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					Native American Spa Services

Offering the World’s Most Authentic

Embark on an experience unlike any other - that is closely overseen by Tribal Elders and is offered by Pima and Maricopa Cultural Caretakers, with generations of past spirits guiding their actions. Aji is real, Aji is authentic,

Aji is waiting...

Day Spa Packages
Choose from a wide array of full and half day spa programs that combine our most popular services. All packages include gratuity.

• Approximately 6 hours, from $530 to $630 Nurture your body, refresh your mind, and revitalize your soul with our full day spa program. Start your program with a 50-minute scrub or wrap of your choice. Follow that with one of our luxurious 50-minute massages and a delicious spa lunch. Complete your day with one of our 50-minute facials and our Blue Sky Foot Therapy and Rosemary Citron Hand Treatment.

• Approximately 2 hours, from $270 to $310 Scrub, wrap, massage, or facial, the choice is yours… combine any two of our 50-minute spa treatments to personalize your own spa experience.

• $230 Spend the morning on horseback in search of the 1,500 Wild Horses that roam the Gila River Indian Community and enjoy an afternoon of luxurious pampering with this one of a kind package offered at Aji Spa. Cowboys from the Equestrian Center will greet you on horseback for a 1.5 hour ride through ancient tribal lands where descendents of the Spanish El Conquistador’s noble Mustangs roam free. Keep an eye for a rare view of these amazing wild animals before returning to the spa. Indulge in the sanctuary of Aji Spa for the rest of the day while enjoying a saddle-soothing 50-minute full body massage (excludes Watsu) and delicious lunch at Aji Cafe.

SAS’hAIChU (Spa VIP Package - Very Important Pampering) • from $340 to $390 Enjoy the celebrity treatment with our top to toe V.I.P. Package. Begin your day of indulgence with a relaxing Aji Massage followed by a hydrating Aji Rain Facial. Then sit back in style on our pedicure throne sipping a complimentary glass of champagne during your Blue Sky Foot Therapy. Enjoy all-day use of Aji’s facilities including indoor/outdoor whirlpools, steam room, sauna, private swimming pool, instructor-led classes and relaxation lounge.

Day Spa Packages (continued)
JE’VED GE’E (Mother Earth)
• from $340 to $390 A chance for the expectant mother to truly relax with a day of pampering and nuture. Begin with our Mother To Be Massage designed to provide comfort and stress relief to your changing body. Your next treat, a nourishing facial customized to your skin’s unique needs and guaranteed to leave your skin glowing. Complete your day in the Aji Salon as your feet receive a decadent sole soothing Pedicure. Our departing gift to you, an Infant massage book to take home and share with your little one.

• 2.5 hours, from $240 to $280 Indulge your luxurious habits without emptying your wallet with this top-to-toe pampering including a massage, facial, mani and pedi for little more than the cost of one regular-priced treatment. Begin with a stress busting massage to target the areas of your body that need the most help, your Back, Neck and Shoulders, followed by a Facial Cleanse and Masque that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant. Enjoy a delicious poolside lunch at the Aji Café, then retreat to our luxurious new pedicure thrones for a pampering express pedicure and manicure. Spend the rest of the day basking in all of the Aji amenities including steamroom, sauna, indoor/outdoor whirlpools, meditation, fitness classes and more!



A journey of sacred doctrines never before shared with the public, the signature Indigenous Collection was developed by Aji’s Cultural Caretakers of Pima and Maricopa descent and is the only authentic Native American spa menu in existence.
*Denotes treatment is provided by Pima or Maricopa Community Member with limited availability

ThOAChTA (*“Healing” by Belen Stoneman )
• 110 minutes, from $270 to $310 Embark on a healing journey of body, mind and spirit during this one-of-a-kind treatment that combines traditional massage, polarity and ancient Pima healing doctrines. Begin with a brief sharing consultation, then relax and allow your body to guide Belen’s healing hands. Utilizing techniques handed down by medicine women of the Pima Tribe for centuries, Belen completes the experience by sharing what your body and spirit are communicating, providing an awakening of the senses and surroundings.

• 50 minutes, from $145 to $165 • 80 minutes, from $205 to $225 A Therapeutic massage that incorporates energy anatomy and ancient techniques passed down for generations from Pima Medicine Healers, designed for ultimate relaxation with traces of spiritual healing.

