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									SEPTEMBER 2004                               TIDAL WAVES                                 VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

SEPTEMBER 2004                            TIDAL WAVES                           VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1


       Michele Trader
       Angela Mitchell
        757.220.5350                        ARMA Launches
                                          New Membership Recruitment Program
        TREASURER:                   (original message and more information can be viewed at
   Cynthia S. Jimenez-Britt
        757.427.4123         ARMA International has a new membership recruitment program, which
                               they are calling: Energize-Plug into the Source! More information will be
       SECRETARY:               available at for members to download. The information
         Anna Call
       757.380.7159                  can be used to promote the benefits of ARMA membership to           prospective new members for your chapter. The online recruitment
                                    program page will be updated on a regular basis with campaign
     PAST PRESIDENT:           information for members. It will be your link as the program gets started.
      Darlene P. Barber
        757.380.4340         Members who spend time and energy recruiting for ARMA and their
                                     chapter will be recognized. Chapters will receive awards for
   MID-ATLANTIC REGION            continuing growth. Starting today, membership applications with a
                                 sponsor’s name appearing on it will be considered a part of the new
         Pat Noble                  recruitment program. Watch for all the details!

    Tammy P. Wheeler
      (919) 875-3133


 President’s Message                                2
 FYI                                                4
 September Meeting Information                      5
 Education Opportunities                            7
 Treasurer’s Reports Chapter & Regional             8
 June Meeting Minutes                               10
                                                                         ARMA INTERNATIONAL
 Richmond AIIM/ARMA Seminar Information             11-12                   800-422-2762
 Chapter Volunteer Opportunities                    14
 Tidewater Chapter Calendar of Events               15                 ARMA HOME PAGE (WWW)

SEPTEMBER 2004                                TIDAL WAVES                              VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

                                                         TIDAL WAVES is published monthly from September
                                                           through June by the Tidewater Chapter of ARMA
            ummer’s over already! Wow, it went by         International. Letters, comments, and articles from
 way too fast. Hopefully we’ve all had time to                          members are welcome!
 relax and rejuvenate ourselves for the coming
 year. I was sorry to hear that Cleo was not able to
                                                                         Audrey P. Fitzgerald
 complete her year as president, we will miss her                   James City County Records
 leadership. I am glad that all of you are                                  P.O. Box 8784
 giving me the chance to work with a great new                     Williamsburg, VA 23187-8784
 board to plan a terrific program year.                         Voice: 757-259-4024 Fax: 757-253-6842
            o that end, the board has been busy                   e-mail:
 planning. We have some great programs lined
 up and have already started planning the                 Authors' statement of fact or opinion are their
                                                             own and do not necessarily express the
 seminar. I look forward to seeing all of you at our
                                                               official policy of ARMA International.
 meetings this year.
            ome early reminders to our members         Contributions or gifts to the Association of Records
 and friends: keep November in mind for our           Managers and Administrators, Inc. are not deductible
 Annual Food Bank canned food drive and our          as charitable contributions for U.S. Federal Income Tax
 joint meeting with Richmond ARMA & AIIM,              purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as
 December and our fun-filled Christmas service             ordinary and necessary business expenses.
 project raffle, January and our 4th Annual
 Bosses’ Night, and of course May and our Spring
 Seminar. Also, stay on the lookout for other
 surprises we might have in store for the coming
 year. Take advantage of these last few days of                          ADVERTISING RATES
 summer to restore your energies and plan your
 year. See you soon.
                                                     SIZE                   ISSUE                 YEAR
                                                     Full page              $12.50               $125.00
                   ~Michele                          ½ page                 $10.00               $100.00
                                                     1/4 page               $ 7.50               $ 75.00
                                                     Business card          $ 5.00              $ 50.00

                                                           Contact Newsletter Editor for information on
     Visit the ARMA International Bookstore at:                 securing an advertising contract!

