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                                     2009—2010 Annual Report

   Matching personal philanthropy with community need

              For good. For ever.
                              Sue Conley

    MacDougall                                            You will also learn about the many
    Board Chair
                                                       types of funds available through CFSW:

          Matching Personal Philanthropy                       Donor advised
        with Community Need ~ we’ll be here
                                                               Field of Interest
                For good. For ever.
       The Community Foundation of
    Southern Wisconsin has grown to serve                      Scholarship
    seven counties through 14 Community                  Please call us with your questions,
    Funds and nearly 500 additional funds all          your ideas and your charitable dreams.
    created to enhance and improve the lives           Together we can make those dreams
    of people today and into the future.
                                                       come true.
       We invite you to page through this
    Annual Report to get a glimpse of our                  The concept of a community foundation is
    Community Funds and the support they                simple: to provide services to people to make
    provide to the communities. Every donor,            charitable giving easy. CFSW partners with
                                                        professional advisors whose clients look to them for
    every fund, every community is unique
                                                        assistance in planning current and future charitable
    and the Community Foundation has the                gifts. We assist donors in establishing funds to
    flexibility to provide a wide range of              support causes they care about most. We help
    philanthropic services to meet the needs            nonprofit organizations establish endowment funds to
                                                        support their programs and operations. We facilitate
    of every donor, every community.
                                                        grants from more than 490 CFSW component funds
                                                        providing financial support to improve and
        A special thank you to
                                                        enhance lives. And, we safeguard assets to ensure
                                                        your enduring, charitable contributions will
                                                        continue For good. For ever.

                  for sponsoring this Annual Report!
Farmer’s Market Coupon Program
Expands in its second year

    For the second year, the Community Foundation of
 Southern Wisconsin has organized a collaborative effort
 to benefit clients of local food pantries and farmers
 simultaneously. This year the coupon program was
 expanded to include Edgerton, Elkhorn, Ferryville,
 Gays Mills, Janesville, Milton, Monroe, Platteville and
 Prairie du Chien.
    An anonymous donor offered a challenge to the
 participating communities; the donor contributed up to $2,500 per community by
 giving $1 for every $2 raised for the program. All gifts are tax-deductible.
    Here’s how it works. The local food pantries distribute coupons to their clients
 on a weekly basis. Each coupon is worth $5 of fresh locally grown produce at
 their local Farmer’s Market. Individuals are eligible for one coupon per week;
 married couples are eligible for two coupons per week and families are eligible
 for four coupons per week.
    The coupons are accepted for locally grown food items only and have no cash
 value. The vendors redeem the coupons for reimbursement from the Farmer’s
 Market Coordinators.
   This program feeds the hungry with nutritious fresh locally grown food while
 providing income to hard working local entrepreneurs at the same time – a win
 win situation! CFSW is delighted that the program has expanded into more
 communities this year.
    Special thanks to all the donors who make this program possible and
 successful. A total of $12,500 was raised and matched for the 2010 season.

    South Wayne Community Fund          Established: 1996                             Milton Fund

