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Formalwear Bridal Fantasy



Perfectly Suited
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              in 18kt white gold
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                                Table of Contents
        10    Editor’s Letter               111 Petal Perfection                35    Cake Cost Saver
        11    Bridal Fantasy Contributors                                       44    Helping Hands

        Fashion & Beauty Planning the
                                                                                94    Gettin’ Around

        18 Dress Divine
                         Party                                                  94    A Fairytale Wedding
                                            50    Green Weddings-Your Menu      95    Sneak Peak
        26    The Perfect Fit               52    Theme Time                    137   Happy Kids
        28    Budget Bride                  53    Receptions...Earth Friendly
        62    Eye Spy                       54    Edible Centrepieces           Gifts & Goodies
        77    Hair and The Girl             55    Centrepiece Games             48  Wish List for the Girls
        81    Bridal Beauty                 56    Make It Unique                119 Fabulous Favours
        82    For Yours Ears Only           58    Receptions                    122 Registries
                                            124   Let’s Dance the Night Away
        Features                            126   Melodious Music               Flourishing Florals
        43    Colour My World
                                                                                112 The Meaning of Flowers
        83    The Great Getaway
        86    Making Waves
                                            News & Extras                       113 Flower Power
                                            32    The Bachelorette Bash         115 Fresh Florals
        96    Cultural Colour
                                            34    Wedding Cake Couture
        109   Formalwear Done Right

                                                                                       BF Bride’s Guide

                                                    78                                It’s all about unique weddings
                                                                                      for 2008. This issue of Bridal
                                                                                      Fantasy Magazine highlights
                                                                                      original ideas that will inspire
                                                                                      you. For a fairytale bride, we’ve
                        68                                                            found a Cinderella carriage. The
                                                                                      fashionable bride can skip to
                                                                                      the gown section and be trans-
                                                                                      formed. For the budget bride,
                                                                                      look for the Cost-Saver tips. For
                                                                                      the eco-friendly bride, Green
                                                                                      Weddings will give your meal
                                                                                      local appeal. The creative bride
                                                                                      will be inspired by Do-It-
                                                                                      Yourself tricks included in many
                                                                                      Cultural Colour may leave you
                                                                                      scouring ethnic stores for
For Him                                  The Photographer                             Flamenco and Indian acces-
                                                                                      sories, and spark your desire for
102   Gorgeous Grooms                    60    Choosing A Destination Photographer    a wedding date with an eight.
                                                                                      The edgy cascade bouquet will
103   Getting Shirty                     68    Trash The Dress                        capture your eye, while the idea
104   Do Your Duty                       70    Picture Perfect                        of an ice cream sundae bar for
                                                                                      midnight lunch will excite your
106   The Groom’s Day                    72    Say Cheese!                            taste buds. Our Cake Quiz pro-
107   Fashion Done Formally              73    Photo Album Basics                     vides expert advice from cake
                                                                                      artists and the romantic travel
108   After Dark                                                                      feature will have you counting
                                         Tell the World                               down the days until you can
Empowerment                              90    Invitation Innovations                 May you find inspiration in
66    De-Stress Quickly                  92    Thank You Card Etiquette               these pages.
                                                                                      Wishing you a one-of-a-kind
127   The Evolution of Wedding Vows      93    Environmentally Friendly Invitations   wedding.
128   Night-time Sensation                                                            Heidi Dennis,
130   Mental Grooming                    Lifestyle                                    Associate Editor

131   Money Memories                     138 Decorating Diva
134   How to Get More of What You Want   139 Find Your Organizing Style
135   Refresh Your Spirit                142 Advertiser Listing
136   Empower Your Marriage

                                                                                      BRIDALFANTASY               |       9
      Gay Derk                                                                                            Editor’s
Associate Editor
     Heidi Dennis

Contributing Editor
      Sereena Schneider

Creative Design
      The Bridal Fantasy Team

Photography and Art Director
     Darrell Derk

Creative Director
      Mandy Bilous

Clothing Styling
      Sterling Derk
      Mandy Bilous
      Heidi Dennis

Design and Production
     RR Donnelley

Graphic Design
     Mandy Bilous

Marketing & Sales
     Heidi Dennis
     Kathy Powys-Lybbe
     Mandy Bilous

Circulation & Distribution
      Heidi Dennis
                                                                                        Entering the White Zone
Article Contributors                                                                    Welcome to Bridal Fantasy Magazine! You’ve just been
       Barbara Day
       Curtis Comeau                                                                    proposed to and are now entering “the white zone”. The
       Giselle Yanish
       Kelley Keehn                                                                     obsession begins with gowns, colours, invitations, flowers
       Sheri Gessner                                                                    and favours. So many things to do, so many choices, and
       Stacy Walker
       Tamara Jones                                                                     so many decisions to make. We’ve focused on dresses we
       Tanya McGinnis
       Wayne Lee                                                                        think will help you find your dress divine, a dress with the
                                                                                        “X factor”.
Make-up Artists
     Avanti Salon & Spa                                                                 Groom’s fashions too, have come a long way in the last
     Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa
     Pamela Parker                                                                      couple of years…check out “Dressing To Impress” where
Hair Stylists
                                                                                        we celebrate the groom looking good too. We’ve got the
      Elysium Hair.Body.Spirit                                                          latest colours and trends for bridesmaids and bouquets.
      Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa
      Pamela Parker                                                                     We hope our magazine will give you some inspiration and
Photography                                                                             that touch of style you’re looking for in your wedding.
     Curtis Comeau, Instant Memories
     Ki H. Kang, H.O.M. Photo Inc.
     Brendan White                                                                      Gay Derk
     Klyment Tan – Inc
     Jonathan Puckrin –
     Mandy Bilous
     Nick Croken
     Nick Hawkeye
                                                                                                                On the Cover:
      Gay and Darrell Derk                                                                                      Dress: Mori Lee, available at Ethos
      Derks Media Werks
      Derks Fine Group of Companies                                                                             Jewellery: Ethos
Bridal Fantasy is published by Derks Formals, a division of Derks Fine Group of
                                                                                                                Hair & Makeup: Pamela Parker
Companies. Bridal Fantasy Magazine is published once a year. The views and opinions
herein do not necessarily represent those of Bridal Fantasy, its publisher, editor or                           Photography: Klyment Tan
employees. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent
of the publisher.                                                                                               Model: Kasia, Déja Vu Modeling Int’l
                                                                                                                Stylist: Mandy Bilious
    Bridal Fantasy

Mandy Bilous    Sereena Schneider      Darrell Derk

Dave Olson         Sterling Derk    Kathy Powys-Lybbe


Klyment Tan      Jonathan Puckrin     Curtis Comeau

                                                        BRIDALFANTASY   |   11
Visit our new salon and experience the thrill of finding that
perfect wedding dress. Our enthusiastic consultants will
show you our fabulous selection of stunning designer gowns,
bridesmaid gowns, veils, tiaras, jewelry, shoes and more.
We look forward to making your wedding day perfect.
Visit our new salon at:
2B - 153 Pembina Road, Sherwood Park
(Conveniently located just south of Hwy 16
and two blocks east of Broadmoor Blvd. on Pembina Rd.)


                                                               SOPHIA TOLLI • ALFRED SUNG • PURE • ANJOLIQUE • ALLURE • JAI • AFTER SIX • RAYALIA • TOUCH UPS

         Dress: La Sposa
         Style: Modenia
         Available at: Denilore Bridal
         Flowers: la piazza dasee
         Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon
         & Spa
                                                        To Find the
                                                        Dress Divine
                                                        From the classic church to a glitzy
                                                        evening bash, modern day weddings are
                                                        the perfect excuse for finding a divine
                                                        As the bride it goes without saying that
                                                        finding an utterly fabulous yet
                                                        appropriate wedding gown is the
                                                        ultimate pre-event challenge.
                                                        Classic calls for luxuriously stylish dresses
                                                        enhanced with glamorous accessories,
                                                        while an evening soiree demands a super
                                                        striking gown and gleaming jewellery.
                                                        Then there’s the destination wedding
                                                        and the beach…the perfect opportunity
                                                        for simplicity and elegance. Here’s how to
                                                        look sensational.

                                                             The Classic Bride
                                                        A traditional white or ivory wedding dress
                                                        does not have to be boring. It’s all about
                                                        mixing something old with something
                                                        new and something with timeless
                                                        elegance to give it a trend setting twist.
                                                        Just add statement jewels and some
                                                        special heels to create instant chic.

                                                           The Evening Bride
                                                        For an evening celebration, just forget the
                                                        standard wedding dress code. It’s an
                                                        opportunity to indulge in daring cuts and
                                                        fashion inspiring style. Have fun with your
                                                        ensemble and just be sure to be beautiful.

                                                             The Beach Bride
                                                        If you are escaping to an exquisite, sun-
                                                        baked island to exchange vows, think
                                                        outside of the box and think tropical.
                                                        Brides can go for show stopping chiffon, a
Dress: Venus            Dress: Rina Dimontella
Available at: Wedding   Available at: Tifany’s Bridal   classic white gown topped with
World                   Hair & Makeup: Avanti           glistening flat sandals.
Hair & Makeup: Avanti   Salon & Spa
Salon & Spa
If you love…                             If you love…
ballet…                                  a cameo appearance…
a romantic gown with                     fall in love with
dramatic layers will flatter the         this exquisite gown.
Dress: Anjolique
Available at: ABC Bridal            Dress: Rina Dimontella
Flowers by: Kuhlmann’s              Available at: Tifany’s Bridal
Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa   Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa
    If you love…
    a new look, a classic twist with lace
    and plenty of swish.

Dress: Mori Lee
Available at: Wedding World
Flowers: Marlow & Richards
Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa

                                            BRIDALFANTASY   |   21
                                                  If you love…                                             If you love…
                                                  modern…                                                  goddessy…
                                                  try a simple A-line dress with a                         try flowing chiffon with enough
                                                  hint of vintage                                          décolletage to
                                                                                                           make it sexy.

                                                                                     Dress: Maggie Sotero
         Dress: Atal Khandeiwal                                                      Style: Lavina
         Available at: Nazila Couture                                                Available at: Bridal Debut
         Flowers by: Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique                                      Flowers by: Marlowe & Richards
         Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa                                           Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa

If you love…
demure (but bare)…
try something sheer
with an off the
shoulder cut.

Dress: Emma Scott Couture
Available at: Bridal Debut
Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa
Tuxedo Available at Derks

                                    BRIDAL FANTASY   23
If you love…
this gown is a departure from
the all-white standard.
The silver embellishment
makes it so cool.

                      Dress: Sophia Tolli
                      Available at: Bridal Debut
                      Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa

     ver since you were a little girl, you’ve

E    probably fantasized about every specific
     detail of how your wedding day would
be. And if you are like most women, you’ve
probably spent hours upon hours picturing
the perfect dress for your magical day. Now
that your wedding day is actually an
upcoming reality, you may find yourself
wondering how you are going to find the
exact gown you have been customizing in
your mind for the better half of your life.

   Dress: Pronovias
   Available at: Ethos
   Hair & Makeup:
   Chocolate Mousse Salon and Spa
   Shot on location at The Hotel Selkirk
                                                      EVERYTHING FOR A
With so many bridal shops out there, it’s difficult
to know where to start. Shopping for a dress
does not have to be strenuous! You just need to
determine what is important to you, whether it is                                                       WEDDING
cost, selection or exclusivity. Most bridal shops
specialize in different areas, so depending on the
dress you have in mind; you can begin your
search in a custom design shop, a bridal
boutique or a consignment shop.                                          Wedding Gowns
We’ve compiled a list of the top styles in bridal
gowns. This should give you an idea on what
style would suit your body frame.                                                   Bridesmaid

                                                                                  Flower Girl

                 Fitted bodice with a skirt that                                   Communion
                 gently flares for slight to
                 medium fullness at the                                            Graduation
                 hemline. Great for hiding flaws
                 and slimming larger figures,
                 not a good choice for petite                        Special Occasion
                                                                 H e a d p i e c e s & Ve i l s
                 Ball Gown:
                 Fitted bodice with a skirt that
                 flares for maximum to                                            Accessories
                 exaggerated fullness at the
                 hemline. Looks fantastic on                                       Alterations
                 taller brides, but not a good
                 choice for larger figures.

                 Fitted bodice and hip with a
                 skirt that dramatically flares
                 below the knee. Wonderful
                 choice for the petite and/or
                 slender brides.
                                                                   9719 - 63 Avenue, Edmonton
                 Pegged Sheath:
                 Fitted bodice with a skirt that
                 gradually tapers to narrower
                 than hip width. Really only          
                 works well with a boyish figure,
                 not a good choice for the
                 larger bride.

                 Fitted bodice with a skirt that
                 hangs straight from the
                 hipline. Good choice for either
                 the boyish or petite bride.

                 Fitted bodice that hugs tightly
                 under the bust line and flares
                 out. Great choice for petite or
                 larger bride.                        Consumers’ Choice Award for Business
                                                       Excellence in the category of “Bridal
                                                        Boutique” for six consecutive years
                                                                   (2002-2007).                          BRIDALFANTASY   |   27
                    hat’s a ‘new-to-you’ gown? Bridal Gown Heaven has found a way to put a fun spin on buying a

         W          second-hand gown, and is a consigned gown even really all that used? Worn for one day only,
                    most of these gowns are in mint condition.

         Who is a consignment bride? There are many           dream a reality by buying consignment.
         types of brides that find fun in consignment dress   Bridal Gown Heaven’s consignment concept
         shopping. The creative bride for instance needs      ensures that their gowns can be priced at half off
         only a framework for her dress. She’ll change the    everyday and they also offer no GST. Brides can
         look by finding a tailor who can not only fit the    purchase ‘new-to-you’ and brand new gowns
         dress, but also add a few extra embellishments to    from the past season that have been cleared by
         her gown. The budget bride will be delighted         other bridal shops. If you’re not from Red Deer, it
         with the selection she has and the price point.      may be time for a fun road trip with your
         Finally, the trendy bride, who wants to wear more    girlfriends.
         than one gown on her big day, can make her 

                          The Bachelorette
                          W          ho says you have to head over to the club and watch strange men take their
                                     clothes off because your girl is getting married? These days, the strip joint
                                     bachelorette party is no longer your only option. With so many choices, you can
                          guarantee a fabulous time and some great memories that don’t have to include a naked man,
                          unless you want one!

                          Why not hold the bachelorette bash at a              Is the bride a shining example of lady-like
                          casino or the racetrack? Most of them have a         behaviour? Then she might appreciate a
                          nice restaurant and who knows? You might             Victorian-style tea party. Make it complete
                          end up wanting to see a show there, or book a        with lace doilies, finger sandwiches and
                          room overnight. The greatest thing about a           scones. This type of party can easily be hosted
                          gambling party is that someone could walk            in someone’s home or if the ladies really want
                          away with enough to for a great wedding              to splurge, head off to an upscale tearoom.
                          present or their bridesmaid dress. Keep in           For something to bring out the kid in all of
                          mind that the odds are usually against you, so       you, try a scavenger hunt. Complete with
                          don’t go overboard. Only bet what you can            clues and treasure map, the party will have
                          afford to lose.                                      everyone laughing. Make your prizes as
                          Try suggesting a day or even a full weekend at       original and as grown-up as you like, a bottle
                          a spa and everyone will be running to pack           of champagne for instance. Use a friend’s
                          their bags. You may end up forgoing the junk         house or garden, head to a park, but be a
                          food and booze, but the fabulous faces and           creative as possible.
                          exfoliated feet will be well worth it. Try to find   As strange as it may sound, a comedy club is a
                          a full-service site that offers everything you       great place for a bachelorette party. It may not
                          could imagine to make sure there is                  seem so, but when the comedians find out
                          something for everybody. Not every girl wants        there is a stagette in the club, they will go out
                          a mud wrap.                                          of their way to make you laugh. You can call
                          If the wedding party are country girls at heart,     the club in advance and reserve a table as
                          have a good old honky-tonk night in a                close to the stage as you want. Make sure to
                          country-western bar. Ride the bronco and do a        ask for any group discounts, like cover charge,
                          little two stepping for a fun night out with the     or if your party is large enough you may be
                          girls. Don’t forget your boots and hats!             able to get drink specials. You’ll spend your
                          A fondue party can be a ton of fun. Communal         evening in stitches!
                          pots of melted goodness, cheese or chocolate         What about the great outdoors? Is she a
                          will encourage all sorts of giggles, gossip and      woodsy type? Call around your local parks and
                          bonding. Do this at home if you have the             campsites, or look for locations of interest
                          equipment and the people willing to do all           with cabins. See if you can find out what type
                          that chopping. If you want to go out, reserve a      of activities are offered, things like horseback
                          large table at a fondue restaurant. Feel free to     riding, swimming, canoeing and plan a great
                          indulge; this is the girls’ night out.               weekend get-away. Make sure all of the

invitees know what type of clothes, accessories
and food to pack. Don’t forget the toilet paper!
When all else fails – do it all. Dance clubs, strip
joints, sleazy bars, the pool hall; explore them all
in the lap of luxury. Arrange for a chauffeur-
driven limo that can pick everyone up at a
designated location and your party is free to go
wherever you please and to drink as much as you
please, all the while feeling like important
celebrities. Make sure the driver knows where
the end location is (where everyone will be
spending the night) so no one drives home. And
if a limo just isn’t her style – or your group is just
too big – consider a rental van or a chartered
bus. Just remember that whatever you do, the
whole idea is to have a great time!

Here’s another original idea for the
stagette; why not throw a poker party?
Serve your favourite appetizers and
drinks and make a fabulous night of it.
Susan Taylor of Poker Chicks 101 throws
home parties for ladies wanting to learn
the art of Texas Hold ‘Em. Her pretty-in-
pink table, chairs, playing cards and
poker chips create the perfect
atmosphere for this cozy stagette idea.
For more information go to

                                                         BRIDALFANTASY   |   33
                         Wedding Cake Couture
                                 our reception just wouldn’t be the same     wedding cake - not only will you save money

                         Y       without a wedding cake. After all, it’s
                                 meant as a symbol of fertility and is one
                         of the most commonly found wedding
                                                                             but it will also symbolize all the love and
                                                                             dedication that you will put into your marriage.
                                                                             For those of you who aren’t whizzes in the
                         traditions. In ancient Rome, they would bake a      kitchen there are hundreds of unique wedding
                         cake of barley or wheat and then break it over      cake designs to choose from. From a traditional
                         the bride’s head as a sign of fertility.            tier cake to the popular new cupcake cake,
                            Today, wedding cakes are more about style        you’re sure to find something to fit your
                         and taste then they are symbols of fertility. If    wedding style and your personal taste.
                         you’re a talented baker you can make your own

                         Cake Quiz BF Asks the Experts
                         BF: How can a couple ensure their cake makes        symbolizes the couple’s unity from this point
                         a statement?                                        forth. Each guest gets to eat the cake and
                         A: Try personalizing your cake by using it to       therefore share in the celebration of the
                         reflect the theme of your wedding or by telling     sweetness of the couple’s future.
                         a story that showcases your shared interests as     Karen Dunne, Le Gateau
                         a couple.                                           BF: It’s tradition for newlyweds to save the top
                         Karen Dunne, Le Gateau                              tier of their wedding cake to eat on their first
                         BF: Cupcake towers are increasingly popular as      anniversary. Any tips when it comes to freezing
                         wedding cakes. Why the cupcake craze?               a wedding cake?

