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									  Recording Agreement with Publisher regarding Publication of Musical Compositions

Agreement made on the ___ day of __________, 20___, between (Name of Artist) of
(street address, city, county, state, zip code), referred to herein as Artist, and (Name of
Publisher), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the state of (name of
state), with its principal office located at (street address, city, county, state, zip code),
referred to herein as Publisher.

I.     Engagement of Artist and Term of Agreement. Publisher engages Artist's
exclusive personal services as a recording artist to perform in connection with the
production of recordings for an initial period of (number) year(s) commencing on the
effective date of this Agreement, to record during (number) master recordings or more
at Publisher's election. Artist accepts such engagement and agrees to render
performances to the best of his ability and of the same high artistic quality as induced
Publisher to engage Artist at recording sessions conducted by Publisher, at times and
places it may designate.

II.    Payments
       A.    Conditioned on Artist’s full and faithful performance of each and all of the
       terms of this Agreement, and as full compensation for his services and all rights
       granted or agreed to be granted by Artist, Publisher agrees, except as otherwise
       provided, to pay Artist as follows:

              1.     Publisher will pay Artist $__________, within (number) days after
              each recording session at which master recording are recorded. All of such
              amounts paid to Artist by Publisher shall be deemed to be advances
              against any and all royalties payable to Artist by Publisher.

              2.    Publisher will pay Artist a royalty of (describe), with respect to
              standard commercial recordings sold in the United States, based on
              (percentage) of Publisher's wholesale price.

              3.     Publisher will pay Artist a royalty equal to (percentage) of
              Publisher's net receipts with respect to recordings, including audiovisual
              devices manufactured or sold outside the United States or within the
              United States by Publisher's licensees.

III.   Master Recordings
       A.     All master recordings (masters) shall be made in such a manner as
       Publisher in its sole discretion shall deem advisable.
      B.      Artist agrees to render services in connection with each recording session
      until the masters designated by Publisher are recorded to Publisher's satisfaction.

      C.    Publisher shall have the right to designate the selections to be recorded
      and may designate selections in which Publisher or one of its affiliates has a
      pecuniary interest.

IV.   Costs
      A.     As to any performance by Artist under this Agreement, he agrees that
      Publisher may engage in Artist's behalf vocalists, conductors, contractors,
      musicians, arrangers, orchestrators, and copyists selected by Publisher in
      connection with such performances, and Artist authorizes Publisher to pay each
      and all such persons on his behalf.

      B.     All such payments and any other costs incurred by Publisher with respect
      to recording sessions held under this Agreement, including, but not limited to,
      the cost of cartage and rental of instruments, studio costs, all costs and expenses
      for and with respect to the production of masters through but not including
      completed masters, all costs incurred in the creation and preparation of art work
      for covers, liners, sleeves, or any other packaging shall be deemed additional
      returnable advances to Artist and shall be deducted from the total royalties
      payable to Artist by Publisher.

      C.     If Artist should delay the commencement or completion of, or be
      unavailable for any recording session designated by Publisher under this
      Agreement, for any reason, Artist agrees to pay all the expenses and charges
      actually incurred or paid by Publisher by reason of such delay or unavailability.

      D.     No royalty shall be payable to Artist under this Agreement until Publisher
      has recouped from such royalties a sum equal to all costs advanced by Publisher
      and all sums paid to Artist pursuant to Section II (A) (1) of this Agreement.

V.    Artist’s Obligations
      A.      During the term of this Agreement, Artist agrees not to perform for any
      other person for the purpose of making recordings, nor will Artist engage in
      making recordings for anyone other than Publisher.

      B.      Artist will not authorize the use of his name, likeness, or other
      identification for the purpose of distributing, selling, advertising, or exploiting
      recordings for anyone other than Publisher.
       C.     Should Artist violate the above-stated restrictions, Publisher may, in
       addition to any other right or remedy that it may have on account of such breach,
       terminate its obligation to pay Artist any further royalties under this Agreement.

       D.     Artist agrees not to issue or authorize any advertising or publicity of any
       kind regarding his recording activities without first obtaining a written clearance
       from Publisher.

VI.    Grant of Rights. Artist grants to Publisher:
       A.     The ownership of all masters, positives or negatives of such masters, and
       recordings manufactured from such masters, the right to control and use such
       masters and the performances embodied on such masters on such terms and in
       such forms as in its sole discretion the Publisher may approve, the right to
       perform publicly such recordings in any media and by any means whatsoever,
       and any photographs, both negative and positive, that may be made or
       authorized by Publisher and which include Artist's likeness, including the right to
       secure a copyright of such photographs, pictorial representations, or likenesses in
       Publisher's name or the name of Publisher's designee.

       B.      The exclusive right to issue and authorize publicity concerning Artist and to
       use, reproduce, transmit, broadcast, exploit, publicize, exhibit, and control
       Artist's name (including any professional name previously or later adopted by
       him), signature, likeness, voice, and sound effects of biographical material
       concerning Artist in connection with recordings made under this Agreement.

       C.      The right and power to take such action as Publisher deems necessary,
       either in Artist's name or in Publisher’s name, against any person who uses
       Artist's services or name, likeness, or other identification of Artist in violation of
       Publisher's rights under this Agreement, but at Publisher's expense.

       D.    Artist grants and assigns to Publisher all rights of copyright to the
       recordings of Artist, including but not limited to copyrig
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