                                        Assets: $100,735                    Established: 1996
    Established: 1998
                                        Grants to date: $28,657             Assets: $176,930
    Assets: $59,500
                                        Family of Funds: 15                 Grants to date: $143,800
    Grants to date: $4,811
                                           People are passionate about      Family of Funds: 8
    Family of Funds: 10                 the communities where they live
                                                                               Why let all the billionaires
                                        or have lived in the past. They
                                                                                   have all the fun?
       When needs are identified, the   care about the success of the
                                        community and when asked to            Inspired by Warren Buffet and
    community of South Wayne
                                        help they do so with time, talent   Bill and Melinda Gates, The
    comes together to create
                                        and financial resources. They       Giving Pledge asks the world’s
    solutions. Often the solutions
                                        care not only for the community’s   billionaires to pledge the majority
    require funding and the folks
                                        present well-being, but for its     of their wealth to charity. Milton
    there give generously to improve
                                        future too.                         Fund Advisory Board is inviting
    and enhance the place where they
                                                                            Milton citizens to follow the
    live. CFSW is there to help.           Establishing a named
                                                                            philanthropic footsteps of our
                                        charitable fund is a creative way
                                                                            countries billionaires, but they
    South Wayne’s Family of Funds:      to “leave something behind.”
                                                                            don’t need to be a billionaire to
                                        These community minded people
    South Wayne Park Project                                                do it!
                                        have established charitable funds
    South Wayne Veterans Park           in their own names, while              The Milton Fund Advisory
                                        allowing the Evansville Fund        Board has created The Milton
    South Wayne Seniors Fund
                                        Advisory Board to award the         Fund Legacy Society. Citizens
    South Wayne Park Playground         grants to assist Evansville’s       pledge to leave a little something
                                        changing needs.                     to the Milton Fund in their will.
    Black Hawk Excellence in
                                                                            Unlike Buffet and Gates, we
       Education Fund                     Susan E. Eager Fund
                                                                            aren’t suggesting gifting the
                                          Millie Tait Fund
    South Wayne Shelter House Fund        Dr Roger and Elizabeth Gray       majority of your estate, but we
                                          Fund                              are asking you consider just 5%.
    South Wayne Walking Trail Fund
                                          Richard and Elaine Strassburg
                                                                              Add another branch to your
    Black Hawk Food Pantry Fund           Fund
                                          Alvin and Dorothy Helgesen        family tree. Count the Milton
    South Wayne EMS Scholarship           Fund                              Fund as one of your heirs.
                                          MOW (Meals on Wheels)
   Organization Endowments           Established: 2008                     Platteville Community Fund

   Among the permanent funds         Assets: $64,942                     Established: 2002
held by the Communi ty
Foundation are many established      Grants to date: $9,205              Assets: $35,500
by nonprofit organizations to                                            Grants to date: $53,352
                                     Family of Funds: 2
serve as endowments to support
their future operations. Some           The Crawford County              Family of Funds: 10
endowment funds begin with a         Community         Fund     was
modest gift and a commitment to      established in December 2008
reach $10,000, which is the          with the help of an anonymous           PCF has created the Platteville
minimum required to establish        donor who gave the community        High School Scholarship Fund.
such a fund; others have             just 60 days to match a $25,000     Its mission is straight forward: to
exceeded $750,000. Most bear the     gift. The CCCF Advisory Board       expand access to higher
organization's name or purpose.      accepted the challenge and          education for the students of the
                                     successfully reached the goal in    Platteville School District. Their
   Distributions are made at least
                                     full and on time.                   theme is “Our children; our
annually from these funds to the
                                                                         future.”    Their goal is to seek
designated organizations to be         The CCCF Advisory Board
                                                                         donations to the PHS Scholarship
used by their governing boards to    held a strategic planning session
                                                                         Fund to annually provide
meet ongoing operating               in May 2010 to set the course of
                                                                         significant levels of scholarships
expenses.                            the Fund in the near future.
                                                                         while also building endowments
   Anyone may give any amount            The Crawford County             to ensure future funding.
to these established funds. The      Com muni ty Fund crea tes
Community Foundation is a            st r on g e r c om mu niti e s by
public charity, fully qualified to   matching generosity with
receive charitable contributions     economic needs. Grants from
from individuals, corporations       CCCF will focus on economic
and private foundations, with all    development growth for the
the tax benefits allowed by law.     county.
Organizations often contribute to      The first grants provided            During its start-up year, the
such funds, and individuals          support for Kickapoo River clean-   PHS Scholarship Fund provided
frequently contribute directly to    up, Crawford Markets Care and a     five students with $1,000
an organization’s endowment.         community kitchen study.            scholarships.

