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									       EF Education First launches EF Frontline – online business English courses aimed
                                      at customer-facing staff

18th June 2012, London: EF Education First, the world’s leading provider of language training for
companies and the public sector, has today announced the launch of EF Frontline, a series of
customer-facing industry-specific courses. Available on their award-winning online school, the
modules aim to give employees the specific English vocabulary and skills they need for their jobs
in the shortest possible timeframe.

As a direct response to customer interest, and as part of their on-going commitment to even
deeper industry content, EF has developed a new suite of lessons for their award winning online
business English school, aimed at customer-facing employees. Courses are currently available
for the specific industries of: Quick-Service Restaurants, Hotels and Guest Services, and Private
Security, with more to follow. With these courses, EF aims to provide a cost-effective solution
for businesses where English skills are critical to the customer service experience. Such
businesses can have a high staff turnover rate so they need to get staff up to an acceptable
English competency level as quickly as possible and at an affordable price.

Christoph Wilfert, President EF Corporate Language Learning Solutions commented: “Clear
communication is imperative for employees that interact with the public every day. In many
industries efficient and pleasant interaction between customers and employees can affect the
effectiveness of the service a business offers, the company’s reputation and the amount of
repeat business garnered. EF’s Frontline English courses help businesses to arm their staff with
the skills they need to succeed in their industry”

The 3-month courses incorporate a series of multi-media exercises to teach users vocabulary,
grammar, listening skills and more in a very short time. Each course covers the industry-specific
scenarios that employees are likely to encounter on a daily basis, for example the Hotel Guest
Services course includes scenarios such as greeting a guest, booking a tour and giving directions
around town. At the end of the course students receive a performance report stating their level
of achievement. This allows companies to gauge the improvement each student has made, and
monitor their return on investment.
Wilfert added: “EF strongly believes in making its language training courses as tailored to the
specific needs of its users as possible. By focusing the learning around the specific situations and
tasks that employees would encounter daily in their jobs, students are more motivated to learn
and businesses get a better return on their training investment.”

EF Education First
EF Corporate Language Learning Solutions, an EF Education First company, is the world leader in
corporate language training for international businesses and public sector organizations. Over
1,500 organizations and 15 million students worldwide have now put their trust in us for their
language training needs. EF operates from a worldwide network of 400 language schools, offices
in over 50 countries, dedicated executive-only schools in Cambridge, London and Boston, and
develops and runs the world’s most advanced online virtual language school and classroom. For
more information please visit: www.ef.com/corporate

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