                         A: Cupcakes are perfect for weddings because        A: Freezing is an easy preservation method and
                         they can be personalized with monograms,            allows the cake to last anywhere from an extra
                         flowers or symbols. As well, each guest gets his    week to multiple years. Wrap the cake tightly
                         or her very own cupcake and a large variety of      with plastic wrap. Then put the cake in an
                         flavours can be accommodated while                  airtight container. When defrosting, take the
                         maintaining a uniform look to the tower. A true     plastic off of the cake prior to letting it thaw, so
                         wedding cupcake tower has a small cake on           moisture will not be trapped, which would
                         the top tier to uphold the cake-cutting             make your cake a soggy mess!
                         tradition. The best part is, you spend less on      Roxanne Kits, Bake Me A Cake
                         cupcakes than you would on a wedding cake!          BF: When it comes to weddings,
                         Ailynn Santos, Whimsical Cake Studio Inc.           personalization is all the rage. What’s the most
                         BF: An ice cream cake as a wedding cake, what       unique cake idea you’ve ever encountered?
                         a neat option! How do you keep your wedding         A: A fire truck wedding cake. The bride wanted
                         cakes frozen?                                       as much detail on it as possible including her
                         A: When the cake is completed it is frozen solid    groom’s station number. We even created the
                         in a blast freezer for twelve hours at an           fire hose to be in the shape of two hearts. The
                         extremely low temperature (-37 to –42 degrees       cake was huge and weighed about 40 lbs!
                         Celsius). It is then transferred to a regular       Ailynn Santos, Whimsical Cake Studio Inc.
                         freezer to thaw slightly for about five hours       BF: Any tips on photographing a wedding
                         prior to being served.                              cake?
                         Farooq Jutt, Marble Slab                            A: Try to get a close up shot. Don’t shoot in front
                         BF: These days, some couples are opting to not      of a window and turn off your flash as it creates
                         have a wedding cake. Why is this tradition one      a glare on the cake.
                         that should not be forgotten about?                 Karen Dunne, Le Gateau
                         A: The best part about this tradition is the
                         symbolism behind it. Cutting the cake

Cost Saver
BF: Couple’s that have smaller budgets for their
weddings often opt to make their own cake.
Any advice for a do-it-yourself bride and
A: Three pieces of advice for do-it-yourself
1) Take a class. Many stores, like Michaels, offer
   a variety of cake making and decorating
   courses at a very reasonable price.
2) Commit to a design that will not stress you
   out at the last minute. Choose to make the
   cake in advance and freeze it (remember to
   take all decorations off the cake before
3) Bake a trial cake a couple months before the
   wedding. A practice run will ensure that you
   know what it’ll take to complete the cake in
   regards to timing and materials. Happy
   Roxanne Kits,
   Bake Me A Cake

Pretty in Pink
For the princess bride, this exotic creation is
covered in pink fondant and decorated with
intricate handmade chocolate leaves.
Crowned with delicate pastel pink roses, this
sweet treat makes a statement.

Photo courtesy of Cakes by Janna,

                                                     BRIDALFANTASY   |   35
         Your dress should be a reflection of you... your
         taste, your style, your dreams. From full skirts
         and gathered tiers to dramatic creations and
         stunningly simple silhouettes, your gown is at
         West Edmonton Mall.
         Model’s hair is styled by Angela’s Hair.
         1 Sposabella 2 STYLE america 3 Mina’s Fashion
         and Design 4 Tristan & America 5 Ethos
         6 Tres Chic                                          1

         Shot on location at Fantasyland Hotel’s Beverly Hills Ballroom.   2



                BRIDALFANTASY   |   37
Your footwear... it’s the peek-a-boo detail,
seen with the lift of your dress and when you’re
twirling around the dance floor. Outstanding
styles to complete any look. Find them at West
Edmonton Mall.
Models are wearing fashions from Hansel &
Gretel (left) and Bryan’s (right). Hair is styled
by Angela’s Hair.
1 Mayfair Shoes 2 Sapatos 3 Da Vinci Shoes



               1                             2


                               3                                         1








Your jewellery ... keep it refined to complement your glow. Brilliant
creations made to accentuate your radiance. All at West Edmonton Mall.
1 The Silversmith 2 Peoples Jewellers 3 Birks 4 Ben Moss Jewellers
5 Mappins Jewellers 6 Carat Jewellers 7 Tip Top Tailors








1 Natural, garden-inspired beauty products wrapped in elegance by Crabtree & Evelyn 2 Lingerie and sensual
surprises by Luv ‘N’ Stuff 3 Practical and functional meets unique and has impact by Le Gnome 4 Pretty and
romantic intimate apparel and sleepwear by La Vie En Rose 5 Styling products for the perfect look by Perfect Cuts
6 Fruit-inspired products to excite the senses and set the mood by Fruits & Passion 7 Distinctive giftware for him
by Shefield & Sons Tobacconists 8 Outstanding bags in every style for every purpose by Bon Voyage Luggage





9 Capture and display those special moments by Black’s Is Photography 10 Superior service
for any and every travel adventure by Marlin Travel 11 Luxurious handmade soap and skin care
products by Rocky Mountain Soap Company 12 Lovely, luxurious intimates by Les Saisons
13 Perfect accessories to keep memories alive by Hallmark 14 Exotic and adult pleasure products
by Love Boutique 15 Fine china and collectables to suit every taste by The Royal Doulton Store


Bridesmaids                                5916-104 Street
Flowergirls                                   Edmonton, AB
Accessories                                 780.431.0539
Mother of the Bride/Groom  
          Colour               my World

                                          G        ive your wedding an instant shot of high
                                                   voltage with a dazzling flash of colour. As
                                                   always, this season’s weddings will be awash
                                          with striking colourful gowns and accessories. Hot
                                          fuchsias add flourish to luxe neutrals. Zingy berry
                                          tones are artfully mixed with black; apple greens and
Dress: Ethos                              bright yellows are given an energetic kick with
Hair & Makeup: Pamela Parker
                                          primary hues. The new fashion focus is colour
                                          contrast to create an upbeat vibe for your wedding.
                                                             Wedding World
                                                             Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa

                         Tifany’s Bridal                       From left to right:
                         Flowers: Marlowe & Richards           Bridal Debut, Gemini Fashions, ABC Bridal
                         Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa     Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa

Helping Hands
        here is a lot more to being a bridesmaid than walking down the aisle in your “fabulous” dress. Help

T       out your friend and add some extra fun to this time in her life, which can be very stressful, but is also
        very special. Here are some great ideas to inspire you and help you to go above and beyond:

Help make up or take full              the last thing you want to do is       last-minute errands. Make sure
responsibility for the gift            leave marks all over the               you’re on hand to confirm the
baskets/bags for the out-of-           invitations! Turn on some              flower delivery times, meet
town guests’ hotel rooms.              music and divide the jobs of           and greet the ceremony
Some great ideas for these are         writing addresses, stuffing            officiant (if the best man isn’t
welcome      letters,  phone           envelopes and putting stamps           doing it) or to help satisfy
numbers of the important               on the envelopes. You’ll be            those junk food cravings.
people,       snacks      and          helping the bride finish a             Anything you can do to help
suggestions for fun activities         tedious job, and get to bond           the couple with their day is a
around town.                           with everyone at the same              blessing. While this is an
Find out when the invitations          time.                                  exceptional time in their lives,
are going to be ready. Plan an         Help the bride ward off those          it’s very easy to get bogged
evening with the other                 pre-wedding jitters. Get tickets       down with all of the details.
attendants and ask everyone            to a performance or even a             Your help can make everything
to bring some food to nibble           movie, one that you know               go a lot smoother.
on. Nothing too greasy or oily,        she’s dying to see. Run those

Denilore Bridal
Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa

                                                                                                                    BRIDALFANTASY   |   45
                                                             ABC Bridal
                                                             Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa

                         Both Dresses: Gemini Fashions       From left to right:
                         Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa   Bridal Debut, Denilore Bridal
                                                             Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa
46   |   BRIDALFANTASY                                         46            BRIDAL FANTASY
Dress: Gemini Fashions
Tuxedo: Derks
Hair & Makeup: Avanti Salon & Spa
                                    BRIDALFANTASY   |   47
         Wish List
            for the girls

         Chosen carefully, your bridesmaids are an
         invaluable support system for the stressed bride.
         The ladies that stand by you for your special day are there because they are very
         precious friends. They will help you through the months of preparation for your
         wedding, will stop at nothing to ensure you achieve your dream wedding. The
         focus is on the bride leading up to the big day while the bridesmaids busily plan
         the bridal shower, bachelorette party, help with wedding invitations, and give
         you someone to lean on when things get hectic. After all the months of planning,
         how do you thank these fantastic ladies?
         Typically bridesmaid gifts are given at or after the rehearsal dinner, or the
         morning of the wedding day. Take a few minutes privately with each bridesmaid
         to thank her for participating in the wedding. Don’t forget to write a personalized
         thank you note.

                   What’s a Brag?

             1     A bra bag. This must be the best idea yet when it comes to keeping your
                   bras in tip top shape. The Canadian designed clutch is perfect for traveling.
                   Available at Cameo Lingerie,

             Steep in Style
         2   A chic and unique way to enjoy your favorite loose leaf tea. The wand
             holds the perfect amount for an individual cup of tea and if you’re
             having tea with friends, each guest gets to sip their preferred flavour.
             Available at Posh at Home,
             3   Girly Treat
                 A fun item to add to a bag of goodies for each bridesmaid.
                 Each case contains mini peppermints and has a small
                 mirror inside, a perfect addition to any purse.
                 Available at La Piazza Dasee

          Titled Tanks

     4    You and your bridesmaids will get attention sporting these tank tops on the night of your
          stagette and create lots of fun photo opportunities wearing these at a slumber party.
          Available at La Piazza Dasee,

              Miracle Tea                                                                                        5

              Who knew that tea can trim your waistline or make you look like you belong in
              Hollywood. Get Lost is a herbal tea specifically blended to ensure weight control, while
              the Get Gorgeous blend promises clear skin. Available in a variety of other ‘cures’.
              Available at Cally’s Teas

                    Lovely Lace
                    The perfect lingerie to buy your bridesmaid especially if you don’t know her             6
                    size. The beautiful ties on the side allow this Arianne lace thong to fit a wide
                    array of shapes and sizes. The best part is, there’s no need to worry about
                    wrapping it up because the packaging is just as cute as the product.
                    Available at Cameo Lingerie,

                                          Wedding Stocking

                                    7     Fill this unique item with lots of little gifts for your girls. Start a new
                                          tradition with the perfect wedding gift wrap that will act as a
                                          memento for years to come.
                                          Available at The Original Wedding Stocking,

                                               Silver Hearts
                                          8    Paired with your favorite bottle of wine or case of beer, this
                                               wine stopper or bottle opener makes a beautiful gift for the
                                               ladies. There are also wine corkscrews, perfect for a favour.
 7                                             Available at The Scroll Shop,

                                  Compact Convenience

                            9     Now you can get more than a lipstick case or make-up mirror in a
                                  compact. For a bridesmaid who wears contacts, why not treat her to a
                                  pretty contact lens compact? Your bridesmaids can now enjoy a
                                  manicure any time of day with this manicure compact.
                                  Available at La Piazza Dasee,

                                         How Cute
                                         Classy Bride could not have made thongs much cuter than
                                         these! This underwear comes in light pink or blue.
                                         Available at Cameo Lingerie,


The big day is here and the entire bridal party is stressed. One bridesmaid
has deodorant marks on her dress, another’s strapless dress is slipping
down and your maid of honor is worried about her panty lines.
BF found a few must-have items that will ease dress stress on the big day.
Body Tape
The perfect solution to many last minute fitting issues. Body Tape
secretly holds clothing in place. You’ll never be caught pulling up
your strapless dress again.
“Better than nothing”
From the Girl Short to the Tiny Thong, Commando promises
absolutely no underwear lines ever.
Miracle Work
Gal Pal garment deodorant remover is the quickest fix around
It’s easy to use and will leave your dress looking as good as new.

All Dress Stress items available at Cameo Lingerie,

                                                                                                                        BRIDALFANTASY   |   49
                        Your Menu
                o you find the world of organic food confusing but long for the health

         D      benefits it provides? Officially the term “organic” means food that is
                grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and is not
         genetically modified. Brides and grooms are looking beyond the basic
         chicken or filet for their menus.

         While there are a lot of caterers are        Local, local, local! For as much of your
         specializing in organic foods, pretty        reception food as possible, look for
         much any caterer can be organic. So,         local and seasonal eats. They’re fresh
         choose one you love, and then discuss        and readily available (translation:
         replacing ingredients. When you buy          delicious and cheap), especially for
         organic, you are ensuring that               your salads, where you definitely want
         everyone, including the workers who          to go with what’s in season.
         harvested your food, are not exposed         Don’t forget your drinks! You can think
         to pesticides. And there are options for     local with your booze as well. If you’re
         organic desserts, like ice cream.            big wine fans, your local and organic
         Free-range, organically raised meat isn’t    wineries are a great option and a
         just delicious, it’s better all around for   fabulous way to personalize your meal.
         everyone from the farmers, the animals       Look to vineyards in your area or try to
         and you. Organic meat and poultry has        find a shop that specializes in
         less exposure to genetically modified        homegrown goods
         food because the animals eat organic         What about your wedding cake? Here’s
         feed. If you’re going to have seafood,       another place you can ask about
         stay away from fish that are                 substituting organic ingredients. While
         commercially raised or high in mercury.      choosing organic ingredients will
         A really great option is white fish, like    increase the cost of your cake, a lot of
         tilapia, or choose wild salmon, which is     people agree the taste will be a lot
         generally named for the area it comes        better. Or you can look for a baker who
         from. Just plain “salmon” is most likely     specializes in organic cakes and there
         farmed.                                      are some that can produce a vegan
         Organic produce grows slower so the          cake, if that’s your thing.
         flavour is magnified and more intense,       At the end of the night, don’t let all
         and levels of Vitamin C are higher.          those extras go into the trash. Work
         Organic salads cannot be washed with         with your caterer to send the leftovers
         water that has chlorine, so be careful.      to a food rescue group. These
         When targeting organic produce look          organizations can pick up the fresh and
         for carrots, lettuce, apples and             untouched food and then deliver it to
         strawberries as pesticides and               local food shelters and families in need.
         fungicides are at higher levels.             What better way to end your night!

                                                                                                                   To make your look cohesive, make sure to
                                                                                                                   carry whatever theme you choose
                                                                                                                   throughout your entire wedding plan.
                                                                                                                   Whatever you choose, try to use it in as
                                                                                                                   many different aspects as possible. Think
                                                                                                                   outside the box when choosing your
                                                                                                                   cake, invitations and décor!

                                                                                                                   Say it with stripes – this is a fantastic
                                                                                                                   idea for a high-style wedding. A striped
                                                                                                                   rolled fondant cake will highlight the
                                                                                                                   intricate designs on your invitations. Use
                                                                                                                   a pinstripe printed vertically for your
                                                                                                                   invitations, reply cards and reception
                                                                                                                   cards as a fabulous new twist on the belly
                                                                                                                   band. The trick with stripes is to keep
                                                                                                                   your colours monochromatic.

                                                                                                                   Fabulous floral – the best thing about
                                                                                                                   doing a floral motif is you can choose one
                                                                                                                   signature bloom that will suit your
                                                                                                                   wedding style, and build around it with
                                                                                                                   highlights. But don’t feel that you have to
                                                                                                                   focus on one flower. You can also work
                                                                                                                   amazing colours combinations with a
                                                                                                                   variety of different blooms. Try
                                                                                                                   combining anemones with lavender
                                                                                                                   sweet pea, plum ranunculus and
                                                                                                                   lavender hydrangea in a creative
                                                                                                                   chocolate-coloured box for your table

                                                                                                                   Lovely      letters     –    classic   or
                                                                                                                   contemporary? With a monogram motif,
                                                                                                                   you can do either. Trying to use your
                                                                                                                   names, initials or your new married
                                                                                                                   monogram (her first initial – new last
                                                                                                                   name – his first initial) with completely
                                                                                                                   drowning your wedding is the
                                                                                                                   complicated part. If you want to make a
                                                                                                                   good impression, get creative. Do a four-
                                                                                                                   screen panel tied with a piece of

               What’s for Dessert?
         For those couple’s wanting to increase the fun      five mixins’ that the customer selects. The cost is
                                                                                                                   embroidered ribbon for your wedding
                                                                                                                   program. Use that same embroidered
                                                                                                                   ribbon to tie your wedding bouquet and
                                                                                                                   let it cascade down your hands. It’s a
         factor at their weddings, why not opt for an ice    $7.95/person for a minimum of 100 people and          special way to include your theme into
         cream buffet for dessert! A wonderful idea to get   includes set-up, clean-up, and two hours of           your flowers whether or not the guests
         guests excited, out of their seats and mingling     service time.                                         are able to see it. Instead of doing one
                                                                                                                   huge cake, try doing three cakes – each
         before speeches start. Marble Slab’s Portable       For more information visit,
                                                                                                                   with a different monogram.
         Slab comes with two flavours of ice cream and

                   Earth Friendly
The key to an eco- and style-concious wedding        hospital or the local nursing home.
is to keep it simple. By reusing materials and       One of the most sustainable materials on earth
accents, you can save money and save                 is bamboo, and it makes a very modern-
resources at the same time. Work with what’s         looking option for decorating. It can grow up
nearby and in season and you can feel good           to two feet a day, so it takes only three to seven
about your efforts.                                  years to mature, unlike trees! Use tall stalks of
When choosing your site, choose something            curly bamboo for centerpieces and lucky mini-
with significance and that will benefit from         bamboo stalks make a great wedding favour.
your event, like an art gallery or a museum.         Okay, so there might not be a hybrid limousine
Find out how the site plans to use your fee –        available yet, but there are a lot of other
towards upkeep or new programs. If you’re            options out there. Some great ideas are
looking for an outdoor event try a botanical         tandem bicycles, a canoe (if your ceremony is
garden or the grounds of a historical home in        near the water) or something classic like a
your area. You will probably even be able to         horse-and-buggy carriage.
find one that is run by a non-profit
                                                     Want something energy efficient and
                                                     romantic? Candles! Look for soy candles as
So many decorations! By decorating your              they’re made from a renewable resource and
ceremony site with items you can use at the          are cleaner. They burn longer than regular
reception – like arrangements that decorate          candles and spills are really easy to clean up –
the program area and then dress up your guest        just use soap and hot water. They are available
book table – you can save money and a lot of         in every size, shape, colour and scent you can
waste. When your magical evening is over see if      imagine. Enjoy!
there are any pieces you can donate to a

Cost Saver
Do It Yourself
Centerpieces are the focal point of your reception
table. This decorative bowl is perfect for a retro
wedding and the ceramic painted balls can be
used as table décor. Once you find the right bowls
for your tables, think ‘outside the box’ about fillers.
For a Christmas wedding, large Christmas ball
ornaments would sparkle in a chic bowl. Another fun
filler idea is candies that guests can nibble on throughout the
evening. Keep in mind; the centerpiece should reflect the theme of the wedding.
Available at The Scroll Shop.

                                                                                                          BRIDALFANTASY   |   53
                           Centrepieces for Less

                         A centerpiece that makes a décor statement
                         and that tastes even better come dessert
                         time. Truffle topiaries are a stunning addition
                         to tablescapes. They also double as an
                         interactive dessert. Rather than serve each
                         guest a plated treat, create a buzz at each
                         table by letting your guests demolish their
                         centerpiece and indulge in delicious truffles
                         while sipping their coffee or tea. Available at
                         Truffle Sensations,

                              An Oprah Favorite!
                         If you’re having a destination wedding, ensure
                         your bridesmaids travel in style with a brightly
                         colored Lug ‘Puddle Jumper’ backpack that
                         has compartments fit to hold just about
                         anything. Combine the bag with a Lug travel
                         blanket and let your ladies snuggle up with it
                         on the plane ride.

                                                       Available at Notables

                                                 Ah, the wedding is over and you’re finally married. But now your home is overflowing with those beautiful centerpieces. Here are some fun
                                                  games you can play at your reception and the winner gets…the centerpiece!