*ONGAM hOBIN (Sacred Salt Wrap)
• 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 Salt has been a staple in Pima and Maricopa households since time immemorial for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Designed by our Pima Culture Keepers, this treatment starts with the application of Aji’s indigenous Creosote (Shegoi) Oil, followed by soothing salt grains and a light steam in our exclusive Steam Capsule. While the warm mist flows over the skin, a soothing scalp massage offers transcendence. This treatment, which culminates with a foot therapy, both energizes and moisturizes the body resulting in a feeling of balance while extracting negative and sealing-in positive energy.

O’OThAM KUKLAN (Native Herbs Cleansing Wrap)
• 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 A custom combination of natural herbs, designed by our Pima Cultural Caretakers, provides supreme relaxation while cleansing energy and boosting the body’s immune system. Utilizing the powers of aromatherapy, this treatment begins with a dry exfoliation prior to the draping of warm towels soaked in our indigenous array of herbs including Creosote (Shegoi) and Lavender. While the body is wrapped, scents work with the brain to induce calm while the warmth opens the pores to allow the herbs to penetrate and cleanse. A light scalp massage deepens the pleasure and a thick lather of Creosote (Shegoi) oil along with a closing verbal gift from the therapist completes this experience.

ChIPICh (Indigenous Signature Body Scrub)
• 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 An organic body exfoliation using our private label Indigenous Body Scrub which blends natual sea salt with local desert botanicals for an aromatic skin soothing treat. Followed by an application of our signature Indigenous Body Lotion, rich in vitamins and nutrients that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and healthy.


Collection (continued)

• 50 minutes, from $70 to $90 Bask in the delicious scent of “Desert Rain” during this decadent foot therapy that utilizes ancient Shegoi (Creosote) leaves to massage the calves and scent the water. Our private label Indigenous body scrub, an exclusive mixture of fine salt and indigenous herbs exfoliate the skin prior to the paraffin dip and application of a rich Indigenous body butter. A perfect polish adds the finishing touch. • 50 minutes, single or duet, from $110 - $130 • 80 minutes, single or duet, from $140 - $160 Historically, Burden Baskets were used by Pima women as carrying baskets to “bear all burdens”. They would carry loads up to 100 pounds, and if they had a baby they would carry the baby in its cradle as well as the basket. Leave your “burdens in a basket” by working one-on-one with our meditation instructor to learn techniques for stress reduction, visualization and connection with your inner being. The session will include a private consultation and meditation session, including visualization and energy balance.

ShEGOI Ch ONh (Ancient Shegoi & Salt Pedicure)

KIOhO (Burden Basket Meditation)

Cultural Activities Available
Bowls of fresh Shegoi (Creosote) can be found in all of our treatment rooms and application of healing Shegoi mist completes every spa service The ancient tradition of burning sage to cleanse the air of negative energy takes place several times thoughout each day by Pima and Maricopa Tribal members. A guided walking tour showcasing indigenous desert plants that have had significant cultural or medicinal purposes to the Pima and Maricopa People. (Offered seasonally) A guided tour by a Pima or Maricopa Tribal Member unveiling the meanings and legends behind Aji’s stunning Native art and architecture. Relax your heart and restore your spirit with this unique Native-led Meditation designed by “Healer” Belen Stoneman and performed in our Olas’ki (traditional Pima dwelling). (Offered seasonally, weather permitting) A Native American storytelling class facilitated by a Pima or Maricopa Tribal Member. (Offered seasonally, weather permitting) The Shegoi (Creosote, Greasewood)plant has been deemed as the desert’s pharmacy. Often used for medicinal puposes, the graceful feathery shrub is said to “smell like rain”. Shegoi, as the Pima creation reads, was the first thing the Creator made after he made Earth itself. Modern science has recently confirmed the Pima Creation Story and Shegoi is now officially recognized as the oldest living plant on Earth. The wide array of chemicals in Shegoi provides protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi and other potentially destructive agents in the environment.








Massage (Thagimun)
Massage therapy is a highly effective technique used to induce relaxation, relieve stress and improve circulation. We offer a variety of massage therapies so that each session may be customized to your own specific needs.

hO’DAI (Gila River Rock Massage)
• 80 minutes, from $205 to $225 For centuries the Pima and Maricopa Indians have used hot rocks to alleviate pain and soothe the soul. Hot stones are strategically placed on the body while the therapist performs a soothing massage. The experience will leave you in a state of intense calm and tranquility while clearing toxins and restoring the body to a natural state of balance.

