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  VOLUME 17, ISSUE 4                                                                           APRIL, 2010

   Tenaska                                    Bills of Interest at Midpoint of
   Submits                                          Legislative Session
 Facility Cost                                AT the procedural midpoint          agents, brokers and consultants
                                                                                  who market electricity to retail cus-
                                          of the Spring Session of the Illinois
 Report to ICC                            General Assembly, the following
                                                                                  tomers. Passed the House by vote
                                                                                  of 109-0.
                                          were among bills of interest to the
    THE         Illinois Commerce         energy industry that had passed the
                                                                                        Senate Bill 2612 (Sen. Pam
                                                                                  Althoff, R-Crystal Lake) – would
Commission (ICC) has received the         chamber of their origin:
                                                                                  set out procedures to be used when
facility cost report from Tenaska              House Bill 4649 (Rep. Dan
                                                                                  audits of taxes or fees collected by
Taylorville, LLC and is inviting          Reitz, D-Steeleville) – would pro-
                                                                                  utilities are performed on behalf of
anyone interested to submit com-          vide an alternative procedure for
                                                                                  local governments.       Passed the
ments on the report. The report can       Illinois Commerce Commission
                                                                                  Senate by vote of 54-0.
be found, and parties may post            approval of construction of high-
                                                                                        Senate Bill 2812 (Sen. Don
comments on the ICC web page,             voltage electric transmission lines.
                                                                                  Harmon, D-Oak Park) – would     Passed the House by vote of 108-0.
                                                                                  make changes in the process
ty/Tenaska.aspx.                               House Bill 5879 (Rep. Bob
                                                                                  whereby clean air permitting deci-
     Tenaska Taylorville, LLC, as         Flider, D-Mt. Zion) – would speci-
                                                                                  sions are appealed to the Illinois
the managing member of Christian          fy the manner of proving identifica-
                                                                                  Pollution Control Board. Passed
County Generation, LLC, prepared          tion utilities must use when estab-
                                                                                  the Senate by vote of 53-3.
and delivered to the Illinois Com-        lishing accounts. Passed the House
                                                                                        Senate Bill 3388 (Sen. Mike
merce Commission the Taylorville          by vote of 103-1.
                                                                                  Jacobs, D-East Moline) – would
Energy Center (TEC) facility cost              House Bill 6202 (Rep. Will
                                                                                  remove the existing prohibition on
report pursuant to Illinois' Clean        Burns, D-Chicago) – as amended,
                                                                                  construction of nuclear power
Coal Portfolio Standard Law. The          would establish a task force to re-
                                                                                  plants in Illinois. Passed the Senate
law requires the owner of Illinois’       view the state’s existing net meter-
                                                                                  by vote of 40-1.
initial clean coal facility, to submit    ing law and make recommenda-
                                                                                        Bills that have passed their
to the ICC, the Illinois Power            tions to the General Assembly for
                                                                                  chamber of origin will now go to
Agency (IPA) and the General As-          changes in the law, if needed.
                                                                                  the opposite body for further ac-
sembly a facility cost report, setting    Passed the House by vote of 112-2.
                                                                                  tion. House Committees will begin
out the anticipated project costs, the         House Bill 6208 (Rep. Elaine
                                                                                  work on Senate Bills and vice versa
method of financing, the operating        Nekritz, D-Northbrook) – would
                                                                                  (See Bills on Page 2)
and maintenance costs, an analysis        amend the state’s law dealing with
of the ability of the facility to de-
liver power into the regional trans-
mission organization markets and
                                         Inside This Issue
the facility’s expected capacity            2    From The Staff
factor.                                     2    Commissioner O’Connell-Diaz Appointed to
     As noted in the overview sec-
tion of the facility cost report, the            NARUC Board
TEC is planned to be a commer-              3    Energy News
cial-scale, coal-fueled plant, con-
(See Tenaska on Page 2)                     4    Energy Association Activities
ILLINOIS ENERGY FORUM                                     2                                            APRIL, 2010

                                         analysis and report to the General        City of Chicago have participated
From The Staff                           Assembly.                                 in since its inception in 2008. The
                                              Comments are due on or be-           guidelines take the Earth Hour con-
    WHILE it is the procedural           fore April 16. The comments will          cept one step further by encourag-
midpoint of the spring legislative       be considered public, posted to the       ing Chicago's buildings to enact
session, the calendar shows only a       ICC's website and attached to the         (See Lighting on Page 3)
little over a month left before          ICC's report to the General Assem-
scheduled adjournment.           That    bly.
means it’s crunch time for the Gen-
eral Assembly. Between now and
                                              Additional information regard-
                                         ing the initial clean coal facility law
May 7 (unless the adjournment date
slips), bills have to make it through
                                         can be found in Public Act 95-1027
                                         on the General Assembly's website
the second chamber. If they have
been changed, they go back to the
                                I E F                        Appointed to
chamber of origin for re-                                                          NARUC Board
consideration. It is a difficult pro-     BOMA/Chicago,
cess and a reason why relatively
few of the thousands of bills filed       City of Chicago                                ICC Commissioner Erin
                                                                                   O’Connell-Diaz of Illinois has been
ever become law. I E F
                                                and                                appointed to the National Associa-
                                                                                   tion of Regulatory Utility Commis-
(Continued from Page 1)_____________      Commonwealth                             sioners (NARUC) Board of Direc-
                                                                                   tors. The distinguished appoint-
Bills                                      Edison Urge                             ment follows a long history of ser-