                                                            Characteristics – Under each centerpiece       plate at each table. Whoever’s plate it
                                                            put a piece of paper with different            happens to be under wins! (Be sure to have
                                                            descriptions of people on them, such as:       the centerpiece game before the dinner
                                                            shortest person, longest legs, the most        plates are removed) Make sure you mark
                                                            makeup, oldest person, drunkest person,        each table at set up so you know which
                                                            etc...                                         ones have been done.
Centrepieces courtesy of Special Event Rentals

                                                            Closest Birthday – The person with the         Do The Twist – Everyone gets up but stays
                                                            closest birthday to the wedding date           in their groups together on the dance
                                                            Longest Married – the couple married           floor. The DJ plays "The Twist", at which
                                                            the longest                                    point the bride and groom and their
                                                            You’ve Come a Long Way Baby – the              parents split up and judge the dancers in
                                                            person who traveled the farthest to come       their section. Feel free to include the
                                                            to the wedding                                 wedding party if you're having a big
                                                            Early Bird – The person from each table        wedding. When the song ends, they pick a
                                                            who sent their response card back.             winner (or winning couple) from each
                                                                                                           group. This is also a great way to wake
                                                            Hide n’ Seek – Put a piece of paper with
                                                                                                           everyone up after dinner.
                                                            word "winner" written on it under one

                                                                                                                                                                 BRIDALFANTASY               |   55
             Make It Unique
         L     ooking for some new ideas for your reception? Trying to come up with something
               different can be hard so here’s a few ideas to help you get started:

         Hire a caricaturist to do caricatures of your    reception would go beautifully with a
         guests. It makes a great piece for them to       candlelight wedding (be sure to note to
         take home.                                       your guests that it is a dessert reception,
         If you’re expecting a lot of kids at your        you don’t want guests to show up
         wedding, hire a balloon artist. It’s something   expecting a lavish dinner!).
         they will really enjoy and helps keep them       If a lot of your attendants have significant
         occupied!                                        others or spouses at the wedding, create an
         Instead of a regular dinner, have a high tea     intimate table for two (the bride and
         reception. This is very elegant and because      groom) and let the attendants sit with their
         it’s not typical, you know it will be well       spouse or significant other.
         remembered. Serve little sandwiches and          To encourage guests to dance, assign each
         other finger food to help keep guests from       table a love song. When their song gets
         getting cranky from hunger.                      played, that table has to get up and dance.
         Have a dessert reception and save some           You could also do a more upbeat song if
         bucks while being memorable. Serve               your guests might not be into a love song.
         opulent and unique desserts. This type of a


Charming Inns of Alberta
If you’re looking for places with character, you must take a look at the Charming Inns of
Alberta website ( The Hotel Selkirk is part of the
Charming Inns Association and is a wonderful location for weddings. This venue takes you
and your guests back in time, and offers you sleigh rides, carriage rides, bonfires and much
more when you book the facility for a weekend wedding. Guests will stay at a preferred rate
and the entire hotel will be reserved for just you and your guests!

                                                                                                  BRIDALFANTASY   |   57
                 nce the ceremony is over and the photo session is finished, say good-bye to formalities and get ready to let loose and have a

         O       blast! Planning the reception entails a few key decisions. The venue where the reception is held is the biggest decision you’ll
                 make. Other important decisions you’ll make include food, drinks, music, master of ceremonies and décor.

         Get Creative When Picking Your Venue             decorators can turn a regular and less              Food for the Hundreds
         Rather than choosing a pricey reception          expensive venue into a fantasy world. Hiring        Every couple seems to have a little trouble
         facility where you may be obliged to use their   decorators and a caterer will add a special flare   deciding between a buffet or having a served
         catering and décor services, why not hire an     to your affair and allow you to create an           dinner. Keep in mind the following when
         independent catering company and                 amazing atmosphere based on the theme of            making your decision. If the wedding is over
         professional decorators. Often, experienced      your dreams.                                        one hundred and fifty, buffets are generally
                                                                                                              more manageable. Guests can pick and
                                                                                                              choose what they want to eat and eat as much
                                                                                                              as they want. Organize a simple and fun game
                                                                                                              to determine the order the tables go to get
                                                                                                              their food. This is a great icebreaker and a
                                                                                                              great way to get guests chatting at each table.
                                                                                                              If you’re keen on having a served dinner, make
                                                                                                              sure to offer the guests a vegetarian option
                                                                                                              and give the caterers contact information for
                                                                                                              guests that have allergy concerns.
                                                                                                              When it comes to alcohol, for most couples
                                                                                                              the biggest concern is cost. At most weddings,
                                                                                                              the bar is either open, or couples may opt to
                                                                                                              have a toonie bar to help cover costs. Any
                                                                                                              alcohol served with dinner, typically wine,
                                                                                                              should definitely be complimentary. It may
                                                                                                              also be nice to have an open bar for the
                                                                                                              cocktail hour while guests arrive and after
                                                                                                              dinner switch to a toonie bar.

Simple Wedding Speeches
1. Plan your speech        5. Thank and toast the
2. Keep it short              right people
3. Make sure your speech   6. Practice makes perfect
   has something for       7. Maintain eye contact
   everyone                8. Stay calm
4. Fun is good,            9. Have fun
   embarrassing is not

                                                       3 i9VV[`Y [` >SdSV[e9

                                                                BRIDALFANTASY   |   59
Choosing A Destination
     Wedding Photographer
     D       estination weddings are often easier to
             plan and more affordable than traditional
             weddings. When you choose to get
     married abroad, one thing that should remain the
                                                         Although the initial planning may be much
                                                         easier, choosing a professional destination-
                                                         wedding photographer will be a little more
                                                         challenging. With the emergence of low cost
     same is the consideration to hire a professional    digital cameras, many people, who are not
     photographer. After all it would be a shame to      necessarily professional photographers, see
     have your magical wedding in a perfect location     weddings as a way to make a quick buck.
     and not have one professional photo to remember
     it by.

                                                                                                        Curtis Comeau
Hire A Professional
Many resorts offer photography included in          the beach in Negril, Jamaica faces East. So if
their packages. Be careful that the                 you want that Caribbean blue water in your
photographer is not just a hotel employee           photos you would need to shoot from 11am -
who is a photo enthusiast that will only shoot      3pm. Any time after that you will get the
the basic shots rather than capture every           incorrect sun position which will give you a
spectacular moment.                                 dull looking water rather that the picturesque
This year while I was shooting a wedding (at        blue.
an unnamed hotel chain) in Mexico’s Myan            An experienced photographer will also know
Rivera, I met a local Mexican photographer          which working visas he will need to enter each
shooting another wedding along side of me.          specific country. Countries like Mexico and
We exchanged professional pleasantries and          Dominican Republic are getting very strict on
went on our ways. Two days later I was at the       wedding photography. In fact, a colleague of
beach bar (at the same hotel) hanging out           mine was in the middle of shooting a wedding
when a server asked me if I needed a drink, I       in Puerto Vallarta when Mexican authorities                                          Tuxedo available at Derks
looked up and it was the Mexican
photographer! Not quite the professional I
would trust to capture my day.                                                                                haven’t shot in that specific country, will have
Where can I find a Destination                                                                                some similar locations to show you.
                                                                                                              • When do I get my final prints or albums?
                                                                                                              30 days should be your benchmark. It’s your
A good starting place is to attend a bridal
                                                                                                              wedding, you are paying very good money for
show. There are always a wide variety of
                                                                                                              this service and you should have adequate
photographers showcasing their work at the
                                                                                                              turn around (get it in writing).
shows. Filter them out by asking if they’ve
                                                                                                              • What happens if things are late?
shot          a destination wedding along the
                                                                                                              Tardiness is normal to a destination
same line as what you’re planning. Ask to see
                                                                                                              photographer, first they will probably laugh,
their work and if you’re serious about hiring
                                                                                                              then mention that if you have planned
them, request a reference.
                                                                                                              properly this will not be a problem.
Be careful, just asking a photographer “Do you
                                                                                             Curtis Comeau    • What if you have a customs problem?
shoot destination weddings?” won’t cut it. We
                                                                                                              Your photographer should already know what
all will say “YES”. It’s more important to ask to
                                                    approached him on the beach and asked him                 documents they need. Make sure your
see photo samples from specific destination
                                                    for his appropriate working visa (which he                photographer gives themselves an extra day
weddings that they’ve shot. Make sure you
                                                    had).                                                     in case of flight delays.
see more than one wedding.
                                                    Many photographers are simply not aware of                What kind of Cameras do you use? What if one
There are some photographers who are very
                                                    these very important documents needed to                  breaks?
talented but have not had the opportunity to
                                                    work in specific countries. Be very diligent on           Pros always bring back ups. I am bias, because
shoot a destination wedding. There are
                                                    this issue. You don’t want your photographer              I use Canon gear however Nikon is also a very
intricacies involved with shooting a
                                                    turned away from the boarder because he has               good system. That being said, for quality
destination wedding, so you may want to
                                                    “too much photographic equipment” and is                  issues I would not go with a photographer
think twice before hiring a photographer who
                                                    deemed a professional.                                    who shoots on less than a 12 Mega pixel
does not know the in’s and out’s of weddings
abroad.                                             What should I ask?
                                                                                                              I hope you feel a little more knowledgeable
Experience Counts                                   Lists of all sorts of questions to ask a
                                                                                                              when it comes to choosing a professional
Shooting in the Caribbean is not like shooting      prospective photographer can be found in
                                                                                                              destination photographer. Just remember, like
in Alberta. The daylight, lack of shade,            any bridal planning guide or even online.
                                                                                                              all things in life, make sure to have fun during
locations and customs are very different than       When it comes to a destination wedding,
                                                                                                              this decision making process. Congratulations
here at home.                                       there are a few specific questions to ask.
                                                                                                              on your engagement and best of luck.
For example your photographer will have to          • Have you ever taken photos in (which ever country you
                                                                                                              Curtis Comeau
know how to factor in time of day in relation         are going to)?
                                                                                                              Instant Memories
to the reflection on the water. For example,        An experienced photographer, even if they       

                                                                                                                                   BRIDALFANTASY                     |   61
            “To me, eyewear goes way beyond being a                    For destination wedding divas, the        the knot at the beach, it might be a
                                                                       right sunglasses are crucial to your      necessity to wear your sunglasses
                                                                       wedding day attire. If you’ve chosen      for at least part of the ceremony.
             It’s like makeup.                                         a destination wedding, think of your      The eyewear you sport will give you
             It’s the most incredible accessory.                       sunglasses as a necessary accessory.      a completely new look in your
             The shape of a frame or the color of lenses               Your eyewear is going to be as            wedding gown. What look are you
                                                                       important as the rest of your bridal      going for, Audrey Hepburn
             can change your whole appearance.
                                                   ”                   jewelry. Predicting the sun will be       elegance, athletic Gabrielle Reece or
             Vera Wang                                                 shining brightly when you’re tying        stylish Victoria Beckham?

                  Adorned with real Swarovski crystals, these
                  sunglasses make a statement. The gradient lens and
                  full front shield provoke a mysterious look.

                                                                                          Christian Dior
                                                                                          A versatile and sporty frame. The full front shield with
                                                                                          silver accents, and the wider arms ensure extra sun

                                 Tom Ford
                                 This classic men’s frame can be worn with both
                                 sporty or more formal attire.

                                                                               All eyewear available at Eye Trend,

                            Experience the
                          wedding you deserve

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married on a sun-drenched beach, at an exclusive resort, on a cruise ship bound for adventure…
it’s well within your reach. Whether you’re planning for a small intimate wedding or a large group celebration of your nuptials, call
AMA Travel and one of our destination wedding experts will help you with all the details.

Wedding bells and ocean breezes                                       We’ll look after the details
The most popular trend in honeymoon travel is the Destination         The advantages of working with experienced and knowledgeable
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most exciting destinations around the world.                          AMA Travel is Alberta’s largest full service travel agency. Whether
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An unforgettable experience
                                                                      one-of-a-kind trips to destinations such as the Caribbean,
From lavish wedding/travel packages or nuptials at sea, to quiet      Mexico, Europe, the Mediterranean or the South Pacific… we’ll
villas in Tuscany, to secluded tropical hideaways, we’ll help you     make it happen. Turn your dream into a reality and call your
explore all the options, customize special arrangements, meet all     nearest AMA Travel office to get started on planning your
the requirements of marriage in a foreign country, and create the     Destination Wedding Package today!
perfect package that meets both your budget and your dreams.
                  Experience the wedding

              you’ve always dreamed of
Let AMA Travel make your destination wedding dreams come true. You choose the wedding package and the destination and let
us handle all the details.
 When booking with AMA Travel perks may include:             Plus, complimentary wedding packages
• Complimentary
                                                             at select hotels may feature:
                   seat and room upgrades
• Complimentary                                              • Flowers          • Wedding planning assistance
                   headset and beverage
  vouchers for all wedding guests                            • Cake                     of the Peace
                                                                                • Justice
• FREE personalized wedding invitations                      • Champagne        • Wedding dinner reservations
• Gifts for wedding guests                                   • Music            • And more!

• Private airport-to-hotel transfers
• Additional group package savings

 Book an appointment with one of our
 knowledgeable destination wedding
 specialists today.

                                   1-866-667-4777 |
                            If you’re feeling super-swamped, try these

         De-StressQuickly   tips and tricks to help you calm down:
                            Take a break – while it might seem
                            counterintuitive, taking a timeout from
                            your wedding planning will actually give
                            you time to recharge. Just 15 minutes of
                            fantasizing about your honeymoon will
                            give the boost you need to hit those last-
                            minute requests and tackle that seating
                            Set a limit – by fretting over those minor
                            wedding elements you’re going to
                            overwhelm yourself. Don’t dismiss the
                            matter altogether, just set a time limit on
                            yourself: “after 5 pm, I’m not thinking about
                            this anymore.” If you know you have one
                            hour to decide, you’re more likely to plan
                            out a solution promptly. And don’t forget,
                            just sleeping on something only adds it to
                            tomorrow’s schedule.
                            Smile at your sweetie – keep a photo of
                            your honey with you at all times. As soon as
                            that frantic feeling comes over you, whip
                            out that pic and soak up his fantastic smile.
                            It’ll remind you that at the end of all of this
                            chaos, your have a marriage, not just a

         Trash the Dress
                ow many hours does a bride spend shopping for the perfect dress? The time starts to add up when the minutes spent scouting

         H      out all the bridal shops, going for fittings and picking up the dress are taken into account. After all of this effort, the bride wears
                her dress for one day. Some don’t even wear it that long because they either have multiple dresses for the day, or they’d rather
         be in more comfortable attire for the festivities.

                                                                                    BF: Is today’s bride really trashing her dress rather than preserving it?
                                                                                    Edward: This idea is about creation rather than destruction when it
                                                                                    comes to shooting the bride in her dress. Rarely is the dress ruined.
                                                                                    Actually, in some cases, like when we shoot in a pure water stream, the
                                                                                    dress may actually be cleaner than when we first started. The goal is to
                                                                                    get an extremely elegant shot using Mother Nature as a backdrop or a
                                                                                    fashion forward shot. There is a risk that the dress could be ruined, for
                                                                                    example, if it got hooked on a jagged rock and ripped, but the goal is
                                                                                    not to harm the gown. Perhaps, the greater the risk, the better the end
                                                                                    BF: How did the Trash the Dress concept start?
                                                                                    Edward: The concept started a couple years ago in the United States
                                                                                    to give brides a chance to wear their dress one last time in an informal
                                                                                    setting. Many different Trash the Dress styles and opportunities have
                                                                                    evolved since the original idea came to fruition.
                                                                                    BF: What does the Trash the Dress concept entail?
                                                                                    Edward: Putting on your wedding dress and in conjunction with your
                                                                                    favorite photographer, and maybe your husband too, conceptualizing
                                                                                    a photograph that would not have been possible to shoot on your
                                                                                    wedding day.
                                                                                    BF: What was the wildest Trash the Dress shoot you were involved
                                                                                    Edward: Flying over the Rockies in a helicopter to the top of a
                                                                                    mountain in November. We shot there and then found an ice-cold
                                                                                    canyon stream for the bride to take a short dip in. I got the chills just
          Edward Ross Photography                                                   looking at her.
                                                                                    BF: You mentioned the concept has evolved. How have you evolved
               hat are you planning to do with your dress when your wedding         the concept to fit your style?
         W     is over? Maybe you’ll wish you could wear it one last time. Bridal
         Fantasy Magazine sat down with Edward Ross, a lifestyle and wedding
                                                                                    Edward: I actually changed the name from Trash the Dress to my
                                                                                    ELEMENTS series. The focus is on anything relating to the elements,
         photographer in Calgary, to chat about an emerging trend relating to       rain, wind, fire and earth. Personally I’ve shot on mountains, in rivers
         what a bride can do with her wedding gown when the big day has             and waterfalls, in forests or unique landscapes.
         come and gone.


                 Facette P
          a Fern

Picture Perfect                                                M. Vitalia Daz

                                          Bill Cowen
Shandro Photograpy

                                                          mi P
                                      RY2 P
                              ies r
                          nt M

                                      H.O.M. Pho
                                                to Inc.
                  our wedding day is one day you should be able to relax and let all those months

         Y        of planning just happen. To help your photographer out (and make sure you get
                  exactly want you want!), draft a “Must Shots” list. Some of these shots might be:

         Bride:                          Groom:                           Couple:
         H Alone: close up and           H Alone: close up and            H Lighting the unity
           full length                     full length                      candle
         H With parents                  H With parents                   H Cutting the cake
         H With the maid of              H With the best man              H Exchanging rings
           honour                        H With the                       H Dancing
         H With the                        flowergirl/ringbearer          H Kissing
           flowergirl/ringbearer         H With the best man &            Miscellaneous:
         H With the maid of                groomsmen
           honour &                      H Waiting for the bride          H Bride/groom getting
           bridesmaids                     right before the                 ready
         H With the groomsmen              ceremony                       H Ushers seating
         H Tossing the bouquet           H With the maid of                 guests
                                           honour and                     H Wedding cake
         Wedding Party:                                                   H Reception photos
         H With bride                    H Removing and                     (guests eating,
         H With groom                      tossing                          dancing, etc)
         H With both bride and             the garter                     H Guests waving
           groom                                                            goodbye
         H Dancing

          These are just some of the ideas for your wedding. Make sure the list you make has all the shots you “absolutely must have”.
           Your photographer should also have some great suggestions that you might not have thought of, so be sure to ask. Smile!