         Donor Advised Funds                  Argyle Community Fund            Lancaster Community Fund

      Donor Advised Funds give            Established: 2000                  Established: 1999
    donors an unparalleled
    opportunity to:
                                          Assets: $81,526                    Assets: $236,326

      Play an active, personal role in    Grants to date: $28,806            Grants to date: $55,810
    their charitable giving;              Family of Funds: 9                 Family of Funds: 6
      enhance their understanding of      Recent Grants to the Argyle
    community agencies and needs;         Community include:                         THE NEST EGG
      benefit from the Community          Flagpole for Veterans’ Memorial       People believe that “saving for
    Foundation's       extensive                                             a rainy day” makes sense because
    experience in fund and grant          Books,Videos and Talking Books,
                                                                             such a day is likely–we just don’t
    management;                           Computer Workstations and
                                                                             know when, or how much it
                                          Renovation of Argyle Public
      obtain immediate tax benefits;                                         might rain.
      build an enduring, permanent                                              Our Lancaster Community
                                          Restoration of Saxton House,
    resource that will assure                                                Fund works somewhat like that–
                                          Saxton House windows
    perpetuation of their charitable                                         gifts to the Fund are invested and
    presence in the community.            Old Cemetery Signage, Fence        increase in value over time.
                                                                             Although a portion of investment
      It is easy to create such a fund.   Early Literacy Station at Argyle
                                                                             return is applied to current
    The Foundation handles the            Public Library
                                                                             community need each year, the
    paperwork.       The donor's tax      Community Baseball League          balance is retained for growth
    benefits are attained immediately     Jerseys                            and our community’s future
    while grant decisions may be                                             benefit.
                                          Home Talent League Fence
    made over time.
                                                                                 Think of the Lancaster
       Grant distributions and            Booster Club Bleacher Fund
                                                                             Community Fund as our
    investment management are             FFA Alumni Milk Machine            community’s “nest egg.” If you
    handled by the Foundation.                                               agree that this is a good idea and
                                          Cub Scouts Burning Kit
       Donor Advised Funds may be                                            you are able and willing to help
                                          Memorial Healthcare Foundation     that nest egg grow,          please
    anonymous if desired. They may
                                          Hospital Renovation                consider making a provision for it
    serve as a charitable instrument
    for a family.                         School District of Argyle          in your will or estate plan.

  Darlington Community Fund               Scholarship Funds                  The Elkhorn Fund is a grant
                                     CFSW encourages the creation            maker, convener, catalyst,
                                  of scholarship funds that benefit         collaborator and promoter of
Established: 1999
                                  students from a designated school              local philanthropy.
Assets: $43,716                   or a particular locale of our service
                                                                          Established: 2007
                                  area.       We also welcome
Grants to date: $10,233           scholarship funds that will help        Assets: $89,843
Family of Funds: 11               students from our area attend a
                                  specific school, regardless of its
                                                                          Grants to date: $7,250
                                  location, or pursue a particular        Family of Funds: 5
Recent Grants to the Darlington   course of study. Scholarship funds
Community include:                can be established quickly and
                                  easily. As donor, you need to
                                  make some decisions: the purpose
Families First New Beginnings                                                The Elkhorn Fund hosted a
                                  of your fund and its name, and
  Reading program                                                         fundraising event at the Richard
                                  which assets you will donate.
Lafayette Historical Society      Donors may specify other                Driehaus Estate in Lake Geneva.
  Museum Lighting Upgrade         selection criteria for recipients,      More than 80 guests enjoyed
                                  such as academic achievement and        elegant food, toured the mansion
Tunes at Twilight
                                  financial need.                         and strolled through the
Wisconsin Bookworm program                                                immaculate gardens. $10,000 was
                                     A scholarship fund may carry
                                                                          raised for the Elkhorn Fund
                                  the name of the donor, family,
                                  company, or someone the donor
                                  wishes to honor. All grants from           An additional $2000 was raised
                                  the fund are made in the name of        to support a new initiative - the
                                  the fund, in perpetuity.                Farmers Market Food Voucher
                                                                          program. Throughout the
                                     The minimum amount for a             summer Elkhorn Food Pantry
                                  scholarship fund is $20,000.            distributed 600 food vouchers to
                                  Scholarship funds may be                their clients. The vouchers were
                                  established over a period of time;      redeemed for locally grown fresh
                                  activation will occur when the          fruits, vegetables, cheese, and
                                  principal reaches $20,000.              honey at the Elkhorn Farmers