when the legislature returns to ses-          Exterior                             vice to the national organization
                                                                                   and places her in a critical position
sion during the week of April 12.
     The General Assembly is still
                                            Decorative                             to help develop and shape crucial
                                                                                   public policy in the realm of utility
scheduled to adjourn its Spring
Session on May 7. I E F
                                              Lighting                             regulation in the United States and
                                            Guidelines                                   She joins 18 other state public
                                                                                   utility commissioners from across
(Continued from Page 1)_____________
                                             THE Building Owners and               the country on the board.
Tenaska                                  Managers Association of Chicago                 “Commissioner      O’Connell-
                                         (BOMA/Chicago), the City of Chi-          Diaz has shown tremendous leader-
verting Illinois coal into pipeline      cago and Commonwealth Edison              ship in her tenure with NARUC,”
quality substitute natural gas           Company (ComEd) have united to            said ICC Chairman Manuel Flores.
(SNG), and then efficiently burning      endorse voluntary year-round Exte-        “Illinois consumers have been well-
the SNG to produce electricity.          rior Decorative Lighting Guidelines       represented by her commitment to
The TEC design is fundamentally          for Chicago's buildings. The guide-       serving the public interest in this
different from existing coal gener-      lines provide year-round recom-           very important field of utility regu-
ating plants and from most other         mendations for all non-emergency          lation. We are proud of her ac-
proposed “clean coal” plants, in         exterior lighting, including crown        complishment and recognition by
that the TEC will burn clean SNG         and facade lighting, signage, street-     NARUC.”
rather than coal, to generate elec-      level and tree lighting. When im-               Commissioner O’Connell-Diaz
tricity. It also will be a net reducer   plemented throughout the city, the        also is Vice Chair of NARUC’s
of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other        guidelines will reduce the carbon         Committee on Electricity and
emissions.                               footprint of Chicago-area buildings,      serves on its Water, Critical Infra-
      The ICC is required to analyze     protect migratory birds and de-           structure, and International Rela-
the facility cost report and submit a    crease light pollution.                   tions committees. She was the Co-
report to the General Assembly                The year-round Exterior Deco-        Chair of the 2010 Electricity Forum
within six months, setting forth the     rative Lighting Guidelines were           held by NARUC along with the
results of its analysis. The ICC         formalized following several suc-         U.S. Department of Energy. I E F
hired Boston Pacific Company and         cessful years of collaboration with
its subcontractor, MPR Associates,       the Earth Hour campaign, which
to assist in the preparation of its      BOMA/Chicago, ComEd and the
APRIL, 2010                                                3                    ILLINOIS ENERGY FORUM