Photo Album Basics
           hile creating your album can

W          be a tedious process, it's also
           one of the most rewarding
parts of wedding planning. You'll have a
beautiful album for a lifetime. Watch
your instincts! You might want to jump
right in, hammer through those proofs,
and immediately want to know what
should go into your album. But slow
down, follow our plan and you’ll be able
to skip some seriously stressed-out
feelings. You'll have a beautiful book
that tells a wonderful story, and maybe
even shows off your dad’s dance moves.

        on't do it alone – your first look at

D       the wedding photos can be
        overwhelming, so you'd be wise to
make sure you and your spouse can both
be there for the choosing. And it’s okay to
ask for someone else’s advice, just make
sure you remember it’s your album.
Whatever you do, do not lend anyone your
proofs. No one will care for them the way
you do, and they may get lost or damaged.
Sort wisely – go with your gut on your first
look and put Post-its on the shots that
jump out at you. Don't overthink it. Just
pick 20 to 30 of your favourites. The next
step is to weed out the bad pictures (of
blinking guests, for example).
Now you're ready to group the proofs into
categories: getting ready, ceremony,
cocktail hour, reception, special moments
(cake cutting, speeches, candids, portraits,
dancing, etc.). How many pictures you
have in each category depends on a lot of
things, but keep in mind that eventually
you'll put only 50 to 100 photos in your
finished album. Avoid marking the backs
of the proofs if at all possible. A better
alternative? Use dot stickers. You can write
on these before sticking them onto the
backs of your photos. Before you begin
grouping ask if your photographer has a
numbering system as that will make
ordering easier.
Decide on an album type – there are
many options for albums. You can go
traditional with a classic matted style
album, which is generally bound like a

                                                BRIDALFANTASY   |   73
         book in which frames hide the edges of the        Take your time – choosing photos for a             formal posed shots too. Mixing black-and-
         photos. Depending on the quality these            wedding album takes six hours on average, so       white or sepia with color shots will also give
         albums can be very sturdy and tend to endure      don't expect it to be a quick task. You worked     your album a dynamic edge. Ask your
         age and use better than other styles. If you’re   hard to plan your wedding—taking time to           photographer for their recommendation.
         looking for something more creative, try a        reflect with your fabulous photos is part of the   Lay it out – now comes the fun part: putting it
         fabric album. These exquisite (and expensive)     payoff. But try not to lose momentum after         in order. We suggest laying out your proofs on
         albums are delicate. Be sure yours comes with     the wedding. Make your initial selections (the     a large table, so that you can easily arrange,
         a protective sleeve. Another great option is      20–30 faves) even if you are all wedding-ed        rearrange, and get a good overall view of the
         coffee-table books. Like a magazine created       out.                                               content of the album. Remember: You’re
         just for you, these albums come in a range of     Tell your story – basically, your wedding          telling a story. It might be easiest to arrange
         colors and materials, and the layout              album is a book with no text. You will need to     the album chronologically, but it’s okay to
         possibilities are endless. The set-up fees are    keep the “story” of your magical day in mid Are    deviate.
         expensive, but once you have a layout, you        all the important characters represented? You      Another important concept to consider is
         can often order multiple albums for a fraction    may have picked all the best shots of your         flow. Pay attention to how one segment leads
         of the initial cost.                              gorgeous self, and wedding party and parents       into another. One way to make your album
         Not interested in an actual photo album?          are usually included in formal shots, but what     smooth yet dynamic is to choose meaningful
         Just make sure you arrange in advance to buy      about grandparents, your favourite cousin,         transition shots. You can also experiment with
         your digital files from your photographer. You    and all those others?                              page layouts at this point. Some pages will
         can keep them on your hard drive, upload          In addition to representing a range of events      feature one 8"x10" portrait, while others will
         them to a photo site for sharing, make DVD        and individuals, vary images by look and type.     have a 5"x7" staggered with smaller shots.
         slide shows, and order prints whenever you        Modern couples tend to favor a                     Even a program as basic as Microsoft Word can
         want. Companies such as can put      photojournalistic style, emphasizing lots of       be used to design layouts. And you thought
         together DVD albums for your photographer.        candid shots, but make sure you have some          creating your album would be difficult!

and the girl
A        t Bridal Fantasy we get a lot of emails asking for
         ideas about wedding hair. It seems that many
         brides have a difficult time deciding on a
hairstyle that will suit them and their wedding outfit.
We’ve asked some hairdressers to create some
different looks for our model. Maybe one of these will
suit you…make sure you do a trial run.

                                 Princess – to feel like a
                                 princess on your big
                                 day, the finishing
                                 touch should be a
                                 tiara. Make sure to
                                 have a hair rehearsal
                                 and that your tiara
                                 suits you and fits well.

                                 Relaxed – loose curls
                                 give you a soft, relaxed
                                 and romantic look. You
                                 really need shoulder
                                 length or longer (or
                                 hair extensions) to
                                 achieve this style.

                                 Upstyle – upswept
                                 hair can look so pretty.
                                 We’ve added some
                                 texture at the back to
                                 give it a modern edge.
                                 You need an experts’
                                 help to pull off this
                                 polish look.

                                                              Dresses: Denilore Bridal
                                                              Hair and Makeup: Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa
                                                              Shot on location at The Hotel Selkirk
         Fresh Faces
         & Tresses                                                                           1

                 Junkie Gloss

             1   a slick formula that won’t stick and has a super moisturizing feel
                 Available at Avanti Salon & Spa
         2   these amazing tweezers look like a lipstick case, but come with a
             small mirror and a LED light for any stray hairs
             Available at Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

               Glamma Bronzer
          3    use either side alone or swirl together for a healthy, sun-kissed glow
               Available at Avanti Salon & Spa

         Massage Oil Moisturizer

     4   this versatile product can be used as a scented candle but the melted wax is
         also an awesome massage oil or moisturizer for the tough areas and comes in
         5 great scents
         Available at Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa                                   5

                  4-Play Eyeshadows                                                                  4

                  these amazing colours resist creasing and
                  fading and the four-in-one design makes
                  freshening up so easy
                  Available at Avanti Salon & Spa

                       Nail Laquer

               6       this beautiful polish will add the right touch of colour to
                       your nails
                       Available at Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

                                 a) Curl Cream: get the ultimate bouncy curl without a crispy feeling

                             7   b) Super Hold Mousse: fantastic lasting hold with a great natural shine
                                 c) Shine Spray: detangle your tresses with instant shine and light conditioning
                                 d) Spray Wax: this will give you great definition, texture with an unreal
                     7              smoothness
                                 e) Volume Cream: great for damp or dry hair, use this for lightweight volume
                                    and medium control
                                   Available at Avanti Salon & Spa

                                                        Paddle Brush
                                                   8    reduces stress to your hair and scalp by stimulating and
                                                        massaging your head
                                                        Available at Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

                                               Replenishing Body Moisturizer Volumizing Tonic
                                          9    great for getting volume in your hair at the roots and awesome for
                                               setting rollers
a       b    c   d       e                     Available at Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

                                                        Spray on Shine
                                              10        reduces stress to your hair and scalp by stimulating and
                                                        massaging your head
                                                        Available at Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa

                     9                        Chi Iron and Round Brushes

                                              quick heating with a swivel cord makes this flat iron really easy
                                              to use and creates silky smooth hair instantly. These brushes are
                                              great for volume while blow drying and styling
                                              Available at Avanti Salon & Spa




                                                                                           BRIDALFANTASY            |   79
       here are some parts of your wedding

T      that you will need to start way
       beforehand, so make sure to plan
ahead. Things like your hair and skin care
should be given enough time to make sure
the products don’t react with your skin, and
the results are clearly visible.
If you want to try a dramatic change for your
hair, do it at least three to six months before
your wedding. The last thing any bride wants
is to find out the hair colour doesn’t work
three days before the wedding. Give yourself
enough time to go back to your natural
hairstyle, or try something different without
worrying about the date next week.
Full facials help with the even application of
makeup and are strongly recommended.
Who doesn’t want a little bit of pampering
during this time? However, make sure you
have at least two weeks to let any reactions
or blemishes heal for your special day.
Getting your makeup professionally done is
always a bonus. Not only do you not have to
worry about it, but these artists know what
works for both pictures and real life, and are
experts at how to best apply the makeup to
compliment your skin, your wedding colours
and the season.
On the day of your wedding, make sure you
and your bridesmaids have enough time for
hair and makeup, to dress and relax a bit
before the actual event. Make sure to eat
something and drink lots of water to keep
your skin hydrated. Keep an “emergency
touch-up” bag that has your lipstick, powder
to keep down the shine, eye shadow for a
late-night touch up and some tissues for any

                                                  BRIDALFANTASY   |   81
                                                                            For Your
                                                                            Ears Only
                                                                                     hen you complete your bridal look,
                                                                                     your face shape can help you match
                                                                                     your earrings for the perfect symmetry.

                                                                            For an oval face, look for chandeliers or drops.

                                                                            A rectangular face should be paired with hoops,
                                                                            either large or small. Rounder faces go best with
                                                                            long and slim earrings to lengthen your face.

                                                                            A heart-shaped face goes well with triangles or
                                                                            teardrops to bring balance.

                                                                            For a square face, round, small spheres, ovals or
                                                                            hoops are the best match.

                                                                            Remember when going with a long earring to
                                                                            come to a point at the bottom.

                Let the memories from the past tell the story of how your

              love came to be. Share and preserve these special moments

                        with a DVD media album or slideshow.

                                           Media Albums

The Great
               onths of planning, lots of lists and late nights and

M              now for the pièce to résistance...the honeymoon...a
               romantic breath of fresh air and time to relax.

Whether you are jet setting around the city, hitting the beach, or the
adventure trail, it is time to get packing for a first class holiday.
This could be the most romantic and extravagant holiday of your life.
It’s a fabulous chance to relax together, remember all the special
wedding day memories you’ve just created and most importantly
contemplating the rest of your life together as husband and wife.
Your honeymoon is usually the most important holiday you’ll ever plan
                                                                            Most couples make this decision together, poring over brochures,
and probably the most expensive. It’s a time and a memory that you’ll
                                                                            searching the web, to ensure the holiday of a lifetime. Consider what
always remember so organizing it can initially seem more complicated
                                                                            you like to do, he likes to golf, you like the beach, find a resort that
because you’ve got so many other things to take care of as time leads
                                                                            offers both. You can always compromise by cutting your trip in half.
up to the big day.
                                                                            Many couples opt for a week at a remote beach destination followed
First, decide on a destination...this is decided by the time of year, and   by a week in a city destination for some shows, shopping and urban
inevitably by the budget you set. Think about your priorities, the          excitement. Alternatively a week in a cultural destination where
things you both like to do when you decide on your holiday location         history opens its doors to the visitor.
and your holiday style. Is it the sun, the shopping the sight-seeing you
                                                                            Whether you are jet setting around the city or hitting the adventure
want? Is it urban or wilderness? There are a lot of great options
                                                                            trail, it is time to get packing for first class holiday style...Look no

                                                                            Epicurean Adventure

                                                                            Stay:           Rui Jalisco,
                                                                                            Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico
                                                                                            Hotel Premiere, Puerto Vallerta
                                                                            Why?:           It’s all there...the food, the wine, the chefs, the beaches
                                                                                            and the hospitality of Mexico.
                                                                            Enjoy:          Puerto Vallarta’s Festival Gourmet International in
                                                                                            November....guest chefs from around the world come
                                                                                            here to show their culinary skills. Puerto Vallarta is
                                                                                            home to some world class restaurants. You can choose
                                                                                            from French, Italian, German, Austrian, Thai, Japanese,
                                                                                            Chinese, Greek, Continental, Mediterranean and of
                                                                                            course Mexican to name a few.
                                                                            Activities: Sailing, go-karts, horse back riding, deep sea fishing,
                                                                                           snorkeling, Tequila tours, scuba diving, bungee
                                                                                           jumping, and much, much more.
Darrell Derk

                                                                                                                           BRIDALFANTASY                  |   83

                                               Stay:                Hotel Mayet
                                                                    The Five Hotel
                                                                    Paris, France
                                               Why?:                This city is exotic and the world’s capital of romance. There are also some great
                                                                    hotels and sight-seeing. There is no city like “The City of Light”.
                                               Can’t Miss:          The Eiffel Tower, Paris Fountains, The Seine River, Place Vendome, Opera Garnier,
                                                                    The Louvre Museum, Palais de la Decouverte, Notre Dame Cathedral
                                               Enjoy:               the museums, the bistros and the cafes
                                               Eat:                 Bateaux Parisiens – choose from terraine of duck foie gras to pan-fried scallops
                                                                    and artichokes with wild herb sauce.
                                                                    Le Bistro Niel – a modern French bistro
                                               Shop:                Paris is a shopper’s dream. From the couture shops found on Avenue Montaigne
                                                                    to the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. Check out Printemps and Galieries
                                                                    Lafayette for a great selection of brand, private label and designer names. Find
                                                                    bargain treasures in the Paris Flea Market


     Stay:         The Hotel Monaco
                   Hotel Vitale
                   San Francisco, California
     Why?:         There is no city like San Francisco and either of these hip, urban hotels will
                   meet and exceed an urban couples expectations. San Francisco goes not-
                   stop each and every day, the atmosphere is contagious
     Can’t Miss:   Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Alcatraz, Sonoma Valley Wine Country, The
                   Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge, Theatre – “Beach Blanket Babylon” is a must
     Shop:         There are boutiques everywhere as well as all the mainstream shopping
                   you could hope for in the fabulous Union Square

The Private Island Celebration
Stay:         Caye Chapel Island Resort
              Caye Chapel, Belize
Why?:         You’ve always dreamed of something unforgettable,
              exclusive and original. Operating as a very exclusive
              destination, this tropical island offers you and your guests
              the utmost in service and seclusion
Enjoy:        an island resort in the ultimate wedding location, 12 miles
              off the coast of Belize. This destination caters to your every
              wish; warm sand under your feet as you have a picturesque
              sunset wedding
Activities:   dancing, sailing, golf, spa treatments, health club, tennis.
              Volleyball, snorkelling, island lake harpoon fishing,
              horseshoe pits

                                                                        Stay:                  Il Palazzo at the Bauer
                                                                                               Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal
                                                                                               Venice, Italy
                                                                        Can’t Miss:            The Doge’s Palace, Basilica de San Marco, Le Fenice
                                                                                               Opera House, The Bridge of Sighs, St. Mark’s Square
                                                                        Enjoy:                 the scenery is spectacular from the bridges, to the way
                                                                                               the water surrounds the building. History abounds!
                                                                        Eat:                   Vini da Gigio – Italian cuisine to eat at every night
                                                                                               Osteria Antico Dolo – homey atmosphere with great
                                                                                               seafood and fish
                                                                        Romance:               don’t forget a serenade on a gondola ride

                                                                         All images this and opposite page courtesy of

                                                                                                                                   BRIDALFANTASY         |   85
I  t’s your’s your
   time to want to glow
   every time you’re in your
swimsuit and beachwear. Aim to
seek out styles that accentuate the
parts you want to show off and
camouflage the parts you don’t.
Focus on fashion as well as a
balanced silhoutte.

                                                Images this page and
                                                 opposite courtesy of

                                               All swim and beachwear
                                                available at Offshores
Feeling playful?
These trendy bikinis offer style, fit, and flirty sex appeal.

                                                                Wear a one-piece that offers
                                                                enough support and coverage
                                                                to show off without revealing
                                                                too much.
              Radiate confidence
              and sex appeal
              every time you slip on your swimsuit. Accentuate your positives and downplay your negative
              by seeking styles that balance your physique.

                                                                                                           courtesy of L-Space. Swimwear available at Offshores.

                         Before you go buying every pretty note card in
                         sight, determine your needs by breaking down
                         your wedding day. Use your wedding style,
                         whether it be formal or casual, as well as time
                         and budget to guide you through the boundless
                         options. It's helpful to establish a thread of
                         consistency -- with color, theme, or motif -- and
                         apply it to each piece. For efficiency and cost
                         effectiveness, strive to order all your stationery
                         needs from the same place and, ideally, at the
                         same time.
                         The invitation is the cornerstone of your
                         wedding stationery. It reflects the tone of your
                         wedding, whether black tie or beach party. An
                         invitation can have several pieces: the outer
                         envelope, an unsealed inner envelope, the
                         invitation, a reception card (if the party is held at     Notables Stationers
                         a different venue than the ceremony), and a
                         response card with a self-addressed, stamped
                         envelope. Printed maps and information on
                                                                                 Chocolate Brown: Brown is the new ecru. Used
                         hotels is often also enclosed. Here are some
                                                                                 as a border or background color, this neutral
                         great invitation trends that are showing up all
                                                                                 shade acts as a grounding tone, which is a great
                                                                                 way to introduce brighter shades into your
                         Silk Boxes: No more licking and sticking                invites. If it's too dark for you (or your wedding
                         envelopes: stow all your wedding stationary like        style) just use it as your signature font color, in
                         invitations, reply cards, and maps in a neatly          lieu of stark black. Chocolate brown works with
                         packaged miniature box. These new creations             almost every color on the wheel and feel free to
                         beautifully show off your wedding day plan. You         switch it up by reversing the combo on your
                         can customize the contents for the season of            envelopes.
                         your wedding.
                                                                                 Okay, you’ve finally got those beautiful
                         Perforated Reply Cards: This is a very clever           invitations and are ready to send them out
                         way to avoid lost reply cards -- and no excuses         announcing your big day. But what about the
                         from guests! Have your invite design printed            married couple with the two kids, and the
                         across a perforated line, making both a beautiful       divorced aunt…
                         invite and reply card in one easy move. This
                                                                                 Traditionally, invitations were addressed by
                         innovative technique is hip enough for any style.
                                                                                 hand. If you have the time and the inclination to
                         3-D Embellishments: Literally add dimension             do this, all the power to you! In many cases,
                         to your invitation, with charms, appliqués, and         brides will hire a calligrapher for a neat and
                         more. Decorate your invite with your signature          professional touch, or do up pretty labels that
                         bloom or embellishment from your gown. If               match their wedding theme. But what to put on
                         glitz and glamour is your calling, try a border of      them? Here’s a helping hand for you.
                         jewels, beads, or shiny rhinestones. Other fun
                                                                                 The outer envelope should be address with the
                         flourishes: berries, pearls, feathers, and leaves
                                                                                 guests’ full name, followed by the address. The
                         Bold Bellybands: Whether you have paper or              inner envelope is addressed with the last name.
                         ribbon, thick or thin, a bellyband's purpose is to      Typically, each adult member of the family
                         wrap around the invite set. Dressing up even the        would receive an invitation, i.e., separate
                         simplest invite, a bellyband essentially takes the      invitations should be prepared and addressed to
                         place of the inner envelope. Busy-looking               the parent(s) and each individual child over
                         invitations look nicer with a simple bellyband,         eighteen. It’s also considered polite to offer the
                         and vice versa.                                         option of a date to any guest over the age of
eighteen. If children under the age of eighteen are
invited, their names would go on the line beneath
their parents on the inner envelope. Make sense?

Married Couple:
• Outside: Mr. & Mrs. Matt Smith
• Inside: Tracy & Matt
With Children under 18
• Outside: Mr & Mrs. Matt Smith & Family
• Inner: Tracy & Matt (space) Stacy & Mike
Women kept Maiden name
• Outside: Ms. Tracy Jones & Mr. Matt Smith
• Inner: Tracy & Matt (space) Stacy & Mike
Divorced Women or Man
• Outside: Ms. Tracy Jones
• Inner: Tracy & Guest
  (if the divorced women resumed using her
  maiden name, use that instead. This is also the
  same way you would address an envelope to a
  single person and their date)
Unmarried Couple living together
• Outside: Ms. Tracy Jones
  & Mr. Matt Smith
• Inner: Tracy & Matt
• Outside: Mrs. Tracy Smith
• Inner: Tracy
Single Woman or Man
• Outside: Ms. Tracy Jones
• Inner: Tracy

                       Blue Sky Invitations


                                                           BRIDALFANTASY   |   91
                                                             Use these tips when it comes time to pay        • Send your thank you cards within two
         Thank You Card                                      gratitude.
                                                             • Each note should be hand written.
                                                                                                               weeks of receiving your gifts.
                                                                                                             • Send thank you cards to all of the vendors

         Etiquette                                           • You can order customized thank you cards
                                                               or buy standard preprinted thank you
                                                               cards. Customized thank you cards can
                                                               match your invitations, which will keep
                                                               with the theme of your wedding.
                                                                                                               you used.
                                                                                                             • Use a fancy postage stamp. Post offices
                                                                                                               often carry a neat assortment of stamps to
                                                                                                               choose from, or order customized stamps

         T   his is a must. Thanking each and every          • Thank each guest for the specific gift they   • It’s a nice touch to include a photo of
             guest for his or her gift is a class act that     gave.                                           either the bride and groom, or the guest.
                                                             • Send separate notes for shower and
             must not be dismissed.
                                                               wedding gifts.

