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					                            The Carillon
                                                                                         Volume 84, Issue 89, September, 2011
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My Dear Friends in Christ,                                           This peace has already been achieved in Christ, but it has
                                                                     yet to be realized in our relationships with one another
As we enter the fall season with family and parish activi-           and the world around us. As members of a global com-
ties switching into high gear, we make plans for the new             munity and the worldwide Anglican Communion, we are
school year. However, this year is somewhat different                called to bear one another’s burdens across the divides of
then previous years, for on September 11 we will remem-              culture, religion, and differing views of the world.
ber what happened to our nation and the very fabric of
our lives, ten years ago. All Americans, but particularly            We are called to self-examination and repentance: the
New Yorkers were devastated by the terrorist attacks on              willingness to change direction, to open our hearts and
our nation. The loss of life was staggering beyond belief.           give room to God’s compassion as it seeks to bind up, to
We were stunned and speechless upon hearing the news.                heal, and to make all things new and whole. God’s pro-
This colossal evil event continues to impact each and                ject, in which we participate by virtue of our baptism, is
every one of us. We will remember, as we do each year,
the innocent victims and the first responder heroes, who
selflessly tried to help others. In these stressful times, all                   Fall Service Schedule:
of us who are Christians need to remember that we have
an awesome source of strength and hope as close to us as                           Sunday, September 11th
our next breath, I have in mind the presence and love of                           8:00am & 10:00am Services
God. He asks us to bury violence and hatred. He asks us                          10:00am Church School Begins
to be heralds of peace and solidarity. The great call of the                      10:00am Teachers Installation
church, our Caroline parish family, is to hold fast to those                      11:15am Church Wide Picnic
things that shall endure. This is our gift to our commu-
nity at this point in history. And those things that shall                     7:30pm Ecumenical 9/11 Service at
endure are the immense riches of the Good News: the                               Setauket Presbyterian Church
grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the
Fellowship of the Holy Spirit. We are called to be what                            Sunday, September 18th
we have always been, but now with a renewed purpose                            8:00am, 9:30am, 11:15am Services
and deepened commitment. Now, more then ever, we are                                9:30am Sunday School
called to be the People of God in this place.

On this 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our
nation, I would like to share with you some powerful
words from the House of Bishops that we heard 10 years               Our Caroline Church Vision Statement:
ago this month. They were true then and are equally im-              To help people encounter the living God together
portant for us 10 years later.                                             and live transformed lives for Christ.

“We come together also in the shadow of the cross: that                              Our Mission Statement
unequivocal sign that suffering and death are never the              * We, the parishioners of Caroline Church of Brookhaven,
end but the way along which we pass into a future in                 are committed to Jesus Christ, to His teaching, His life,
which all things will be healed and reconciled. Through              death and resurrection, in our call to serve and worship
Christ “God was pleased to reconcile to himself all things           Him, in the tradition of the Anglican Communion.
whether on earth or in heaven, by making peace through
the blood of his cross.” (Col. 1:20) This radical act of             * We strive to share our faith and blessings for the further-
peace-making is nothing less than the right ordering of all          ance of His kingdom in an environment of love, under-
things according to God’s passionate desire for justness,            standing, and support, through prayer, worship, Christian
for the full flourishing of humankind and all creation.              education, and fellowship.

