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					Eeting D
                              Bergen Amateur Radio Association

                                   BARA Bulletin
December 2011
Volume 49 Number 12                                                                           www.BARA.ORG

                                            Presidents Message                 the club’s continued success went to
    INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                          Bulletin Editor Phil Barber,
                                          BARA Holiday and Awards
                                                                               WA2LXE. The Board of Directors
President’s Message            1           Dinner A Huge Success               recognized Phil for “his dedication to
Upcoming Events                2                                               keeping the club informed through
VE Exam Schedule               3       What wonderful evening Sunday           print and electronic means for many,
Public Service Information     3       night was! The Annual BARA Holi-        many years in publishing the Bulle-
                                       day/Awards Dinner was attended by
Link of the Month              3                                               tin”
                                       over 70 people who enjoyed good
November Meeting Minutes       3       food, great conversation, a look back   While Phil could not attend the din-
K2GLW Recovering               4       at 2011 and celebrated the work of      ner, a presentation will be made at
For Sale                       5       some of our best members.               the January BARA meeting or when
                                                                               Phil is next able to attend.
ARRL Recognizes W2ML           5
                                       It was my pleasure to Emcee the         I read a lot of club bulletins and
W2MLS Recovering               5
                                       event and celebrate those who have      very, very few are as well done as
Contest Scores                 6       donated so much of their time to our    our BARA Bulletin. He puts a lot of
WA2PNI Recovering              6       club.                                   work into each month’s edition and
Morning Coffee with Santa      6       Our guest for the evening was Gene,     we have a lot to thank Phil for. The
DX Rumors                      7       K2KJI and his lovely wife Mary Ann      club’s success is closely tied to it’s
                                       along with Randy, WA2RMZ.               communication with members and it
                                                                               is this Bulletin that goes online
                                       Gene was kind enough to donate a
                                       lot of prizes as well as the grand      monthly and is seen by thousands
       NEXT MEETING                                                            who drop by our website to see what
                                       prize, a dual band HT!
                                                                               BARA is doing. It is no small feat to
                                       The winner of the Blue and White        put out a newsletter each month and
           January 8, 2012                                                     Phil does a wonderful job of keeping
                                       points award recognizing the many
               7:30 PM                 hours he has put in organizing flea     it entertaining and interesting.
Municipal Building Senior Center       markets, working with Westwood
     350 Hudson Avenue.                                                        Following the awards presentation
                                       High School and keeping Kit night
                                                                               we were treated to a wonderful
  Township of Washington, NJ           going was Jim Joyce, K2ZO. Jim
                                       won dinner for two and with fate        power-point presentation by Chuck
                07676                                                          Lemken giving a retrospective of
                                       smiling on him, also won the grand
                                                                               BARA’s activities during the year.
                                       prize, the dual band HT.
            .REMINDER                                                          All in all a great night for BARA!
    BARA Dues are DUE                  Second Prize went to Tony, K2AMI,
                                       who was celebrated for the work he      Holiday Season is Upon Us!
            $20 per member             does organizing the VHF contests        As the trees and menorahs go up and
             $30 per family            and the behind the scenes hours he      candles are lit in remembrance of
See Bob Javits at a meeting, or mail   puts in keeping BARA going. Tony        times past, take a moment and reflect
 your check, payable to BARA, to       also won a free dinner and one of the   on the joys of our shared hobby, the
            Bob Javits                 prizes Gene donated.                    friends we share good times with and
                                                                               the growth of BARA. Very few
        123 Lincoln Blvd
                                       The Bill James Award, recognizing       clubs are growing in spite of the
     Emerson NJ 07630-1030             the member who has contributed to
                                                                                                (Continued on page 5)
Page 2                                                                      Bergen Amateur Radio Association