                                                                                                             The Paper Tree

                                                                                                                    Notables Stationers

                                                                                                        Evergreen Stationers

Friendly Invitations
       owadays, “Save A Tree” isn’t just a cute

N      slogan. Between global warming and
       habitat destruction it’s become more
imperative than ever. To make a huge impact
you can minimize the amount of virgin paper
used in your wedding stationary. There may not
be extensive options for the actual printing; you
can make some responsible but fabulous
choices when it comes to your paper.
Since you can’t completely dismiss the wedding
invitation, try using paper that has a high-
recycled content or is made from an alternative
fiber. There are a lot of beautiful recycled paper
options out there and it does make a difference.
The benefits really are amazing!
Normally there is a lot of information you want
to convey to your guests. Try combining all of
the pertinent information onto one card
instead of including multiple cards with your
invites. Another great option is to have a small
website card in your invitations that direct your
guests to your paper-free, information-filled
domain. You can put your email address here
for your guests to RSVP as well.
Continue to use our information age and send
out online invites for the surrounding events.
Things like the bachelorette party, the rehearsal
dinner and the post wedding brunch, and you
can also send out e-vites to keep your guests
updated on the wedding happenings.
Put one menu at each table versus a menu for
each place setting. When planning your
programs, you can eliminate unnecessary
pages or print one per couple, because you
certainly don’t need extra programs!
Try forgoing the individual escorts cards for a
poster that lists the guest’s setting information
for them. Or you can dress it up and have some
white-glove service with the waiters seating
guests at their tables.

                                                                        Evergreen Stationers

                                     The Paper Tree

                                                      The Scroll Shop
                                                                                           BRIDALFANTASY   |   93
                                                                                                   A Fairytale
     Gettin’Around                                                                                 Wedding
            rranging how the bridal party        conditioning? This is a must for

                                                                                           One of it’s kind in
            gets from A to B is sometimes        summer weddings since tuxedos and         Canada! This
            neglected until close to the         gowns can be very warm on a hot           Cinderella carriage is
     wedding date. If you’re renting a           summer day. Find out how old the          a romantic and
     limousine or a stylish vehicle, it’s best   vehicle is, what the chauffeur will be    stunning alternative
     to get this organized early on in the       wearing and if extras, like a bottle of   to a more traditional
     planning stages to ensure the vehicle       champagne, are included in the cost       form of transportation
     you’ve got your eye on is available.        of your rental.                           and also doubles as
                                                                                           the perfect backdrop
                                                                                           for wedding photos.
     Take the following considerations into      Finally, enjoy the times during your
                                                                                           In case of rain, the
     account when booking your                   big day when you are being
                                                                                           carriage has a clear
     transportation. How many people are         chauffeured. This is often one of the
                                                                                           cover that will keep
     you booking for? At what time of day        only chances you’ll have that day to
                                                                                           your wedding party
     will you require a vehicle? What is         reflect, relax and spend time with
                                                                                           comfortable and
     your budget for transportation? Does        those closest to you.
                                                                                           warm. For more
     the car of your choice have air
                                                                                           information visit

                                        Limousines are
                                        getting more
                                        luxurious when it
                                        comes to the
                                        amenities they offer.
                                        Here’s an inside look.

Sleek and fun. Excursion Limousine                               Out of this world! The Stratosphere Limo
available through Prestige Limousine.                            Bus available through Blue Sky Limos.

                                                                                                            BRIDALFANTASY   |   95
                                          Asian Luck 888 Date                                                Wealth     Happiness       Luck

    hether you’re having a traditional Chinese wedding or an Asian inspired theme wedding, the date to have it is 08/08/08. Asian

W   culture places great emphasis on auspicious and inauspicious numbers. All auspicious numbers are deemed a promising

                               The auspicious eight is a lucky number that              How can a couple work the number eight into their
                               promises prosperity, wealth and happiness. As            special day in as many ways as possible? Choose a
                               well, in Chinese, the pronunciation of the word          date that has a number eight in it. Have a
                               eight and the word rich is very similar. To add to the   monogram designed with the number eight, and
                               888 luck, this date falls on a Friday, which is a        the bride and grooms initials for your invitations.
                               realistic day to hold a wedding.                         Apply this monogram on everything including
                               Considering that numerous studies have indicated         programs, favors, place cards, thank you cards and
                               the number one reason why couples argue and              slideshows. Choose eight when deciding on the
                               even divorce is money, a date with an eight looks        number of flowers you have in your centerpieces
                               even more promising. Since the number eight              and bouquets. Have eight people in your bridal
                               provides prosperity and wealth, any date with            party and ask your marriage commissioner to
                               eight is also known to be a perfect day to start an      incorporate the number eight into your vows. Let
                               enterprise.                                              all of the vendors you’re working with in on the fact
                                                                                        that this number is significant to your wedding and
                               For those contemporary couples who see marriage          you’ll be surprised at the suggestions they can
                               as a business venture when it comes to financials        offer to highlight the number eight. Perhaps your
                               and investments, this day promises good fortune.         cake artist will create a cake for you with eight tiers.
                               In Chinese culture, surrounding oneself with             You can even find postage stamps online that are
                               auspicious numbers is so important that people           specifically designed to match the theme of your
                               will pay extraordinary amounts of money for lucky        wedding. Check out and
                               numbered phone numbers, bank account                     you’ll find Asian wedding stamps with eights on
                               numbers and license plate numbers. The                   them.
                               magnitude of their superstitions is illustrated          Here’s to a wonderful marriage filled with
                               perfectly by the fact that the Summer Olympics in        prosperity, wealth and happiness.
                               Beijing, China are scheduled to start on 08/08/08 at

                                   Muted gold accessories pair perfectly with this antique ivory gown. The exotic Indian
                                   shawl and gold bangles incorporate a cultural elegance to a Western wedding dress.

                                                                                                               Photo courtesy of Shandro Photo
      thnic inspired weddings are known for         wedding cake adapted from Western culture

E     their glamour and glitz. Indian style
      incorporates jewels, bright colors and
exotic fabrics. These accents are found in
                                                    can now be found at many Indian
                                                    celebrations. Why not let other cultures
                                                    inspire you and add to the excitement of
everything from the traditional bridal sari to      your day?
the décor. There is no greater event in Indian      Indian fashion boasts an enormous selection
culture than a wedding, and the                     of gorgeous accessories. If you’re having a
extravagance of their celebration illustrates       Western wedding, these accessories will add
this. Indian couples that tie the knot in           flare to your bridesmaid’s dresses and finish
Canada usually adopt some Western                   off each ensemble with an exotic and unique
traditions for their affair, for example, the       edge.
Turquoise is a precious stone that’s                Silver pairs nicely with almost any color, and
commonly found in Indian jewelry. This set          the bride and bridesmaids need somewhere
doubles as a timeless gift for your                 to keep their lipstick, wallet and other
bridesmaids because it can be worn long             goodies.
after the wedding.

                 Products available at Anika Designs.                           Available at Nazila Couture
                         T      he vintage art deco
                                black flower gives a
                                twist to the traditional
                         Spanish look. Flamenco
                         flowers generally are large,
                         daring in color and made of
                         synthetic material. Hair should
                         be tied back from face to
                         bring slimness to the neck.
                         Spanish brides often wear a
                         white flower in their hair,
                         which is the focal point of
                         their look.

 Tailored for happily
Suit packages includes suit, shirt and
ever after.
tie starting at $395.
                             I  f every bride wants to look like Audrey Hepburn on her
                                big day, then every groom hope to be the image of Cary
                                Grant. In other words, he wants to look stylish, suave and

                             Your wedding sends out a clear signal on your sense of fashion.
                             Keeping it simple is by far the easiest option. Stick with clean
                             lines in a smart suit or tux for you and your groomsmen. As the
                             groom you should invest in something special for this
                             celebration. Accessories will make or break your look.
                             Choose a good formal shirt in white, candlelight or ivory. Make
                             sure the collar is good and solid and will keep its shape all day.
                             If the weather is hot consider a second shirt and change
                             partway through the day.
                             Your tie should be on the simple and discreet side, pulling the
                             fashion and colour element out of your vest. With cufflinks, go
                             for quality every time. If there is a coordinating colour theme,
                             pick up that colour in the wedding party vests.
                             The last word is about shoes. Sensible tuxedo or dress shoes are
                             best. Even your shoe style should coordinate with your over-all
 Tuxedo available at Derks
 Flowers: la piazza dasee

                                   Tips For the
                                   Handy Hints Help Keep the Day
                                         Running Smooth
                             1. Make sure your shoes are spotless. Taking care of your shoes
                                means there is no chance for marks on the brides’ dress.
                             2. Practice your speech; it really is “practice makes perfect”.
                             3. Stay calm, everybody gets nervous. Talk to your best man to
                                help calm you down.
                             4. Look after your three special ladies:
                                 • Your bride – do everything in your power to make sure she
                                   wears a smile all day. This is her day.
                                 • Your mom – it’s a happy day for her.
                                 • Your mother-in-law – it is her little girl you’re marrying
                             5. Keep hydrated…make sure you have a lot of bottled water

Tuxedo available at Derks
                                           Shirty      ff the rack shirts fit very few men perfectly…the

                                               O       solution? Go for a custom made-to-measure shirt that
                                                       has been created to fit your individual shape. It’s not
                                                 just about the fit; it’s about the look and personal style you
                                                  want to convey. A wedding is an occasion when a man is
                                                  expected to invest some time, effort and cash on feeling
                                                  and looking good.

Twisted         he groom is no longer an extra at his wedding. While it is

         T      extremely important that he coordinates with the rest of his
                party, today’s groom is for more likely to go for a more
         individual look to stand apart from the rest of the groomsmen:
          classic with a modern twist. If you want cutting edge, accessories
           are the place to do it.
          For the all important finishing touches or just a great gift for
          your groomsmen, there are amazing selections of cufflinks,
          shirts or ties you can choose from today.

                                                                                  BRIDALFANTASY                   |   103
                                                         Do Your
                                                        The Responsibilities
                                                         of the Best Man
                                                       • Get involved in the planning stages as
                                                         early as possible.
                                                       • Have the stag at least one week before the
                                                       • Spend the night before the wedding
                                                         keeping the groom on track
                                                       • Keep the rings and wedding license in a
                                                         safe place and on you personally for the
                                                       • Write a speech that appeals to the widest
                                                         possible audience with some humour to it
                                                       • Keep a list of every phone number the
                                                         groom could possible need i.e.: car rental,
                                                         hotel, etc.

                                                       • Hire a stripper for the stag unless you
                                                         know he wants one
                                                       • Let the groom near any alcohol before the
                                                       • Make any jokes about the bride in your
                                                       • Get drunk at the reception. As the best
                                                         man it is your job to maintain control
                                                       • Play any practical jokes on the groom
                                                       • Forget to have a good time yourself!

                          Tuxedos available at Derks

          The Groom’s Day
          Starts Right Here
                very successful wedding runs like clockwork, so here’s your rundown

          E     of the groom’s traditional duties.

          Even though no two weddings are alike, by their very nature they share common
          values – because they are the product of several generations of customs. The
          groom’s role is remarkable straightforward:
          He is responsible for:
                • For the wedding rings
                • Choosing a best man
                • Organizing the particulars of the venue i.e.: the minister, renting the
                  ceremony location, the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets and the men’s
                • Transportation
                • The honeymoon
                • Sourcing the photographer and videographer
                • Reception entertainment

          The groom should also be at least 30 minutes early for the ceremony and he
          should deliver a short, amusing speech which thanks everyone, particularly the
          brides’ parents and tells everyone why his bride is so special to him.                                                   Tuxedo available at Derks

                                                                                            Dressing to
                                                                                                     hen you’re dressing to impress, it’s not just what

                                                                                            W        you wear that matters, but also the way in which
                                                                                                     you wear it.
                                                                                            The first rule is that people should notice you, not your
                                                                                            clothes. Make sure your suit or tux is clean and pressed,
                                                                                            with your trousers carrying a sharp crease and your shoes
                                                                                            are well polished.
                                                                                            Make sure your clothes fit you well. Your trousers should
                                                                                            break at the second eyelet of your lace-up shoes. The jacket
                                                                                            arm should show 1/2 inch of cuff and if you want to look
                                                                                            slimmer, wear black. Whatever you wear, wear it with
                                                          Tuxedos available at Derks
                                                                                            confidence. It will make all the difference.

106   |      BRIDALFANTASY
Fashion Done
Tuxedos are once again growing in popularity for special occasions or for that
night out on the town. With the New Year upon us there are an abundance of
choices for formalwear needs. Give your suit a break and try out a tuxedo this year.
The accessory options are wild…from coloured or crisp white shirt…Euro
ties…vests of every conceivable fabrication and design. You can put your
personalized stamp of colour and design on whichever style you choose, and
create your own individual look.

Crisp and slim set the tone for the “new    under-collar put in, to make them
suit”. This cool, sophisticated piece of    essentially more wearable. Luxury
clothing has come a long way from its       items are once again becoming
predecessors. The suit now is a versatile   increasingly popular; softer, higher
piece, with higher thread counts, an        quality fabrics are making a dramatic
increasingly tailored image and above       comeback. With these new suits,
all a much more comfortable garment.        simplicity is the key. Suits are making a
Suits have historically been classified     dramatic impact world-wide, thus
for those times in your life of a serious   making a suit an upcoming staple in
or sombre occasion. With the new suit       your wardrobe. So come on in and look
this mentality changes. A suit is no        into the future of clothing…with
longer uncomfortable, but instead           slimmer silhouettes and a softer feel
shows versatility for those occasions       that guarantees you an effortless and
where you need more than one look,          polished look which is something that’s
this piece can be dressed up or down        sure to make your girl turn her eyes in
depending on the look you require.          your direction.
Suits have softer shoulders with a soft

                                   Men Are Journaling!
                                   Treat your groomsmen to the fine
                                   craftsmanship of a Lamy fountain pen made
                                   from lightweight, durable aluminium. Pair this
                                   with a leather journal and use the first page to
                                   write a personalized thank you message.
                                   Available at Notables Stationers,

                                     Tech Photo Album
                                     A neat way to show off your photos. These
                                     digital photo frames can be used as a
                                     keychain, clipped to a briefcase or hung on
                                     your rear-view mirror. Just upload your
                                     favourite photos from your computer to the
                                     device and fond memories will literally be
                                     at your fingertips.
                                     Available from RY2 Photo,
                                                                                        Tuxedo: Zegna (retail)
                                                                                        Available at: Derks
        he great thing about a Black Tie

  T     wedding is that it’s so easy and
        everyone looks great. It doesn’t
  demand a great amount of choice or even
  much fuss for that matter. It is, essentially, a
  uniform and it is very hard to get wrong.
  Strictly speaking, the shirt should have a
  pleated front and a soft, turned-down collar.
  Be bold and add a splash of colour with your
  bowtie, cummerbund/vest and pocket-
Done Right                                                         1

1. Traditional – just because you value tradition doesn’t
   mean you have to look old-fashioned for your wedding.
   Some great accessories and an amazing fit makes a
   groom stand out on his special day.

2. Fashion Forward – it’s the small details on this tux that
   make the fashion difference. Things like button detailing
   and fabric.
3. Classic – this isn’t about dressing on the safe side. Classic
   wedding dressing means letting good taste supersede the
   excess fashion element.

4. Modern – even grooms can dare to wear the latest
   formals fashion. Modern is good, just don’t chase the
   latest fashion fad.

All tuxedos on this and opposite page available at Derks



Flowers: Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique
Dress: Ethos
Hair & Makeup: Chocolate Mousse
Salon & Spa
Shot on location at
The Hotel Selkirk
          The Meaning of Flowers
                  o matter how you look at it, flowers play an integral role at weddings. Bouquets accent the wedding gown and bridesmaid

          N       dresses beautifully. Flowers add a finishing touch to both the ceremony and reception décor and can even transform a room. They
                  also play a symbolic role.

               n ancient belief is that the bride’s     meanings were derived in the romantic
          A    bouquet should have certain herbs in
          it to ensure good luck. The bride would
                                                        Victorian Era.
                                                                                                        Baby’s Breath: Innocence
                                                                                                        Carnation: First Love
                                                        When choosing your flowers, it may be a         Chrysanthemum (red): I love you
          choose a special friend to give it to after   good idea to consider the underlying            Daisy: Innocence
          the wedding thereby passing along the         message you’re sending to your guests.          Hydrangea: Understanding
          good blessings. Overtime this tradition       Ask your florist if you’re unsure of the
          evolved into a bouquet toss. Today, the                                                       Lilac: Young love. First emotions
                                                        meaning of a particular flower. For the         Lily (white): Purity
          single lady that catches the bouquet is       most part, the look of your finished
          granted good luck and deemed the next                                                         Lily of the Valley: Purity, Happiness
                                                        product will be of greatest concern, but
          in line to wed.                                                                               Marigold: Joy
                                                        do ensure that the flowers you’re
          Since today’s couple is going the extra       choosing do not have any negative               Rosebud: Purity
          mile to ensure their union is unlike          connotation. Add an extra level of              Sweet Gerbera Daisy: Beauty, Thoughts of
                                                                                                        absent friends (1)
          anyone else’s, lets go a step further and     significance to your big day by mixing
          explore the individual meanings of the        and matching the flowers you choose             Elegant Calla Lily: Purity, Grace, Splendid beauty (2)
          flowers used. When flowers were given,        based on their unique meanings.                 Exotic Orchid: Perfection, Love, Rare beauty (3)
          the meanings assigned to flowers were                                                         Spring Tulip (red): Declaration of love, Passion (4)
          used as secret love messages. These                                                           Classic Red Rose: Love (5)

           1                          2                              3                              4                                   5

          Flower Traditions
          Incorporate a piece of history and age old         and one very rich in meaning and symbolism.        things beautiful and nurturing would be passed
          tradition into your wedding bouquet. Orange        What makes it so special? The orange tree was      along to the new marriage. You can incorporate
          blossoms are one of the most highly traditional    thought to be very significant because it is the   this special meaning into your own bouquet by
          flowers which can be included in the bridal        only plant that bears both the flower and the      having your florist include a few orange
          bouquet. Brides have being carrying this           fruit at the same time, a trait which symbolizes   blossoms among the blooms you will carry on
          particular flower on their wedding day for         abundance. It was believed that by carrying        your wedding day, just as brides throughout the
          centuries. In fact, it is perhaps the very first   blossoms from the orange tree in the wedding       centuries have done.
          flower ever to be carried in a wedding bouquet,    bouquet, the blessing of an abundance of all

112   |        BRIDALFANTASY
         symbol of the natural world, wedding       a flowering bush (like hibiscus) to hang

A        flowers are a great place to make some
         eco-friendly choices. Investigate the
origins of flowers and think about the
                                                    escort cards from.
                                                    Try going a little trendy. Have your
                                                    bridesmaids carried beautiful fans for a
pesticides that might have been used. Were          Spanish feel, or silk purses with jewelled
they grown in an environmentally way? Cut           blooms. You can also look into silk flowers.
flowers result in a lot of waste. Talk to your      They are sometimes more expensive, but the
florist about conserving – maybe sharing your       arrangement will last forever and it makes a
blooms with another party.                          great keepsake for your girls.
Flowers that are pesticide free show off a          Don’t forget; giving back isn’t limited to your
flower’s natural beauty. Some flowers, like         wedding day. When you get home from your
roses, are so genetically engineered that they      honeymoon, plant a tree in your backyard or
need to be sprayed with an artificial scent.        the neighbourhood you got married in. Get
Organic roses smell exactly how they should.        permission first! You can track how old the
And if you can’t find a florist in your area with   tree is by your anniversary.
organic blooms, there’s always a lot of options
on the internet.                                    Your goal: support local nurseries by looking
                                                    for locally grown, seasonal blooms. Talk to
Potted plants, flowers or even small trees can      your florist to figure out what flowers fall
make wonderful centerpieces, which can be           into this category so you know what you can
transplanted later on. Use potted trees strung      choose from.
with lights to enhance your dance floor, or use

                                                                                                      BRIDALFANTASY   |   113
our wedding flowers play a major role in your wedding theme. You want your floral accents to compliment the overall feeling

of your special day. Whether it’s a Pretty-in-Pink Clutch or a Falling-Flowers Cascade, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for
in the following pages.

