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									                   Truth about Chemical Peels

One thing that we are passionate about its making skin look its
best. With fall approaching soon, we are always excited to talk
about EXFOLIATION!!! Fall is one of the best times to exfoliate
and freshen up your skin without fearing a significant amount of
sun exposure. We offer several ways to exfoliate your skin, one of
my favorites is a Chemical Peel.

This is the season to focus on skin repair and rescue skin from the
sun damage that has occurred during the summer. Chemical
peeling is a process used to improve the skin by applying a
chemical solution to the skin that causes the top layers of skin to
separate and shed. A new layer of skin is exposed that is smooth
and less wrinkled. Additionally, hyper-pigmentation is improved,
pore size is smaller and products will penetrate more
effectively. The process also stimulates regeneration of new cells.
Amazingly enough, peels can also help to diminish sun damage
under the skin.

If you look in the photo you
will see a base line photo in
regular lighting and a base
line photo under a special
light (called Canfield Visia
CR system) and after 3
Vitalize chemical peels.
Looking at the after 3
Vitalize peels photo in
regular light the skin looks
less dull, tighter, and has less hyper pigmentation or age spots, plus
it’s all together healthier than it did at base line. Looking at the
after photo in the special light you can see much of the sun damage
has been corrected. As you can see the forehead is much improved
and the temple down to the jaw line is also impressive.

SkinMedica offers three innovative Chemical peels, all unique
breakthrough formulations of acids that provide a consistent and
effective peel, with little to no downtime and predictable results for
all skin types. These chemical peels are the “lunch time peels”,
they are self-neutralizing and take about 20 minutes to perform. If
you have been hoping for some real change in how your skin
looks, and feels the colder months are a great time to begin more
aggressive treatments and make real progress without the concerns
of sun sensitivity. Call to make an appointment to join in on the
fun…October 9th for our Peel event. There will be great prices
discounts on products and goody bags for all who participate.

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