     BARA BULLETIN                     Upcoming Events
The BARA Bulletin is published
monthly by the Bergen Amateur                         Dec 6 - Kit Night
Radio Association. Subscriptions
are included in the annual member-                    Dec 9 -11 - ARRL 10 Meter Contest
ship dues. Membership is open to
                                                      Dec 13 - Kit Night
anyone interested in radio communi-
cation.                                               Dec 18 - ARRL Rookie Roundup - CW
                                                      Dec 20 - Kit Night
   BARA RESOURCES                                     Jan 3 - Kit Night
QSL Bureau:                                           Jan 7, 8 - ARRL RTTY Roundup
 Warren Hager, K2UFM
                                                      Jan 8 - Business Meeting
Public Service:
 Bob Javits, WB2AIU
                                                      Jan 10 - Kit Night
                                                      Jan 20 - VE Test Session (to be confirmed)
Club Contesting:
 Phil Barber, WA2LXE                                  Jan 21, 22 - ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes
Video Librarian:
  Ira Hosid, N2WAA

VE Exams:
 Don Younger, W2JEK
  Donnan917’at’                                       BARA KIT NIGHT
Hamfests:                                                         7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
 Jim Joyce, K2ZO                                               Westwood Regional H.S.
Webmasters:                                    701 Ridgewood Rd., Township of Washington, 07676
wm’at’                                                         Room 114
 Tony Izzo, K2AMI
 David Levine, K2DSL                   ♦   Build a kit related to Amateur Radio (partial BARA funding available)
                                       ♦   Diagnose/repair a defective piece of equipment
                                       ♦   Discuss radio and computer problems
       MEMBERSHIP                      ♦   Technical assistance available
       APPLICATION                     ♦   Seek/give technical opinions

Interested in learning more about
amateur radio and meeting new
                                       NOTE: If the High School is closed during the day, there will be no Kit
                                             Night at the High School. Depending on the circumstances it may
people? Then join the Bergen
                                             be held at the Washington Twp. Senior Center.
Amateur Radio Association (BARA).
Dues are still only $20 per year.
Send your application request to:
Bob Javits
123 Lincoln Blvd.
Emerson NJ 07630-1030
                                       Welcome New Members
e-mail to wb2aiu’at’                         Donald Raffaele, WA2YCP
Please include your name, address,
town, zip, call sign, license class,
                                                      Atilano Villar, KB2NGX.
and phone number.
Page 3                                                                             Bergen Amateur Radio Association