        Unrestricted Funds are designed for people who recognize that needs change with time.
        Donors allow the CFSW Corporate Board or Community Fund Advisory Boards to
        determine need and opportunity.
        Community Funds support projects and programs that address needs within a specific
        Field of Interest Funds support donors’ specified area of interest such as music and theatre,
        education, or historic preservation.
        Designated Funds are designed to provide perpetual support to one or more nonprofit
        organizations recommended by the donor. Annually, whether the donor is living or
        deceased, a grant will be made to the “designated” organization(s).
        Donor Advised Funds allow an individual, family or limited group of people the right to
        make recommendations for grant distributions.
        Scholarship Funds allow the donor to establish selection criteria, but usually allows the
        high school guidance departments or scholarship committee to select the student.
        Nonprofit Organizational Endowment Funds: even as the organization’s board of directors
        and philosophies change with time, endowed assets are safeguarded ensuring perpetual
        annual support for programming and operations as identified by the organization.
        Pooled Income Fund allows the donor to receive a stream of income during their lifetime
        then at death the remaining assets are added to or become a charitable fund.

       Donor Advised Funds may be established with a gift of $25,000; Scholarship Funds require
    $20,000. Other funds require a minimum $10,000 gift. Gifts may be given at one time or over
    three years.
       CFSW is a 501(c)3 public charity corporation. It offers the maximum deductibility as allowed
    by law for gifts of cash, appreciated securities, personal property, qualified retirement plans,
    insurance, life income gifts (charitable remainder trusts and CFSW Pooled Income Fund).

OUTHERN                   WISCONSIN, INC.

    Communities are strengthened by initiatives that increase organizations
 capacity to develop resources and promote leadership, self-reliance, and
 community participation. Through its grant programs, the Community
 Foundation seeks to support such initiatives.
    At the beginning of each fiscal year, July 1, the Community Foundation Board of Directors
 determines an appropriate amount available for grant making from endowed funds.
 Referred to as a “spending policy,” 4-6 percent of the average market value of each fund
 based on 12 trailing quarters is recommended. History teaches us that returns on investments
 may vary widely from year to year. The spending policy provides for a funding level that
 allows for more stable grant distributions and maximizes the growth of the endowment
   In 2009-2010 grants totaling $1,910,616 were awarded from the Community Foundation’s
 various funds.

 How to apply for a grant
    Our grant making goal is to fund, strengthen and encourage projects likely to make a clear
 difference in the quality of life in southern Wisconsin. The Foundation looks for projects
 which propose practical solutions to current community needs, promote cooperation and
 collaboration in addressing positive change, promote volunteerism, strengthen an
 organization’s effectiveness and stability, and address prevention and intervention.
   Grants from Donor Advised, Designated and Organizational Funds are awarded to
 nonprofit organizations recommended by the donors and/or organization. Grants are not
 awarded to individuals.
     Community Funds, Field of Interest Funds and Scholarship Funds award grants through
 a competitive process. Community Fund annual grant application deadlines vary. To
 request a grant application, call 608-758-0883 or outside Rock County 1-800-995-2379 or visit

                                                                                                     Monroe Fund

                                          of the sound boards that were
     Established: 2007                    partially funded by B/HAF.
     Assets: $51,222                                                          Established: 1996
                                             With the economy in the
     Grants to date: $2,955               condition it is in, many students   Assets: $381,747
                                          of the Pecatonica Elementary
     Family of Funds: 4                                                       Grants to date: $274,278
                                          School in Hollandale appreciated
                                          the boxes of school supplies        Family of Funds: 90
         The Ameri can fl ag i n          collected from community
                                                                                 The Clifford and Dorothy Reasa
     Blanchardville’s McKellar Park       members by B/HAF at the start
                                                                              Fund for Historic Preservation is
     flies 24 hours a day since B/HAF     of the school year.
                                                                              one of the Monroe Family Funds. A
     funded lighting for the flag pole.      Additional Funds established     grant provided significant support
     The Village of Hollandale’s          to benefit our communities          for the move and restoration of the
     entrance sign is enhanced by the     include the Pecatonica Food         Imobersteg Farmstead cheese
     beautiful flowers courtesy of        Pantry Fund and a Fine Arts
     B/HAF. Senior citizens are           Fund thanks to the efforts of the
     enjoying the music provided at       Blanchardville/Hollandale Area
     monthly parties at the S.U.N.        Fund.
     meal site. Pecatonica Middle
     School and High School choirs           B/HAF is starting small, but
     and bands can be heard and           continues to improve the quality
     enjoyed at their concerts because    of life in the local area.

