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					The Sea Turtle Hospital
  (Marathon, Florida)

   There are 13 permanent residents
   at the turtle hospital. These are all
   turtles with injuries too severe to
   place them back in the wild.
   Most patients, however, are
   treated and happily released back
   to the water.
Bubbles is missing her left front flipper and sustained a
boat hit to her shell. Most sea turtles can do just fine with
only three flippers. Unfortunately the boat hit caused
paralysis in Bubbles’ rear flippers. With only one flipper
Bubbles is non-releasable.
  Bubble-butt has a deformed shell caused by a
propeller injury. The injury left her unable to dive
 to search for food, and caused her posterior to
                bob at the surface.
This is Bubble Butt swimming with a
special weight attached to her body so
she can swim properly.
      April had fibropapilloma
       tumors covering both of
       her eyes. Because she
       could not see, she had
       not been able to eat
       and was very skinny.
       The veterinarians were
       able to remove the
       tumors and save April's
       life, but one tumor was
       so large that it had
       completely destroyed
       one eye. She is hand
       fed every day.
      Rebel was hit by a
       boat propeller which
       damaged his shell and
       caused him to float at
       the surface. His
       wound was nearly
       healed, but he had
       become very skinny
       and weak because he
       could not dive to the
       bottom to feed.
This Green turtle had damage to one eye by a boat
hit, was missing half of one flipper due to a shark
attack, and the other flipper was missing.He also had
Poseidon - Loggerhead
Poor Poseidon had a cracked shell (hit twice
   by propellers) and a hook in his jaw.
A young loggerhead with a propeller
Asa is a green turtle with Fibropapilloma.
  She was released after laser surgery.
Asa being released!
This turtle was saved and released too!

                       Lola was found with
                        fishing line wrapped
                        around her flippers
                        and in her stomach.
                        Grasses and algae
                        start to grow on very
                        slow turtles that are
                        floating most of the
Hatchlings are also brought to the hospital.

                       • These hatchlings were
                         found heading for the
                         “wrong” light. They
                         were cared for at the
                         hospital for a few
                         weeks until they were
                         strong enough to
                         make it in the ocean.
Fishing net troubles
             Each year thousands
              of turtles get trapped
              in fishing nets and are
              drowned. This is true
              particularly for shrimp
              nets. Now there is a
              law to require shrimp
              nets to have a “TED”.
              (Turtle Excluder
Turtle Excluder Devices work
              • TEDs are a grid of bars
                with an opening either at
                the top or the bottom of
                the trawl net. The grid is
                fitted into the neck of a
                shrimp trawl. Small
                animals such as shrimp
                pass through the bars
                and are caught in the bag
                end of the trawl. When
                larger animals, such as
                marine turtles and sharks
                are captured in the trawl
                they strike the grid bars
                and are ejected through
                the opening.

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