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					              Newsletter #7            Website:                     January 24, 2012

                                                  Skating Program
         Our skating program starts February 5th for Tuesday skaters and February 7th for Thursday skaters. Our grade 4/5’s
skate on two Fridays, the 8th, and 22nd from 10:15 to 11:15. Thank you to parents who have signed up to walk students to
the rink and to help tie skates. Here is the schedule:

TUESDAYS                February 5, 12 and 19
                        9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.                    Sharp/Weir
                        10:00 – 10:45                            Wuolle
                        11:00 – 11:45 a.m.                       Reid

THURSDAYS               February 7, 14 and 21
                        9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.                    Caner/Dollack
                        10:00 – 10:45                            van Varseveld/King
                        11:00 – 11:45 a.m.                       Vezina/Ewart

FRIDAYS               February 8 and 22
                      10:15 to 11:15               Evelyne, Cheek, Lazar, Jakobsen, Dianne
*A reminder skaters must wear helmets and gloves. We recommend snow pants. For grade 4/5’s who wish to
play hockey, players must have a full face shield.

                                              School District Loppet
        Over sixty Bastion cross country skiers enjoyed the Pirate Loppet in the Larch Hills last Friday. Thank you to
Edna, Mme Gervais, Mme Weir and all our parent helpers who assisted. We could not do this without our awesome
Bastion parents!

*Thank you Mme Evelyne, who sponsors grade 4 and 5 Me to We Club every Wednesday at lunch and to M. Lazar who
sponsors grade 4 and 5 soccer each Wednesday at lunch.

**Thank you to Mrs. Cheek and Mrs. Ewart who sponsor chess club in the library each Monday and Friday. The library is
packed with grade 3,4 and 5 chess players.
***Thank you to Mrs. Rosman, who sponsors the grade 4/5 camera club, each Wednesday at lunch.
****Thank you to Mme Reid, whose choir practices each Tuesday and Thursday at lunch – sweet sounds are heard from
the music room!

       Bastion grade 5’s are basketball crazy! Thank you to coaches Mme Jenna, M. Caner, Mr. J and Mme
Vezina.. Teams hold practices and play one game per week. Bastion teams enjoy playing their friends from
South Broadview and Hillcrest. The basketball season culminates in a tournament at Shuswap Middle School in
early March. Parents are welcome to stop by our gym Wednesdays or Thursdays after school to watch games.

                                     FSA Information for Grade Four Parents

        Starting Monday, January 28th, the Grade 4 students at Bastion will begin writing the Foundation Skills
Assessment (FSA). Students complete the tests, about one hour each day during the week of January 28 – Feb.
1. All grade 4’s in the province writer FSA. Parents will receive FSA results by March 30th. Our grade 4
teachers with assistance from Mme Gervais and Mr. Harrison will be conducting the FSA with our grade 4’s.
The Ministry of Education has indicated that all grade 4 students, who are on a regular grade 4 program, will
participate in the testing. If your child has a significant educational reason for not writing FSA tests, please
contact Mr. Harrison.

                                           Kindergarten Registration
         We have had a number of enquiries regarding registration for next September’s Kindergarten classes. Official
registration day for both English and French kindergarten will be on Wednesday, April 3 rd.
         English kindergarten registration will take place at Bastion School from 8:00 to 3:00 pm. Parents may come in to
register prior to the 3rd, please call Bastion in advance and arrange a mutually agreeable date and time.
         French kindergarten registration will take place at the District Education Centre (DEC), which is located on
Okanagan Ave., below Shuswap Middle School in a modular building. Registration starts at 7:00 am. Students are
accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Those parents who already have a child in the Immersion program, will receive
advance registration information for siblings in early March.
         For families who wish to learn more about French Immersion kindergarten, there will be an information night,
Tuesday, March 5th, 7:00 pm at Bastion.
         If you have any questions regarding registration for next year, please call Mr. Harrison.