                                                                                          LINK OF THE MONTH
      PUBLIC SERVICE                              VE EXAM SCHEDULE
                                                                                        W2ML Receives Lifetime
             ARES NET                             The next VE test sessions           Achievement Award from CQ
     Second Monday of each month                     are scheduled for:
                7:30 PM                                                    
                                                   January 20 (tentative)            2011/11/w2ml-receives-lifetime-
      W2AKR (K2GCL) Repeater
                                                         at 7 PM                     achievement.html
      146.790 Mhz; PL 141.3 Hz
 A training net for all stations interested                at
            in Public Service                     Westwood Regional H.S.                                     Tnx, K2DSL
            communications.                            Room 123
          K2BAR NETS                          The FCC has imposed a                      BARA Meeting Minutes
                                              Testing fee of $15.00
SSB Net:                                      per exam/retest.                       The Vice President, Bruce, WG2Y,
Mondays 9:00 pm                               Required documents:                    called the meeting to order at 7:30.
10 Meters – 28.375 MHz                        •   Two forms of ID required
                                                  for all transactions.              The Pledge of Allegiance was fol-
Net Control: Jim, K2ZO
                                              •   Original CSCE if prior             lowed by a moment of silence to
FM Nets:                                          test credit.                       remember silent keys. A special re-
Mondays 8:00 pm                               •   If license upgrade.                membrance was given for Ralph,
                                                  original and a copy of             KB2IZB, and Jerry, WB2JSU.
YL Net
                                                  current FCC license
2 Meters: 146.79 MHz.                                                                Health and Welfare: Al Cundall, is
PL 141.3                                      Questions may be directed to:          out of the hospital. Tom, W2PNI, is
Net Control: Joanne, KC2QGH                   Don Younger, W2JEK                     still at Prospect Heights Nursing
                                              201-265-6583                           home. He has 4 more weeks of re-
Wednesdays 9:00 pm                                                                   covery. Tom, WA2CAI, is out of
2 Meters: 146.79 MHz.                         Question Pool effective dates:         the hospital and is feeling better.
PL 141.3
                                              Technician, Element 2-July 1, 2010
Net Control: Noel, N2OEL                                                             Guests: Don Raffaele, WA2YCP.
                                              General, Element 3 - July 1, 2011
Thursdays 8:30 pm                             Extra, Element 4 - July 1, 2008        License upgrade: None reported.
70 cm: 444.100                                A new General Exam Question Pool
PL 141.3                                      is in effect as of July 1, 2011.       Officer Reports:
Net Control: Ben, KF2ID
                                              Study guides and sample tests          October Minutes: The minutes of
Thursdays 9:00 pm                             should reflect the appropriate         the October meeting, as published in
Technical Net                                 question pool date.                    the November BARA bulletin, were
                                                                                     moved for acceptance by Harvey,
2 Meters: 146.955 MHz.
PL 141.3
                                              Sample tests available at QRZ.COM      KC2AWX, and seconded by Robert,
                                                                                     KC2ORX. The membership ap-
EchoLink via K2FJ-L                 
                                                                                     proved acceptance.
Net Control: Gordon, W2TTT
                                              Daily FCC report of new and            The Treasurer’s report for Novem-
                                              renewed callsigns available at:
         Meeting Programs                                                            ber was read. A motion to accept
Are there any topics of interest to the            was made by George, K2YLH, and
club that you would like to see a presen-     .html                                  seconded by Richard, K2ZB.
tation or demonstration? Is there a sub-                                             The membership approved accep-
ject you could lead a discussion on?                                                 tance.
      Please contact Bruce, WG2Y
          Wg2y ‘at’                                                                       (Continued on page 4)
Page 4                                                                            Bergen Amateur Radio Association