VAChK (The Pond - Watsu) • 50 minutes, $145 to $165
• 80 minutes, $205 to $225 Water has historically been seen as the “life-line” for the Pima and Maricopa Indians. The Watsu pool was built in the style of the “Vatho”, which is a common outdoor living space. During this treatment, the water will allow for movements that are not possible on a traditional massage table. Gentle rocking will loosen your spine while rhythmic movement, massage, and stretching will relax your muscles and increase your flexibility. A comfortable bathing suit is required.

MATChUT (Aji Massage) • 50 minutes, $135 to $155
• 80 minutes, $195 to $215 A combination of traditional Swedish and Therapeutic massage techniques will be used to induce the highest level of relaxation and stress relief customized to your specific body needs.

Massage (continued)
hEOSIG (Aromatherapy) • 50 minutes, $135 to $155
• 80 minutes, $195 to $215 During this treatment you will choose one of three herbal aromatic oils that will have a calming, stimulating, or detoxifying effect on the body and mind. A soothing rhythmic massage will accompany the oil of your choice and enhance the therapeutic effect of the treatment.

VEMAJIM (Companion Massage) • 50 minutes, $270 to $310
• 80 minutes, $390 to $430 Enjoy a fabulous Aji Massage with your companion in our spacious companion massage room. Create memories that will last forever, as two therapists perform a simultaneous massage on you and your companion.

CONNECTING ThROUGh MASSAGE • 100 minutes, $280 to $320
Learn how to make a deep and meaningful connection with your partner. With the guidance of a skilled massage therapist you and your loved one will each learn essential massage techniques personalized for your specific needs. Continue your experience at home with a complimentary bottle of Aji massage oil and an illustrated book.

ThAhTAT/NOhNhOV (Reflexology) • 25 minutes, from $75 to $95 (feet only)
• 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 (hands and feet) Pressure points on the hands and feet are used to stimulate specific areas of the body. This treatment can aid in removing toxins from the body, improve circulation, reduce stress and leave you feeling revitalized and energetic. • 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 Reduce stress and promote a general sense of well-being with this massage specifically designed for expectant mothers. A variety of massage techniques will be used to increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, and reduce stress. Pillows are used to assist with comfort during the massage. • 80 minutes, from $205 to $225 A zesty, aromatic scalp and full body massage that is the perfect antidote for jet lag, fatigue and tired feet. The uplifting citrus aroma of our massage oil will help to combat stress and relieve exhaustion. A heated foot mask is applied melting your stress away while it revitalizes and softens the skin of the feet. • 25 minutes, from $75 to $95 A stress relieving massage designed to help the areas of your body that need the most care, your Back, Neck & Shoulders. Ease your mind and your body as your tension flows away.

MA-Th (Mother-to-Be)

MO’OTK (Scalp and Body Massage with Desert Heat Foot Mask)

hONShPA (Upper Body Massage)

facial (Wihosha)
Rejuvenate, nourish, hydrate, and balance your skin with our customized facial treatments. Our highly trained skin care professionals will analyze your skin, recommend a facial treatment based on your own individual needs, and design an at-home skin care regime especially for you. Each facial will include cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, and mask specific for your skin type. Turn back time and look years younger in just one hour with this patented technology, which uses Hyperbaric Oxygen to smooth facial features and balance skin tones. One of Hollywood’s best kept secrets of the stars, these facial series have a devoted following of top celebrities who opt for this natural alternative to a face lift. The results of these Intraceuticals Infusion Treatments are accumulative and continue to improve with repeated application.


hYDRATING INfUSION • 50 minutes, $160 to $180
This skin quenching treatment deeply infuses moisture, vitamins and anti-oxidants into the skin resulting in unparalleled hydration, improved firmness and a noticeable lift!

ANTI -AGING INfUSION • 50 minutes, $180 to $200
All the benefits of the Hydrating Infusion with the addition of a natural amino peptide complex proven to improve skins elasticity while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and relaxing common expression lines. Designed to smooth the forehead, soften eye contour and immediately plump and smooth the lips.

BRIGhTENING INfUSION • 50 minutes, $160 to $180
Renew your skins radiance with a blend of botanical skin brighteners and Vitamin C to safely and naturally treat the cause of uneven skin tone. Every skin tone is notably improved after just one treatment and the benefits continue to accumulate after a series of treatments.

