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									                                                     UNM GALLUP LOCAL BOARD MINUTES

Wednesday, April 27, 2005                                                                                                                                     Zuni
Six O’clock p.m.

Ms. Ruby Wolf ..................................................................................................................................................... P
Ms. Theresa Dowling .......................................................................................................................................... A
Mr. Brett Newberry .............................................................................................................................................. A
Ms. Gloria Skeet deCruz ..................................................................................................................................... P
Ms. June Shack ................................................................................................................................................... P

Dr. Beth Miller, Executive Director
Dr. Christine Marlow, Dean of Instruction
Mr. Larry Sanderson, Director Community Affairs
Mr. Tom Ray, Director Student Services
Mr. David Stewart, Interim Director Business Operations
Dr. Dusti Becker, Interim Manager South Campus
Mr. Vincent Trujillo, Assistant Vice President George K. Baum
Ms. Christy Butler, Executive Assistant

AGENDA ITEM I & II - Call to Order & Roll Call
Chair Wolf called the April 27, 2005 meeting of the UNM Gallup Local Board to order at 6:23 PM with roll call. A
quorum was present.

AGENDA ITEM III - Public Input

AGENDA ITEM IV – Introductions/Announcements
Vincent Trujillo, Asst. VP, George K. Baum

AGENDA ITEM V - Approval of Agenda
Dr. Miller suggested that Mr. Trujillo’s report on the Bond Sale be moved from New Business to after approval of
the Agenda. Motion was made by June Shack to approve the April 27, 2005 UNM-Gallup Local Board Agenda
with the change in the Agenda seconded by Gloria Skeet deCruz. Motion was approved by unanimous roll call

As a Point of Order, Chair Ruby Wolf appointed June Shack as Secretary for this meeting.

Resolution - Adopt Notice of Bond Sale – Dr. Miller made a recommendation to the Board for sale of $5 million in
bonds. Motion was made by Gloria Skeet deCruz to approve the Resolution of Regular Branch Community
College to sell $5 million in Bonds on May 26, 2005. Motion seconded by June Shack. The motion to adopt the
resolution was approved by unanimous roll call vote. Chair Ruby Wolf declared the motion and the resolution

AGENDA ITEM VI - Board Business
Motion was made by Gloria Skeet deCruz to approve the March 23, 2005 UNM-Gallup Local Board Minutes as
presented seconded by June Shack. Motion was approved by unanimous roll call vote.

AGENDA ITEM VII - Board Education
UNM-G Foundation with possible action next meeting – Larry Sanderson presented several Power Point slides
defining the purpose and function of a foundation. A memo and copy of potential By-Laws for the foundation
board was given to the Board for review. Larry Sanderson requested to be on the Agenda at the next meeting for
a Resolution for the Foundation Board. Ruby Wolf recommended that the Ambassadors be the first line to be
looked at for members of the Foundation Board. Ms. Wolf asked that the Resolution for the Foundation Board be
put on the Agenda under New Business for the May 12, 2005 meeting.

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                                                                                            April 27, 2005
AGENDA ITEM VIII - Division/Department Reports
  A. Dr. Marlow – Lumina Foundation proposal has been submitted. Most of her energy has been spent in
     formalizing the faculty handbook regarding policies and procedures. It is now ready to go before the
     faculty at UNM-A and UNM-G. She will be able to spend more time on campus now that her prior
     commitments have been fulfilled.
  B. Tom Ray – Dr. Miller reported that Summer/Fall 2005 schedules are at the printer. Registration is
     underway for the summer session.
  C. David Stewart – Reported on the 2005-2006 Budget. See Attachment 1 Executive Budget Summary.
     Budget totals $13,063,679 with a shortfall of $227,722. See Attachment 2 FY05-06 Proposed Revenue
  D. Larry Sanderson – Report was given under AGENDA ITEM VII.
  E. Ron Petranovich – Dr. Miller reported that we will be able to put fiber optic underground when the road
     project is underway. This will make the microwave internet connection to the gym obsolete and greatly
     improve the connection. The Gurley Road project should begin in May and be completed in November.
  F. Jim Blackshear – Dr. Miller reported that IT continues to work on improving our infrastructure distance
     communications. There is a classroom at the Zuni campus that still needs to be converted to a smart
     classroom; that should take place this summer.
  G. Kathy Head – Dr. Miller reported that 22 students will graduate 11 will go to RMCH to work.
  H. Dr. Kaplan – Dr. Miller reported that MCHS will be graduating 13 students. Six of these graduates have
     been admitted to UNM 1 in honors program.

