; Eurobank EFG reduced interest rates on mortgage loans
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Eurobank EFG reduced interest rates on mortgage loans


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Eurobank EFG reduced interest rates on mortgage loans
Lower margin for loans indexed in euros

Belgrade, September 2, 2009 – Eurobank EFG has decided to reduce interests on new mortgage loans indexed in euros by 0.5%. With almost EUR200m worth of granted mortgage loans, Eurobank has once again confirmed its leading position when it comes to mortgage loans. Several thousands of satisfied clients serve as confirmation of responsible business and dedication of Eurobank to needs of clients who have solved their financial issue of vital importance through the Bank. Eurobank EFG participates with 15% in total number of loans insured with the National Mortgage Insurance Corporation. For example, for an average loan in the amount of EUR50,000, with a 30-year repayment term, indexed in euros, interest is between 6.83% and 7.33%, (effective interest rate 7.15-7.69%) and depends on whether the Client has a payroll account Euro Plata Premija in Eurobank EFG. That means that a monthly instalment for this loan for clients without payroll account in Eurobank would be EUR 343,81 (instead of 361,67), and for clients with Euro Plata Premija, EUR326,96 (instead of 344,49). All additional information clients can obtain by making a toll-free call at Customer Service number, EuroPHONE 0800 1111 44-Option 2.
Eurobank EFG is a member of Eurobank EFG Group which is a European banking organization with total assets of €82.1bn. The Group employs more than 24,000 people and offers its products and services both through its network of over 1,600 branches and points of sale, and through alternative distribution channels. Eurobank EFG Group has an established presence in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Cyprus. It is a member of the EFG Group, one of the largest Swiss-based banking groups. More information about Eurobank EFG can be found at www.eurobank.gr and www.eurobankefg.rs. For additional information, please contact the authorised public relations agency, McCann Erickson Public Relations, at 011 2029 600, Contact: Ivana Pavlović 063 345-329.

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