the ongoing work of reordering and transforming the                                     Curate’s Corner
patterns of our common life so they may reveal God’s
                                                                                           The Spirit is Calling You
justness—not as an abstraction but in bread for the hun-
gry and clothing for the naked. The mission of the
Church is to participate in God’s work in the world. We
                                                                 Dear Friends in Christ,
claim that mission.
                                                                 One of the greatest blessings of my life is my association
“I have set before you life and death...choose life so           with the Sisters of the Community of the Holy Spirit. I be-
that you and your descendants may live,” declares                came an Associate in November of 1987 and it was my
Moses to the children to Israel. We choose life and im-          dear Sisters who, without knowing it, sustained me through
mediately set ourselves to the task of developing clear          one of the darkest periods of my life. No matter how dark
steps that we will take personally and as a community            the shadows became, I knew that I was being held in prayer
of faith, to give substance to our resolve and embodi-           by the Sisters, lifted into the Light of Christ—even if only
ment to our hope. We do so not alone but trusting in             in a general prayer for the Associates. Their prayers be-
your own faithfulness and your desire to be instruments          came my saving grace.
of peace.
                                                                 It has been a profound joy to reconnect with the Sisters as a
Let us therefore wage reconciliation. Let us offer our           priest. Once or twice a month I make my way to their con-
gifts for the carrying out of God’s ongoing work of rec-         vent in NYC to celebrate the Eucharist with them. After-
onciliation, healing and making all things new. To this          wards, I join the elders in the refectory for coffee and con-
we pledge ourselves and call our church.                         versation as they finish their breakfast. The eldest, Sister
                                                                 Elise, celebrated her 90th birthday in July, and she and I
We go forth sober in the knowledge of the magnitude              share wonderful conversations that often last long after the
of the task to which we have all been called, yet confi-         others have left the table and gone on with their day.
dent and grounded in hope. “And hope does not disap-
point us, because God’s love has been poured into our            Sister has lived a long and fruitful life. She served for three
hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to            years in the Navy, earned a Master’s degree in Music at
us.” (Romans 5:5)                                                Juilliard, and has been a member of the Community for
                                                                 more than sixty years, serving as a teacher and principal of
“May the God of hope fill us with all joy and peace in           the Sisters’ schools, and serving in a variety of other roles
believing through the power of the Holy                          in the Order. Not too long after her birthday, Sister told me
Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)” [House of Bishops of the Episco-        that she had discerned her new ministry: intercession.
pal Church, September 26, 2001]
                                                                 Every morning after breakfast, she makes her way to the
                                                                 Sisters’ sitting room in the cloister and waits for Sister
I pray that each of us may, with our hearts, minds and
                                                                 Mary Elizabeth to deliver the NY Times when she is done
strength, do all we can to transform this world we live
                                                                 reading it. With the paper in hand, Sister Elise begins to
into a place of peace and compassionate love.
                                                                 scan the news to see where she is drawn to focus her gaze.
                                                                 Wherever the Holy Spirit leads her, she prays.
May the peace of Christ rule in your heart,
                                              Fr. Richard+       In the wake of the helicopter crash in Afghanistan Sister
                                                                 prayed for the three soldiers pictured on the front of the
                                                                 Times, remembering their mothers and fathers, sisters and
                                                                 brothers, wives and children. On any given day, she might
                                                                 be called to pray for perseverance for someone on the
                                                                 Sports page who lost a race and humility for the winner, or
                                                                 for the staff writer on the Stock page, or the homeless per-
                                                                 son in a story about a homeless shelter. The NY Times
                                                                 becomes Sister Elise’s Book of Common Prayer outside
    A Sincere Note of Thanks…                                    Chapel.

… to Henry Stevenson, Karl Soderstrom, and Bruce                 Each and every one of us, lay and ordained, young and
Lockerbie, who expertly conducted our Lectionary                 young at heart, has a ministry beginning at Caroline Church
Study series in August. We are truly blessed at Caro-            and extending out into the world. It is never too early or
line to have such capable and willing facilitators for           too late, and it is never too small an offering. We grow into
our conversations on the Sunday readings.                        our vocation as we come to hear God’s call more clearly.