AGENDA ITEM X - Executive Director’s Report
  A. BtO Meeting in Santa Fe on March 29 – NMACC has the grant for workforce development with the Ford
     Foundation. Dr. Miller made several contacts there for economic development in McKinley County.
  B. Workforce Development SFCC on March 30 – Spoke about the changes in federal funds.
  C. Quality New Mexico – Along the lines of AQIP uses the Baldrige criteria.
  D. Higher Learning Commission in Chicago - AQIP – We have submitted our workbook focused on three
     projects: 1. Project Success 2. Community of Educators 3. Centers of Excellence. AQIP will be
     sending to our AQIP Team copies of all attending college’s workbooks for feedback to be given to all
     participating college teams.
  E. Regents Meeting – Discussed the compensation recommendations and passed our tuition increase.
     However, they missed voting on our $10 student fee. They will vote on the fee at their next meeting on
     May 13, 2005.
  F. Extended University meeting with Reed Dasenbrock & Branch Directors – Branch campus directors
     presented their concerns regarding EU. Jerry Dominguez has proposed that we would get $50,000 this
     year and next. We have agreed to do that. We are meeting May 11 2005 for further discussion. Reed
     has setup an office with phone lines, fax, computer and half-time administrative support person.
  G. MCHS Dropout Prevention Grant – HB2 did contain language to extend the funds for another year. PED
     is not sure how the new process is to work. Dr. Kaplan is working with a consultant.
  H. Technical High School Planning Funds and Capital Funds – Marybeth Schubert has been hired to be our
     consultant for this initiative. While discussing this project, she informed us about an NSF Grant initiative
     that has been presented for $1.8 million. We should have information on this grant in May and then
     submit the grant in October. The McKinley Area Education Consortium (MAEC) may meet on June 15 to
     further discuss the Technical High School.
  I. Site Visit by Lumina – They wanted to see what we were doing with the AtD program. They were very
     pleased with what they saw.
  J. Site Visit by PED re: Career Tech Programs – There were in the area for three days visiting the public
     schools and UNMG. They stated that we were models for the state and that TVI and Rio Rancho would
     do well to go Gallup to see how the program should work. GMCS and UNMG have a relationship that is
     not seen anywhere else in the state.
  K. Other items may be reported
          a. Smith Lake Elementary has been turned over to the Tribe.
          b. GMCS is building a new high school in Ramah and has asked if we would like the old school.
              Possible site for Technical HS.

AGENDA ITEM XI - Old Business

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AGENDA ITEM XII - New Business
  A. Resolution - Adopt Notice of Bond Sale – See under AGENDA ITEM V.
  B. 2005-2006 Budget – Approval - Motion was made by Gloria Skeet deCruz to approve the 2005/2006
     UNM-Gallup Budget. The motion was seconded by June Shack. Motion approved by unanimous roll call
     vote. Chair Ruby Wolf declared the motion passed.
  C. Discussion on Retreat – At the March meeting the board mentioned that they would like to have two
     retreats this summer. Tim Karpoff is available June 18 and all Saturday’s in July but the 2 . Board will
     meet on July 23 for the first retreat.

AGENDA ITEM XIII - Campus Master Planning
Progress on Master Plan – John Petronis and Susan were on campus last week doing interviews. They will be
back on campus to meet with those people who were unable to meet with them one day the first week of May. All
Board members present said they could meet with the Master Planner on the morning of May 2.

AGENDA ITEM XIV - Additional Items Placed on the Agenda

AGENDA ITEM XV - Adjourn For Executive Session
Motion was made by Gloria Skeet deCruz to adjourn the regular meeting of the UNMG Local Board for Executive
Session for Limited Personnel Issue Section 10-15-1-N.(2) NMSA 1978 discussion will include several personnel
issues concerning updates and a possible disciplinary action. Motion seconded by June Shack. Motion was
approved by unanimous roll call vote at 8:33 PM.