      New items this year include: electronic
            discovery, electronic records

                                                         Catch the Wave ~~~
         management system integration,
     and information management compliance.

              Many RIM-relevant titles                    Advertise Your Service
              are available now online!
                                                            In Tidal Waves!
                                                                    (see details this page)

             Printed on Recyclable paper

SEPTEMBER 2004                                       TIDAL WAVES                            VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

     Want to learn about Metadata?
       Understanding Metadata:
       A New Guide from NISO!                                                        FYI:
  “Understanding Metadata,” an introduction to                         ARMA’s Letter to FTC:
      metadata that includes an overview
           of leading contenders and                                   Proper Destruction of
         examples of applications. It is                                Consumer Records
                                                                         (as seen on the ARMA web site)
       available as a free download from
      the National Information Standards
              Organization (NISO).                            ARMA has submitted to the U.S. Federal Trade
                                                              Commission its comments regarding the FACT
            This new publication covers                      Act Disposal Rule (R-411007), which addresses
          fundamentals from a definition of                  destruction of consumer records and information.
  metadata and descriptions of the various types
   to advice on creating metadata and what the                In its letter, ARMA advises that a formal, written
      future may hold in regards to metadata.                information retention and disposal program would
                                                              help ensure that organizations properly dispose
  “Understanding Metadata” is available in hard                    of and safeguard consumer information.
  copy and can be customized for workshops or
                 other events.                                For more information and the complete article
                                                                      please go to
       Visit for more details.

                      Courtesy of the
       National Information Standards Organization

           Share Your Expertise                                          Attention Members:

     ARMA International’s Industry Specific                            Strauser Appointed to
   Group (ISG) program is looking for experts                            Board of Directors
         to serve on advisory groups.
                                                                    Gisele Crawford, president of ARMA
      The program is preparing for another                       International, announced that Marry-Ellyn
      great year, but needs volunteers with                           Strauser, CRM, has been named
      industry-specific knowledge and work                           association director for 2004-2007.
        experience to help identify industry
                trends and needs.                              Strauser was appointed by the president with
                                                                board approval following the resignation of
       You can play an important part in                             incoming-director Angela Fares.
        creating methods for presenting
     industry-specific information to fellow                     Strauser, who was on the original slate of
  ARMA members and other RIM professionals.                       candidates for the position, began her
                                                                          three-year term July 1.
   All meetings are conducted virtually. There
       is no travel required for commitment.

       To volunteer expertise in your area,
     please complete the online form on the
         ARMA International Website at:

SEPTEMBER 2004                               TIDAL WAVES                                  VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

 WHEN:           September 21, 2004                       DIRECTIONS TO DELARGY’S BISTRO
                 Dinner: 5:30pm
                 Program: 7:00pm                                     -From I-64 take Exit 263
                                                             (Mercury boulevard toward James River Bridge)
 WHERE:          DeLargy’s Bistro,                        -Follow to second traffic signal (Aberdeen Road)
                 Hampton                                                   -Turn Right
                                                           -Turn Right at next traffic signal (Todd’s Lane)
 COST:           Members-$15
                                                        *Delargy's is on your right at end of shopping center.
                                                                          DeLargy’s Bistro
      RSVP BY SEPTEMBER 17, 2004                                         1814A Todd's Lane
             ALL RESERVATIONS:                                              Hampton, VA
              Contact Bland Gibbs                                         (757) 825-1450
              Phone: 757-591-2626
    *Please include meal selection when you reply
                                                          DINNER MENU: ENTRÉE SELECTIONS

                                                     Greek Salad
                                                     Seasonal greens, feta cheese, with red bell pepper, radish,
         SEPTEMBER MEETING                           tomato, cucumber, celery, Greek olives & anchovies with a
              DETAILS                                fresh oregano vinaigrette

                                                     Homemade Meat Lasagna
     This months topic will be focusing on           With ground beef, layered with pasta sheets, ricotta cheese,
              “Life after HIPAA”                     mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce

                                                     Fettuccini Alfredo Pasta
                  FEATURING                          Egg fettuccini with sweet butter, Parmesan cheese & fresh
                Kathryn Bresnan                      cream & vegetables

       Ms. Bresnan is the Health Information         Linguini Clam Red or White (please specify)
                                                     Chopped fresh clams, Italian parsley, fresh garlic, red pepper
     Management (HIM) Administrative Director        flake, white wine & sweet butter
       for Bon Secours Hampton Roads. Her
   responsibilities include leadership of four HIM   Shrimp Scampi (DeLargy’s Style)
   Departments across Hampton Roads, ongoing         Jumbo gulf shrimp with roasted garlic, Italian parsley, white
  readiness for regulatory agency inspections, and   wine, lemon, fresh tomato & mushrooms in a slightly
  a key member of the Privacy Committee for Bon      thickened sweet butter sauce tossed with linguini
   Secours. She graduated from Emory University
                                                     Baked Spaghetti
 and has worked in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and    With mushrooms, marinara sauce, ricotta cheese &
        Virginia. Ms. Bresnan lives with her         mozzarella cheese
    husband and two teenage sons in Yorktown.
                                                     Linguini Bolognese
       Make plans to join us this month              Ground beef, ground pork, ground veal & chopped garden
                                                     vegetables with homemade marinara sauce
      and start the new chapter year with
         fellow friends and colleagues!              Baked Ziti
                                                     With spicy sausage, marinara sauce, ricotta cheese &
            Hope to see you there!                   mozzarella cheese

                                                     Chicken or Veal or Eggplant Parmesan
                                                     Seasoned, breaded and baked with homemade tomato sauce.
                                                     Served with a side of linguini

                                                          HOUSE SALAD & HOUSE BREAD INCLUDED WITH MEALS &
                                                          YOUR CHOICE OF ONE BEVERAGE:ICED TEA, COKE, DIET
                                                        COKE, SPRITE, GINGER ALE, LEMONADE, COFFEE OR HOT TEA


SEPTEMBER 2004                                          TIDAL WAVES                         VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

                                                                What is Record’s

                                                                      The field of
   International PDF-Archive Standard                                 Management responsible for the
        PDF-Archive (PDF-A) could become an                           systematic control of the creation,
 international standard by early 2005. The regular
  PDF, created by Adobe Systems, has become a                         use ,maintenance and disposition of
  widely used format for distributing documents on                    records.
    the Internet because it preserves their original
     look and                             makes                                           Courtesy of the NARA web
 copying and
                       PDF-A           editing them
 difficult. As a     PDF-Archive       result of this,
 PDF        stan-   Coming in 2005    dard is popu-
 lar with gov-                         ernments for               The world is a
       archiving electronic documents but is not
                                                                  dangerous place to
 suitable for archiving permanent records. So it is
  expected that federal agencies will use the new                 be not because of the
    modified version called the PDF-A. Unlike the                 people who do evil;
 PDF, The PDF-A will contain type fonts to ensure
                                                                  but because of the
   that electronic documents will look the same in
   the future as they did when they were created.                 people who stand by
                                                                  and let them.
      For more information on this upcoming topic
        visit the ARMA International Website at:                  ~Albert Einstein

 This article portion is taken from The
 Information Management Journal July/August 2004

          Issues and Approaches in Archiving
                 Electronic Records
                                                                 See the ARMA International Web Site for
 This course will introduce attendees to the issues                   more details at
 inherent with archiving of electronic records. It will
 begin with a brief look at paper and microfilm based
 archiving and the challenges presented by analog
 Learning Objectives:
 -Present the unique challenges electronic records pose
                                                                              is missed by
 to an archival program                                                       most people
 -Examine the strengths and weaknesses of file
 formats, applications, and storage media associated                          because it is
 with electronic records archival and management                               dressed in
 -Discuss different ways to address the archival of
 electronic records                                                           overalls and
 Member Price: $69.00
                                                                            looks like work.
 Non-Member Price: $89.00                                                   ~Thomas Edison
           Please register for this online course at:

