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     Turf Equipment Technicians Association of the Carolinas   ●   P.O. Box 210    ●   Liberty, SC 29657
     www.TETAC.org     800-476-4272

                              Presidents Message by Gene Westbrook
 President                    As we settle down from the summer, I hope you all are enjoying the fall.
                              Your TETAC board has been busy pulling the conference together and
    Gene Westbrook –
    Sedgefield Country Club
                              working on programs for 2013. We encourage each of you to
                              participate in the conference and other activities that will be coming up
 Vice President               next year.
    Donald Gunther –
    Eagle Point Golf Club     The TETAC Conference will be held November 12-14 in Myrtle Beach. We
 Secretary/Treasurer          will start off Monday with a golf tournament at Azalea Sands. I would like
                              to thank Revels Turf & Tractor for sponsoring this event. I want to
    Gerry Rickard -
    Gerry’s Tech Services     encourage each of you to come out and have a good time playing
                              golf on Monday. Tuesday will begin our education conference. We look
 Executive Director           forward to the TIER 4 seminar by Greg Womble and the popular panel
    David Prekop-             discussion moderated by Rex Floyd. Special thanks to Smith Turf &
    Secession Golf Club       Irrigation for providing a steak dinner to all the attendees. We will have a
 Directors                    table top trade show and our annual meeting during this time. Tuesday
                              afternoon we are looking forward to hearing Bland Cooper with the
    Eric Duncanson
                              PGA Tour. On Wednesday, we kick off with your choice of Electrical with
    Allen Reece
                              Eric Duncanson and Bill Ledford or Management 101 with David Prekop.
    John Riopel               Those taking the Electrical class will have the opportunity to take the
    Greg Womble               EETC Electrical Test. Bill Ledford will proxy this test. Make plans now to
    Bill Ledford              attend! You will not want to miss it.
    Burke Anders
                              The Carolinas GCSA Trade Show will be open Tuesday from 4-7 PM and
    Michael Hileman           Wednesday from 10-3 PM for those interested in seeing new products
    Greg Barnes               available. Come by and visit the TETAC booth #2305 in the trade show.
    Preston Burl
                              The Triangle Chapter is hosting a meeting and golf on October 30th at
                              Twelve Oaks Country Club in Holly Springs, NC. The seminar will be on
 Upcoming Meetings            Hydraulic and Drive Line taught by Eric Duncanson. Golf will be after
  Triangle TETAC              lunch. Special Thanks to Al Sine and Swepco for sponsoring this meeting.
Chapter – October 30th        Come on out if you get a chance.
   Twelve Oaks CC
                              We look forward to seeing everyone down at the beach and do not
 November 12 – 14th
                              hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about TETAC.
 TETAC Conference
 Horry - Georgetown           Gene
  Technical College

           With Toro, The Grass Is
           Always Greener

                                                               Hound Ears Club | Blowing Rock, NC

BUT IT STILL HAS TO BE CUT...     That’s why we’ve invested more than anybody in service,
            AND IRRIGATED!        support, parts and fulfillment programs, to ensure your
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                                  success is legendary, built on a long tradition of exceeding
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                                  So come on over to our side of the fence.

                                  You’ll enjoy the view.

                                            Office 800.932.8676 • Orders 800.232.8676
       Proud partner since 1954                        www.smithturf.com