                                                                              factory. Annual grants from this
                                                                              Field of Interest Fund are overseen
                                                                              by the Monroe Fund Advisory

                                                                                 The Reasas left an enduring
                                                                              legacy to Monroe through the
                                                                              Monroe Fund to provide financial
                                                                              support For good. For ever.

               New Glarus
             Community Fund                                              Fund

                                     Edgerton Community Fund

Established: 1996                  Established: 2001                   Established: 2004

Assets: $240,071                   Assets: $57,416                     Assets: $117,000

Grants to date: $156,618           Grants to date: $17,362             Grants to date: $23,250

Family of Funds: 7                 Family of Funds: 6                  Family of Funds: 4
   The New Glarus Library
celebrated the 75th Anniversary
of serving the community and the
                                                                       Recent Grants to the Shullsburg
New Glarus Community Fund                                              Community include:
and Excellence in Education                                            Pool Safety Net
Funds were there to help with                                          New Beginnings Block Sets
sponsorship dollars and               Do you recall having a queasy,   Historic Area Trash Receptacles
volunteers.                        nervous feeling on your first day   Shullsburg Home Flooring
   Deeply rooted in community      as a High School Freshman?          Barn Quilts of Lafayette County
spirit, the New Glarus             Things haven’t changed much.        Automated External Defibrillator
Community Fund Advisory            Transitioning from Middle           Wisconsin Bookworms Program
Board is ready, willing and able   School to High School can be        Musician Entertainment at
to help you create a legacy.       very stressful for some students.      Nutrition Site
                                   In 2009 Edgerton High School        Agriculture Program Welding
                                   initiated a new program called         Equipment
                                   Freshman Academy; a .25             New State Championship Signs
                                   credit/30 hour class was offered    “Barn Stormin’” Brochures
                                   to all incoming freshman to help    City Signage
                                   them focus on team building,        Pool Equipment
                                   study skills and academic           Lafayette County Restorative
                                   strategies                             Program
                                                                       Music Stands
                                      Edgerton Fund was pleased to
                                                                       Marching Band Flags
                                   award a grant to support
                                   Freshman Academy.

      Excellence in Education

        Excellence In Education             Anyone can make a gift, large
     Funds (EIE) are components of        or small, to an EIE Fund.
     the Community Foundation of          Here are some ways you can
     Southern Wisconsin, Inc. EIEs are    make a difference:
     independent community
                                              cash or credit card gift in
     organizations that provide
                                          honor of a student or favorite
     private resources to enhance
     educational programs, offer
     extended       educational              class gift;
     opportunities, encourage
                                             memorial tribute to a loved
     innovation, and recognize the
     achievements of students and
     staff .                                 stock, real estate or other
                                          property transfers;
        Excellence in Education Funds
     serve as vehicles to solicit,           tax-deductible planned giving
     receive, coordinate and distribute   options;
     charitable funds. The Fund’s
                                             wills and estate planning.

     Community Advisory Board acts
     in stewardship to grow core
     endowment funds while
     distributing a portion of the          CFSW holds Excellence In
     earnings to worthy, school-          Education Funds for these
     related projects. These private      communities:
     philanthropic dollars allow             Argyle
     teachers to be more innovative,
     students to excel through               Black Hawk School District
     enhanced         educational            Darlington
     opportunities not typically
     funded by tax dollars, and the          Evansville
     community to benefit by better
                                             Iowa-Grant School District
     prepared citizens.
     Excellence in Education Funds
     are governed by a volunteer             Monroe
     Community Advisory Board
     operating independently of the
     School District.                        New Glarus