SEPTEMBER 2004                                               TIDAL WAVES                                     VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

                              MEET THIS YEAR’S                                Tidewater Chapter, ARMA International
                                                                         Treasurer's Activity Report May 1 – May 31, 2004
                             CINDI JIMENEZ-BRITT!                    Checking Account -
                                                                     Account Balance as of May 1, 2004:             $15,229.90

                                                                     May Meeting –Seminar pre-pay, escrow, etc.     $ 2,846.17
 Applications from individuals seeking                               Interest                                       ____ 1.17__
 membership in both the Tidewater                                    Total Receipts:                                $18,077.24
 Chapter and ARMA International should                               Disbursments:
 be addressed and mailed to:                                         Speaker reimbursement                          $ 108.99
          Tidewater Chapter (#45)                                    Cleo-supplies                                  $    54.89
                                                                     Ramada Inn – Seminar expenses                  $ 2,542.77
           Cindi Jimenez-Britt                                       Job Kitching (speaker) travel expense          $ 605.00
                                                                     Total Disbursements:                           $ 3,311.65

            Questions regarding application fees                     Checking account Balance as of:
                                                                     April 30, 2004:                                $14,765.59
                 should be addressed To
             The Tidewater Chapter Treasurer:                        Savings Account – (Scholarship fund)
                                                                     Account Balance as of:
                   Cindi Jimenez-Britt                               May 31,2004: incl. interest                    $ 3,287.04
                      (757) 427-4123
                                                                     Total Receipts:                                $_______
                                                                     Saving account Balance as of 2004 (est.):      $ 3,287.04
          Questions regarding other aspects
       of membership and member application                          Total account balances                         $ 18,052.63
             should be addressed to the
          Membership Committee Chairman:
                 Lois Dalton Ritger                                  Prepared For: Chapter Newsletter
                                                                     Prepared By: John Ritger, Treasurer            July 12, 2004
                  (757) 427-8908

          Tidewater Chapter, ARMA International                                   ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region
    Treasurer's Activity Report June 1 – June 30, 2004                         Treasurer’s Report for July 2004
 Checking Account -
 Account Balance as of June 1, 2004:         $14,756.67              Beginning Balances:
 Receipts:                                                           Checking:                         $2131.21
 Interest                                    $ ___ 1.00_             Savings:                          $3415.64
 Total Receipts:                             $14,757.67
                                                                     Total:                            $5546.85
 Stamps (Ballots)                                  8.51              Ending Balances:
 City of Hampton 50% Seminar reimbursement        50.00              Checking:                         $2121.81
 James City News postage                         64.80
 Postage/Stamps                                  21.06               Savings:                          $3568.61
 Board Meeting                                    47.00              Total:                            $5690.42
 Leadership con. advance - Angela               500.00
 Speaker gifts - Angela                          31.00
 June Meeting (Tides)                           589.61               Receipts:             July:
 June meeting additional                        137.92                                     $150 (from HQ-Chapter Dormancy Fund)
 Meeting awards / plaques - Darlene             143.78
 Copy Center - Audrey                            84.00
 Envelopes - Audrey                              15.68
                                                                                           Year to Date:          $150.00
 Supplies – Cleo                                 54.89
 Total Disbursements:                        $1,693.36               Expenses:             July:
 Checking account Balance as of:
                                                                                           $9.40 (postage to send region meeting
 June 30, 2004:                              $13,064.31                                    materials to non-attending chapters.)
 Savings Account – (Scholarship fund)
 Account Balance as of June 1, 2004:         $ 3,287.04                                    Year to Date:          $9.40
 Interest                                           1.23             Interest: July:
 Total Receipts:                             $      1.23
 Saving account Balance as of:
 June 30, 2004:                              $ 3,288.27
                                                                                           Savings:               $2.97
 Total account balances                      $ 16352.58
                                                                                           Year to Date:          $2.97
 Prepared For:   Chapter Newsletter
 Prepared By:    John Ritger, Treasurer      July 12, 2004