(Continued from page 3)                  BARA Nets:                                Noel, N2OEL. There being no nomi-
                                         Monday 8:00 BARA Babes, 146.79            nation from the floor for the position
Hudson Division Report: Hudson           MHz. Joanne, KC2QGH. The net is           of Treasurer, a motion to close the
Division Awards Luncheon will be         doing well.                               nomination was made by Jim,
held on November 13th at Biagio’s in                                               KC2VRY, and seconded by Noel,
                                         Monday 9:00 pm 10 meter net,
Paramus.                                                                           N2OEL. There being no nomination
                                         28.375 MHz, Jim, K2ZO. Been get-
                                                                                   from the floor for the position of Vice
                                         ting lots of check-ins.
 BARA Annual Awards and Rec-                                                       President, a motion to close the nomi-
ognition Dinner: December 4, at          Wednesday 9:00 pm 2 meter Net,            nation was made by Jim, KC2VRY,
Maggiano’s Little Italy at the Shops     146.79 MHz, Noel, N2OEL. About            and seconded by Josephine,
at Riverside in Hackensack. The din-     8-10 check-ins.                           WB2EKV. There being no nomination
ner starts at 5:30. Tickets are $25.00   Thursday 8:30 pm 444.100 MHz,             from the floor for the position of Presi-
per person.                              Ben, K2IFD.                               dent, a motion to close the nomination
                                         Thursday 9:00pm Technical Net,            was made by Warren, K2UFM, and
Committee Reports:                       146.955 MHz, Gordon, W2TTT,               seconded by Joanne, KC2QGH. The
                                         thanked Noel, N2OEL, for filling in       membership voted to elect the slate as
VE Testing: Don, W2JEK. The next         for him. He also reported that some-      presented by the Nominating Commit-
test session will be November 18th at    times the net can go on until 11:30.      tee. One vote was cast for each officer
7:00 at the Westwood Regional Jr./       The net closes only to be reopened        and the slate for 2012 was elected.
Sr. High School. A list of dates for     again by another topic.
the 2012 sessions has been submitted                                               Field Day: For the second year in a
to be approved by the Board of Edu-      Bill James Service Award: BARA            row, BARA took first place in the 4F
cation. Once approved, the dates will    recognizes an outstanding member          class.
be listed.                               for his or her service to the club.
                                         Nominations to be made should be          New Members: Donald Raffaele,
QSL Bureau: Warren, K2UFM,               given in writing to one of the Execu-     WA2YCP; and Atilano Villar,
hand carried 3 lbs. of cards to New-     tive Committee members. The re-           KB2NGX.
ington. More cards will be going up      cipient will be awarded at the De-
in a couple of weeks.                    cember dinner.                            Program: David, K2DSL, gave a
                                                                                   presentation on N1MM Logger.
Fox Hunt: Charlie, N3CRT, and            New Business:
Denver, K2DEN, have been declared                                                  A BARA Box was auctioned off.
the winners. They will be the Fox in     Election of Officers: Bill,
the May 2012 fox hunt. Warren,           WA2JKY, reported that no one had          The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.
K2UFM, declared the pizza was            approached the Nominating Commit-
good.                                    tee seeking to run against any of the     Respectfully submitted,
                                         officers currently serving on the         Kelly Palazzi, KC2SKL, Secretary
Kit Night: Jim, K2ZO, reported that      Board: President Steve, W2ML;
when the school is closed due to in-     Vice President Bruce, WG2Y; Treas-
clement weather, the janitors might      urer Bob, WB2AIU; Secretary
not be there to open up for kit night.   Kelly, KC2SKL; Trustee Bennett,                  K2GLW Recovering
In the alternative, the Senior Center    KO2OK.
in Washington Township can be            Bruce, WG2Y, asked for any nomi-          I am sorry tro have to miss my first
used.                                    nations from the floor for the Trustee    dinner as a BARA member, but I am
                                         position.                                 stuck at home recuperating from a
Portable Day: The brainchild of
                                         There being none, a motion to close       bout of pneumonia.
Steve, WI2W, was held at Pascack
Brook Park in Emerson. Steve was         the nomination for Trustee was made
                                         by Harvey, KC2AWX, and seconded           Please extend my best wishes for the
unable to attend due to a family
                                         by George, K2YLH. There being no          holiday season to one and all.
emergency so Jim, K2ZO, reported
that it was well attended with sta-      nomination from the floor for the
                                         position of Secretary, a motion to        73s
tions making much DX.
                                         close the nomination was made by          Gordon, K2GLW
                                         Robert, KC2ORX, and seconded by
Page 5                                                                             Bergen Amateur Radio Association

                          BARA thanks the following patrons for providing support for the
                                distribution of the BARA Bulletin the BARA Bulletin

                                                                      Power Supplies • Antennas • Books • Pagers • Mikes

                                                                          ADVANCED SPECIALTIES
            Featuring a full line of ICOM amateur radios                      ELECTRONICS
ADI/Premier, Diamond, Comet, Astron, Alpha/Delta, Larsen, MFJ,                         Specializing in…
Ameritron, Mirage, M2 Antennas, Outbacker, Yaesu, Samlex, and
                                                                          AMATEUR RADIO • SCANNERS
                                                                                      ALINCO n’ more
   Store located at:             Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: 12 - 5 PM               Accessories ▪ FRS ▪ Electronic Kits
   394 Bloomfield Ave.,             Call for current hours            114 Essex Street, Lodi, New Jersey 07644
   Caldwell, NJ 07006
                                   and Hamfest schedule.                               201-VHF-2067
   tel: 973-364-1930

                           Gene, K2KJI                                JOHN        MARIA

growing numbers of ham radio opera-                             A Special Recognition Award From
tors. BARA seems to be one of the                                   The ARRL Hudson Division
few that is welcoming new members                   Was Presented To Steve, W2ML, For His Many Years and Many
year after year. Let’s give thanks for                      Accomplishments In and For Amateur Radio
that, too.