Good Turf Equipment Mechanics, Hard to Find
Jim Swartzel, The Hasentree Club

     How many times have you heard someone say “If you have a good mechanic, don’t lose him.” How
about this one, “Anybody knows where I can find a good mechanic?” It seems to be getting harder and
harder to find a “good” mechanic. Most superintendents are aware of how important it is to have a
qualified technician. Unfortunately it seems to be more difficult to fill that position. Let’s face it, we are a
very unique type of technician, with a wide variety of talents. Not only do we need to do mechanical
work, but often we are asked to do building maintenance, electrical work, plumbing and numerous other
tasks to keep the facility operating, not to mention budgeting, purchasing, operator training and even
OSHA or EPA compliance.
  A very qualified auto mechanic still would not be able to grind reels or set up mowers properly and would
probably struggle with hydraulics and turf care terminology. Someone from the construction field could
handle the building maintenance but obviously would be limited in the mechanical requirements. So
where do we find that unique individual with the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks on an ever
changing timeline? If only there was some type of formal training to prepare individuals for this career,
there is. Unfortunately those types of training facilities are closing their programs due to a lack of
enrollment, such as the case with Horry-Georgetown College. The programs that are still available are
seeing a drop in enrollment also.
  I have been fortunate to have an assistant technician for most of my career as an Equipment Manager. A
few years ago, due to budget changes, I was informed the assistant technician position was eliminated. I
was able to keep up with the demands for a while but eventually it was overwhelming. Standards that I put
on myself and that are expected at our facility were no longer maintained. I could not check mowers
everyday, preventive maintenance was behind schedule, rotary blades not sharpened as often and to be
honest frustration was taking over. I became short and abrasive with coworkers and felt like there was no
end in sight. Not having an assistant caused me to be more prone to overlook the details and even put
myself at risk of injury due to heavy lifting and other precarious positions. Waiting for someone to come
back to the shop for help was huge waste of time and not always an option. Attending seminars and
being an active member in TETAC was now a luxury. Taking a vacation was not an option, in fear of the
amount of work piling up. Needless to say I was not very happy with my job and often considered making
a change. I now had a new appreciation for an assistant and more respect for the technicians out there
doing it by themselves.
  We have recently filled an open position on the staff with an individual who will work on the golf course
and spend time in the shop with myself assisting with the maintenance and repair of the equipment. Not
only does this give me the assistance needed to perform my job safely and to the best of my ability, but
also provides the opportunity to train and pass along the knowledge to another individual. More
importantly it is a chance to expand the number of individuals with the experience and desire to make it a
career. The golf industry is in need of more qualified technicians, and the best way to get this training is on
site with another qualified technician. The next time you have an open position on the staff consider the
option of cross training an individual. Maybe there is someone on the staff that likes to help out with
mechanical needs, take the opportunity to train them. Not only will you improve your operation but you will
also help to keep the golf industry strong and prosperous.
  Since the addition of our new “cross trained” employee, preventive maintenance is back on schedule,
mowers are checked daily and it frees me up to make improvements and handle some of the other non-
mechanical projects that pop up at our facility. More importantly, my attitude is better, I’m working safer
and coming to work each day is much more enjoyable. Not only are things better from a personnel
standpoint but our overall turf conditions and quality of cut have returned to the level of standard that we
expect. So the next time there is an opening on the staff, consider the benefits of cross training an
individual. Not only will your Equipment Technician appreciate it but you will be doing the whole profession
a favor.

Turf Equipment Technicians Association of the Carolinas
2012 Conference                                                   November 12-14
Horry-Georgetown Technical College, Conway, SC