We are called to come together as the Body of Christ, to
be nourished and nurtured and to care for one another so
that we can, in turn, reach out to others in our commu-
nity and proclaim the Good News of God in Jesus Christ
with renewed energy and conviction to a world that is so
much in need of hope and compassion.
The 16th century Spanish mystic, Teresa of Avila, once             As we keep the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th,
said,                                                              the Three Village Interfaith Clergy Association invites
                                                                   all to take part in a Service of Remembrance and Hope.
       Christ has no body now on earth but yours,
                                                                   The Service will be held on the evening of Sunday the
                   no hands but yours,
                                                                   11th at 7:30pm at the Setauket Presbyterian Church, 3
                    no feet but yours,
                                                                   Caroline Avenue, Setauket. If you are able to attend,
      Yours are the eyes through which to look out
                                                                   please bring a flower as a token of remembrance.
            Christ's compassion to the world
         Yours are the feet with which he is to
                  go about doing good;
      Yours are the hands with which he is to bless.
Where is the Holy Spirit leading you this fall as we enter
into a new program year? Perhaps, like my dear Sister                       New Thursday Offering
Elise, you are called to pray for the needs of Christ’s
Church and the world. Perhaps you are called to tend to            Our traditional Thursday Holy Eucharist is moving to a
our altar or serve as an usher, a lay reader, or a Eucharis-       new time slot beginning on September 15th, and it will
tic minister. Perhaps you are called to help with our              be followed with a new opportunity for discussion and
youth and/or our Sunday school. Maybe you’d like to                formation. The service will begin at 12:30pm, allowing
help the pastoral care team lead worship at nursing                those who attend to eat lunch prior to the liturgy, which
homes, or help the adult education committee create ex-            includes a special litany and prayers for healing.
citing new opportunities for Christian formation. Or
maybe you’d like to welcome newcomers and help to                  Following the service, from about 1:15pm until 2:00pm,
fold them into our midst. It could be that you would like          Father Richard and Mother Ann will take turns offering a
to help collate the Carillon, or organize meals for parish-        clergy forum on various and sundry topics of interest.
ioners and others in need, or cook and serve at a soup             Each conversation may continue over the course of one
kitchen. These are just a few suggestions, and you may             to three weeks, as needed, and everyone is welcome at
have some vibrant ideas of your own.                               any and all sessions regardless of previous attendance.
                                                                   Mother Ann will offer the first forum, exploring re-
There is an abundant array of opportunities for ministry           sources for keeping faith in the midst of daily life.
in our parish family and beyond. Your clergy stand
ready to help you discern your ministry and to support                            We hope to see you there!
you in putting your gifts to good use. The Spirit is calling
you. Can you hear it? How will you respond?
                                      Peace and blessings,
                                           ~Mother Ann+
                                                                         Coffee & Fellowship Hour
                                                                                    Sign up for 2011/2012

                                                                   Please feel free to sign up for this wonderful time of
                                      Sister Elise                 sharing. Open to families, organizations or individuals
                                                                   who would like to share their ‘hostess’ gifts. The sign
                                  Community of the                 up list beginning in September is on the clip board under
                                    Holy Spirit                    the Juice & Cookies sign up sheet. You
                                                                   may either just sign up on the list, call
                                                                   the parish office at 941-4245 or contact
                                                                   Len Calone at 928-2019. Hurry - while
                                                                   choice dates are still available.