While the season seems to have be-
come about shopping for toys for our
children and bigger toys for ourselves,
let us remember that it is the warmth
of friends and family that we really
celebrate. I know this has been one
wonderful year for Heidi and I. Yes, I
have had a rough year medically, but
without the club’s backing and help I
would not be here today writing this

You will all be in our prayers during
the season and I look forward to a
New Year full of fun and sharing the           Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, ARRL Hudson Division Director; Steve W2ML; Bill
laughter that is our club’s forte.             Hudzik, W2UDT, ARRL Hudson Division Vice Director; and Tom Raffailli,
                                               WB2NHC.                      Photo from ARRL Hudson Division website.
Now it’s time to take a few minutes
and reflect on how good band condi-                                      W2MLS Recovering
tions have become. I promised sun-             Mike, W2MLS, and Janice Snuffer, KC2JPA, will not be attending the
spots and it just took a year longer
                                               BARA Dinner.
than I thought to get here. Time to
turn on the radio and enjoy HF!                A week ago today Mike had a successful living donor kidney transplant.
                                               The kidney is fine and just like with any other Major surgery Mike is
So from Heidi, W2MLW, and I, have              healing and resting
a wonderful holiday season and a
                                               He is not allowed visitors or to go out by crowds. Not even stuffed ani-
Happy, Healthy and prosperous New
                                               mals or flowers for 7 more weeks. But he wanted me to write and wish
                                               all his BARA friends a safe and happy holiday season He'll see you in
-73- Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML
                                               2012.                                         - - de Janice, KC2JPA
Proud to be President of BARA
Page 6                                                                     Bergen Amateur Radio Association

     MEMBER REPORTED CONTEST SCORES SUBMITTED                             Tom, WA2PNI, is still at Prospect
             FOR AGGREGATE CLUB SCORE                                     Heights Nursing home. He has 4 more
                                                                          weeks of recovery. He is doing well and
WAE RTTY Contest                                                          asked that we publish his room number.
       Power QSOs QTCs            Points    Mults.      Score
K2DSL Low     573 589             1,162     465        540,330

CQ WW SSB Contest
       Power QSOs Points Countries              Zones      Score
W2JEK  QRP     24           20                   13         1,782
KC2SST High 404   1,180    209                   51       306,800
K2DSL   Low   252   673    114                   51       111,045

CQ WW CW Contest
         Power QSOs Points Countries Zones                    Score
W2JEK      QRP     83      198      62       35                19,206
K2DSL      Low    573    1,573     267       80               545,831
K2TWI      Low    533    1,536     253       75               503,808
W2AW*      Low 752       2,152     107**     30               294,824
WI2W       High 236        644     113       59               127,512
WA2LXE Low 186             506     139       58                89,562
  * Operated by N2GM - Single Band 10 Meters
  ** DXCC on single band in one weekend - Wow!!

ARRL Sweepstakes
           Mode Power       QSOs       Sections                Score
                                                                                From “Down Under”
W2JEK       CW QRP          107          51                   10,914
                                                                          Please pass on our best wishes and Happy
W2JEK       SSB QRP           43         27                    1,296
                                                                          Holidays to all at the BARA dinner.
K2DSL       SSB Low          344         80***                55,040
                                                                          73, Andrew, KC2KIS/VK3KIS, and
 *** Clean Sweep - All ARRL/RAC Sections                                  Barbara, KC2KLF/VK3AGU.

