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                  New Issue Listing No.625 (Foreign Thematics only
                                                                               Thematic       Price
Aruba            Birds (10v setenant): Burrowing Owl, Caracara, Kestrel,
                  Brown-throat Parakeet, Mockingbird,Troupial,Br.Pelican       Birds            17.80
Aruba            Bflies (10v setenant): Heliconius hecate & charithonius       Butterflies      21.50

Austria          2010 Orient Express (2v shtlt)MS3052: map border              Map/Trains        3.25
Austria          Gmunden Railjet Train (1v):SG3054,                            Train             7.95

Austria          Wechsel (1v): steam loco 2-6-0ST, SG3055,                     Train             2.45
Austria          50th Anniv. O.P.E.C. (1v): flags,                             “Mineral”         2.75

Azores           Marine Invertebrates (4v): Crab, Starfish, SG653-6,           Marinelife        7.90

Belgium          Definitive €0.08 (1v): Pintail Duck,                          Bird              0.45
Belgium          Definitive €4.70 (1v): Osprey,                                Bird              9.50

Bolivia          Flowers & butterfly (2v): Monarch and orchid,                 Butterfly/flora 1.60

Bulgaria         Regions (4v shtlt): one stork, + gardens,                     Bird/flora        3.90

Bulgaria         Vulture Conservation SS: Vulture souvenir sheet
                  This was sold at a large premium over face value, with
                  the proceeds going to a Fund for Vulture Conservation        Bird             12.50

Chile            Bicent.Regatta (2v):                                          Ships             4.50
Chile            Transport & Buildings of Valparaiso (8v)                      “Trains” etc      1.95
Chile            Irish role in Bicentenary (2v)                                Maps              5.50

Comores          Orioles (5v shtlt): Black-headed, Eurasian Golden
                  Black-hooded Orioles,                                        Birds             8.90
Comores          Black-naped Orioles – Oriolus chinensis souvenir sheet        Birds            11.50

Comores          Darters (5v shtlt): Darter & African D, Anghinga melano       Birds             8.85
Comores          Darters SS: Anhinga rufa souvenir sheet                       Birds            11.45

Costa Rica       Trains(4v):1st train Marie Cecilia,elec.,diesel, railcar Trains                 3.75

Netherlands Antilles has decided to issue stamps for each self-governing region thus
Netherlands Antilles now = Curacao, Caribbean Netherlands & St.Martin,
Curacao          Golden-crowned Spadebill SS: this bird has been
                  mis-identified on the stamp! souvenir sheet                  Bird             15.75

France           Soyuz in Guyana (1v): toucan, rocket,
                  self-adhesive from 42 value sheetlet, SG4824                 Bird/Space        2.35

France           Claude Nougaro (10v sheetlet): portraits, cartoon,            Music            16.50

France           Mulhouse Tram/Train (1v)                                      Train             1.50

France           Tapestries of the World (12v shtlt): one small bird           Floral           17.50

France           Marie Curie (1v): in laboratory,                              Chemistry         2.30

Fr.Southern & Ant. Terr. Mineral (2v): Zircon natural & gemstone,              Minerals          1.75

Fr.S. & Ant. T. Air Crash (3v): map, Farman F190, air letters,                 Aircraft          5.95

Fr.S. & Ant. T. Fish (1v)                                                      Fish              3.30

                                                                               New Issue List No.625
                New Issue Listing No.625 (Foreign Thematics only

Fr.S. & Ant. T. Antarctic Base (1v)                                       Buildings        2.35

Fr.S. & Ant. T. Ship La Perouse (1v)                                      Ship             9.50
Fr.S. & Ant. T. Southern Cross (1v)                                       Astronomy        1.70

Fr.S. & Ant. T. Josef Enzenberger (1v): meteorologist                                      2.35
Fr.S. & Ant. T. Black-faced Sheathbill (1v)                               Birds            3.25

Fr.S. & Ant. T. Chastain (1v): botanist & King Penguins,                  Birds/Botany     3.20

Germany         Lindenberg (2v): Liner “Andrea Dorea”, train, SG3663-4    Ship/Loco/Music 2.40
Germany         Lindenberg (2v): as above but self-adhesives, SG3665-6    Ship/Loco/Music 2.45