SEPTEMBER 2004                                              TIDAL WAVES                                        VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

                Tidewater Chapter– Association of Records Managers and Administrators
                           REGULAR MEETING MINUTES FOR: JUNE 14, 2004
 The Tidewater Chapter of ARMA met at Harbor Park in Norfolk on Monday, June 14, 2004, at 6:00 p.m. for its annual meeting for awards
 and installation of officers. In addition to President Darlene Barber, chapter members present included Cleo Badgett, Anna Call, Bland
 Gibbs, Lois Dalton-Ritger, Audrey Fitzgerald, Brenda Grow, Thomas Hesse, Cynthia Jimenez, Angela Mitchell, John Ritger, Johnsie
 Spruiel, and Michele Trader.

 Pat Noble, Mid-Atlantic Region Manager, presided over the installation of officers and administered the oaths of office. Installed were:
 Cleo Badgett as President       Angela Mitchell as Vice President          Anna Call as Secretary     Cynthia Jimenez as Treasurer

 Minutes/Treasurer’s Reports – The President called for a motion to approve the minutes and Treasurer’s Reports for March and April
 as published in the Chapter newsletter. Cleo Badget moved to approve the minutes and reports; Michele Trader seconded the motion,
 which was unanimously approved.

 The President expressed appreciation to the membership for the support and success of the Chapter Year. She presented gifts of
 appreciation to her Board for their partnership. She also presented the following awards in recognition of special efforts:
            Chapter Member of the Year          -        Anna Call
            Exemplary Performance               -        Audrey Fitzgerald and Michele Trader
            Exemplary Seminar Performance -              Lois Dalton-Ritger and Tom Hesse
            Perfect Attendance                  -        Darlene Barber and John Ritger

 Adjournment - There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned for the Tides game.

                Tidewater Chapter– Association of Records Managers and Administrators
                                 BOARD MINUTES FOR: JUNE 2, 2004

 The Executive Board of the Tidewater Chapter of ARMA met at Second Street Restaurant in Newport News on Wednesday, June 2,
 2004, at 3:00 p.m. Present were Darlene Barber, Anna Call, Brenda Grow, Cindi Jimenez, and Angela Mitchell.

 NEWSLETTER: The group discussed suggestions from Audrey Fitzgerald, presented by Brenda Grow, concerning the Chapter
 newsletter. She indicated success at securing vendor commitments for advertising for the full term of the newsletter and noted that
 vendors consider the rates cheap. It was concluded that the Chapter’s advertising rates may need to be increased. Audrey will prepare
 a list of newsletter deadlines for the year to assist in preparation. Anna Call indicated that her department may underwrite the cost of
 printing the newsletter for the coming year. It was recommended and approved that a $50 gift certificate be presented to the College
 of William and Mary Printing Department representative who assists with the printing of the Chapter newsletter as an expression of
 our appreciation.
 USE OF COMMITEES: President Barber urged greater use of committees in the upcoming year. The following specific suggestions
 were made:
              Program Committee: With regard to Bosses’ Day, consider a formalized invitation and special program.
              Consider ARMA branded gifts instead of certificates. Meeting Location: The President urged that the
              Chapter alternate between the Southside and Peninsula even if it means subsidizing expenses. Suggested
              Peninsula locations included Cheers, Barclays, Lonestar at PowerPlant, and Chadwicks. Cindi Jimenez
              committed to look into possibilities for Southside meetings.
              Membership Committee: Consider a membership drive using recruiting incentives such as a free meal,
              free membership, or free seminar, as well as advertising for members in the newsletter.
              By-Laws Committee: The President directed the dissolution of the Associate Member membership
              classification. Non-members may participate as guests and can volunteer for committees. The By-Laws
              Committee plans to develop a recommendation for presentation to the Board in August.
              Scholarship Committee: The President suggested consideration of tuition assistance for members as an
              additional means of giving back from the Scholarship Fund.
              Member Care: The President suggested that the Chapter consider charitable gifts to worthy causes,
              perhaps as an additional match to Angel Tree income. She suggested expanding the Member Care
              committee to include Benevolence with the additional duty of handling charitable donations such as Angel
              Tree, Relay for Life, and Senior Citizen baskets.
 ADJOURNMENT – There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.