ULTIMATE INfUSION • 80 minutes, $230 to $250
All the beauty of the Anti-Aging Infusion with the addition of a radiance revealing combination of botanical skin brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C. This skin enhancing treatment also targets the delicate neck, décolleté and includes a special infusion treatment for the hands. You will emerge radiant with renewed luminosity. The results of the Intraceuticals Infusion Treatments are accumulative and continue to improve with repeated application. A course of six applications over six weeks is recommended to achieve optimum results. Purchase a series of 6 treatments for a special price and also receive complimentary home skin care products to maximize your results between treatments.



$900 $1000 $900 $1300

• 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 For centuries, clay has been used as an integral part of the Gila River Indian Community. Clay has been used in dancing ceremonies, as makeup, and for treatment of acne. Designed specifically for the Aji spa, the “Tashogith” facial treatment is rich in minerals and natural botanical extracts. The treatment includes an application of a soothing Propolis ampoule to heal and strengthen the skin followed by a Kaolin rich white clay mask to balance and purify. Your skin will be left feeling refreshed and healthy. Recommended for oily or acneaic skin types.

TAShOGITh (Purifying White Clay Facial Treatment -Signature Facial Treatment)

facial (continued)
• 70 minutes, from $195 to $215 A luxurious Jasmine scented treatment that will tone and rejuvenate the skin. An elastin sheet mask will strengthen and firm the skin, while an oxygenating mask will refresh and hydrate. The entire experience will leave your skin looking and feeling tighter, toned, and hydrated. • 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 A fundamental facial experience, perfect for any skin type. This deep cleansing facial is enhanced with the addition of a brightening, hydrating, or refining ampoule depending on your skin care concerns. • 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 De-stress your mind and spirit with the “Shegoi” facial treatment. Depending on your skin type, pure essential oils of flowers, herbs, and roots will be selected and applied to the skin. The personalized blend will soothe the skin, relax the facial muscles and leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated. • 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 A deep-cleansing facial treatment using products formulated especially for him. Sophisticated ingredients will assist in preventing razor burn, sensitivity, and ingrown hairs. This therapeutic and relaxing treatment will leave your skin feeling toned and revived. Please shave a minimum of 2 hours prior to your facial treatment. • 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 Throughout the Gila River Indian Community, aloe is used to soothe and soften the skin. The “Aut” facial treatment uses a sheet mask rich in amino acids that is permeated with Aloe Vera and coupled with a Calendula soothing ampoule rich in calming botanical ingredients to diffuse redness and soften the skin. Recommended for sunburned or Rosacea skin. • 25 minutes, from $85 to $105 A professional system designed and patented to improve texture, firmness and radiance. This treatment may be customized according to your skin type. Also includes a post treatment kit for continued at home care. Facial Peel cannot be combined with any other skin care service. • 50 minutes, from $150 to $170 This Organic Fruit Enzyme Facial blends certified organic ingredients with medical effectiveness to give your skin a burst of nutrition, natural exfoliation and glow. The natural fruit enzymes and pulp of passion fruit, papaya, pineapple and pumpkin help to dissolve dead and damaged skin cells. Dramatically improves skin tone, clarity, and texture for a healthy, vibrant complexion. Excellent for all skin types. Also includes a post treatment kit for continued at home care. • From $135 to $155 An intensive treatment exclusively for the beauty and health of your back that is suitable for all skin types. This back facial includes a deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by the application of self-heating marine mud to the spine to detoxify and release muscular tension. All this is topped off with intense moisturizers to leave your back and shoulders feeling vibrant and healthy. • 25 minutes, from $75 to $95 A quick pick me up to leave your skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant. Customized to your skin type, this mini facial includes; cleansing, massage, a mask and a moisturizer.

KAhAGAM (Bluebird Facial)

JUhK (Aji Rain Facial)

ShEGOI (Aromatherapy Facial Treatment)

ChEOJ (Gentleman’s Facial Treatment)

AUT (Aloe Repair Facial Treatment)

TOhONO (Facial Peel)

BOI VE’ChOTh (Organic Facial)

K’OM (Back Treatment)

VECh ChO ChTh (Refresh)

Enhancers (continued)
KUSVA (Deluxe Décolleté & Neck Treatment)
• From $75 as an add-on service to a facial appointment. • May also be booked as a stand alone service 50 minutes, from $135 to $155. An essential treatment for the delicate areas of the neck and chest, this rosemary scented high-performance mask is rich in Kigelia Africana and Elastin. Your skin will be left feeling smooth, tight and rejuvenated.