                                              The Commission has sched-         Ameren Energy Generating Com-
   ICC to Hear                           uled a broad range of speakers to      pany’s Coffeen Plant in Coffeen,
                                         engage in panel discussion of poli-    Illinois, joined the utility business
   Progress on                           cy issues the ISSGC has discussed      more than 25 years ago working for
                                         including the technical characteris-   Central Illinois Public Service
    Smart Grid                           tics and requirements of a smart       Company, now part of Ameren
                                         grid, consumer issues and a cost-      Corporation. Long is now mainte-
     THE Illinois Commerce               benefit analysis.                      nance supervisor at the plant.
Commission will conduct a joint               The meeting will include                Long, with help from EPRI’s
meeting of its Electric Policy and       presentations from EnerNex, the        Ramsey Chang and Apogee Scien-
Telecommunications Policy Com-           company hired as the facilitator of    tific, created a portable kiln-like
mittees on Tuesday, April 6, in          the ISSGC; staff of the Illinois       device to reduce mercury emissions
Chicago at 2 p.m. to review presen-      Commerce Commission; Com-              at Ameren Energy Generating’s
tations from expert stakeholders         monwealth Edison; Ameren Illinois      Meredosia Plant near Jacksonville,
regarding the progress of the Illi-      Utilities; Citizens Utility Board      Illinois. The kiln burned on-site
nois Statewide Smart Grid Collabo-       (CUB); City of Chicago; Illinois       coal to create an activated carbon,
rative (ISSGC).                          Attorney General; AARP; Illinois       which is used to absorb mercury
     In December of 2008, the ICC        Competitive Energy Association;        from the flue gas. Long said his
ordered the two largest utilities in     Illinois Industrial Energy Consum-     goal was to make carbon that was
Illinois, ComEd and Ameren, to           ers; AT&T; and IBEW Local 15 &         equivalent in its absorption rate but
form a collaborative to investigate      System Council U-05. I E F             much less expensive than the high-
issues surrounding a smart grid.                                                er-priced, commercially available
The resulting ISSGC has engaged a                                               carbon.
                                                                                      “We did much of this project
wide range of stakeholders includ-
ing utilities, consumer advocates,
                                              Ameren                            in November, December and Janu-
                                                                                ary—throughout the winter,” Long
government officials and other key
policy makers to consider smart
                                              Energy                            recalled. “If you can imagine try-
grid issues. The group will report
its final recommendations to the
                                             Generating                         ing to heat up a kiln when it is zero
                                                                                degrees outside and also trying to
ICC this October. Aside from its
regulatory function and consumer
                                             Employee                           extract a flue gas sample to do pre-
                                                                                cise mercury analysis when that
protection role, the ICC is a guid-
ing force in helping to develop pub-
                                             Wins EPRI                          equipment is exposed to the outside
                                                                                elements—it was tough.”
lic policy in the areas it oversees.
     The U.S. Department of
                                               Award                                  But toughness paid off. By de-
                                                                                signing and creating the kiln, this
Energy (DOE) describes a smart                                                  process could save Meredosia Plant
grid as an automated, widely                  THE research institute of the     from purchasing nearly $1.5 mil-
distributed energy delivery network      electric industry—Electric Power       lion in commercially available car-
that is characterized by a two-way       Research Institute (EPRI) — re-        bon. I E F
flow of electricity and information,     cently honored Beardstown, Illi-
and        enhanced        monitoring.   nois, resident Steve Long — an         (Continued from Page 2)_____________
According to the DOE, Smart Grid         employee of St. Louis-based            Lighting
incorporates the benefits of             Ameren Corporation’s merchant
advanced communications and              generating subsidiary Ameren En-
                                                                                climate change on a daily basis.
information technologies to deliver      ergy Generating Company.
                                                                                This year, Earth Hour was observed
real-time information and enable              Steve Long received an EPRI
                                                                                on the evening of March 27, when
the near-instantaneous balance of        Technology Transfer Award, given
                                                                                businesses and homes throughout
supply and demand on the                 annually to EPRI members who
                                                                                the nation and the world turned off
electrical grid.      It would also      have led technology transfer efforts
                                                                                their lights for one hour. Last year,
integrate advanced functions into        on behalf of their companies and
                                                                                more than 80 million Americans in
the nation's electric grid to enhance    the industry at large. The awards
                                                                                300 cities and nearly 1 billion peo-
reliability, efficiency, and security,   were presented during meetings of
                                                                                ple around the world participated in
and would also contribute to the         EPRI’s advisors in Orlando, Flori-
                                                                                Earth Hour. I E F
climate change strategic goal of         da, during the week of March 8.
reducing carbon emissions.                    Long, a native of Beardstown,
                                         Illinois, who works now for
ILLINOIS ENERGY FORUM                                                    4                                                          APRIL, 2010

 National Town Meeting                                                                  Hollywood, Florida
 on Demand Response                                                                     Hosts EEI Annual
     and Smart Grid                                                                     Convention/Expo
     REGISTRATION is now open for the 2010                                          “TRANSFORMING Our Energy Future” is
National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smart                             the theme for the Annual Convention and Expo held by
Grid in Washington, DC, June 23-24, 2010. The                                  the Edison Electric Institute. This year’s convention will
Wednesday-Thursday event will be located at the                                be held at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida,
Mayflower Hotel in the heart of downtown Washington,                           from June 13 to 16.
blocks away from the White House.                                                   More than 1,200 top decision-makers of domestic
     As the premier demand response and smart grid event                       and international firms from the manufacturing, finance,
in the US, the National Town Meeting brings together                           power production and other energy-related fields will be
stakeholders from utilities, technology companies, ISOs,                       on hand in Hollywood to discuss critical industry issues.
Congress, federal and state agencies, environmental                            In addition, attendees will be able to attend the Expo 2010
groups, and research and consulting firms.                                     Exhibit Hall featuring new products and services.
     Last year, over 400 members of the demand response                             Convention information is available from EEI at
and smart grid community gathered for open roundtable                          202-508-5000. I E F
discussion on all of the latest business and policy
developments and for in-depth presentations on case
studies and technology deployments. I E F

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