SEPTEMBER 2004                                TIDAL WAVES                             VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

                             30-Second Sound Byte Winners Announced!

 In as few as 22 words, Joe Settanni, of Optimus Corp. in fort Collins, Colorado, created a vivid image of
 the importance of good recordkeeping and won the top prize in ARMA’s 30-second sound byte writing

 Asked how to portray the importance of records management with 30 seconds on an elevator and a
 curious co-worker, he wrote: “You know, without proper records being created, referenced, and
 maintained, we could all be dead due to a malfunction of this elevator.”

 Judges from ARMA’s Publication Editorial Board said that this brief, forceful and memorable sentence
 grabbed their attention-as it would grab the attention of anyone hearing it during an elevator ride.

                        Settanni will receive a $75 ARMA bookstore gift certificate
                                     for his grand prize-winning entry.
 Experpt from

SEPTEMBER 2004                              TIDAL WAVES                           VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

 Now Available: Risk Management White Paper (as seen at
         The failure to correctly store and protect data/information is gaining attention. The insurance
 industry has responded with new forms of “network risk insurance.” But what is it and who needs it?
 Find out in a new white paper, “Network Risk Insurance: A Lay man’s Overview,” by Kevin Kalinich of
 Aon Technology & Professional Risks Group and Mark Greisiger of NetDiligence’s cyber security
 assurances services, now available on the ARMA Web site. The white paper discusses how poor
 RIM practices can create additional “e-risk” exposures for organizations. Failure to correctly store
 and protect data/information has increasingly gained attention resulting in new laws and regulations
 and emerging legal liability. Complying with baseline practices can be challenging. Class action
 lawsuits can develop from events for the failure to deploy reasonable controls and processes. Loss
 and damages can decimate the bottom line and tarnish reputations. The insurance industry has
 responded with new forms of “network risk insurance” aimed at protecting an organization’s
 information assets and computer resources and defending them against lawsuits for negligence due
 to breaches.
         The article provides a layman’s overview of the cyber insurance marketplace and is an
 excellent resource for RIM professionals, who will want to share it with their IT professionals, chief
 information officers, and risk managers. To read the white paper visit:


SEPTEMBER 2004                                  TIDAL WAVES                         VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

   E-mail Archiving Market Set to Explode

     E-mail archiving system sales will skyrocket
      between now and 2008, mainly because of
    companies’ ever-increasing storage needs and
   regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and
  the Health Insurance portability and Accountability
      Act (HIPAA) according to analyst firm The
                   Radicati Group.

   It’s study, “E-mail Archiving Market, 2004-2008,”
  predicts that email archiving and retrieval software
  vendors will see revenue growth of more than $2.5
     billion in their market over the next four years.            Honorable Mention
 E-mail archiving, according to experts is becoming a
   vital part of the overall corporate security market.
 Besides offering interactive, long-term retrieval cap
   abilities and the secure long term preservation of
  messages, e-mail archiving also helps companies
       comply with electronic document retention               Chapter Member of the year
    regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley. Many
  departments are using e-mail archiving systems to                ~Anna Call (L)
 manage the deletion of emails after a set time period
  and to move overflowing email stores off the main               with then President
      server to speed up their backup and disaster                  Darlene Barber
                    recovery processes.
                                                                       June 2004
             Excerpt from The Information Management Journal