VUhPUI (Eye Treatment)
• As an add-in service to a facial appointment, $40 • May also be booked as a stand alone service 25 minutes, from $75 - $95. Recommended for the delicate eye area, this eye mask will help to firm the eye area while reducing puffiness and diminishing dark circles under the eyes. It is a soothing and relaxing addition to any facial treatment.

ChINI (Lip Treatment)
• As an add-in service to a facial appointment, $40 • May also be booked as a stand alone service 25 minutes, from $75 - $95. A truly unique treatment, the latest technology in ingredients is used to smooth and beautify the lip contour. Azaleic acid will lighten, Shea Butter and Vitamin E will nourish and hydrate, and collagen and elastin will rejuvenate and smooth wrinkles. Achieve visible results with this wonderful add-on to any facial treatment.

• Eye brow tinting, $25 • Eye lash tinting, $25 Brow and last tinting is available only as an add-on service during a full facial appointment

• Eyebrow, Lip, or Chin, $25 per area Facial waxing is available only as an add-on service during a full facial appointment.

Body Wraps (hon)
Body wraps help restore the body to a natural state of well-being by incorporating the natural detoxifying and mineralizing properties of specialty products with the most innovative equipment and techniques available.

BAhN (Blue Coyote Wrap - Signature Treatment)
• 80 minutes, from $195 to $215 Derived from the Pima legend of the Bluebird and the Coyote, this treatment begins with a dry brush exfoliation to promote circulation and an application of Azulene mud, which will soothe, nourish, and heal the skin. Symbolic of Coyote’s coat turning the beautiful color of Bluebird, our proprietary Azulene mud is applied to the body. Unlike prideful Coyote, as the blue is removed, your skin will feel more radiant, soft, and beautiful. The entire experience is completed with a hydrating cedar/sage oil full body massage. Your therapist will give you a copy of the Bluebird and the Coyote Legend for you to take home and share with your friends and family.

STOhA (White Clay Wrap)
• 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 • 80 minutes includes a 25 minute massage, from $195 to $215 Journey back to simpler times with this deluxe body treatment designed specifically for Aji Spa. An aromatic blend of indigenous white clay and essential oils are applied to the body to form a nourishing body mask. As you are wrapped, an indulgent scalp massage will send you into the ultimate state of relaxation. Your journey will be completed with a moisturizer oil application, leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed. • 25 minutes, from $75 to $95 • 50 minutes includes 25 minute massage, from $135 to $155 Your indulgence will begin with an application of melted Sun Blend Shea Butter and Sun Blend Body Oil. The body is then enveloped in our aromatic steam capsule where the steam therapy allows the body to absorb the natural A, D and E vitamins rich in antioxidants. The entire experience will improve circulation, neutralize free radicals and have an overall therapeutic effect on the body.

ThASh (Native Sun Wrap)

TOhONNO JUN JUhK (Desert Rain Honey Scrub, Wrap and Massage)
• 110 minutes, from $250 to $270 Start your journey with an aromatic scrub in our Vichy shower that will refresh your skin as the rain refreshes Mother Earth. Your experience continues with a wrap including fresh Arizona honey and Olive Oil from local merchants. The combination of these indigenous desert ingredients helps to retain valuable moisture and maintain soft, supple skin. Your journey ends with a relaxing full body massage. • 50 minutes from $135 to $155 • 80 minutes from $195 to $215 The medicinal power of Copper has been recognized of centuries as a healing remedy for painful joints and muscles. Coppers’ ability to conduct heat has been used for skin repair and wound healing. This unique treatment begins with a gentle loofah exfoliation followed by a self heating bubbly wrap rich in copper. While wrapped receive a relaxing Scalp massage. After the mask is removed your treatment is completed with an application of our body milk moisturizer. This natural potent wrap brings a true sense of relaxation, health and well-being leaving the skin mineralized, hydrated, nourished, toned and shiny smooth.

STOhN (Desert Heat Wrap)

Exfoliating Body Treatments (Chipich)
Exfoliating body treatments will detoxify and revitalize your skin leaving it feeling soft, silky, and smooth. We advise that you do not shave and limit your sun exposure prior to exfoliating body treatments.