AGENDA ITEM XVI – Executive Session
Limited Personnel Issues

AGENDA ITEM XVII – Executive Session Adjournment
Motion was made by Gloria Skeet deCruz to adjourn the Executive Session for Limited Personnel Issue Section
10-15-1-N.(2) NMSA 1978 and reconvene the Regular meeting of the UNMG Local Board. Motion seconded by
June Shack. Motion was approved by unanimous roll call vote at 9:10 PM.

Motion to reconvene the meeting from the executive session was made by June Shack. Motion seconded by
Gloria Skeet deCruz deCruz. Motion was approved by unanimous roll call vote at 9:12 PM.

Upon reconvening the regular meeting of the Local Board Gloria Skeet deCruz instructed the Executive Director
to continue working with UNM-A related to the ongoing personnel issues of employment that were discussed in
the closed meeting and to keep the UNMG Local Board informed of the status of these issues.

Motion was made by June Shack to adjourn. Motion seconded by Gloria Skeet deCruz. Motion was approved
with unanimous roll call vote at 9:13 PM.

______________________________________                            ______________________________________
Ruby Wolf, Chair                                                  June Shack, Appointed Secretary

Christy Butler,
Executive Assistant

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                                                                                                  April 27, 2005

                                                    ATTACHMENT     1

                                             EXECUTIVE BUDGET SUMMARY

The spring 2005 legislative session enacted:
Compensation raise of 2% for Higher Ed employees
Increased employer’s contributions to the Educational Retirement Fund at the rate of .75% per year for the next
seven years taking the rate from the current 8.65% of pay to eventually 13.9% of pay by 2012. Employees will
also pay more out of their pockets for retirement with .075% a year increases for the next four years.

Funding for the science courses at the same level as the four year institutions for the same lower tier classes.
However, money was stripped from the bill for 05-06. It is expected to be funded in 06-07. This will mean about
$49,000 annually to UNM-Gallup down the road. The tuition credit was increased by 4.5% for all colleges and
universities in the state.

Our Nursing Special appropriation, a subsidy to help increase the Nursing students we can serve, was increased
by $900 to be $35,800 annually.

The outcome of all this is an increase in the state appropriations from current $8,459,900 to next year’s
$8,728,511, an increase of $268,611.

Other revenue gains were:
Student Senate endorsed the 9% tuition increase from $44 to $48 for residents and the increase from $92 to $125
for non-residents per credit hour.
They also endorsed the $10 per student per semester Technology fee to be implemented on this summer’s
 Expected payment by the Extended University to Gallup of $50,000 annually for now. A study is underway to fix
the amount or some percentage likely higher than this in future years.
Local voters passed an additional 1 mill levy for our operational support along with continuance of 2 mills for debt
service. The 1 mill will provide about $465,000 annually in new operational support. It is only for six year’s unless
renewed by voters.

We plan to spend these revenues to:
Give a pay raise of 3.25% which is 1.25% above the state financed rate. This keeps us in step with UNM-
Albuquerque which did the same and should help keep us competitive for human resources. Cost with .75 benefit
increase is about $290,000.

Contract for a web site manager at about $20,000 annually.

Add New Positions for:
Science Lab Instructor Part-time $18,600
Admissions Office half-time Administrative Assistant $12,000
Library half-time Assistant $12,000
Grants and Contracts Office half-time Administrative Assistant $12,000
Increase a Physical Plant position from three quarter to full-time $5,575
Increase in Professional Liability and Property Insurance by $6,052
Increase for Utilities $13,500
Increased Information Technology supplies and equipment based on the new Technology fee $40,000.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\9f95a305-1035-408f-b0db-90d43ad3b027.doc                                  Page 4 of 5
                                                          ATTACHMENT                    2