                                                                                                           Purple Petal Hand-Tied
                                                                                                           Style: Clutch
                                                                                                           Flowers: Purple Anemone, purple tinted
                                                                                                           Sage, Xanadu and Cordelyne leaves.
                                                                                                           Extra Embellishments: Metallic purple wire.

                                                                                                                           la piazza dasee

                                                                                                                           BRIDALFANTASY             |   115
                 Monochromatic Contemporary Cascade
                 Style: Cascade
                 Flowers: Trailing yellow James Story Orchids, Rose-                                   la piazza dasee
                 like Kale (type of cabbage), ivory Cymbidium
                 Orchids, Protea, Florida Beauty leaves, bent Horse
                 Tail Bamboo and Aspidistra leaves.

                                                                              Fall Flowers
                                                                              Style: Clutch
                                                                              Flowers: Autumn orange Calla Lilies and
                                                                              Roses, sunset yellow and orange Cymbidium
                                                                              Orchids, and Curly Willow.

                                            Marlow & Richards

          Exotic Bride Bouquet
          Style: Clutch
          Flowers: Dark pink Calla Lilies, white
          Cymbidium Orchids, pale Roses and
          Xanadu leaves.

                                                          Marlow & Richards

116   |      BRIDALFANTASY
                                                   Growers Direct

                             Festive Flowers
                             Style: Clutch
                             Flowers: Contemporary white
                             Calla Lilies, Hypericum Berries
                             and Aspidistra leaves.

                      Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

Pretty in Pink Posy
Style: Clutch
Flowers: Large lime green Cymbidium Orchids, fuchsia
Spider Mums, lime green Button Mums, pink Cyclamen
and fuchsia Kalanchoe.
Extra Embellishments: Light green crystal beads.

                                                                        Falling Flowers
                                                                        Style: Cascade
                                                                        Flowers: Lime green and pink Cymbidium Orchids, fuchsia
                                                                        Roses and Gerbera Daisies, green Button Mums, white
                                                                        Stephanotis with fuchsia colored center jewel and pink
                                                                        Heather Lily Grass.
                                                                        Extra Embellishments: Fuchsia rhinestones (in the center of
                                                                        the Stephanotis flowers).

                                                                    Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

                                                                                                  BRIDALFANTASY               |       117
A      lthough small, favours play a large role at your wedding. They act as a thank you, a keepsake and décor for the table.

      eep the following in mind when deciding on the perfect        There are many boutiques, stationary shops, or gift stores where

K     item to give each guest: your wedding theme and color, if
      you would like the favours personalized with your names
and wedding date, your favour budget and whether it is
                                                                    you can source just what you are looking for. As well, the Internet
                                                                    boasts an abundance of favor ideas that you can order on-line.
                                                                    Be inspired by these favour ideas, which can all be found locally.
important to you if the favour lasts a long time, as opposed to a
favour that is perishable.


                                                                                  1      Beautify Boxes
                                                                                         Add a crafty flare to your tables by filling
                                                                                         hand made boxes, that match your
                                                                                         invitations, with your favorites candies or a
                                                                                         candle. Personalize them with a monogram
                                                                                         and your wedding date.
                                                                                         Paper boxes available at The Paper Tree,
                                                                                         Ribbon-wrapped boxes with handle
                                                                                         available at Evergreen Stationers,

                                                                                                                         BRIDALFANTASY    |   119
                Tea Forté

          2     Tea Forté is a robust black tea with a hint of jasmine in a
                revolutionary silken tea infuser. Allow your guests to
                celebrate your wedding with a simple cup of tea.
                Available at Cally’s Teas

                         Rock Sea Salt and Tricolor Peppercorns

                3        If you and your husband-to-be love to cook, consider
                         a small kitchen item that all of your guests can use to
                         spice up their cooking life after the wedding. By
                         choosing a ribbon that matches one of your wedding
                         colors in a centerpiece the tables will look even more
                         Available at The Scroll Shop,

                Honey Sticks & Sugar Crystals
                You can never go wrong by giving something sweet. Guests can
                use these delightful treats in their favourite tea. Add a colourful        3
                ribbon and customized card to finish off the favour.
                Available at The Scroll Shop,

                  Spread the Love with Literature
            5     Each box is filled with a variety of miniature greeting cards all
                  with their unique love note. Give each guest a box of them so
                  that they can spread love to their loved ones, or place one
                  miniature greeting card at each place setting to make your
                  guests feel special.
                  Available at La Piazza Dasee,



          Message in a Bottle
          How sweet. Write a secret message to

6         each of your guests and put it inside this
          Asian inspired wood figurine. The perfect
          personal touch.
          Available at La Piazza Dasee,


      7   Beautiful Chinese Brocade
          Fill these stylish pockets with you and your sweetheart’s
          favorite candies, or with an inspiring quote on fancy
          paper. For Asian themed weddings, this
          favour will finish off each place
          setting perfectly
          Available at The Scroll Shop,

8   Exquisite Chocolates
    Choose a few of your favorite chocolates for your
    guests to savor. Boxes are available in a
    variety of styles, sizes and in all
    pantone colors. Personalize your
    favour by having the boxes
    hot-stamped with your
    names and wedding date,
    or a favorite quote.
    Available at Chocolate

       9     Customized Bottles
             Bottles can be found in a large variety of
             shapes and sizes. Fill your bottles with
             bubble bath, shower gel, hand cream, hard
             liquor or flavoured olive oil. Complete each
             bottle off with an elegant ribbon that matches
             the décor and label. A great place to source
             inexpensive bottles is a dollar store.

                                                                      9           BRIDALFANTASY   |   121
          Unlocked and revealed
                o, it’s time to register for your wedding. Now what? Here are some great ideas to help you figure out

          S     what you really want.

          Make a list of the items you really need before    you. Though it’s true you can register for         your fiancé’s style. If you are an adventurous
          you head to the store. It’s very easy to get       anything, you need to consider the budgets of      couple, try registering at a camping or sports
          dazzled by the store’s displays and to add a lot   your guests and lower-priced items can also        store.
          of stuff that you don’t really want. If you        server as shower gifts.                            Keep in mind that many items are seasonal.
          choose mixing bowls and a spatula, get the         Retailers have a lot of different options for      Things like linens and home décor may not be
          cake pan that goes with it. Basically, you want    their registries. Some offer discounts when        available for purchase by the time your
          to keep your sets complete. Having only some       you complete your registry. Your registry          wedding rolls around. Be prepared to update
          of the essentials will get very frustrating and    should fit your needs. Look into the store’s       your registry on a regular basis.
          could be a lot more expensive. Don’t register      shipping and return policies. Make sure they
          for a high-tech gadget just because it’s cool.                                                        Some stores do offer to send out an email
                                                             will apply to your registry and suit your needs.   announcement to your guests telling them
          Try to only choose items you will actually use.
                                                             Size up your space by being realistic. If you      where you have registered. We would advise
          Determine the style you and your fiancé want       know you’re going to have store items after        against that. Guests can get the details of your
          to have in your home. Are you traditionalists?     the wedding, check out how much space you          registry when they specifically ask for it or by
          Hippies? Do you surround yourself with frilly      have before you add that 5-foot tall statue.       those holding the bridal shower.
          décor or is your home going to be filled with      Think about how you plan on using the items
          simple, clean shapes and colours? Identifying                                                         When you finally do go out to register, it’s
                                                             and if they will fit into any living space         something that should be done by you and
          the personal style you want will help you          changes you or your fiancé can see on the
          determine where to register and what to                                                               your fiancé. This is a special time, and these
                                                             horizon.                                           are pieces you’ll be sharing together. Enjoy
          include on your registry.
                                                             You have a lot of options when registering.        the moment!
          Choose a mix of both national and local            You can go completely traditional and register
          retailers to accommodate your guests. Have a       for china and other household items or you
          wide price range on your registry so all of your   can opt for a registry that reflects you and
          guests can find something they want to get

122   |      BRIDALFANTASY
FashionableRegistry Finds
   n Canada the average age of couples tying the knot is 28. By this age most people have moved out of

I  their parent’s home and already have the basic household necessities. Some couple’s even own
   a home together prior to marrying and have had a number of years to decorate their place. For
couples that have everything they need, it may be tricky to find a place to register.

A number of boutique shops have developed a gift registry so that couples can register for unique, even
one of a kind, items. Travel agencies have gift registries that will help pay for your honeymoon. Guests
can treat you to breakfast in bed while you’re away or pay a lump sum that is put towards the total
cost. From art galleries to greenhouses, there is a registry that will work for you. Scout out these
shops and register at a few so that your guests have selection when deciding what to buy for you.

         Tea Art
  1      A full tea set can be an expensive item that people often do not invest in.
         As the tea trend thrives, unique tea sets that double as art for your home
         continue to pop up. Celebrate your union with a simple cup of tea.
         Tea pots available at Cally’s Teas

                                                    2    Container Chic
                                                         These containers are perfect
2                                                        in the fridge or on the
                                                         counter. The neatest part is,
                                                         they can be written on with
                                                         chalk. When you change their
                                                         contents, just erase what you’ve
                                                         written and
                                                         Available at Posh at Home,


                                                        Vogue Vase

                                                3       A stylish choice, a vase with fresh
                                                        flowers is always the perfect accent
                                                        for any room.
                                                        Available at Posh at Home,
                                                                                                                   | 123
  Let’s Dance the Night Away
                          L     ooking for some ideas for that first dance
                                song? Here are some of the favourites
                                we have found.

                          My Best Friend – Tim McGraw
                          From This Moment – Shania Twain
                          Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith
                          Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden
                          Could Not Ask for More – Edwin McCain
                          Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion
                          Breathe – Faith Hill
                          Come Away With Me – Norah Jones
                          Ah, the father-daughter dance. A beautiful
                          moment at your wedding and you want to make
                          sure the music is perfect.
                          Dance With My Father – Luther Vandross
                          In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride
                          The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
                          Just the Way You Are – Billy Joel
                          Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
                          When your fiancé (at this point husband!) steps
                          onto the dance floor with his mom it’s all eyes on
                          A Song For Mama – Boys II Men
                          You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban
                          Unforgettable – Nat King Cole
                          Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler
                          Hero – Mariah Carey
                          There’s a lot going on at your wedding. Bouquet
                          and garter toss, the cake cutting – all of these need
                          the right mood set up so your guests can enjoy it as
                          much as you. How do you do it? With music!
                          Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
                          (bouquet toss)
                          Man, I Feel Like a Woman! – Shania Twain
                          (bouquet toss)
                          Just a Girl – No Doubt (bouquet toss)
                          Wild Thing – Tone Loc (garter toss)
                          Another One Bites the Dust – Queen (garter toss)
                          Bad Boys – Inner Circle (garter toss)
                          Sugar, Sugar – The Archies (cake cutting)
                          That’s Amore – Dean Martin (cake cutting)
                          The Sweetest Thing – U2 (cake cutting)
                          We hope you’ve found something you like here.
                          Remember, the music and the atmosphere has to
                          mean something to you and your fiancé. Your
                          songs are a reflection of who you are, so pick
                          whatever you want!
          T     hink about the best wedding you’ve
                ever been to. What was the music like?
                Some couples want to dance the night
          away and others prefer the music to lend itself
                                                            to take into account to number of guests
                                                            you’re inviting. A solo pianist will be drowned
                                                            out by 250+ guests and a 10-piece band will
                                                            overwhelm an intimate wedding group.
                                                                                                              wedding budget and you don’t want to go
                                                                                                              overboard. Don’t forget to check references.
                                                                                                              While most people aren’t going to provide
                                                                                                              with names of clients who were dissatisfied,
          to the atmosphere. It’s all up to you.            Get referrals from weddings you’ve been to. If    talking with happy customers can be very
          Check out your ceremony and reception             you loved the music, why not? Ask the             informative.
          location. Some locations in residential areas     reception site manager if they have any good      Make your wish list, including your first dance
          may have a sound curfew and some historical       recommendations, after all, they are familiar     song and any favourites that “just have to be
          buildings don’t allow any amplified music at      with the location. Read ad’s very carefully to    played”. Just be sure you’re not giving them a
          all. Make sure you know all the rules and         see how they describe their own style to see if   list of every single song you think you should
          regulations for your ceremony and reception       it could mesh with yours before you set up a      hear, you want to give your entertainer some
          sites before you book your music.                 meeting.                                          flexibility to keep the party moving. They’ve
          The most popular wedding entertainers –           Define the role of your bandleader or DJ.         been doing this a long time and know how to
          whether they are a band or a DJ – are often       Some couples want them to narrate the entire      read a crowd. Don’t forget to include your not-
          booked over a year in advance. As soon as you     party and other couples prefer for them to        to-play list, but again, don’t be too limiting.
          know where the music needs to be, start           stick to the music. Most will fall somewhere in             You’re going to be working very
          looking for your entertainment. Consider          between. It will make it a lot easier for         closely with your chosen entertainer, be it
          logistics as well; band members will need to      everyone if you define this beforehand.           bandleader or DJ. It is very important that you
          take a break and DJ’s do typically cost less.     Be honest with yourself before you start          get along, and get along well. You want your
          If you are leaning towards a band, make sure      shopping. Entertainment is a big part of the      entertainer to ask a lot of questions about the
                                                                                                              wedding, your guests and you. Can you see
                                                                                                              this person fitting in and having fun with your
                                                                                                              While it may not sound like what you have
                                                                                                              planned there is a standard to most weddings.
                                                                                                              Most of the music that ends up being played
                                                                                                              is a mix of slow dances and danceable pop.
                                                                                                              This is a tried-and-tested formula that is a
                                                                                                              favourite because it works. The best wedding
                                                                                                              celebrations are those that get Grandma, Dad,
                                                                                                              your maid of honour and the ring bearer out
                                                                                                              on the floor at the same time. Experience
                                                                                                              counts here because weddings have a
                                                                                                              completely different rhythm from other kinds
                                                                                                              of parties. A good entertainer knows how to
                                                                                                              move smoothly and keep the flow going from
                                                                                                              your cake-cutting to packing the dance floor.
                                                                                                              When you make your final decision, there are
                                                                                                              still a couple of things to keep in mind. Details
                                                                                                              about how much is due and when should be
                                                                                                              clearly listed on the contract. Normally, a
                                                                                                              deposit of 20-50% to hold the date is
                                                                                                              appropriate with the rest due on the wedding
                                                                                                              day. Clearly specify the time, location and
                                                                                                              hours as well. Check these facts carefully as a
                                                                                                              simple mistake can be a major mix-up. If
                                                                                                              overtime is an option, be certain the fee is also
                                                                                                              listed and agreed upon. And though we know
                                                                                                              it probably won’t happen, it’s still a good idea
                                                                                                              to have the cancellation fees in writing as well.

126   |      BRIDALFANTASY
The Evolution of Wedding Vows
A Marriage Commissioner’s Perspective

I  n modern western tradition, the
   wedding ceremony tends to have more
   in common from one couple to another,
rather than huge differences. What truly
                                                Many same sex couples contact me in order
                                                to ask the question, do you perform same
                                                sex marriages? Based on my stance that the
                                                requirement of marriage is to love and
can make your wedding special are the           respect each other as equal individuals, my
vows you take.                                  response is ‘yes, I do perform same sex
                                                marriages’. In fact, I have performed many
The prevalent customs of the white dress,       to date.
flowers, rings, wedding cake, witnesses and
guests as well as the celebration with the      Couples these days do their research and
family and friends are all pretty standard      therefore have educated ideas about what
between western cultures.                       they would like their wedding vows to
                                                include as well as how they envision their
The trend to personalize your wedding           ceremony. The Marriage Commissioner is a
vows and/or ceremony continues to thrive.       ceremony facilitator and we have the
Couples can add their own words into the        opportunity of turning the couple’s dreams
basic wedding vows. As well, they can plan      for their vows into something memorable
to have entertainment at their ceremony.        with beautiful inferences and verbiage,
Anything goes, from solos to symbolic           while observing the legal vows and
candle lighting.                                inclusions.
The life circumstances under which people       Where can you perform this civil ceremony?
get married continue to change with the         Almost anywhere. In a gazebo, backyard
times. Many of the couples that contact me      and even a hotel room, at a park under your
are already living together, and even own a     favorite tree, or on a mountaintop.
property together. Some also have               Anything is possible. If a winter wedding
children. Including the children in the         that takes place in a forest is in the cards,
ceremony, wherever possible, can be done.       the bride could even ride down the aisle on
Ultimately, a memorable and spiritual           a white horse. This was a fantasy for one
ceremony that’s sensitive to each couple’s      bride that fortunately did not turn into
unique situation can be created.                reality. My question to her was; how will
                                                your guests survive at –35oC? If willing, a
We as a society have evolved to include         marriage commissioner can follow you
same sex couples in marriage using              wherever your dreams take you.
Marriage Commissioners to perform the
ceremony rather than have the union             Barbara Day
solemnized in a church. This was a huge         Marriage Commissioner
step taken in the direction of a more 
liberated society. This is still evolving and
some Commissioners may not feel
comfortable in performing a ceremony for
same sex couples.

                                                                                                BRIDALFANTASY   |   127
                                                                                                                       Hanky Pankx

                                                                          Red Hot Tip #1:
                                                                          Abstain from intimacy prior to the wedding.
                                                                          Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But trust us on this one. Choose a

                                                                          reasonable amount of time that you and your lover will abstain
                                                                          from intimacy prior to your wedding. The waiting will evoke a
                                                                          passionate intensity on your wedding night, making the wait
                                                                          well worth your while. Let the build-up begin!

                                                                          Red Hot Tip #2:
                                                                          Flirt with each other on your big day.
                                                                          Give each other sexy and seductive looks. Kiss each other
                                                                          tenderly. Brush up against each other and let your partner know
                                                                          what you desire later that evening by whispering sweet
                                                                          nothings in their ear.

                                                                          Red Hot Tip #3:
                                                                          Begin the wedding night with a bath.
                                                                          Water is one of the most relaxing, sensual and stimulating
                                                                          elements. Add some aromatic bath salts and rose petals and
                                                                          enjoy the bath by candlelight with a glass of your favorite wine
                                                                          or sparkling cider.

                                                                          Red Hot Tip #4:
                                                                          Unleash the power of massage.
                                                                          After your romantic bath, slip into a robe, light candles and set
                                                                          the scene for sensual massages. Experiment with edible
                                                                          massage oil or lotion.
                                                                          Use these tips and set the stage for many more wonderful
                                                                          nights together.
                  ou’ve spent months planning for your wedding day.