          Our Angican Heritage                                      Almighty God, who called your servant Theodore of Tar-
                    Theodore of Tarsus                              sus from Rome to the see of Canterbury, and gave him
                                                                    gifts of grace and wisdom to establish unity where there
When the pagan Anglo-Saxons invaded England, they                   had been division, and order where there had been chaos:
drove the native Celtic inhabitants north into Scotland             Create in thy Church, we pray, by the operation of the
and west into Ireland, Wales, and Cornwall. The Anglo-              Holy Spirit, such godly union and concord that it may
Saxons were subsequently converted to Christianity by               proclaim, both by word and example, the Gospel of the
Celtic missionaries from the north and west, and Roman              Prince of Peace; who lives and reigns with you and the
and Gallic missionaries from the south and east. As a re-           Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. AMEN.
sult, they ended up with two different "flavors" of Chris-
tianity. The difference was expressed mainly in the form
of a disagreement about the proper method for calculat-
ing the date of Easter, a disagreement which we may sus-
pect was a stand-in for other disagreements a little more
difficult to articulate. In 663, a council was called to set-
tle the dispute, the Synod of Whitby. It decided in favor
of the Roman or continental way of doing things.
Soon after, the Archbishop of Canterbury died, and the
English elected a successor, Wighard, and sent him to
Rome to be consecrated by the Pope. Wighard died in
Rome before he could be consecrated, and the Pope
(Vitalian) took it upon himself to choose a man to fill the         Welcome Back to Church School
vacancy. He consecrated Theodore of Tarsus (the native
city of the Apostle Paul), a learned monk (not a priest)            I hope everyone had a wonderful summer break, I know I
from the East then living in Rome, and 65 years old. This           did. This fall we have some new things planned for
surprising choice turned out to be a very good one. Theo-           Church School. We have new curriculum, new events
dore was (as Bede put it in his Ecclesiastical History)             planned for families, and new faces for teachers. I hope
"the first archbishop whom all the English obeyed." Hav-            everyone will be as excited about them as I am.
ing made a tour of his charge, Theodore filled the vacant
bishoprics and in 672 presided over the first council of            We are in need of one or two 3/4th Grade teachers. If
the entire English Church, at Hertford. He established              you feel you would be willing to share your love of The
definite territorial boundaries for the various dioceses,           Lord, please contact me as soon as possible.
and founded new dioceses where needed. He found the
Church of England an unorganized missionary body, and               I will be sending out a letter about church school this
left it a fully ordered province of the universal Church.           week, with a registration form enclosed. Please fill it out
The body of canon law drawn up under his supervision,               and return it in the enclosed envelope. Even if you have
and his structure of dioceses and parishes, survived the            filled one out last year you need to fill one out again for
turmoil of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and are          this year. Things change in families and we want to make
substantially intact today.                                         sure we have all updated information on each family.

He founded a school at Canterbury that trained Christians           Church School starts on September 11th at the 10:00 am
from both the Celtic and the Roman traditions, and did              service. “There will be no Children's Chapel on this Sun-
much to unite the two groups. The school was headed by              day.” The teachers will be installed and classes will be
Adrian, an abbot born in Africa but later resident in Italy,        dismissed before the sermon. After the church school we
who had been the Pope's first choice for Archbishop, but            will have a church wide picnic. Hamburgers, Hotdogs,
who had refused and recommended Theodore instead.                   drinks, the fixings and dessert will be provided, please
Adrian was learned in the Scriptures, a good administra-            bring a side dish to share. Please call me to let me know
tor, and fluent in Latin and Greek. The school taught Bi-           that you will be coming. The picnic is for the entire
ble, theology and sacred studies, Latin and Greek (Bede             “PARISH”, there is no cost for the picnic.
alleges that some of the students knew these languages as
well as they knew English), poetry, astronomy, and cal-             I am looking forward to the upcoming church year and I
endar calculation (of some importance for political rea-            hope to see everyone on the 11th.
sons, as stated above). Adrian died 9 January 710. Theo-
dore died 19 September 690, being 88 years old. It is on                                                      Mary Doherty
that day in September that the Episcopal Church cele-                                                 Church School Director
brates Theodore’s life and ministry.