        fy 05-06 I&G Proposed Revenue Budget UNM Gallup Campus
            Settled on 3.25% raise and .75% more Employer ERA
                                                                                                                Estimated to
                                                                                                 Total          be Over or
                                                                                  04-05 actual   Revenue        (Under)        05-06
  ACCT                                                            Original 04-   through 3-21-   projected to   budget         Proposed
 NUMBER                     ACCT. NAME                            05 budget           05         6-30-05        6-30-05        Budget
                       STATE APPROPRIATION
164024-0720      STATE APPROPRIATION                                8,425,000        5,616,214      8,425,000              0         8,692,711
164024-0760      NURSING SPECIAL APPROP                                34,900           23,264         34,900                           35,800
                          LOCAL SUPPORT
164014-07A0      LOCAL MILL LEVY CURRENT                            1,055,000          583,695      1,039,549       -15,451          1,395,000
164009-07A0      LOCAL MILL LEVY DELINQUENT                            25,000           21,797         25,000             0             25,000
164001-0120      SUMMER TUITION                                       227,317          195,705        195,705       -31,612            218,000
164004-0120      FALL TUITION                                       1,006,465        1,037,029      1,037,029        30,564          1,152,968
164005-0120      SPRING TUITION                                     1,056,000          979,867        989,000       -67,000          1,100,000
164015-01P0      COMMUNITY ED TUITION                                 129,275            3,725          5,000      -124,275              6,000
723000-01Z0      Vehicle 69 (recorded rev here in error)                    0           36,650         36,650        36,650                  0
723001-01P0      WORKFORCE TRIANING                                         0           66,500        100,000       100,000            244,400
164011-0120      APPLICATION FEE                                        9,000            6,285          9,000             0             10,500
164045-02Z0      TECHNOLOGY AND SUPPLY FEE                                  0                0              0             0             64,550
164008-0280      TESTING FEES                                           7,000            4,600          5,000        -2,000              5,000
164012-01Z0      DWI TUITION                                           18,000           15,230         18,000             0             18,000
164006-07Z0      MISCEALLANEOUS FEES                                    1,500            4,665          5,000         3,500              5,000
164013-02Z0      DAY CARE                                             125,000          109,435        143,910        18,910            143,910
                       MISCELLANEOUS INCOME
151012-0820      IDC RECOVERY INSTRUC see 164021                      107,909           38,608         82,832       -25,077            114,219
151012-0820      MIDDLE COLLEGE IDC see 750004                         43,478            6,556         62,479        19,001             62,479
151014-0820      IDC RECOVERY OTHER see 164021                              0              760          1,000         1,000               1,000
164021-08A0      FACILITY RENTAL                                        5,000            3,446          5,000             0               5,000
164022-07Z0      BAD DEBT RECOVERY                                        100                0              0          -100                   0
164007-07Z0      PAY PHONES                                               100                0              0          -100                   0
164000-07Z0      PARKING CITATIONS                                        100               85            100             0                 100
164003-07Z0      LIBRARY FINES                                            500                0              0          -500                   0
                                                                                                                               netted against
                                                                                                                               Overhead paid
151009-8060      Ext. Univ Overhead to us net in 151162                      0               0         50,000        50,000    to UNM 05-06
164016-0610      MISCELLANEOUS INCOME                                        0          11,011         11,011        11,011                   0
                        TRANSFERS OUT OF I&G
164018-11L0      TO STUDENT AID GRANTS AND                            -91,549                         -91,549              0          (99,029)
164002-1240      TO R&R BUILDING                                    (297,886)        (297,886)      (297,886)              0         (297,886)
164002-1240      TO R&R EQUIPMENT                                    (66,413)         (66,413)       (66,413)              0          (66,765)
TOTAL I&G REVENUE PRJECTED TO 6-30-05                              11,820,796        8,400,828     11,825,317         4,521
TOTAL I&G REVENUE Budgeted for 05-06                                                                                             12,835,957
                                                                  05-06 I&G Expense Budget of :                                (13,063,679)
                                                                                        Revenue excess or (shortfall)             (227,722)
                     Ending I&G Balance as Budgeted for 04-05                                                       444,937
                     Actual beginning balance 7-1-04 was 1,166,343                                     1,166,343
                     $444,937 ending 04-05 bal was based on a $1,121,222 beginning bal                 1,121,222
                     Budget Adjustment for Beginning I&G Balance 7-1-04                           45,121              45,121
                     Possible Budget Adjustment-Lapsed Salaries/Benefits 04-05 consider recurring                    250,000
                     Total-Ending Balance 04-05 becomes beginning balance 05-06                                      740,058           740,058
                     Less HED Reserve 3% of $12,976,277                                                            (391,910)         (391,910)
                     Proposed Budgeted Ending Balance for 05-06                                                                     120,426
                     Proposed Ending Budget Percentage of I&G Expenses (after 3% HED reserve)                                         0.9218%

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