        We are currently planning a Spring French Bingo. Terry Smuin who has done an excellent job on the
bingo over the years is now retiring from this position. We are looking for a new parent volunteer to head up
this event. Terry will provide support and assistance to the new coordinator. We have asked the Grade 12
Leadership program to have student volunteers assist. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact Terry at

        Our next meeting will be held at Bastion on Wednesday Feb 13, at 6:30 p.m. in the library. M. Caner
will be presenting information on the importance of environmental studies for students, K-12. Babysitting will
be provided by two French Immersion students from Shuswap Middle School. For any more information,
please contact Wendy Collins, co-leader of CPF at Bastion School, at 250-832-8399 or
                                                                       The Friendly

                                The Bastion Buzz…
     Is looking for stories, poems or jokes about friendship for the
                              February issue.
  If you think you have what it takes then write your story, poem or joke on lined
 paper. Write your name and class on the paper then hand it in to your teacher or to
            M. Lazar. The featured piece will win an awesome PRIZE!
                           See the display case by the office for prize choices.
                                         Here are a few ideas....
1. LA: A story about how someone stood up to a bully, either for themselves or on behalf of one of their friends.
2. LA: Create the wikipedia article for the topic heading "good friend"
3. LA: A poem about friendship (lends itself well to use of acrostich).
4. Science: "friends in nature" - lots of examples of symbiotic relationships and animals that have evolved and
adapted together (the bird that picks the alligator's teeth etc)
5. Socials: "famous Canadian friends" - students could write about whom they would choose as a "fantasy
friend" - do they think Justin Bieber would be a good friend? What about Julie Payette, Donovan Bailey, Wayne
Gretzky or another famous Canadian?
6. Maths: students can come up with a word problem involving sharing (ie division) between friends.
7. Art: a portrait of your best friend

And any jokes or riddles are also great, but please no wordsearches as these just take too much space.

I'm sure you all have lots of ideas around this topic as well... Please have submissions to M Lazar by Friday
February 22nd so that I can put the issue together for the end of February. If your children need motivation,
please get them to check out the cool prizes they could win that are on display by the office.

*Congratulations to last month’s writing challenge draw winners: Lys Milne and Maggie Beckner! We had many
interesting sentences entered like this one from Lys, “The hot pink limo sped down the road like a hyper cheetah,”
and from Kate Eckland, “ Yesterday morning the stinky old manure truck doddled down the bumpy gravel road.”

PAC Sponsored Family Library Time
Where: Bastion Elementary School Library
When: Every Wednesday from 2:15 – 2:45
What: Bastion Families can use the library once per week after
school to select extra books or read with their children.
Each family that attends is assigned their own bar code and is able
to sign out up to five books per week.
Who: This program is run by PAC volunteers.
Next PAC Meeting –Wednesday, February 27th from 6:30-
8:00pm in the Bastion Library
                                         Tutoring for Students in French

  If you are interested in having individual French tutoring for your child , it is available through Hélène Girard. For the
past five years, Hélène has worked with students assisting them with their French language or any subjects in French. The
 price is $30 per hour or $15 per ½ hour. Receipts are available. For more information call Mme Girard at 250-253-9704
                                                     or 250-833-0627.

                                  Salmon Arm Pool
                     Aquatic Programs for Youth
                                     Information or Registration 832-4044
                           Be Cool – Hang out at the POOL!!

AGES: 8 – 12yrs
A great evening out for the pre-teen! Enjoy the cool glow of underwater lights and either a Dance Party or
Movie on the Big Screen - plus Pizza , beverage & Swim
       Fridays:                6:30-9:00pm
       Feb. 8th               Dance Party
       March 8th              Movie on the Big Screen       COST: $9.25 / student

                                             Unplug and Play

Did you know? :
       Children and youth get an average of 7 hours and 48 minutes of screen time per day

       A preschooler's risk of obesity jumps 6% for every hour of TV watched per day, 31% if the TV is in their

       1 in 4 Canadian children are overweight or obese.