Monday November 12th                                               Tuesday November 13th
9:00 AM Registration
10:00 AM Shotgun Start                                             CAROLINAS GCSA TRADE SHOW 4 – 7 PM
                                                                   Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC
Azalea Sands Golf Club
2100 Highway 17, North Myrtle Beach, SC                            CAROLINAS NIGHT AT THE BEACH 7 - 10 PM
Cost: $25                                                          Margaritaville, Myrtle Beach
Lunch will be provided after golf.
Proper Golf attire required.                                       Wednesday November 14th
                                                                   MORNING SEMINARS 8 – 12 PM
Tuesday November 13th                                              Choose One
MORNING SEMINARS 8-12 PM                                           ➊ Electrical (EETC Certification Prep)
Tier 4 Technology – The “cleaner and greener”
                                                                   This class will offer a comprehensive preparation for the
Diesel Engine
                                                                   EETC Certification exam. Instruction will cover basic
History, regulations, challenges and solutions to governmental
                                                                   electrical components, circuits and diagnostics. Those
emissions mandates for up to 75 HP diesel engines with an
                                                                   attending the class are not required to participate in
emphasis on use in the turf industry.
                                                                   the exam process.
Instructor: Greg Womble, Revels Turf & Tractor
                                                                   Instructors: Eric Duncanson, Pine Needles/Mid Pines
Panel Discussion                                                   Country Club
Burke Anders, Smith Turf & Irrigation                              Bill Ledford, Tri- State Pump and Control
Bill Ledford, Tri-State Pump and Control                           ➋ Management 101
Greg Womble, Revels Turf & Tractor
                                                                   How to win friends and influence those around you. This
Moderator: Rex Floyd, North Ridge Country Club
                                                                   class will offer tips on interpersonal relationships with
                                                                   coworkers and managers. We will discuss how to get the
TUESDAY GENERAL EVENTS 12 PM – 1:30 PM                             most out of your employees and motivate them to work
TETAC Trade Show                                                   with you towards a common goal. This class also includes
Lunch – Steak Dinner                                               effective shop management and record keeping.
Provided by Smith Turf and Irrigation                              Instructor: David Prekop, Secession Golf Club
Annual Meeting                                                     AFTERNON EXAM 12 – 3 PM
                                      th                           EETC Electrical Exam
Tuesday November 13                                                $100 Fee for Study Guide and Test
AFTERNOON SEMINAR 1:30 – 4 PM                                      This exam is a follow up to the Electrical EETC
                                                                   certification prep
Behind the Scenes: Lessons and Observations                        class. Bill Ledford will proxy this test.
made during the 2011 PGA TOUR Schedule                             CAROLINAS GCSA TRADE SHOW 10 - 3
Challenges faced by courses throughout the United States will      Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC
be discussed along with changes in philosophy to course set-
up on the PGA TOUR and how this has impacted agronomic
practices at each site. This will include information regarding
the groove rule change adopted by the USGA 2 years ago.
Discussion on the Field Scout 300 Moisture Meter data along
with firmness reading data collected from many PGA TOUR
sites and an analysis of this data.
Instructor: Bland Cooper, Agronomist, Competitions,
                                                                                                  W             FR
                                                                                                    he  EE
                                                                                                    ou for Ful
                                                2012 TETAC Conference                                 Pa Fir l Co
                                                                                                        y Y st       n
                                                           November 12-14                                   ou Tim fere
                                                                                                                r 2 e nc
                                               REGISTRATION FORM                                                   01 At e P
                                                                                                                     2 M ten ac
                                                 (One person per form please. May duplicate.)
                                                                                                                         em dee kag
                                            Registration deadline: November 2, 2012                                         be s      e
   HOW TO REGISTER                                                           REGISTRATION OPTIONS       Prior to November 2             e                    s!
                                                                                                                Member       Non-Member          Fee
There are three easy ways to register:
             www.carolinasgcsa.org                                       FULL CONFERENCE PACKAGE:                 $200            $225        _________
                                                                      This includes Tuesday and Wednesday breakfast, three seminars,
    information to 864-843-1149                                       Tuesday Lunch, TETAC Association Meeting and Trade Show and
                                                                      Tuesday/Wednesday Carolinas GCSA Trade Show Pass
                                                                         *First Time Attendee:             (Free Full Conference Package) _________
   credit card information to:
                    Carolinas GCSA
                    PO Box 210                                           TUESDAY ONLY PACKAGE:                    $150            $175        _________
                    Liberty, SC 29657                                 This includes Tuesday breakfast, two Tuesday seminars, Tuesday lunch, TETAC
                                                                      Association Meeting and Trade Show and Tuesday ONLY Carolinas GCSA Trade
   CANCELLATION POLICY                                                Show Pass
Written refund requests received before November 5, 2012 subject to
$25 processing fee. No refunds after November 5.                         Monday Golf                               $25             $25        _________

   MAIN REGISTRATION INFORMATION                                         Carolinas GCSA Trade Show Pass            $85             $85        _________

                                                                         Carolinas Night at the Beach              $20             $20        _________
First Time Attendee*     Yes      No
                                                                         EETC Electrical Test/Study Guide          $100           $100        _________
                                                                         TETAC MEMBERSHIP 2013                     $45             $45        _________
TETAC Member              Yes     No
                                                                        SEMINAR SELECTIONS
__________________________________________________________            Write in Seminar ID number found adjacent to Seminar description
First Name              M.I.         Last Name                        FULL CONFERENCE PACKAGE: choose Wednesday seminar (fees included above)