              ARRL 10 Meter Contest
Start - Saturday, Dec 10, 0000 GMT (Friday, 1900 EST)
End - Sunday, December 11, 2359 GMT (Saturday, 1859 EST)
Max operating time - 36 hours
Exchange - W/VE/XE stations will send RS(T) and State/Prov.
             DX stations will send RS(T) and serial number.
Modes - SSB, CW or mixed
Power - Low = 150 watts max, High = >150 watts, QRP
Work each station once per mode.
Technician Class License is permitted SSB operation
                                                               Santa stops by the morning coffee get together at
between 28.3-28.5 MHz.
                                                               Paramus Park to check who has been naughty or
  Ten Meters has been a hot band lately - join the fun         nice. Photo courtesy of KC2SKL
Page 7                                                                          Bergen Amateur Radio Association

                                               DX Rumors
                                                                                               Edited by N2GM
4F9HXB = PHILIPPINES. Hans, DL5SDF is QRV from Mindanao Island, and has been active on 10 meters using CW
         around 0000z. QSL to home call.
5Z4EE = KENYA. Sig, NV7E is QRV from Nairobi for the next four years. Activity is on 160 to 10m.
6W/AA1AC = SENEGAL. Mark will be QRV from La Sonome to December 11. QSL to home call.
A61TX = UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Michel, OD5TX is QRV for one year. QSL via W4JS.
A92GE = BAHRAIN. David, has been QRV on 20 meters using CW around 0400z. QSL direct to HC.
AP2IA = PAKISTAN. Ijaz, has been active using SSB on 12 meters from 1200 to 1600z. QSL to HC.
Y0/VE1AWW = SABLE ISLAND. VE1AWW is QRV until December 31 in his spare time while on work assignment.
D2AK = ANGOLA. G7COD is QRV from Luanda for the next 12 months on 80 to 10 meters using CW and SSB.
D2SG = ANGOLA. MM0SSG is QRV for six to nine months. He may usually be active as his spare time permits.
FH4VOS = MAYOTTE. Bruno, DH1BL is QRV for the next three years. Lately he has been active on 20 m SSB.
FH8NX = MAYOTTE. until March 1, 2013. Activity is generally on 20 to 10 meters using SSB.
FR8NE = REUNION ISLAND. until July 2012. Activity is on 20 to 10 meters using mostly CW. .
FY8DK = FRENCH GUIANA. Bruno, FJ5IF is now QRV for several years. Activity is on the HF bands using mostly SSB.
II0ZM = ANTARCTICA. From the Mario Zucchelli Station at Terra Nova Bay until mid February 2012 in his spare time on
         40 and 20 meters using only SSB, generally around 0700 to 1000z and then after 1800z.
J6 = ST. LUCIA. QRV as J68FF, J68UN, J6/WD9CMD, J6/N7BF, J6/WF2S, J6/K9CJM, J6/AA4OC and J6/WU1B until
        December 12. Activity will be on 160 to 10 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK with three stations. They will
        also be QRV as J68UN in the ARRL 10 Meter contest.
J28FJ = DJIBOUTI. Jacob, KB0ZIA is QRV on the HF bands. QSL to home call.
J5JUA/ J5GQZ =GUINEA-BISSAU. Joao, CT2GQA is QRV for the next five years. He is active on 80, 40 , 20 and 17 m.
KC4AAC = ANTARCTICA.      KD0MUM, Francis, is QRVthrough April 2012 at the Palmer Antarctica base on
       Anvers Island operating on 20m, in his spare time, from the KC4AAC club station. QSL via K1IED.
RI1ANC = ANTARCTICA. Alex, RD1AV is QRV from Vostok Base until the end of 2011. Activity is on the HF bands,
        using CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL via RN1ON.
S79DF = SEYCHELLES. Davide, IZ3EFL is QRV for about one year. He is currently active on 20 meters but hopes to be
       QRV on other bands as well. QSL via IV3TDM.
ST2AR = SUDAN. Robert, S53R is QRV from Khartoum. Activity is on 160 to 6 meters. QSL to HC.
T6SM = AFGANISTAN. IZ7VLL, Salvatore, is QRV from Shindand until March 2012. Activity is on 3.5
       through 50 MHz. QSL via IZ7VLL.
T30HC = WEST KIRIBATI. Udo, DL9HCU is QRV from Tarawa Island. His length of stay is unknown. Activity of has
        been on 20 meters using CW around 0600z. QSL to home call.
T5/TA1AMC = SOMALIA. Murat, TA1AMC is active in Mogadishu for three months in his spare time.
TJ3AY = CAMEROON. Henri, F6EAY is QRV while on work assignment. He is active on 40 to 6m using SSB and RTTY.
V63RR = Micronesia. Macca, K7JA, Chip, and KL7MF, Janet, will be QRV as V63RR and V63QQ, respectively, on 14
        through 50 MHz between December 5th and 12th. QSL via K7JA.
VK0TH = MACQUARIE ISLAND. Trevor, VK8TH is QRV from Macca. Activity is on 80 to 6 meters.
XU7ACY = CAMBODIA. Pete, NO2R is QRV for at least a year. He is active on 40 meters using CW and soon on 160 and
        80 meters as well. QSL via W2EN.
XV9DX = VIETNAM. OM2DX, Mike, over the next three years will be active on all bands on CW, SSB and Digital.
XV4Y = VIET NAM. Yannick, is QRV from south of Vietnam. Activity is mainly on 40, 20, 17 and 15 meters from 0700 to
        0900z and then 1300 to 1500z. QSL direct via OK1DOT.
YA/KI4WDW = AFGANISTAN. Denny will be in for another year.
ZF2HZ = GRAND CAYMAN. K9HZ is QRV on 1.8 through 50 MHz on CW and SSB. QSL via K9HZ.
ZK2PM = NIUE. Phil, VK3APM is QRV for about a year. Activity is on the HF bands. QSL to HC.
ZP5X = PARAGUAY. ZP5DBC, LU8EOT and LU9ESD will QRV for the ARRL 10 Meter Contest, December 10th and 11th.
ZS7KX = ANTARCTICA. Gerard, ZS6KX is now QRV from Queen Maud Land until February 2012. Activity is currently
       on 20 meters using SSB around 1400z. QSL to home call.
Z23MS =ZIMBABWE. RW3AJX, Mikhail, is on a two to three year work assignment and has been QRV on 20 SSB.
Z21BB = ZIMBABWE. Fernando, EA4BB is QRV from Harare for two years while on work assignment. He plans to be active
        on 80 to 10 meters using CW and SSB. QSL via W3HNK.