                                                         PIG ROAST
    9/02   Mary Melvin                            Saturday, September 17th, 5:00pm
    9/03   Mary-Brooke Keany
                                            $20 (adult) and $10 (children under 12);
    9/04   Margaret Reyes
    9/05   Chad Kilmer, Jr.
                                                      Two and under free
    9/06   Claire Mis
           Ellen Gristock
           Logan Steffens
    9/07   Brooke Benoff
    9/08   Geoff Burton-Perlotto
           Bill Rhame III
H          Allie Purcell               An old-fashioned pig roast will be held at Caroline
    9/09   Thomas Shimaitis            Church’s Marco C. Smith Building on Saturday, Septem-
           Jason Tillman               ber 17th at 5:00pm. Along with the pig, the menu will
A   9/10   Hunter Owens                include munchies, corn on the cob, baked potato, as-
    9/11   Carol Goodwin               sorted salads, apple sauce, rolls, hot dogs, ice cream,
           Ben Busko                   cupcakes, watermelon and beverages (iced tea, lemonade
P   9/12   Anna McCarroll              and coffee). Please bring your own soda, beer or wine, if
           Kevin McGrath               desired. Trivia contest, 50/50 raffle and more will be
    9/13   Brian Groth                 provided with the all-you-can-eat buffet. Bring your
P          Bradley Michel              friends, family, kids, and neighbors. All are welcome!
    9/14   Eileen Roggemann
Y          Jack Worrell                                  Paid reservations are required by
    9/15   Keith Brazier                                          September 12th
           Dan Cook
    9/16   Wayne Johnson
           Sean Brazier
                                                           Tickets may be purchased at
    9/17   Virginia Bidwell                                 Caroline Church’s Office.
B          Mandy Grosskoph
           DT Rowe, III                        Make checks payable to:
    9/18   Linda Haring                          Caroline Church
I          Kris Waage                                941-4245
           Samantha Free
    9/20   Lawrence Light
R          Lorraine Massie
           David Rickey
           Carly Jung
T          Cason Johnson
    9/21   Laurie Theobalt
           Anthony Esernio
H          Vinny Aiello
    9/22   Alice Denton
           Bobbi Wimmel
D          Stephanie Denton
                                                       Don’t Forget…….
    9/23   Steve Roggemann                           Buy Gift Cards for
    9/25   Stephanie Free                        Stop & Shop / King Kullen /
A          Linda Sanders
                                                      Wild by Nature
           Ed Wimmel
           Kieran McAuliffe                          At coffee hour on Sunday or
Y          Phoebe McAuliffe                     at the church office during the week!
    9/26   Martiza Groth
    9/29   Victoria Grosskoph                     Parishioners buy a $ 50 gift card,
    9/30   Claudio Martincic                        spend $50 @ store of choice
                                                   Store gives CAROLINE $$$$

     Senior Choir Planning for the                                              1st Day of Church School,
                                                                                 Teachers Installation &
          New Musical Year                                                          Church Wide Picnic
It is not too early to mark your calendars and remember                           September 11th, 10:00 a.m.
that promise you made to yourself to be involved in the
church choir. Beginning Thursday September 8th, the               1st Day of Church School and Teachers Installation at the
Senior Choir will begin rehearsals in the MCS building at         10:00am service and Church Wide Picnic after the
7:00 p.m. For anyone who would like to join, please con-          10:00am service. It will be held outside the MCS building
tact Choir Director Dallas Garvin at 751-6559 for more            on the back lawn. The church will supply the hotdogs,
information.                                                      hamburgers, rolls and all the fixings, ice tea, lemonade,
                                                                  water and games. We ask you to bring a salad or dessert
Just think, what would Sunday                                     [wine or beer is optional to bring]. Please let Mary Do-
services, Christmas, or Easter                                    herty know if you are able to make it. We hope all of you
be like without any music? Did                                    will come and start the church year out with food, fun and
you know that the very first mu-                                  fellowship.
sical instrument that God cre-
ated was your voice? Let us use
this wonderful creation to sing
praise and glory back to God.

