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					                                                     Exploring and Navigating:
                                                       Tools for GermaNet
                                                              Marc Finthammer and Irene Cramer
                                           Faculty of Cultural Studies, Dortmund University of Technology, Germany

                             1. Motivation                                                                       3. GermaNet Pathfinder
• GermaNet1 is regarded to be a valuable resource for                                            • Features:
  many German NLP-applications, corpus research and                                                   – calculation of semantic relatedness between given word pair or
  teaching;                                                                                             synset pair – 11 relatedness measures available: 8 GermaNet-
                                                                                                        based, 3 Google-based
• Unfortunately, the user is left on his own with a bunch                                             – visualization of the respective path (Figure 4) and visualization
  of XML-files and insufficient means for navigation and                                                of synsets / subtrees / complete hyponym-tree
                                                                                                      – automatic calculation of relatedness for a complete list of word
                                                                                                      – inspection and extraction of many features of GermaNet and its
• While intensively working with it in our project HyTex2,                                              hyponym-tree representation
  we implemented two GUI-based tools for exploration
  and navigation – both are freely available for download
      the GermaNet Explorer and
      the GermaNet Pathfinder

                    2. GermaNet Explorer
• Features
      – word sense retrieval function (Figure 1, region 1)
      – structured presentation of all semantic relations pointing to/from                                Figure 3
        the synonym set (synset) containing the currently selected word
        sense (Figure 1, region 2)
      – visual, graph-based navigation function
      – representation of all synsets / wordsenses, (Figure 2) as well as
        retrieval, filter, and sort functions (Figure 2, region 2)

                                                                                                               Figure 4

         Figure 1                                                                                           4. Conclusion & Future Work
                                                                                                 •   We already successfully utilized the GermaNet Explorer in
                                                                                                     various areas of our research and teaching: e.g. in
                                                                                                     experiments on the manual annotation of lexical chains and
                                                                                                     for the visualization of lexical semantic concepts in courses.

                                                                                                 •   GermaNet Pathfinder has successfully been used in our
                                                                                                     lexical chainer GLexi; we also found it very helpful to explore
                                                                                                     GermaNet and to retrace semantically motivated paths.

                                                                                                 •   We currently adapt both tools to the brand-new GermaNet
         Figure 2                                                                                    Version.

1   Lothar Lemnitzer and Claudia Kunze (2002): Germanet - representation, visualization, application. In Proceedings of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC2002).
2   The HyTex (see www.hytex.info) project, funded the German Research Foundation (DFG), aims at developing strategies for the text-to-hypertext-conversion based on text-grammatical
        features. Various sub-tasks of our research, such as lexical chaining or the automatic extraction of definitions, highly rely on the semantic knowledge represented in GermaNet.
3   Jiang and Conrath, 1997 / Leacock and Chodorow, 1998 / Lin, 1998 / Resnik, 1995 / Wu and Palmer, 1994 – please also refer to our Paper for detailed information about the
        relatedness measures implemented.

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