Germany         Steamships (4v): Imperator, Aller, Kolumbus,
                 Deutschland, SG3669-72,                                  Ships            7.95

Germany         Segelflug (1v): glider on water’s edge,                   Aircraft         1.25
Germany         Beinhorn (1v): aircraft (He 71?), SG3674,                 Aircraft         1.50

Germany         North Sea Connections poster (1v) paddle-steamer,SG3678   Ship             1.50

Germany         100th Anniv. Friedrich-Loeffler Institute (1v): virus     Medical          2.25
Germany         Loeffler Institute (1v on illustrated First Day Card      Medical          3.75

Germany         Flower definitive (1v): passionflower(?)                  Flower           1.75
Greenland       2011 EUROPA Forests (2v): Silver Birch & Scots Pine,      Trees            4.50

Guinea-Bissau   W.W.F. – Stamp on Stamp (5v shtlt): AAT 2001 Seal,        Birds/WWF/Mml
                 Gren Gren 1978 Hummer, Eritrea Wolf, Tuvalu Shark,       Crab/Rept        9.95

Guinea-Bissau   W.W.F. – Stamp on Stamp SS: Zaire 1985 Bonobo,            Mammal
                 Warbler, Dove Pigeon Shark border of souvenir sheet      Birds/Rept.      9.70

Hungary         2009 Braille on illustrated First Day Cover               Medical          3.75
Hungary         Chopin on on illustrated First Day Cover                  Music            3.60

Iceland         Snow Bunting (2v): SG1295-6,                              Birds            3.75

Indonesia       2010 Fauna & Flora (11v): Knobbed Hornbill, Zebra Dove   Tree/Birds
                Wallace’s Standardwing, Nias Mynah,Diospyros macrophylla, Mammals          5.50
Indonesia       Fauna & Flora (11v shtlt):Hornbill designs as above      Birds/Mml/Tree    5.75

Macedonia       Robert Schumann (1v): signature + portrait,               Music            2.90
Macedonia       Schumann (1v on illustrated First Day Cover               Music            4.50

Macedonia       Frederick Chopin (1v): keyboard + portrait,               Music            3.50
Macedonia       Chopin (1v on illustrated First Day Cover                 Music            4.90

Macedonia       100th Anniv. Helicopter (1v) SG679                        Aircraft         2.90

Macedonia       Robert Koch 1843-1910 (1v): portrait, microscope,         Medical          1.60
Macedonia       Koch (1v on illustrated First Day Cover                   Medical          2.95

Macedonia       Dunant 1847-1910 (1v): portrait, Red Cross,               Medical          0.90
Macedonia       Dunant (1v on illustrated First Day Cover                 Medical          2.40

Macedonia       Lake Ohrid Flora/Fauna(4v): Water Snail Gocea ohridana,
                 Sponge, Algae Surirella spiralis, Chara Ohridana,        Fauna/Flora      9.95

Mexico          Oil Institute (1v)                                        Geology          1.75

Mozambique      Seabirds (6v shtlt): Cape Gannet, Af.Skimmer, Crested &
                 Roseate Terns, Franklin’s, Kelp & S.Black-backed Gulls   Birds           10.95
Mozambique      Seabirds SS: Pink-backed Pelican souvenir sheet           Birds            9.60

Mozambique      Pigeons (6v shtlt): Olive & Speckled & Rameron Pigeons    Birds            6.70
Mozambique      Rock Pigeons souvenir sheet                               Birds            9.50

                                                                          New Issue List No.625

                   New Issue Listing No.625 (Foreign Thematics only

Mozambique         Flora/Birds (6v shtlt):Bar-tailed Trogon, Gt.Blue Turaco,
                    Double-toothed + Red/Yellow Barbets,Af.Pygmy Kingfisher Birds                       6.75
Mozambique         Flora/Birds SS: Paradise Whydah souvenir sheet           Birds                       9.60

Nicaragua          Institute of Social Security (4v):                                Medical            6.95