          Y       How much time have you spent planning for the big
                  night? Your wedding night is the time for you and
          your groom to celebrate the chemistry that brought you
          together. Here are a few tips to ensure your wedding night is   Sheri Gessner & Tanya McGinnis
          the ultimate night of passion.                                  Independent Passion Party Consultants

128   |      BRIDALFANTASY
 Marriage Commissioner What You Need to Know
C      ongratulations! You and
       your partner have decided
       to get married and have
chosen to have a civil wedding.
                                      comfortable by providing you with
                                      all necessary information needed
                                      for your ceremony.
                                      Once you have contacted the
                                                                            • If you are having a same sex
                                                                              ceremony, make sure that
                                                                              Marriage       Commissioner
                                                                              comfortable performing this type
                                                                                                                      • Ask if there is a deposit required
                                                                                                                        and what the refund policy is (if
You will need a Marriage              Marriage Commissioner, request to       of ceremony                             • Request that they arrive 30
Commissioner (also known as           meet in person. During the            • Request to view a contract and            minutes prior to your ceremony
Marriage Officiant) to perform your   interview (with both of you there),     ask to keep a copy for your               to ensure ample time to prepare
ceremony.                             make       sure    the     Marriage     records                                   documents for the ceremony
What exactly is a Marriage            Commissioner will be the right fit    • Confirm what their fee is and           • Ask if Marriage Commissioner is
Commissioner?        A     Marriage   for the type of ceremony you wish       what it includes.                         comfortable at the venue you and
Commissioner is a person with the     to have. Ensure you let the           • Travel time (*If your ceremony is         your Partner have chosen
legal authority to perform civil      Marriage Commissioner know              taking place outside of your area,      • Ask for references
marriages, an alternative to          exactly what you wish the               there usually is a travel expense.
traditional religious services. So,   ceremony to be like; as they should                                             The Marriage Commissioner will
                                                                              Makes sure that you agree to a          be facilitating your marriage
how do you find the right Marriage    be able to adapt to your needs.         travel cost prior to your
Commissioner for you and your                                                                                         ceremony; just like a conductor
                                      • Request to view sample                ceremony-it should also be stated
Partner?                                                                                                              conducts and orchestra; but you
                                        ceremonies, readings and vows         in their contract)                      both have written the symphony. If
Firstly, check with family and        • What types of ceremonies he/she     • Administer necessary paperwork          the Marriage Commissioner you
friends to see if they are able to      are able to perform                   to Vital Statistics on your behalf      are interviewing doesn’t “feel
refer someone for you. Or, you may    • Will they customize your            • Provide you with an certified           right” (listen to your intuition),
contact Alberta Vital Statistics        ceremony to include special           Interim Civil Marriage Certificate      then, onto the next interview!!!
(Getting Married) website for an        readings or poems that you wish       from Vital Statistics                   Remember…it is your day….it
up-to-date listing of all Alberta       to have included in your            • Is an additional fee if you wish to     should be perfect in every way.
Marriage Commissioners.                 ceremony.                             have Marriage Commissioner at
The right Marriage Commissioner       • Will they assist you with writing                                             Tamara Jones
                                                                              your rehearsal (normally this is
will act as your ceremony coach;        personal vows if you are choosing                                             Weddings by Tamara
                                                                              not needed but you may feel
ensuring you and your partner feel      to do so                                                            
                                                                              more comfortable having them

                                                                                                                             BRIDALFANTASY                   |   129
                                    ost people feel nervous before their wedding.

                          M         Many suffer from speech anxiety. Ease your fear by
                                    performing this Buddhist meditation: find a quiet
                          place, sit in a chair, close your eyes, take several slow, deep
                          breaths and finally, begin visualizing. Clarify your reasons
                          for marrying by meditating on happiness and being loved.
                          Realize that your marriage vows show your fiancé how
                          much they are loved.

                                                                                            Lotus Soul Yoga Loft
                                                                                            lululemon yoga gear

Money Memories
Can Harm Your Relationships

       uring the time I owned my own                be more than enough for her at retirement          really about past money issues, and for a FREE

D      financial planning firm, I had two
       clients who were a very astute couple.
They were in their forties when I met them
                                                    even based on very conservative investing, yet
                                                    this did nothing to assuage her fear.
                                                                                                       questionnaire for you and your spouse to
                                                                                                       complete to determine your own money
                                                                                                       memories, visit and
and had done very well for themselves. They         Janet was raised in a wealthy family, but the      see “couples & money” under the “fun
married late in life and had been together for      average person wouldn’t know it. Her               resources” link.
only a few years. They each had over a              grandparents live with her mother and father
hundred thousand dollars in savings, had            during her childhood and the entire family         Kelley Keehn is a financial expert, speaker,
great pension plans, and were debt free             subscribed to a poverty consciousness. After       elder planning counselor and author of four
including a mortgage.                               a lot of dialogue over the years with Janet, she   books, including The Prosperity Factor for Kids
                                                    shared with me that her grandparents, who          and The Woman's Guide to Money. Her
“Janet” was a conscientious investor and            were a big influence on her young life, grew       mission in life is “to make you feel good about
always had a list of questions for me when we       up in the Depression. They had lost                money.” Visit her at
met. She was one of my most challenging             everything during those years. It was tough
clients and I enjoyed how she would always          on them and a short time later, they arrive in
test me. “Gary” was very laid back and knew         Canada. Although the average person would
                                                                                                       Exerpt from The Woman’s Guide to Money,
that Janet loved researching anything to do         consider the wealth they amassed thereafter a
                                                                                                       by Kelley Keehn
with their finances. Most of the time, Gary         fortune, Janet’s grandparents didn’t. They still   ISBN: 1-8971178-08-5 / ISBN 13: 978-1-897178-08
wouldn’t even come along to our meetings.           scrimped and saved and feared the day when         With permission from Insomniac Press
                                                    it would again all be lost.
Janet was the Olympic athlete of investing.
She always spent less than she made, she had        Janet and Gary had a great marriage. They
a healthy “emergency” account, and worked           didn’t have children at the time, had exciting
hard in life and her career to pay off all of her   and fulfilling careers and generally go along.
debts early. Sadly, during our discussions,         There was, however, a severe point of
Janet always needed an unusual amount of            contention that the average person might
reassurance that she would be financially           scoff at. Numerous times each week, Gary and
sound in her retirement. She never felt that        Janet would fight about food. Of all the
she had enough and was terrified to spend           problems an average couple had to face,
money on herself or anything non-essential          theirs was about food.
like a vacation or new furniture for their home.
                                                    As a person that abhorred waste, Janet
Janet informed me that she thought she              insisted on finishing leftovers the day after.
might one day be a “bag lady” and her               Gary despised this notion. They made more
greatest fear was that this day could arrive in     than enough money to eat “fresh” food each
her retirement. It was an obsession of hers to      day. He wasn’t a wasteful person either but he
do as much as she could now to ensure that          didn’t feel that he deserved to eat second-rate
this didn’t happen to her. We discussed her         servings the day after.
fear openly and she admitted that it wasn’t
logical. We future-valued her investments and       To read the rest of this story, to find out how
pension plan and she agreed that there would        Janet and Gary’s fight about leftovers was
          How to Get More
          of What You Want
                          I   n what area of your life would you like to be
                              experiencing more fulfillment? Maybe you
                              would like to have more money, more passion
                          in your relationships, or weigh your ideal weight.
                                                                                    Here are three easy steps that you can follow to
                                                                                    create better results.          First, accept full
                                                                                    responsibility for your life and empower yourself
                                                                                    to be who you truly are. You must eliminate all
                          Whatever you want, there is a way to have it all.         excuses and blame, and consciously commit to
                          In this article, I provide a description of what I call   creating your ideal life. Declare to yourself that
                          Magicnicity and offer three steps for you to              you are the creator of your circumstance. On
                          create better results in your life.                       paper, write out a wish list or a dream sheet of all
                           Magicnicity is a term I created that defines the         of the things you would like to have in your life.
                          process of intentionally creating meaningful              While doing this, view your life as a magical
                          coincidences and attracting what you want. It is          journey, where you are limitless and everything
                          a combination of the words “magic” and                    is possible.
                          “synchronicity.” I recently produced the 30-day           Next, write out all of the benefits you will get
                          Magicnicity manifesting system. This audio                from getting what you want. This will outline
                          program is where hypnosis meets the Law of                how you will feel and build your motivation to
                          Attraction.                                               achieve your wish list. For example, if you want
                          Remember a time when everything felt just                 more money, write out all of the things you will
                          right—you were in the zone—and out of the                 be able to do when you receive the money. This
                          blue, you attracted what you wanted. This is an           step is important because you are identifying the
                          example of being fully connected to your source           “why” behind what you want. You can start this
                          energy or inner MAGIC. As if by magic, the                process by completing this sentence:
                          people, places, things, events, and opportunities         “I want ____________ because _____________.”
                          showed up to help you get what you wanted.                The final step is to imagine that you have already
                          How do you create more of these magical                   achieved what you desire, and to act and feel as
                          moments? It is through the “magical wand” you             though you are successful. Through your
                          possess—your power to focus. When you focus               imagination, you have the power to see all of
                          upon what you desire with faith, you feel good            your outcomes before they have occurred. Find
                          and attract more goodness into your life. You get         a quiet place, close your eyes, and engage all of
                          what you focus upon through the Law of                    your senses. Now, imagine having already
                          Attraction. The essence of the Law of Attraction          achieved your ideal life. Once you do this, you
                          is that everything in the universe is energy.             will feel good and take inspired action that will
                          Energy is continually moving and vibrating. Your          move you in the direction that is powerful,
                          thoughts and feelings are energetic and they              positive, and productive. Feeling good attracts
                          vibrate at certain frequencies. The frequency at          more good and puts you into a resourceful
                          which they vibrate will attract like frequencies,         emotional state where you can handle anything.
                          whether positive or negative. That is why it is so        Take 20 minutes and repeat this process
                          important to identify what you want, continually          everyday. You will start to notice how great you
                          focus upon it, and believe that you will get it.          feel and notice all of the people, places, things,
                          The challenge for most people is that they are            events, and opportunities that come into your
                          focusing upon what they do not want and                   life to help you get more of what you want.
                          attracting exactly that into their lives. For             Wayne Lee is the creator of the Magicnicity Manifesting
                          example, if someone wants more money but                  System, "where hypnosis meets the Law of Attraction."
                          consistently focuses upon the debt they have,             He is a speaker, author, and hypnotist who is committed
                                                                                    to entertain, educate, and enlighten people through his
                          they tend to attract more debt. The way you can
                                                                                    dynamic empowerment presentations and outrageous
                          tell how you have been focusing is by looking at          hypnosis shows. For more information on how to live
                          the results you have in your life. Whether they           with more laughter and ignite your inner MAGIC, visit:
                          are good or bad results, you have attracted it all
                          by the magic of your focus.

RefreshYour Spirit
T     he road to wedding bliss can be crazy and twisted. Some days you are filled with happiness and others…not so much. Here are some
      suggestions to help keep the stress away:

• Go on, get a massage. It’s the perfect way to      do at home.                                         package (or a bridal package) and sign up!
  relieve tension and this is a great time to try   • Sounds easy, but a hot bath will relax your        Try treatments you love or something you’ve
  something you’ve never done before. Make            muscles and relax your mind. Add a bath salt       never had before but have always wanted to
  sure to drink a lot of water while you’re           that will moisturize your skin and has a           try. However, if you’ve never had a facial
  getting your treatment; toxins are released         soothing scent to help you loosen up. And          before, don’t try it the day of your rehearsal
  during a massage the water will help flush          while you’re there, use a pumice on your feet      dinner. Book it two to three months in
  them away.                                          and a loofah on those other rough areas for        advance because you just don’t know how
• Sign up for some yoga classes a month or            some extra polish.                                 your skin will react.
  two before your wedding. If you’ve never          • Need to clear your mind? Get a breath of          • Grab water instead of a caffeine drink. Coffee,
  done it before, sign up for a beginner’s class.     fresh air. No, really, get outside and get some     energy drinks and pop will jack you up for a
  The fantastic things you learn in yoga, like        fresh air. Take a walk or a jog, even around        little while, but they dehydrate you and
  breathing exercises, relaxation techniques          your neighbourhood will do. Concentrate on          leaving feeling even worse when the buzz
  and postures will help you get and stay             the rhythm of your strides and tune out             wears off. If you properly hydrate yourself,
  centered. If you don’t have the time to go to       everything around you.                              you’ll feel better overall – less fatigued, fewer
  a yoga class, there’s also yoga DVD’s you can                                                           aches and your skin will glow! For something
                                                    • Look up a spa in your area that has a day           a little different, add some slices of lemon,
                                                                                                          lime or orange to your water.
                                                                                                        • While you will be soon celebrating with
                                                                                                          everyone, don’t forget to keep in contact
                                                                                                          with your family during the planning phase.
                                                                                                          In the crunch time before your wedding,
                                                                                                          talking with those people can really help you
                                                                                                          feel connected and stay sane.
                                                                                                        • With so much going through your mind right
                                                                                                          now, things like dreams and ideas, you don’t
                                                                                                          want to forget a single one. Start a journal to
                                                                                                          help yourself keep track of everything. You
                                                                                                          can find books that are specific for this time
                                                                                                          in your life, but a blank book is also a
                                                                                                          wonderful way to encourage you to write in
                                                                                                          a stream-of-consciousness style.
                                                                                                        • Even though it may feel a bit naughty, call in
                                                                                                          sick one day. Use that day to get ahead on
                                                                                                          your wedding plans, or to just pamper
                                                                                                          yourself a little bit. You deserve it!

                                                                                                                             BRIDALFANTASY                    |   135
          EmpowerYour Marriage

                                                                                                                                            Tuxedo available at Derks

          Points to Ponder from the ‘Pettiest Woman in the World!’

          I  ’d like to ponder on some points that I feel
             contribute to a rock solid resilient marriage.

          Being married nearly 20 years does not make
                                                              • With breath that would melt a person’s
                                                              • From the bathroom, with the door open, and
                                                                continue a conversation? (Frankly I think all
                                                                                                                hurt and angry that he would think I was the
                                                                                                                pettiest woman he’d ever met, or I could laugh
                                                                                                                and love that he took the time to send me a
                                                                                                                message, even if spell check wouldn’t catch
          me any kind of expert, but I know a few things        bathrooms should come with a jet strength       the missing ‘r’ in pettiest. (It was missing
          that have certainly contributed to it being a         air replace system and a very loud radio!)      wasn’t it, Lloyd?)
          joy-filled solid partnership.Do we treat each       • By yelling and having my head spin around       Respectful humour helps build endurance in
          other like strangers? I constantly check myself       because I was having a bad day?                 our relationship. Humour is definitely one of
          with this question.                                                                                   the most powerful gifts Lloyd and I give each
                                                              • And think the worst of that person first, for   other to make it through the many hills and
          Would I greet a stranger:                             having spoke incorrectly?                       valleys we face hand in hand. No matter the
          • Impersonating Santa Claus because I have a        Let me clarify my last point. My husband Lloyd    valley, I can smile, because in my heart, I know
            face full of ‘Nair’?                              is a man of few emails. It is not his favourite   my husband will always think I am the:
          • Dressed in my favourite 20-year-old t-shirt       mode of communications. Knowing this, I was       ‘pettiest woman in the world!’
            nightgown that enhances my ‘Michelin man’         thrilled and surprised to see an email come in
            look?                                             from him. He talked of his undying love for me
                                                                                                                (Giselle Yanish is a proud wife and mother, and also
          • Sporting a weeks worth of stubble on my           and ended with big bold letters that said: ‘You
                                                                                                                a motivational speaker that loves to help others
            bare legs? (Frankly my legs replace the need      are the pettiest woman in the world’!             help themselves be the best they can be.)
            to know martial arts. One swipe with them,        We are only in control of two things: how we
            and my victim would be without a patch of         give communication and how we receive it. I
            skin!)                                            could have taken the email verbatim and been

136   |       BRIDALFANTASY
Roles including the
little ones
• Flower girls
• Ringbearers
• Junior bridesmaid
• Junior groomsmen
• Handing out programs
• Watching the gift table
• Having guests sign your wedding guest book
• Setting up place cards and/or favours
• Special readings or prayers

                                                                                                            Tuxedos available at Derks

                                               Tips for Success
                                               • Dress them at the last possible minute
                                               • Make sure they have access to videos, snacks and toys
                                               • Little ones need big, big bibs
                                               • Make sure kids have back-up shoes for the reception
                                               • Make arrangements for a location near the reception for kids to sleep, nap
                                                 or rest with baby-sitters that are handy
                                               • feed children a small meal before the event.

                                                                                                 BRIDALFANTASY                     |     137
                  Be a Decorating

                                                                                                                                                                  HOME EVOLUTION
           URBAN BARN

                   ecorating and choosing everything that goes in your first home can be really exciting. You

          D        can have your personality and style shine through like never before. You both need to
                   decide what you like and dislike and set up a master plan of what you want your home to
          look like. With a little planning you will be on your way to decorating success.

          Your wedding gifts - if you’ve received lots of     Talk before you decorate - if this is your first     Decide on a theme - cut out magazine
          great wedding gifts, consider the colour, tone      time living together, it is easy to have conflicts   pictures you love. Find your inspiration to
          and pattern when you decide on décor theme.         arise. Discussion always helps you reach a           create the look you want… a little artistic
                                                              compromise.                                          creativity never hurt anyone.
          Plan before you spend - most couples
          overspend on their first homes so plan and          Garage sales - garage sales can be a great           Feng Shui anyone - make sure to use a little
          think before you spend. Consider where your         source of items for your home. Vintage lamps,        feng shui so your new environment is
          purchase is going, how long you plan to have        end tables, vases and other interesting items all    harmonious. Remember, when you live in
          the item, and in which context.                     at bargain prices!                                   balance, you attract fortune and prosperity.

138   |      BRIDALFANTASY
Find your Organizing Style
       ou’ve watched the organizing
       shows on TV. You’ve read
       everything on the topic, from
                                                         personality                            Here’s what you can do!
magazine articles to entire books. You          The Quicksilver Mind
even saw organizing maven Julie                 Easily distracted, you find it a challenge to   • establish routines for regular tasks
Morgenstern on Oprah! So why is “The            stay on task. You usually have many             • have & use a daily to-do list
Secret” to getting and staying                  projects on the go, with unfinished             • choose closed storage cabinets
organized still eluding you? Maybe it’s         projects piling up.
because “The Secret” is different for
each person. Finding sustainable                The Visual Thinker
organizing systems that work for you            You have lots of piles and you know             • customize your filing system to suit you
takes a little bit of self-analysis. Which of   exactly what’s in each one. It worries you      • use open shelving
the following personality traits do you         to put things away or file them. Maybe          • set “keep” time limits
see in yourself?                                you won’t be able to find them again!           • set up binders for interesting articles
                                                Maybe you’ll forget!

Now that you’ve identified yourself in one      The Detail Lover
or more of these characterizations, mix         You often have difficulty completing a          • focus on the end goal
and match the different ideas until “aha”       project because it never seems to reach         • distribute your effort evenly throughout a
moment that tells you that a certain            the standard you’re striving for.                 project
system will work for you. CUSTOMIZE!                                                            • set limits on work time
One final tip: be realistic in your             The Value Seeker
expectations. You built your current            You’ve paid good money for these things         • donate while items are still in usable
habits slowly, over time. It may take time      and by golly you’ll use them up!                  condition
to change. Just remember that                   Extracting full value from anything and         • keep a charity bin for items you’re ready to let go
organization is not a project. There is no      everything is a primary goal for you.             of, and never take items back out of the bin
finish line. Getting organized is an                                                            • recycle, reuse & resist the temptation to buy new
                                                The Accidental Collector
ongoing process that can be revised and
                                                Oops! You once mentioned that you liked         • be honest! tell people when you’ve reached
tweaked as your circumstances and needs
                                                something, and now the gifts based on             your limit.
change. The one firm rule is: it won’t work
                                                that theme are taking over your whole           • understand that when a gift is given it becomes
if you don’t do it! You can buy all the
                                                living space.                                     yours to keep, give to some one else, or
books, all the organizing products and
                                                                                                  whatever you choose
gimmicks on the market, but in the end it       The Deliberate Collector
always comes down to you. So take               Once interested in a subject, you tend to       • limit your display space
action! Step by step, you’ll get it working!    go overboard, accumulating everything           • be selective! Appreciate quality instead of
Stacy Walker                                    you can get your hands on.                        quantity.
Professional Organizer
Gettin’ Around To It                            The Sentamentalist
                                                You kept the first roses that your beloved      • SET LIMITS! Keep everything for the current year
                                                ever gave you. And the second, and the            in a memory box. Store this box for a year, then go
                             After              third… So many memories, so hard to let           through it and select your pre-set limit of items
                                                go!                                               to keep.

                                                The Abundance Seeker
                                                You find comfort in cluttered                   • choose to honor things in your surroundings by
                                                surroundings because you believe that             taking good care of them
                                                clutter symbolizes abundance. If the            • apply the one in / one out rule
                                                clutter is interfering with your life, you      • never keep anything that doesn’t make you feel
                                                may have deep emotional motivations               good
                                                that need to be addressed.

