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					is iconic, insightful, and
                                                                                                                       CALENDAR 2012                               (Subject to Change)

                                Issue Date   Features                                                               Products                           Ad Close    Materials
                                             Summer Study Guide                                                     Classic Class Looks                  11/8/11       11/15/11
                                  Jan-12     25 to Watch
                                             Is Hip Hop Going Classical?

                                  Feb-12     Audition Guide                                                         Winning Audition Looks               12/6/11       12/13/11
                                             Valentine Special: Married and Dancing
                                             Artists-in-residence: What Do College Students Get Out of It?

                                             Jobs Guide                                                             All-purpose Dancewear, Shoes,        1/3/12        1/10/12
                                  Mar-12     How I Got That Job: Dancers on Their Career Breakthroughs              & More
                                             Help Your Body Survive Your Day Job

                                  Apr-12     Choreography Issue                                                     Pointe Shoes & Accessories           1/31/12        2/7/12
                                             Choreography for the Camera: What Really Works?
                                             How Early Is Too Early? Their First Pointe Shoes
                                             Plus the “Studio Talk” Supplement                                                                           1/31/12        2/3/12
                                             Plus the FREE Ad Effectiveness Study

                                             The Technique Issue                                                    The Home Studio of Your Dreams       3/6/12        3/13/12
                                  May-12     Second Chance: When It’s Time to Change Genres
                                             Teaching Tap: It’s All About Rhythm
                                             Plus the “Lifetime Learners” Supplement                                                                     3/6/12         3/9/12

                                             Dance Annual Directory                                                 Summer Study Essential Clothing,     4/3/12        4/10/12
                                  Jun-12     What I Did for Dance: Sacrifices for the Art                           Shoes & Bags
                                             Photo Essay: Dancers Shooting Dancers

                                  Jul-12     The Body Issue                                                         Rehearsal Dancewear                  5/8/12        5/15/12
                                             Caring for Your Body by the Decade
                                             Ouch! Physical Therapists on Dancers’ Biggest Mistakes

                                  Aug-12     Scholarship Guide                                                      Ballet Slippers for Every Dancer     6/5/12        6/12/12
                                             Jazz Dance and Universities: A New Partnership
                                             Get Your Degree While Dancing Professionally
                                             Plus the “Secrets of a Successful Studio” Supplement                                                        6/5/12         6/8/12
                                             Plus the annual “College Guide”                                                                             6/19/12       6/26/12

                                  Sep-12     Fall Preview                                                           Fall Dancewear                       7/3/12        7/10/12
                                             Home Grown Success Stories: From Beginner to Principal at One Studio
                                             The Surprises, Nightmares, and Joys of Site-Specific Choreography
                                             Plus the “Beyond Performance” Supplement                                                                    7/3/12         7/6/12

                                  Oct-12     Broadway Focus                                                         Costume Preview                      8/7/12        8/14/12
                                             Competitions As Job Opps
                                             When the Family Dances: Sibling Rivalry or Revelry?
                                             Plus the “Competitions: Winning Ways” Supplement                                                            8/7/12        8/10/12

                                             Women’s Issue                                                          Celebration of Shoes                 9/4/12        9/11/12
                                  Nov-12     Are Women Dancers Still Second-Class Citizens?
Brittany Pollack photographed
by Matthew Karas                             Choreographers Who Defy Gender Stereotypes

                                  Dec-12     Modern Focus                                                           Holiday Gifts                        10/2/12       10/9/12
                                             What’s the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary?
                                             Breaking Away: Dancers Who Start Their Own Companies
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