AKIMEL OhN (River Salt Glow)
• 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 • 80 minutes, from $195 to $215 Purify and detoxify the body while you moisturize and nourish the skin with this luxurious Vichy treatment. The “Akimel Ohn” combines the cleansing and detoxifying properties of River Blend bath salts with the moisturizing and nourishing properties of the River Blend bath gel to gently remove toxins and nurture the skin. The final step is an application of the Native Botanical River oil.

JUÑ (Honey Body Scrub)
• 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 • 80 minutes, from $195 to $215 Invigorate the body, relax your mind, and leave your skin healthy and vibrant. Begin the treatment with a gentle exfoliation using our custom-designed honey body Vichy scrub followed by an application of shea butter. Your skin will feel soft and healthy.

MOIKACh (Revitalizing Body Polish)
• 50 minutes, from $135 to $155 • 80 minute includes 25 minute massage, from $195 to $215 A gentle exfoliation treatment designed to help remove accumulations of dull surface skin cells and improve circulation. Revitalizing as well as exfoliating, this gentle botanical scrub will leave your skin smooth and silky. Especially recommended for sensitive and fragile skin.

Salon Services
Enhance your spa experience by choosing from a variety of our nail and hair care treatments.

Nail Care

• 50 minutes, from $70 to $90 Reduce anxiety and lift the spirit with this luxurious treatment for the feet. Begin by soaking your feet in an aromatic blue bath followed by a gentle exfoliation that will remove toxins and smooth the skin. Next, a luxurious massage treatment with conditioning foot lotion will promote warm and cool sensations to stimulate circulation and restore vital energy to the legs and feet. Complete this wonderful experience with a paraffin dip that will fully hydrate and nourish the skin. A pedicure with the polish of your choice will accompany this amazing foot therapy. • 80 minutes, from $85 to $105 Soothe aching legs and feet with this pedicure. As your body enters a state of complete relaxation, small stones are gently placed between your toes, while the technician performs a soothing massage on your feet and calves using naturally smooth Gila River rocks. This is followed by an application of a cooling White Clay Mask, which will hydrate and rejuvenate tired and exhausted feet. Complete nail care accompanies this calming treatment. • 50 minutes, from $55 to $75 Soften and nourish the skin with this luxurious treatment for the hands. Begin with an aromatic hand soak followed by a gentle exfoliation using our rosemary citron sea salt that will increase circulation and mineralize and soften the skin. Your experience is completed with a luxurious massage treatment and paraffin dip that will fully hydrate and nourish the skin. A manicure with the polish of your choice will accompany this remarkable experience. • 50 minutes, from $55 to $75 Soften and nourish the skin with this deluxe treatment for the hands. Begin with an aromatic hand soak followed by a gentle exfoliation using our orange sugar scrub that will help restore collagen with vitamins and essential oils. Your experience is completed with a luxurious massage treatment and paraffin dip that will fully hydrate and nourish the skin. A manicure with the polish of your choice will accompany this remarkable experience. • 25 minutes Hands, from $30 to $50 • 25 minutes Feet, from $40 to $60 For the person on the go, maximize your time with this simple hand or foot exfoliation and polish change. Nails will be filed and shaped, followed by a hand or foot exfoliation. The service is completed with the application of the polish of your choice. This service does not include cuticle work. If cuticle trimming is required a full manicure must be booked. • 25 minutes, from $40 to $60 The perfect treat for tired feet. A soothing foot soak, a relaxing calf and foot massage and a moisturizing paraffin treatment. (This treatment does not include nail maintenance)


SThON ThAhTAT (Hot Rock Pedicure)


NOhNhOVI (Citrus Sugar Manicure)


SU’K ThAGIMUN (Warm Comforting Connection)


• From $30 to $50 • From $40 to $60 • Additional charge $10 • Add on to any pedicure treatment $15

Salon Services (continued) hair Care
Service Pricing is based on hair length, density, and products used.