                                                                                    Foyer Group

            20s and 30s Group
Appetizers and games at the Porters' house, 3 York-
shire Ave., Stony Brook, Saturday, September 24th,
7:00 p.m. Bring a snack or a bottle of wine, and your
favorite game! There will be movies available for kids
if they're not up for playing games. Contact Lindsay
Porter at or find us                                   ‘Sign Up’
on Facebook at "Caroline Twenties and Thirties."
                                                                   What is a Foyer Group? The French word foyer means a
                                                                   hearth or fireside. Foyer “group” then suggests a small
                                                                   group of friends, relaxed and open to one another. In
     Inquiring Minds Want to Know!                                 brief, those who join the Foyer Group are formed (at ran-
                                                                   dom) into groups of eight to ten people who meet about
1.   Who are the members of the Episcopal Church?                  once a month for a simple meal and relaxed conversation
2.   What do we believe?                                           in the homes of its members. The gatherings last from
3.   When should one make the sign of the cross?                   two to two and a half hours. New groups form each fall.
4.   Where do we keep the linen and candles?                       All groups from Caroline Church meet together for a
5.   Why do we worship this way?                                   joint pot-luck meal once during the season, usually in
                                                                   February or March. A foyer group is not a study or a
Our new Adult Inquirer’s class is forming now, and will            prayer group, and never, on any account, has it an
begin in mid-September. Classes will meet once a week              agenda. It is open to everyone, regardless of age or mari-
for four weeks. Whether you are seeking confirmation,              tal status. Its purpose is to allow members to come to-
or would like to be formally received into the Episcopal           gether in small groups to offer each other companionship,
Church, or if you’ve just been wondering about any as-             fellowship, and a sense of community in our larger
pect of our faith and tradition and would like to review           church family. Won’t you join us?
the basics, this class is for you. Due to the Diocesan con-        We start a new season this month and would like to get to
firmation schedule, we need to know of your interest as            know you. We will have the ‘sign up’ for our new Foyer
soon as possible. Please speak to Mother Ann or Father             Groups during the month of September at Coffee Hour,
Richard, or call the parish office, so that we can be sure         or you may call Barbara Delfyett at 751-3658 or Eliza-
to include you in the class.                                       beth Greaf at 689-5604.

                        Save the Dates!                                The Anglican Communion
                 Mark your calendars and come take part
                 in learning and discussions hosted by
                                                                 As you are aware, The Episcopal Church (TEC) is part of
                 the Adult Education Committee this
                                                                 the worldwide Anglican Communion. That communion
                                                                 comprises more than 85 million members in 44 regional
                                                                 and national member churches around the globe in more
     Tuesdays, September 20th and 27th at 7:30 p.m.
                                                                 than 160 countries. How do we maintain communion in
Presentation and Discussion on the Anglican Covenant –
                                                                 this family of churches? It has been proposed that a for-
Fr. Richard
                                                                 mal document outlining our understandings be drafted,
                                                                 studied and adopted by the current membership. It is
             Tuesday, October 18th at 7:30 p.m.
                                                                 hoped that such Covenant will allow the Communion to
Cursillo Information Night – everyone is welcome – de-
                                                                 order its common life to witness first and foremost to the
tails to follow in the October Carillon
                                                                 biblical commands of charity and unity.
         Tuesday, November 15th at 7:30 p.m.
                                                                 Since December of 2009, all Anglican Provinces began a
One night book discussion on David Platt’s best selling
                                                                 process of discernment about whether or not they should
book, “Radical, Taking Back Your Faith from the Ameri-
                                                                 adopt the Anglican Communion Covenant. The Episcopal
can Dream”
                                                                 Church (TEC) is currently engaged in that process of ex-
                                                                 ploring what the Covenant says and may formally vote on
More information on the book, “Radical”, may be found
                                                                 accepting this covenant at the General Convention of our
at and the book may be
                                                                 church next summer.
purchased at most booksellers as well as on Ama- If you purchase your copy online, remember to
                                                                 As part of Caroline Church’s Adult Christian Education
go through the link on our Caroline Church
                                                                 program for the new school year, I will lead a discussion
website so that a portion of your purchase can come back
                                                                 on this Anglican Covenant on September 20 and 27, at
to support Caroline!
                                                                 7:30 p.m. in the MCS building. All parishioners are en-
                                                                 couraged to attend and share their insights on this very
                                                                 fundamental aspect of our Anglican identity. The diocese
                                                                 and the national church would like as much input as pos-
                                                                 sible to help inform the General Convention delegates
                                                                 during decision time. RDV

