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Schmitz Cargobull AG
The tipper semitrailer for every transport task
Horstmar, September 2012 – Within the space of only a few years, Schmitz Cargobull
has grown to become Europe's largest tipper semitrailer manufacturer. Innovative
development and design and industrial production techniques, combined with the
company's own in-house tipping test rig and validation centre, ensure high quality
standards. A sophisticated modular system forms the foundation. This provides the
right tipper semitrailer model for every market. This applies to both weight-sensitive
markets such as Germany and South-West Europe and also heavy-duty markets such
as Russia, which demand high payloads together with robustly designed trailer

Customer satisfaction is absolutely essential for any trailer manufacturer, and that is why the
modular system serves to fulfil customers' individual requirements:

Maximum payload is always a key area of focus, because every tonne transported
represents revenue and increases transport efficiencies. Under demanding construction site
conditions, S.KI tipper semitrailers deliver maximum tipping stability. Preventative
technologies largely help to stop accidents involving human injury and damage to the
vehicle, however, customers can optimally equip the vehicle for even greater safety. Every
tipper semitrailer is distinguished by durability, a long service life and resistance to wear; the
bodies in particular are characterised by high availability and low operating costs. User-
friendly operation and good handling are critical factors for the driver. In addition, vehicles
must also be easy to clean. Customers can expect ease of repair and rapid spare part
availability in the event of any unexpected technical issues.

The body design, tailgates and sheeting covers are all optimised to ensure rapid loading and
unloading. Customers can choose between an external tailgate, a recessed tailgate with
chute, a hydraulically operated tailgate and a recessed, hydraulically operated hinged
tailgate with chute.
Ranging from the light 4x2 tractor unit to the heavy 6x6 tractor with a fifth wheel load of 23 t,
the products cover every area of application. They fulfil the required standards and legal
regulations of the corresponding markets.

State-of-the-art Finite Element Method (FEM) calculation methods are used when designing
the bodies and chassis. This enables Schmitz Cargobull to ensure that both the weight-
optimised rounded steel bodies, and the aluminium box bodies, guarantee the greatest
structural strength with the lowest unladen weight. These optimisations have given rise to the
chassis frame with a drawn-in semitrailer section, which saves weight while simultaneously
increasing tipping stability.

Schmitz Cargobull places a major emphasis on quality and long service life. That is why all of
the tipper semitrailer designs are subjected to extensive stress and endurance tests at the
company's own in-house Validation Centre. Furthermore, Schmitz Cargobull also examines
and tests the tipping stability of every vehicle model using its own specially developed testing
rig. No other tipper semitrailer manufacturer in Europe is capable of carrying out such
comprehensive testing.

Schmitz Cargobull provides the right modular vehicles for the payload-oriented transport in
Western European markets with a gross vehicle weight of 40 t. For example, the S.KI LIGHT
tipper semitrailer with its light-weight rounded steel body represents an economic alternative
to aluminium designs. Despite the use of robust steel instead of light aluminium alloy, the
unladen weight of the tipper trailer starts at five tonnes. The body capacity amounts to 24 m³.
This makes the tipper semitrailer ideally suited to transporting bulk goods with smaller grain
sizes, such as gravel, stone chips, asphalt or light excavated material, while also easily
handling high-frequency tipping. Furthermore, additional variants with reinforced floors (4
mm) and sidewalls (3.2 mm) are available to transport excavated material or rubble. The
lightest S.KI LIGHT tipper semitrailer from Schmitz Cargobull uses an aluminium box body to
provide an unladen weight of less than 4,500 kg. Combined with a light tractor unit, this
enables payloads of almost 30 t at a 40 t permissible gross vehicle weight. As such, this
tipper semitrailer is optimally suited for specific transport applications involving a maximum of
one or two procedures per day.
Semitrailers with a 36 t permissible axle load and 23 t fifth wheel height are manufactured for
export markets. These vehicles are capable of delivering payloads of up to 50 t. Depending
on the application, rounded steel bodies with a capacity of approximately 30 – 34 m³ are
available for construction applications and 40 – 52 m³ for coal transport. The proven and
durable steel box bodies with a capacity of approximately 26 – 28 m³ remain a popular
choice for construction applications among export markets.

Although the trailers are designed to handle extreme demands, they also offer convincingly
low maintenance and repair costs, as they are manufactured exclusively with materials
providing high wear resistance together with long-lasting components.

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