                                                                                                                     BRIDALFANTASY                |     139
                                             Advertiser Listing


Company                              pg #      Company                                 pg #    Company                                pg #
Bridal Accessories                             Invitations                                     Rentals
Eye Trend (E)                       14,15      Blue Sky Invitations (E+C)                91    Elegant Touches inc. (E)                  56
Bridal Shops                                   Evergreen Stationers (E)                  92    Special Event Rentals (E+C)           55, 56
Bridal Debut (E)                        17     Notables Stationers Inc. (E)              93    Salons & Spas
Denilore Bridal (E)                     42     The Paper Tree (E)                        90    Chocolate Mousse Salon & Spa (E)          79
Ethos (E+C)                             25     The Scroll Shop (E)                       91    Shopping
Gemini Fashions (E)             45, 47, 49     Jewellery                                       West Edmonton Mall (E)                36-41
Nazila Couture (E)                      97     GemOro (E)                                5,6   Shows
Tifany's Bridal (E)                     23     In A Twist (C)                            98    Bridal Conference (E+C)                   99
Wedding World (E)                       27     Lingerie                                        Bridal Fantasy (E+C)                  29, 89
Cakes                                          Cameo Lingerie Ltd. (E)                   80    Swim/Beach Wear
Bake Me a Cake (E)                      34     Marriage Commissioner                           Offshores (E)                             63
Le Gateau (E)                           35     Imaginations & Concepts (E)              127    Television Stations
Marble Slab Creamery (E+C)              59     Weddings by Tamara (C)                   129    Global (E)                                31
Whimsical Cake Studio (E)               35     Menswear                                        Global (C)                              118
Dance                                          Derks Menswear (E+C)                      67    Transportation
Arthur Murray Dance Studios (E)       125      Full Circle (E+C)                           7   Blue Sky Limos (E+C)                       2
Disc Jockey                                    Lanza (E+C)                              104    Prestige Limousine                    94, 95
Sound Decision (E)                    124      Sand (E+C)                                67    Travel
Entertainment                                  Strellson (E+C)                        12,13    AMA Travel (E+C)                      64, 65
The Citadel Theatre (E)          132, 133      Versace (E+C)                            105    Ciao Tours - Your Window to Italy (C)     98
Esthetician/Beauty                             Miscellaneous                                   Uniglobe Geo Travel/
Nu Bare (C)                             82     Poker Chicks 101The Original (E)          33    Uniglobe Bravo Travel (E+C)                3
Favours                                        Positively Passionate/Passion Parties (E+C)33   Venues
Cally's Teas (E)                      121      Wedding Stockings Inc. (E+C)              30    Edmonton Queen Riverboat (E)              28
Edmonton Wedding & Party Centre (E) 66         Photography                                     Videography
Truffle Sensations (E)                  57     Bill Cowen Photography (E)                73    Action Albums (E+C)                       74
Florist                                        H.O.M Photo Inc. (E)                        1   A Love Story Video Productions (E+C)       4
Heather's Grower Direct (E+C)         114      Instant Memories (E)                      69
Kuhlmann's Floral Boutique (E)        117      Jessica Fern Facette Photography (E)      72
la piazza dasee (E)                   113      M. Vitalia Daza (C)                       81
Marlow & Richards (E)                 110      RY2 Photo (E)                             76
Formalwear                                     Shandro Photo (E)                         80
Derks Formals (E+C)              100, 101      SimEyo Media Albums (E)                   82
Hotels / Venues                                Tanami Photography (C)                    75
City of Edmonton (E)            57, 57, 59     Trident Photography (E)                  126
Lakeside Greens (E)                     52     Planning
Ovation Catering & Banquets (E)         51     Atmosphere Wedding
Union Bank Inn (E)                      54     Planning & Design (E)                     56
                                               Cheers By Design (E+C) Inside back cover

                                                                                                                    BRIDALFANTASY             |   141
                                                               Select Advertisers

          A Love Story Video Production                Bridal Debut                                 Derk's Formals and Menswear                    Evergreen Stationers
          Phone: 780.886.5686                          #2B – 153 Pembina Road                       Edmonton:                                      3855-99 Street
          Phone: 403.608.7764                          Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0B9                    8111-102 Street – Main Store                   Edmonton, AB T6E 6H6
          Website:                   Phone: 780.467.4082                          Phone 780.433.6614                             Phone 780.468.2734
          Your wedding day is one of the most          Website:                 10410-118 Avenue                               Website:
          important days of your life. With all the    Visit our fabulous salon and experience      Phone: 780.477.1655                            Why send an ordinary wedding
          excitement and emotions, you don’t want      the thrill of finding your perfect wedding   10120-151 Street                               invitation? Let Evergreen Stationers help
          to miss a thing. A Love Story Video          dress. Our wonderful consultants will give   Phone: 780.483.1807                            you design your own personalized
          understands the importance of your           you excellent service in a friendly and      Calgary:                                       invitation created from our large selection
          wedding day, and we do our utmost to         comfortable setting. With designers like     #107 7004 MacLeod Trail SE                     of speciality papers. Choose from our
          ensure you will forever remember the day     Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli, Alfred Sung                                                   many elegant, festive and fashionable
          you devoted yourself to each other.                                                       Phone: 403.301.3366
                                                       and more, you’re sure to find the wedding                                                   designs or create a style that is all your
                                                       dress you have been dreaming of.             Email:                           own. Our staff at Evergreen Stationers is
          Action Albums                                                                             Website:                          qualified to guide you effortlessly
          Phone: 1.888.722.5286                        Cameo Lingerie Ltd.                          Derk's Formals & Menswear has been             through        the     selection       and
                                                                                                    outfitting guys for over 65 years. Whether     personalization of your invitations always
          Website:                2327 Rabbit Hill Road                        it's your wedding day, graduation, or just
          Looking for something completely             Edmonton, AB T6R 3L6                                                                        keeping your individuality in mind.
                                                                                                    another Saturday night on the town,            Evergreen        Stationers       provides
          difference at your wedding? Why not try a    Phone: 780.437.1717                          Derks has been trusted and trained to
          video guest book booth? With HD quality                                                                                                  exceptional service to our customers.
                                                       Website:         help you look your very best. Check us         You’re unique – let your invitations show
          video and sound, your video guest book       Cameo Lingerie brings a new standard in      out online at or at any one
          will be a huge hit with your guests, while                                                                                               it.
                                                       women’s intimate apparel. With a             of our 4 locations. Consumer Choice
          giving you some wonderful memories           collection of some of the finest intimates   Award winners since 2002!
          you might not get otherwise of your          in the world, the elegant boutique and                                                      Eye Trend
          wedding day.                                 fabulous collection is sure to impress                                                      18328 Lessard Road
                                                                                                    Edmonton Queen Riverboat                       Edmonton, AB T6M 2W8
                                                       even the most discerning bride.              9734 – 98 Avenue
          AMA Travel                                                                                                                               Phone: 780.641.0404
                                                                                                    Edmonton, AB T6C 4P6                           2777 Gladwin Road
          10310 – 39A Avenue                           Cheers by Design                             Phone: 780.424.2628                            Abbotsford, BS V2T 4V1
          Edmonton, AB T6J 6R7                         Box 37042, Lynnwood PO                       Website:                 Phone: 604.755.6060
          Phone: 780.995.2221                          Edmonton, AB T5R 5Y2                         Elegant Touches                                Gemini Fashions
          If you’ve always dreamed of a destination    Phone: 780.486.6907
          wedding, Let AMA Travel make your                                                         #102, 10306-112 Street                         #2202, Londonderry Mall
                                                       Website:              Edmonton, AB T5K 1N1
          dreams come true. Whether it’s a small,      We understand your desire to create a                                                       Edmonton, AB T5C 3C8
          intimate gathering or a large celebration,                                                Phone: 780.414.0088                            Phone: 780.456.1857
                                                       lasting impression on your wedding day.
          our destination wedding experts will         We ensure your event is designed with                                                       Website:
          handle all of the details.                   incredible attention to detail. From         We make wedding dreams come true. Let          Looking for the perfect dress for your
                                                       traditional themes to unique ideas, you’re   our experienced consultants work with          bridesmaid, your flowergirl or the mother
          Arthur Murray Dance Studios                  sure to be inspired by our wealth of         you to create a totally personalized,          of the bride? Look no further then Gemini
          12206 Jasper Avenue                          personalized service and experience. We      breathtaking look for your celebration.        Fashions. With an amazing assortment of
          Edmonton, AB                                 want to make every event detail nothing      Elegant Touches is a full service décor and    colours and styles there will always be
                                                       less than dazzling!                          rental resource. Our staff carefully plans     something that everyone in your
          Phone: 780.488.7722                                                                       every detail with you, then meticulously
          Website:                                                                                                             wedding party can fall in love with and be
                                                                                                    tends to the installation. We would love to    excited to wear.
          Let the leader in dance instruction for      City of Edmonton – Community                 present you with the wedding of your
          over 91 years show you just how quickly      Service                                      dreams…after all, it’s your day.
          you can learn beautiful and fun dances!      Website:                                                                    GEM ORO Goldsmith
                                                       Whether it’s Fort Edmonton Park for a        Ethos                                          1093 West Edmonton Mall
          Bill Cowen Photography                       wonderful moment in history, the Hotel       #2079, 8882 – 170 Street (WEM)                 8882 – 170 Street
          Phone: 780.476.2455                          Selkirk for a 1920’s flair, or the Muttart                                                  Edmonton, AB T5T 3J7
                                                       Conservatory with beautiful flowers and      Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2
          Website:                                                               Phone: 780.444.1360                            Phone: 780.444.7210
                                                       waterfalls under glass pyramids, you can                                                    Located in West Edmonton Mall, GemOro
                                                       sure you will find the perfect setting to    908 – 17 Avenue SW
          Blue Sky Limos                                                                                                                           Goldsmith is the perfect place to look for
                                                       match your wedding day.                      Calgary, AB T2T 0A3                            your wedding jewellery. The experienced
          Edmonton Phone: 780.432.0000                                                              Phone: 403.245.4188
          Calgary Phone: 403.225.0000                                                                                                              and friendly staff will be able to help you
                                                       Denilore Bridal                              Website:                   find the perfect wedding accessories.
          Website:                                                             Your wedding day lies somewhere
                                                       5916-104 Street                                                                             You’re sure to find exactly what you’re
          Blue Sky Limos is dedicated to providing                                                  between fantasy and reality, the past and      looking for.
          you with professional and courteous          Edmonton, AB T6H 2K3
                                                       Phone: 780.431.0539                          the future coming together in a magical
          limousine service to get you to your                                                      way. Your wedding gown should reflect
          destination in style and comfort.            Website:                                                             Global Television
                                                                                                    the romance and splendour of your              Edmonton & Calgary
                                                       At Denilore Bridal our goal is to ensure     special day. You’ll find that gown at Ethos.
          Bridal Conference                            top quality service and products, which
          Website:            makes us one of Edmonton's leading                                                          H.O.M. Photo Inc.
                                                       retailers of wedding gowns, bridesmaids                                                     #251, Londonderry Mall
                                                       dresses, and mother of the bride gowns.                                                     Edmonton, AB T5C 3C8
          Bridal Fantasy                               We have a wide variety of gowns and
          Magazine & Tradeshow                                                                                                                     Phone: 780.472.2000
                                                       accessories from all major designers to                                                     Website:
          Corporate Office:                            choose from. Our alteration department
          8109 – 102 Street                            is one of the finest in the city.                                                           With over 19 years of experience, House
          Edmonton, AB T6E 4A4                                                                                                                     of Memories offers you beautiful and
                                                                                                                                                   elegant customized wedding albums
          Phone: 1.800.565.6664                                                                                                                    with artistic modeling pictures.

142   |      BRIDALFANTASY
Heather’s Grower Direct                         M. Vitalia Daza                                  Prestige Limousine                              The Original Wedding
3811 – 99 Street                                Phone: 403.874.3292                              10135 – 31 Avenue                               Stockings Inc.
Edmonton, AB T6E 6J1                            Website:                 Edmonton, AB T6N 1C2                            #1404, 514 Blackthorn Road NE
Phone: 780.988.8588                             With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree I            Phone: 780.465.8514                             Calgary, AB T2K 5J5
Website:           Photographic Arts, M. Vitalia Daza is sure to    Website:                                        Phone: 403.510.0076
Heather’s Grower Direct is the perfect place    capture all the cherished moments of your               Website:
for your wedding floral needs. Whether you      special day. The artistic element, style and     Prestige Limousine is proud to be               Start a new tradition and present your
have a small, intimate setting or a large       feeling you’ll see in your pictures will make    Edmonton and area’s largest limousine           favourite bride with an “original wedding
affair, the knowledgeable and friendly staff    you happy you chose her.                         fleet. Whatever your needs, Prestige            stocking” personalized with the names of
will be able to create the perfect flowers to                                                    Limousine will provide you and your guests      the bride and groom and their wedding
match your prefect day. With locations in       Marble Slab Creamery                             with quality service.                           date. You can stuff these fun stockings with
Edmonton and Calgary, Heather’s Grower          Phone: 403.301.4140                                                                              items that will delight the wonderful
Direct with meet and exceed all your            Phone: 780. 466.4741                             RY2 Photo                                       couple on their wedding night or with
expectations!                                   Website:                      Phone: 780.709.7109                             items that will delight them for years to
                                                Since 1983, we have set our standards of         Website:                       come.
Instant Memories                                quality unusually high. Every batch of our       RY2 Photo is a company dedicated to
6015 – 103A Street                              super premium ice cream is homemade,             capturing your exciting, real and joyous        Truffle Sensations
Edmonton, AB T6H 2J7                            and we hand-roll our freshly baked waffle        moments. We constantly strive for               4219 – 47th Street
Phone: 780.910.4800                             cones in each store. As for mix-ins, we offer    excellence in providing you with an             Edmonton, AB T6L 6J5
Toll Free: 1.888.399.3040                       only the freshest fruits, finest nuts and        unforgettable experience of fun and             Phone: 780-619-5972
Website:                sweetest candies around. So whatever             laughter.
                                                your order, you can be sure it’s fresh and                                                       Uniglobe Geo Travel
Jessica Fern Facette                            filled with fabulous flavour. With locations     Shandro Photo                                   Phone: 780.424.8310
Photography                                     all over Alberta, you’ll find one near you!      Phone: 780.423.1816                             Phone: 403.531.2400
Phone: 780.278.3376                                                                                                Website:
Website:             Marlow & Richards                                                                                It’s not what we promise that sets us apart,
If you want a photographer who will seek        10123 – 124 Street                               Special Event Rentals                           it’s what we deliver. The last thing you want
to capture the unique moments created by        Edmonton, AB T5N 1P5                             6010 – 99 Street                                to do is take chances with your destination
two people in love, Jessica Fern Facette is     Phone: 780-488-4359                              Edmonton, AB T6E 3P2                            wedding. Call the specialists at Uniglobe
the one you’re looking for. Jessica’s work      Website:                Phone: 780-435-2211                             Geo Travel where you know the details are
goes beyond the traditional and                 Marlow & Richards Floral Works specializes                     going to be perfect.
guarantees to showcase the beauty of your       in one of a kind creations guaranteed to         Experience the Difference…leading the
wedding day.                                    delight your loved one, friend or client.        way for over 20 years, Special Event Rentals    Versace
                                                Both our Calgary and Edmonton locations          is Western Canada’s largest rental and sales    Website:
Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique                      are filled with unique treasures and gifts to    centre and we are pleased to supply you
1320 – 167 Avenue                               compliment our flowers. At Marlow &              with all of your rental and tent                Wedding World
Edmonton, AB T5B 4K3                            Richards you'll find a huge assortment of        requirements. Our extensive and
                                                gift items from small trinkets, stuffed bears,                                                   9719-63 Avenue
Phone: 780.476.3384                                                                              continuously expanding inventory consists       Edmonton, AB T6E 0G7
                                                and home decor & furnishings. We've got          of a complete line of tables, linens, chairs,
Website:                      metal and stone fountains, elegant                                                               Phone 780-433-1622
Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique has been                                                              tents, chocolate fountains, chair covers and
                                                chandeliers and antique cabinets.                ties, catering equipment, and dance floors
providing custom-designed floral wedding                                                                                                         For more than 30 years, Wedding World has
work for over 40 years. From the bride’s and                                                     which are only a few of the 250,000 items       been helping brides create beautiful
attendants’       bouquets,        corsages,
                                                Nazila Couture                                   readily available for your event! Visit our
                                                #81B Liberton Drive                                                                              weddings. They carry the largest selection
boutonnieres, and decorations, we have                                                           state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot facility,   of decorations and accessories from bells
you covered. Consultation is by                 St. Albert, AB T8N 5J1                           which showcases a vast array of rental          and bonbonniere supplies to invitations
appointment with our award winning floral       Phone: 780.419.2113                              items and décor or shop online!                 and albums. Whatever your colour or
designers and event planners who work           9292 – 34 Avenue                                                                                 theme, Wedding World can accommodate
within your budget to make your day             Edmonton, AB t6e 5p2                             Strellson                                       you. Wedding World brings you a fabulous
fabulous. Delivery is also available on your    Phone: 780.465.2113                                                   selection of designer gowns at affordable
big day.                                        Website:                   Former owners of Hugo Boss and one of           prices. They carry bridesmaid dresses,
                                                                                                 the top clothing brands from Germany.           mother’s dresses, flower girl dresses, shoes,
la piazza dasee flower market                   Notables Stationers Inc.                         Nobody manufactures better looking suits        headpieces and veils. Bridal fashions,
7929 – 104 Street                               12543 – 102 Avenue                               at this price! Available at Derks southside     invitation decorations and everything in
Edmonton, AB T6E 4C9                            Edmonton, AB T5N 0M4                             and westend locations.                          between, Wedding World has it all.
Phone: 780.437.1380                             Phone: 780.448.4625
Website:                           Website:                         Tanami Photography                              Weddings by Tamara
la piazza dasee (pronounced daisy) creates                                                       Phone: 403.455.5588                             Phone: 403.463.6918
the “WOW” factor. Ever thought of bling         Offshores                                        Website:              Email:
and feathers in your bouquet? Your dream        Unit A, 10221 – 109 Street
is our design. Our inviting European            Edmonton, AB T5J 1N2                             The Citadel Theatre                             West Edmonton Mall
atmosphere will make your flower                Phone: 780.951.3011                              9828 – 101A Ave                                 8882 – 170 Street
selecting a calm and enjoyable experience.                                                       Edmonton, AB T5J 3C6                            Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2
Sit with us; enjoy espresso or gelato and we    Website:
                                                Are you planning your destination                Phone: 780.425.1820                             Phone: (general inquiries) 780.444.5200
will chat about the perfect flowers for you.                                                     Toll-free: 1.888.425.1820                       Website:
We were chosen as “Best Flower Shop” in         wedding? Offshores carries exclusive swim
                                                and sun wear with unique piece such as           Website:                 West Edmonton Mall is waiting for you! This
the Edmonton Journal’s “Worth a Second
Look” Awards.                                   AshaCouture, L-Space, Shan and Nicolita.         The Citadel Theatre Complex is located in       is the world’s largest entertainment and
                                                You’ll also be able to find amazing cocktail     the heart of Downtown Edmonton in the           shopping centre, featuring over 800 stores
                                                dresses and a huge variety of beach and          Arts District and houses five performing        and services. You’re sure to find everything
Lanza                                           cocktail accessories. With new pieces            spaces: the Shoctor Theatre; the Maclab         you need for your special day!
Website:                     arriving weekly, it’s hard not to get            Theatre; the Rice Theatre; the Tucker
                                                glamorous at Offshores.                          Amphitheatre and Zeidler Hall. A registered
                                                                                                 charity, we present 13 plays and a Teen
                                                Ovation Catering & Banquets                      Festival each year. We are home to the
                                                3790 – 98 Street                                 Eldon and Anne Foote Theatre School
                                                Edmonton, AB T6E 6B4                             which offers theatre classes, workshops
                                                                                                 and summer camps for children, teens and
                                                Phone: 780-440-7863                              adults.

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