(For children 10 and under. Child must be accompanied by an adult)

• From $50 • From $65 • From $25


• From $50 • From $60 • From $95 • From $95 • From $90 • From $110 • From $85 • From $45 • From $80

Aji Spa offers a complete line of mineral make-up with quality ingredients and natural sun protection. These cosmetics are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and cruelty free. Mineral-based makeup covers, corrects, and beautifies better than chemical-based cosmetics, with the benefit of natural ingredients. • From $50 Let our experienced make-up artists create a fun and exciting new look for you. Sit back and relax while our trained professionals transform you for a day or evening look. • From $75 On your most special day allow our make-up experts to provide you with a beautiful look that will last all day. Includes a complimentary lip shade.



fitness & Recreation
Please call the spa at Ext. 8416 to reserve your court time. • Court Fee Rental $25, 2 hour maximum Champion All Court ball canisters available at the Spa Front Desk. Contact the Spa Sales Manager at 520-796-8414 for special event and group rates. Proper tennis attire and tennis shoes are required. • $85 per hour After a brief ‘on court analysis’, we set up your personal goals, which include your immediate fundamentals, your specific skills, endurance, transitioning skills, strategy and match play.



fitness & Recreation (continued)
• 60 minutes. from $75 • Series of 3, from $195 • Series of 10, from $590 Work one-on-one with our certified personal trainers to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Our trainers will work with you to address your specific needs, provide feedback, and educate you on your fitness program. • 50 minutes, single, from $65 • 50 minutes, 2-4 guests, from $95 • Group (4+ guests) rates available upon request Choose from the following: a one-on-one yoga, powerball, river walk/run, or step class with one of our certified instructors. Please call the spa at 520-796-8416 for availability. • 50 minutes from $100 • 80 minutes from $140 Work one-on-one with our Pilates instructor to restore, balance and improve flexibility, while you strengthen bones, muscles and joints. All spa treatments include complimentary use for the day of our fitness and motion studios, as well as our private indoor and outdoor whirlpools, steam rooms, saunas, spa pool and relaxation lounge with fireplace. You may participate in any or all exercise classes. To enhance your visit, we also offer a full-service salon, Aji Café, and a boutique offering products that will allow you to take a part of Aji with you. If you would like to use the spa facilities without experiencing a spa treatment, you may do so. For resort and non-resort guests, there are separate daily fees. Resort guests may also choose a per stay fee (up to seven days).

SGEVK (Personal Training)

hEJEL (Private Fitness Class)

MAChIK (Private Pilates)

Commonly Asked Questions
Aji is an adult environment of tranquility and relaxation. Therefore, children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the spa or fitness facilities. Young adults between the ages of 16 and 18 may schedule a spa treatment with a parent or guardian present during the treatment (companion or salon treatments only). We invite you to use the spa and fitness facilities for the entire day of your spa and/or salon treatments. However, we recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first scheduled spa appointment to check in, shower, and prepare for your treatment. We recommend that you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your first scheduled salon appointment. As a courtesy to the next guest, your treatment will end on time, regardless of the start time. Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatment, lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. The full value of your treatment will be applied.




Commonly Asked Questions (continued)
If you cannot keep your spa appointment, a 4-hour change or cancellation notice is required to avoid cancellation fees. All no-show appointments will be charged in full. Group reservations are subject to contractual agreement.

We provide you with a locker room full of vanity amenities, including a robe and sandals for you to wear while you are at the spa. For the treatment, you will disrobe to your comfort level; the only area of the body that is not completely draped is the area being worked on. Bathing suits are required for all hydrotherapy treatments, proper fitness attire (workout shoes, shorts, and shirts) is required in the fitness center and motion studio, and proper tennis attire (tennis shoes, shorts/tennis skirt, and shirts) is required on the tennis courts. Neither bathing suits nor open-toed shoes are appropriate attire in the fitness center and motion studio.

Aji is a sanctuary for tranquility, health, and relaxation. Therefore, we ask that you do not bring cell phones or pagers in the spa. Smoking and alcohol are not recommended before or after a treatment. Although we provide a locker for you to safeguard your clothing and personal items, we strongly recommend that you do not bring jewelry or valuables to the spa. Pricing varies based upon day of the week and volume of business. For your convenience a 20% gratuity will be added to all spa and salon services. You may still utilize the spa facilities and treatments. However, we ask that you consult your physician prior to scheduling your spa appointments. Please avoid any treatments or activities involving heat, including hydrotherapy, body wraps, the sauna and steam rooms. Please notify the Spa Reservationist of your pregnancy when scheduling your appointments.