       Tidewater Chapter Committee Volunteers
 PROGRAMS: Angela Mitchell, Chair                        MEMBERSHIP: Lois Dalton-Ritger, Chair
 Members: Bland Gibbs, Millie Cognettie, Cynthia         *Volunteers Needed
                                                         PUBLICITY: Audrey Fitzgerald, Newsletter Editor
 SEMINAR: Angela Mitchell, Chair
 Members: Chapter Board, Johnsie Spruiel,                LIBRARY & HISTORIAN: Tom Hesse

 Vendor Participation: Tom Hesse                         MEMBER CARE: Johnsie Spruiel: Chair
 *Volunteers Needed                                      Members: Anna Call

 Committee Members: Chapter Board                        BY-LAWS: Angela Mitchell, Chair
 *Volunteers Needed                                      Members: Anna Call, Johnsie Spruiel, Darlene
                      Michel Trader, Chair               AUDIT: Tom Hesse, Chair
                      Members: Donna Cooke               Members: Betty Stewart
                      and Betty Stewart

                      A NEW YEAR HAS BEGUN, “CATCH THE WAVE”


SEPTEMBER 2004                                        TIDAL WAVES                                   VOLUME 32, ISSUE 1

    The CRM examinations are given twice each year in May and November in locations at which a
    qualified proctor may be found to administer the test. For informational materials describing the
    certification process, including the qualifications required and the examination form, write or call:

                                       Institute of Certified Records Managers
                                                    318 Oak Street
                                                  Syracuse, NY 13203
                                      Phone: 1-877-244-3128 (USA and Canada)
                                   Staffed between 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time
                                Alternate number: 315-234-1904 Fax: 315-474-1784

                                        CRM EXAMINATION SCHEDULE

                    SPRING 2005                                                     SPRING 2006
       Original Applications due January 1, 2005                       Original Applications due January 1, 2006
     Supplemental Applications due March 1, 2005                     Supplemental Applications due March 1, 2006
          Examination Dates—May 5-6, 2005                                 Examination Dates—May 4-5, 2006

                    FALL 2005                                                       FALL 2006
        Original Applications due July 1, 2005                          Original Applications due July 1, 2006
   Supplemental Applications due September 1, 2005                 Supplemental Applications due September 1, 2006
      Examination Dates—November 3-4, 2005                            Examination Dates—November 2-3, 2006

          Virginia A. Jones, CRM                                              Virginia A. Jones, CRM
         Newport News Waterworks                                            Newport News Waterworks
               757-247-2413                                                        757-926-1063

 Note: Original applications are those submitted for the first time for review of credentials. Supplementary applications are
 those submitted in order to take additional parts of the exam, subsequent to approval of the original application.

                                        2004-2005 Meeting Year
SEPTEMBER 21                              OCTOBER 19                                NOVEMBER 16
      Life After HIPAA                           Identity Theft                       Joint Meeting with Richmond
    DeLargy’s Bistro, Hampton                  DeLargy’s Bistro, Hampton                      ARMA/AIIM
                                                                                      Ramada Inn 1776, Williamsburg

DECEMBER 21                               JANUARY 18                                FEBRUARY 15
       Holiday Party!                       Bosses’ Appreciation Night!               Selling Records Management
 Lion Heart Records Management                 DeLargy’s Bistro, Hampton                           Southside

MARCH 15                                  APRIL 19                                  MAY 17
      Customer Service                       Facility Tour: Iron Mountain                     Spring Seminar
               Southside                                   Norfolk                    Ramada Inn 1776, Williamsburg

JUNE 21                                   JULY                                      AUGUST
    Awards and Installation
         of Officers                                SUMMER RECESS                             SUMMER RECESS
   Harbor Park Stadium, Norfolk


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