview with two
couples in the South Coast area. This confirms that our research and analysis is on track with the
importance that a consumer in the target age group places on purchases related to their wedding

Expanding the product line will result in increased customer base and overall foot traffic to the
store. This will continue to raise awareness to Jo’s as a boutique interested in serving the South
Coast community for generations to come. The costs outlined are within budget and the
projected revenue will provide the financial base to ensure our continued success.


Lamb, Charles W., Joseph F. Hair, Jr., and Carl McDaniel. (2009) MKTG2. 2nd ed. Mason, OH:
South-Western Cengage Learning, 2009.

Bridal Market Overview, National Mail Order Association, 2008,, Accessed March 28,

Wedding Trends 2006, Conde Nast Bridal Group (SD on wiki)

Author, Date, Title of Book, Title of Article, Title of Publication, Volume, Pages, Place of
publication, publisher, Other information
Cite in text with Author and Date i.e. (Devine, 1992)

For Richer or Poorer: Wedding Spending Now, Advertising Age (SD On wiki)


                                           Monthly Weddings
                               2008 Data Based on National Mail Order and
                                      Direct Marketing Association
  % of Total Weddings

                             Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

                   Jo’s Bridal Boutique Product and Services Line:
                                 Bundled Packages
Package A – “Loves Joy” – $3,000
Includes: Invitations, Dress, Accessories ($300), Grooms Tuxedo Rental, Photographer.

Package B – “Wedding Dream” - $6,000
Invitations, Dress, Accessories ($500), Grooms Tuxedo Rental, Limousine Service,
Photographer, Cake.

Package C – “Cloud Nine” - $9,000
Invitations, Dress, Accessories ($500), Grooms tuxedo and 3 usher’s Rentals, Limousine
Service, Photographer, Videographer, Cake, Florist.

Package D - “Dream Wedding” - $12,000
Invitations, Dress, Accessories ($500), Grooms tuxedo and 3 usher’s Rentals, Limousine
Service, Photographer, Videographer, Cake, Florist, DJ, Ceremony Site, Function hall.

Package E – “Prom Promises” - $900
Gown, limousine, prior to departure photographer
     * All packages include choice of vows, toasts, and speeches. Alterations done on site.

Appendix ?????

Interview conducted by Justin on March 28, 2009

I conducted interviews with two recently married couples, Kristen (age 24) and Dylan (age 21)
McDonough and Kristen (age 22) and Michael Antonio (age 27). They are both couples who live
in the local area, Rehoboth, MA and Westport, MA. The Antonio’s were engaged for 10 months
and the McDonough’s for 18 months. When asked how much more they spent on their wedding
than planned, the McDonough’s said about $3,000 more than originally intended which was 20%
of their total costs. The Antonio’s had set their budget shortly after engaged and spent nearly
25% more than planned translating to almost $5,000. Both couples received some help from their
parents but state, “the substantial cost was still on us.” Micheal said, “the recession effected his
wedding spending to some degree. As a landscaper with the gas spiking last summer and a
shrinking customer base my income has dropped in the past 2 years. My wedding was still very
important to me and I ended up cutting down on other expenses rather than cutting heavily from
my wedding. I was also more selective and careful in the planning.”

Company /                              Carmen Fashions                     Jenn & Jill’s
                  David’s Bridal                                                                  Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique
 Feature                                  Bridal Salon                   Bridal Boutique
              • Chain              • Local                         • Local                      • Local
              • Well known         • Lots of designers             • Personal attention         • Personal attention
              • Lots of choices    • Prom dresses                  • Family owned               • Proms
 Strengths    • Prom dresses                                       • Free alterations           • Great alterations
              • Tuxedo rentals                                     • Exclusive showroom
              • Invitations                                        • Customized designer
              • Not as customized    • Closed on Sundays           • Kind of small              • Small
Weaknesses                           • Not as well known           • By appointmentt only       • Not well known
                                                                   • Smaller selection
              • large enough to be   • Free alterations            • Borrow petticoat           • All dresses for weddings
              well known when        • Seamstress on site          • Easy payment plans           -Brides maids
Advantages    thinking about                                       • Individual attention         -Flower girls
              weddings.                                            • Appointments only            -etc
                                                                   • Christening/communions
              • One place and        • One on one service          • Individual attention       • Great atmosphere
 Customer     you may be able to     • Alterations included        • Free alterations
  Benefits    get everything         • Vendor links                • Planner assistance
              for the wedding
   Price     • $99 and up            $150 and up                   $150 and up                  N/A
             • Pick up at store      • Pick up at store            • Pick up at store           • Pick up at store
Distribution • Ship
             • Galina                • Venus                       • Private label by G         • Davinci
             • Galina Signature      • Impression                  • Jasmine                    • Blue
  Brands     • Oleg Cassini          • Dave and Johnny             • Venus                      • Sincerity
             • etc.                  • etc                         • etc                        • etc
Promotion     • $50 - $300 off       • Free alterations            • One day sample gowns       • Sale room
   Mix        • Win a FREE dress                                   • $100 cash and carry sale
              • Big website          • Website                     • Website                    • Website
  Media       • TV commercials                                       - Not well put together      -Needs help
  Usage       • Print ads

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