                                    Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season to
                                    all BABA Members and Their Families.
Page 8                                                           Bergen Amateur Radio Association

                                    President                      Treasurer
                                    Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML         Bob Javits, WB2AIU
                                    318 New Milford Ave.           123 Lincoln Blvd.
                                    Dumont, NJ 07628               Emerson NJ 07630
                                    201-384-0680                   201-265-6559
                                    W2ML’at’ARRL.ORG               WB2AIU’at’ARRL.NET
   Next Business Meeting
                                    Vice-President                 Trustees
   Sunday, Jan. 8th at the
                                    Bruce Lemken, WG2Y             Jim Jackson, NS2K
    Twp. Of Washington              47 Furman Drive                NS2K’at’ARRL.NET
       Senior Center                Emerson, NJ 07630
                                    201-967-7041                   Steve Holly, WI2W
                                    WG2Y’at’HOTMAIL.COM            WI2W’at’ARRL.NET

                                    Secretary                      Bennett Norell, KO2OK
                                    Kelly Palazzi, KC2SKL          KO2OK’at’ARRL.NET
                                    14 Tuve Lane
                                    South Hackensack, NJ 07606     BARA Bulletin
                                    KSTENOGRAPHER’at’       Phil Barber, WA2LXE, Editor

                 Bergen Amateur Radio Association
                 169 Woodland Ave.
                 Westwood, NJ 07675

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