__________________________________________________________                                    Seminar ID #       Member Non-Member                Fee
Home Address: PO Box or Street Address
                                                                      Tuesday AM                  _________        $50             $75        _________
City                    ST          Zip                               Tuesday PM                  _________        $50             $75        _________

__________________________________________________________            Wednesday (choose one) _________             $50             $75        _________
Club/Company Name
                                                                                                                                Total Fees: _________
Club/Company Address: PO Box or Street Address
                                                                                                        After November 2 add $25 late fee: _________
City                    ST          Zip
                                                                         FEES SUMMARY                         Grand Total Payable: ____________
__________________________________________________________                                                    (Includes Total and Late Fees if Applicable)
Company Phone:                     Fax:
                                                                         PAYMENT INFORMATION
Email address:                                                           Option 1: Check (Make Payable to TETAC)
                                                                         Option 2: Credit Card
Preferred Mailing Address:      Home or      Club/Co.
                                                                                   Visa   Mastercard        Discover         American Express
                                                                      ___________________________________________              ___ /___      _________
Please print the following information as you wish it to appear
on your badge.                                                        Credit Card Number                                         Exp. Security Code

__________________________________________________________            __________________________________________________________________
Name                                                                  Name as it appears on Credit Card

__________________________________________________________            __________________________________________________________________
Club/Company Name                                                     Address: PO Box or Street Address (as it appears on billing statement)

__________________________________________________________            __________________________________________________________________
City, State                                                           Address: City, State, Zip

            For more information visit www.tetac.org or call Carolinas GCSA 800-476-4272

                                  Turf Tech of the Year
                                  Is your tech the best of the best?

  Will your technician be added to the growing list of legendary professionals?

Superintendents and businesses with technicians are invited to nominate candidates for the award by
completing this nomination form (additional pages can be attached). Please detail why you think your
technician should receive this prestigious award. This person must be a TETAC member.

                  We are looking for people who have demonstrated leadership in:
      *Work Ethic *Equipment Maintenance *Cost Control-Budgeting              *Professionalism

The TETAC Board of Directors will review the entries and determine the final vote. Annual award is
presented at the Carolinas GCSA Conference in Myrtle Beach.

                                   Nomination Fact Sheet
Superintendent’s Name                                                     Phone             ______
Company                               Title                               Fax               ______
Address__________________________City                                     State       Zip   ______
Name of Technician being Nominated                                  Title ________________________

The reason why my technician should be considered for this award is:


Superintendent’s Signature:                                              Date:                          _

                            Must be received by October 15!
          Mail to: TETAC, PO Box 210, Liberty, SC 29657 or Fax to 864-843-1149.

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The tech spotlight is on Tom Lehman for this
quarter. He is currently employed by Brier Creek
Country Club in north Raleigh, N.C. Tom started as
a bowling center mechanic. He enjoyed working
in this capacity for ten years at which time Tom
decided to transition to golf course maintenance.
Brier Creek graciously gave Tom his start in 2000.
Tom enjoys golf course maintenance even more
than his work at the bowling center. After six years,
he moved to West Chester, PA and worked at a
private club for three years. This change in climate
gave Tom the opportunity to experience different
types of grasses such as bentgrass fairways and
bluegrass rough.

Tom has experience working with both Toro and
John Deere equipment. Most of his grinding
experience is with Express Dual but he has recently
taken a liking to Foley.

In his leisure time Tom enjoys auto body repair and
painting and has done some motorcycle tanks for
Mr. Rex Floyd. Like most tech’s Tom finds it difficult
to enjoy the fruits of his labor by playing a round of

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        Upcoming Triangle TETAC Chapter Meeting
                               October 30, 2012
                    Twelve Oaks Country Club
              700 Ivy Arbor Way, Holly Springs, NC 27540
                Registration: 8:30 AM – Seminar: 9:00 AM
          Hydraulic and Drive Line – Speaker: Eric Duncanson
                              Equipment Manager
                          Mid Pines/Pine Needles Resort
                               Southern Pines, NC

                    This seminar is FREE – Golf $10
                        You must attend the seminar to play golf.

            Lunch will be provided by Al Sine - Swepco

PO Box 210
Liberty, SC 29657

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