Palau              Sir Edmund Hilary (4v shtlt): Palm & Maj.
                    Mitchell’s Cockatoos, Mount Everest,                             Bird/Geology       6.75

Paraguay           Darwin (1v+label): Kingfisher + human development,       Bird                        6.50
Peru               Submarines(2v):type 209 1200 Pisagua/1100 Arica,SG2653-4 Ships                       4.50

This is another elusive item: we have spent 6 months trying to locate stock of this very scarce issue which
is part of the series of definitives with “2009A” imprint at the foot of the stamps, which we started to list
about 15 months ago. Having asked three of the most likely known sources we can finally
offer a few copies of this elusive block of owls stamps to complete the series.

Philippines        “2009A” imprint Owls(4v):$P24 Luzon/Phil.Scops,Spot Wood Birds                       6.15

Philippines        “2009C” imprint (4v): P$1 value Mugimaki Flycatcher,              Birds              0.75

Philippines        2009 Lobsters (8v): Fan Lobster, Neptune Reef, Blue Back
                    Banded Whip, Locus, Blind, Two-spot, SG4235-8+MS4239    Marinelife                  7.25

Philippines        2009 Nudibranch (8v): Hypselodoris apolegma, Chromodoris
                    Elisabethina & lochi, Risbechi tyroni,SG4269-72+MS4273 Marinelife                   5.50

Philippines        2010 30th Anniv. Light Rail Trains (4v):                          Trains             2.90
Philippines        Trains souvenir sheet designs as above but imperf                 Trains             2.95

Philippines        2010 Biodiversity definitives (36v): Yellow Seahorse,
                    Shark, Crab Fish, Sundial Shell, Mandarinfish, Whale,
                    Daisy Coral, Starfish,Manta Ray, Giant Clam, Sea Slug,
                    Textile Cone,Turtle, Sea Squirts, Boxer Crab, Octopus,
                    Chambered Nautilus includes the scarce withdrawn stamp           Marinelife        37.50

Philippines        100th Anniv. Tuberculosis Society (2v)                            Medical            1.50
Philippines        100th Ann.Tuberculosis souvenir sheet                             Medical            3.30

Portugal           Transport defs. (5v): underground train, overhead
                    pantograph tram, ferry,                                          Trains etc         4.95

Sao Tome           W.W.F. – Stamp on Stamp (5v shtlt): S.Georgia 1992 Teal           Birds/WWF/Mml
                    Bulgaria 1982 Bat, Jamaica 1984 Boa, Gambia 1984 Croc            Bfly/Rept/        10.75
Sao Tome           W.W.F. – Stamp on Stamp SS: Z.E.S. 1985 Tortoise,
                    Hummingbird                                                      Bird/Rept.        10.50

Spain              Nature Reserves (3v): Vulture, Bear, Ibex, SG4536-8,              Mammals/Bird       2.90
Spain              Musical Instruments - Horn (1v): SG4532,                          Music              1.95

Ukraine            2009 Trains (4v): Elec. VL41/VL26, Diesel 2TE121/2TE116,          Trains             2.70
Ukraine            Lighthouses (6v shtlt): Kyz-Aulskyi, Yaltynskyl, Sarych,          Lighthouses        3.95
Ukraine            2009 Grapes (2v)                                                  Fruit              1.50
Ukraine            Folk Songs (4v)                                                   Music              3.25

Ukraine            2010 Pirigov (surgeon) on illustrated First Day Cover             Medical            2.50
Ukraine            Lighthouses (6v shtlt): Sanzhiiskyi, Tendivskyi,                  Lighthouses        4.75

Ukraine            Kharkov Technical University personalities(11v shtlt)
                    only in the corner of sheet is a steam locomotive,               “Train”            9.50
Ukraine            Trains (4v): TEM103, DE1, TEP150, DS3, SG                         Trains             2.85

U.S.A.             States (10v): Gt.Blue Heron, Gt.Northern Loon,                    Birds/Mmls         6.50

Inland Postage: 1st Class 80p recommended on orders under £30.00;
"Insurance + Rec.Del. £2.00 (orders £30-£75); Special Delivery £5.25 (over £75).

                                                                                     New Issue List No.625


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