       90% youth fail to meet the daily requirements of Canada’s Physical Activity Guide.
What to do:
Unplug, Play, and Become 'Screen Smart' Together
                                        Watch TV shows, play video games, and surf the ‘net with your children.
                                         Talk about what they are watching and help kids to question the messages
                                         and values communicated by the screen content. Make it a habit to inquire
                                         about what shows or movies they watched, or where to go on-line.

                                      Talk to your children about sexual and violent content, stereotyping, and
                                       body image in the media, and strategies advertisers use to market to
        children, and the unrealistic messages contained in many Ads

       Be a good role model. Limit your screen and technology time.

       Encourage the eating of healthy snacks when watching a show or a movie.
       Balance ‘screen time’ with ‘real time’. Choose activities that encourage healthy brain growth - talking,
        reading, arts and crafts, playing board games, singing, and listening to music, and those that involve
        physical activity – such as sports, playing outside, or going for a family walk

       Read with your child. (screen

       For more information and ideas visit

                       or
                                            Health News by Laura Paiement
                                      Health Promoting Schools Facilitator SD#83

                                    GROCERY CARD ORDER FORM

Hello families. Just to give you an update as to how we're doing in Grocery Card sales, in January we sold
$18,300 in gift cards, outselling our best month which is usually December. Because we get back 7 % of this
amount, $1281 will come back to our school for this month alone. An extra thank you to those handing them
out to family and friends.

If you would like cards, please fill out the form below and return to your child's classroom by Friday, February
8. Cards will be available for pick-up in the library on Thursday February14th and Friday, March 1st. Cheques
can be made out for your day of pick-up. You also have the option of postdating cheques for monthly
purchases, and we will cash them and distribute the cards as the dates come up. Just mark which type and
denomination of card you would like each time. Please make all cheques payable to Bastion PAC.

Alternatively, we often have extra cards on hand at the office and Edna has kindly offered to sign them out to
anyone wishing to purchase one. However, we'd appreciate your filling out the form below if you know
beforehand, to minimize office traffic. I will also have extra cards on hand on pick-up days if you would like
to come in and purchase one.

Name: _____________________                          Phone: _____________________

Child's name: _________________                      Email: ______________________

Teacher: _____________________

Mark Pick-up date(s):              February 14                         March 1                    Post-dated cheque dates

        Askews                              Save-On Foods                                ____________               ____________

___ X $50= _________                        ___ X $50= _________                         ____________               ____________

___ X $100= ________                        ___ X $100= ________                         ____________               ____________

___ X $200= ________                                                                     ____________               ____________

        total= ________                              total= ________                     Grand total = ____________

Cards can be picked up at the Library 2:10 to 2:30 on pick-up dates, or at the office after that. Any questions, call Sidney @ 832-4686

                        MY THREE WISHES – MES TROIS SOUHAITS

                              Names: _________________________________

        Bastion Families are invited to take part in our monthly Writing Challenge. As part of our school
goal of improving students’ writing a writing activity is sent home each month with the newsletter. Families
may work on this activity together and return their work to the Writing Box located in the office. Each
month, two entries will be pulled from the box. The winning families will receive a reward that can be
shared by the family. This month’s prize is a $10 gift certificate for a family visit to Tim Hortons.

Writing Activity for all grades, K, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Try our challenge in English or en français….

Complete the following sentences and give a reason for each answer:
Complétez les phrases suivantes et donner une raison pour votre réponse:
      If I was given one wish, I would wish for _____________________________________________
Why? ____________________________________________________________________

    Si j’avais un souhait, je souhaiterais avoir ____________________________________________

      If I could be another animal, I would be ______________________________________________
Why? ____________________________________________________________________

    Si je pouvais être un autre animal, je serais ___________________________________________

      If I could have one superpower, it would be _______________________________________
Why? ____________________________________________________________________

    Si je pouvais avoir une superpuissance, ce serais ___________________________________

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