    Blessing of the Animals
To all Caroline Church pets, be sure you com-                                   You are invited to a
municate to your caring owners that you want                             Potluck Dinner at Caroline Church
to come to Caroline Church for your yearly blessing.                           Friday, September 23rd
You know how much they enjoy worshipping God in a                                  6:30pm - Eucharist
faith affirming community, so don’t be shy about asking                  7:00pm - Potluck supper and fellowship.
the Lord to bless you as an important part of the family.
The Blessing of the Animals will take place on Saturday,         Ultreya is a Spanish word meaning onward! It was in
October 1st at 10:00 a.m. at the Carriage Shed in the            common use by pilgrims to greet and encourage one an-
Church Parking lot. This unique service in celebration of        other along the way. We would like to extend an invita-
St. Francis of Assisi’s love for all of God’s creation has       tion to all parishioners to join us for our meal, and a
always been a special time for all members of our parish         shared time of fellowship, singing and spiritual encour-
family, even those that wag their tales or chirp. We will        agement. Please bring a dish to share - drinks and des-
also take an informal vote on the most exotic pet pre-           serts will be provided. Contact Sue Seel for questions
sented for a blessing.                                           631-689-0683

               Adult Education                                          ECW Evening Branch
                 Bible Studies                                The ECW Evening Branch had an animated brainstorm-
                                                              ing session in August where many good ideas emerged
The Monday Night Bible Study will kick off their Fall         for the coming year. Our meetings will be on the second
Season with a Home Eucharist followed by a covered            Wednesday of the month, so ladies please mark you cal-
dish supper hosted at the home of Barbara Delfyett at         endars for September 14th, October 12th and November
6:00pm on Saturday, September 10th.                           9th. Our activities will be planned to support the body,
                                                              mind and spirit as well as raise funds for the church out-
Bible Study will begin on Monday, September 12th,             reach programs.
7:30pm in the Upper Room of the Parish House. All
are welcome.                                                  The September 14th meeting will begin at 7:00pm in the
                                                              Marco Smith building. Our topic is the benefits of yoga,
 ‘Exploring The Word’ Bible Study held in the MCS             a short presentation by Jacqueline Chartier, daughter-in-
 building will resume on Monday, September 19th at            law of Sue Seel. She is a certified yoga instructor at The
   6:45pm. We meet every other Monday evening.                Mindful Turtle in Stony Brook.

                    Please join us.                           All ladies of the church are warmly invited. Bring a
                                                              friend and your good ideas for future events. Hope to see
                                                              you there!

            Liturgical Calendar
                                                                 Brotherhood of Saint Andrew.
Baptisms:      Christopher Nicholas Capace
               Jacob Andrew Wanlass                           The Brothers at Caroline Church meet every 2nd Saturday
Burials:       George Y. Bliss                                of the month and begin our meetings with a Eucharist at
               Margaret D’Anneo-Dean                          8am. The Brotherhood is devoted to Prayer, Study and
                                                              Service with an aim of bringing men closer to Christ.
Weddings:      John Sanislo & Regina Ippoliti
               Jared Funt & Sarah Russell                     Our first meeting of the school year is scheduled for Sep-
               Craig Massie & Jacqueline Goelz                tember 10th at 8am. Hope to see you all there.

                                                                                                 Blessings Brother Mark

                     Ultreya is a Spanish word, mean-                           Grief Support Group
                     ing Onward! It was in common                           The next meeting will be Thursday, Sep-
use by pilgrims to greet and encourage one another                          tember 22nd at 7:00pm. Please contact
along the way. All Parishioners and their friends are                       Don Muffly for meeting location. Anyone
welcome to join us on the 4th Friday of the month for         who has lost a loved one is cordially invited, even if your
Ultreya. It is a shared time of fellowship, singing and       loss was years ago. Your attendance may be the spark to
spiritual encouragement. The next Ultreya will begin          help someone else. We follow a basic structure and all
with a Eucharist followed by a Pot Luck Supper on             sharing or discussions will be held confidential.
September 23rd at 6:30 at Caroline Church. Contact
Sue Seel, Ultreya Leader or Len Calone, Secretariat for       For additional information, please contact Fr. Richard at
any questions.                                                the parish office, or Don Muffly at 689-8804.


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