Aji ‘s retail boutique provides a wealth of beautiful spa products and gift ideas to continue your spa experience at home. Aji Spa draws inspiration from the Earth and the Pima and Maricopa People for our new “Indigenous” line of signature products, made from organics found on the Gila River Indian Community. The Indigenous brand is inspired by ingredients that grow naturally on the Medicine Trail at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and have served as Native American cleansers and remedies for centuries. Relax and enjoy the aromatic organic infusion of Creosote (Shegoi), Aloe, Yucca, Willow Bark, Dessert Mallow and Lavender. Indigneous products include, Lotion, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soy Candles, Goat’s Milk Soap, Bath Salts, Body Scrub and Room and Body Mist.

Escape to a land of legends, where wild horses still roam free and ancient traditions are alive & well...
Aji is today, as it has always been, a refuge for healing and serenity. Aji, the Pima word for Sanctuary, is named from the Aji Mountain on the Gila River Indian Community where women and children would go in times of warfare. Aji Mountain is still one of the Tribe’s most sacred treasures and fittingly, Aji Spa is where Pima and Maricopa sacred traditions are practiced and shared. Through its design, story-telling art, desert gardens, treatments and programs, Aji Spa is a perfect example of the Resort’s GEOGREEN initiative focusing on: Cultural Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility.

Look for this unique symbol to denote opportunities to participate in cultural or environmental preservation throughout the property. Offering the only authentic Native American spa menu in existence, The Indigenous Collection features treatments and activities designed and practiced by Aji’s Pima and Maricopa Cultural Caretakers. The ancient Pima and Maricopa cultures are also showcased throughout the spa in designelements, artwork, architecture and shared legends.

Upon entering the spa, notice the story-in-mosaic tiles on the floor showing the four creation beings: Earth Maker, Elder Brother, Vulture and Coyote. Their first job was to locate the center of the earth, where people would live. Allow yourself to pause and center as your journey begins. Also shown in the mosaic is the symbolism of the four directions: East (white) for illumination, South (tan) for the sandstorms that bring in the rain, West (red) for the setting sun and North (blue) for the water of life. Looking up at the ceiling from this point offers a stunning view of the painted dome reflecting the colors of sunrise as you enter and sunset as you depart.

The wrought iron design surrounding the Aji Café symbolically tells the tale of Corn Man and Tobacco Woman. The Pima people became divided by a conflict as to which was more important, Tobacco Woman or Corn Man. Corn was the staple of the Pima diet and therefore Corn Man felt arrogant and convinced the People of his dominance. Tobacco is smoked to produce the clouds that bring the rain, which is of equal importance. Therefore, Tobacco woman, unhappy with Corn Man’s arrogance, moved away. After she left the community the rain did not fall. Corn Man seeing for himself that he did not grow without Tobacco woman welcomed her return, marrying her and discovering the magic of their union. The couple soon gave birth to Squash baby. This story tells of the cyclical nature of life and the mutual dependence of all of Earth’s creatures. Towards the Fitness Center, notice the collection of art depicting the spa experience: ThE METAMORPhOSIS. Like the evolution of the human spirit, the caterpillar changes to cocoon and then butterfly. At the entrance of the Relaxation Lounge you’ll find the Saguaro Cactus depicting the legend of the TWIN BOYS: The myth of the conception of the magical twin boys from Father Cloud and Mother Earth is broadly told throughout the southwest. In the Pima version the boys turn into Agaves or Saguaros, an important food source and one of the most significant sources of sweets. The story follows the theme of a number of other origin stories where someone leaves the community and can no longer return as a human being but instead morphs himself or herself into an important resource for the community. Other Legends are shared through signature treatments such as: BLUEBIRD AND COYOTE. The Coyote was jealous of the Bluebird’s beautiful color and asked how he might acquire that color for his coat. The Bluebird instructed the Coyote to bathe in the blue lake for four days. The Coyote obeyed and on the fifth day, he turned as blue as the bird. But while running down the mountain, Coyote was looking all around to see if his color was being admired and turned around to see if his shadow was also blue, when he tripped on a rock and tumbled the rest of the way down…turning his coat back to the dusty brown color that he is today. In every whisper of a breeze or kiss of a sunset, the spirits surrounding Aji Spa embrace her visitors and share secrets of desert legends who have roamed this land for centuries.

Aji is real, Aji is Authentic, Aji is waiting….

Aji Spa & Salon
5594 West Wild Horse Pass Boulevard Chandler, Arizona 85226

A Mobil Four-Star Spa

Spa Information & Reservations, 602-385-5759 Resort Guest call, ext. 8416 Group Reservations (6+) call, 520-796-8414

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