                                                               Financial Report

     Community Foundation assets are in a balanced
                                                               CONDENSED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION
  portfolio of pooled investments that maximize fund
  growth. The assets of the Community Foundation are           Year Ended        Assets    Operating Percentage
  managed according to the Financial Accounting                June 2010      $24,567,469 $373,461        1.52%
  Standards Board for nonprofit organizations. Our
  fiscal year begins July1.
                                                               Cash investments and other assets            $ 22,239,493
     The market value of the Community Foundations’            Accounts and Pledges receivable              $    123,918
  investment pool was approximately $22,036,700 as of          Beneficial Interest Remainder Trusts     $         2,204,058
  June 30, 2010. Approximately 5% is invested in cash,
  40% in equity funds, 36% in fixed income instruments         Total Assets                                 $ 24,567,469
  and 19% in common stocks.
     This report represents only the highlights of our
                                                               Accounts payable and accrued                 $       14,097
  financial activities. A complete set of audited financial
                                                               Grants and Scholarships payable              $    1,388,483
  statements, prepared by Wegner CPAs, is available
                                                               Funds held for the benefit of others         $    1,960,523
  upon request.
                                                               Other liabilities                            $       11,694
    Our investment managers include: First National            Total Liabilities                            $    3,374,797
  Bank & Trust Beloit, Johnson Trust, M&I Wealth               Total Net Assets                             $   21,192,672
  Management, Union Bank & Trust, US Bank and
  Wisconsin Community Bank.                                    Total Liabilities and Net Assets             $ 24,567,469

        Breakdown by Fund Type
        Total Assets = $24,567,469
        Total Grants = $1,910,616
Unrestricted         Field of Interest     Scholarships          Designated           Donor Advised             Organization
Assets 11%           Assets 7%             Assets 32%            Assets 16%           Assets 14%                Assets 20%
Grants 7%            Grants 3%             Grants 34%            Grants 18%           Grants 24%                Grants 14%

Community Fund       Donors support a      Most scholarship      Donors designate     Donors                    Specific
Advisory Boards      cause rather than     awards are            one or more          recommend                 organizations
recommend            specific charitable   presented to high     specific nonprofit   grants for                receive annual
grants to address    organizations.        school graduates.     to receive ongoing   charitable projects       grant awards.
current needs.                                                   support.             or organizations.
                                                 CFSW Board
                                                  1992 ~ 2009
                                                  John Condon
                                                 David Deininger
      Sue Conley             Tina Lorenz          Alfred Diotte
     Executive Director           CFO               Jane Dunk
                                               DeEtte Beilfuss Eager   George Brunner
                                                 Gregory Galvin
                                                 Patricia Graham
                                                Robert Guttenberg
                                                  James Hartwig
                                                Rhonda L. Hartwig
                                                  Linda Heckert
                                                Geraldine Hedberg
                                                  John Henderson
      Jane Maldonis        Linda Gebhardt      Margaret Hollenberger
       Donor Service          Donor Service         Ann Johnson
                                                 Marshall Johnston
                                                  Martin Kennedy
                                                    Stephen King
                                                    John Kundert
                                                                       Richard Gruber
                                                    Robert Lisser
                                                     Tina Lorenz
                                                Timothy McGettigan
                                                Lance McNaughton
                                                     Lois Merrill
             Kristen Duesdieker
                                                 Carolyn Mowbray
              Grants & Scholarships
                                                     Joan Neeno
                                                     Jane Nelson
                                                 Rod Roggensack
                                                    Ray Ropers
                                                  Janice Schmidt
                                                    Frank Scott
                                                    Gary Smith
                                                    John Steil
                                                   Lisa Stevens         Tom Rowe
     Norma Slaback             Gary Hoff           Don Templin
     Admin Assistant         Admin Assistant
   James Cripe           Barbara Daus     Alan Dunwiddie     James Finley
Immediate Past Chair                         Emeritus         Vice Chair

  Melita Grunow        David MacDougall    Steven Olsen     Rick Rolfsmeyer
    Secretary                Chair

 Elizabeth Siegert     Michael Sanders    Ronald Spielman    Cere Turner
                    P 608.758.0883 or 800.995.2379
                    F 608.758.8551

                                    Add a new branch to
                                        your family tree.

                                       Leave a legacy of
                                         just 5% of your
                                            estate to an
                                      endowed fund and
                                             help future
                                      generations thrive.

 Confirmed in compliance with national
 standards for US Community Foundations

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