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									                IMS for MMoIP(VoIP) Service in
                               Cable Network

Hai-Young Yang
Lucent Technologies Korea

June 13, 2006
What is IMS?
 An IP multimedia and telephony core network
 IMS is defined by 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards organizations
 Based on IETF (internet) protocols
 IMS applies equally well to wireless and wireline access
       – Supports IP to IP sessions over cable, DSL, 802.16, 802.11,
         CDMA packet data, GSM/EDGE/UMTS packet data, etc.
 Equivalent to IP telephony systems being invented by some
  operators such as Verizon wireline. Both use IETF
  protocols. But IMS is standards-based.

   Business Implications: IMS cost-effectively enables lifestyle-
   targeted, blended services, positioning the operator to “own” the
   subscriber regardless of how they access the network

                             Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
 CAW                        Use pursuant to company instruction        2
IMS - Industry Standard Architecture
                                         IMS (IP Multimedia
                                           Subsystem) is:
                                                 Same framework for any kind of
                                                    access (wireless or wireline)
                                                    and any kind of traffic – VoIP,
                                                    data, multimedia, supporting
                                                    multiple clients and endpoints
                                                 Defined with Open Standard
                                                    Interfaces -> 3GPP and
                                                    3GPP2, and based on IETF
                                                    Protocols (SIP, VoIP, RTP, ...)
                                                 Standardized interfaces between
                                                    applications, core & transport
                                                    network layers, and back-office
                                                 Provides coordination or
                                                    synchronization as required
                                                 Capable of Interworking with
                                                    PSTN and Legacy IN Based
                 Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
 CAW            Use pursuant to company instruction
                                                    Services (8xx, LNP, etc) 3
IMS Benefits
For End-Users                                     For Service Providers
Common contacts across services                   Retain ownership of the subscriber
      –   Enterprise & personal lists, enhanced       –   Provide better quality services than IP
          with capability indicators                      today avoid migration of value to the
                                                          client device
Multimedia enriched
 communication                                    Differentiate services from
                                                   competition and sell more
      –   Multiumedia information can be sent      services
          and received during a voice call
                                                      –   Choose the applications to create
                                                          blended services;
Voice enriched data applications                      –   Home control same services even
                                                          when the user roams
Predictable service interactions                  More cost-effectively deliver high
      –   Operator can set defaults for service
                                                   value, new lifestyle services to
          interactions to maximize ease of use     market
          and service quality;                        –   Minimize client-server airlink traffic by
      –   Subscribers can set policies on how             leveraging IMS network information
          they want their services handled,           –   Reduce costs of new services through
                                                          common applications infrastructure
                                                  Reduced OPEX
                                                      –   Centralised data and common functions
                                                      –   Standardised QoS, roaming, billing

                              Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
           Building Blocks for Lifestyle Targeted Blended Services
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               The Real Opportunity: Blended Services,
               Not Just Bundled Services
                                 Bundling alone will not create                                                 Bundling alone will only shrink the
                                  lasting incremental value.                                                      customer’s spending as value is

                                250   HDTV              VoD
                                                                                  Bundling drives
                                                                                                                Seamless blending of voice
                                      Premium Video     Digital Video             and price erosion               (wireline and wireless), data and
                                      DVR               Basic Video
                                                        Long Distance
                                                                                                                  video services required to realize
                                200   Broadband Data
                                                                                                                  full revenue potential
Monthly ARPU

                                                        Local Voice
               (U.S. Dollars)

                                                        Wireless Voice
                                150                                                                             Providers with scale and wireline + Driven
                                                                                                                  wireless networks will have an
                                100                                                                               advantage

                                                                                                                Providers with a strong convergence
                                                                                                                  story/vision will flourish and dominate
                                       Voice           Voice            Voice, Video
                                        Only           & Data              & Data

    • Everyone is bundling to retain subscribers.                                                                     Blended services = Increased
    • Bundling simplifies billing - does not reduce                                                                     revenues, customer loyalty
                            other OpEx.

                                                                                                                                Source: Adapted from “Telcos Take on Cable with Video
                                                                                                                                 Delivery,” The Yankee Group, February 2004, page 8.

                                                                                        Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
                       CAW                                                             Use pursuant to company instruction                                                5
      ARPU Increases With Lifestyle Services
    New Services = New Revenues For Service Providers
     40% increase in
     revenue-per-year                       Lifestyle Services
                                                                                        - Rich media
                                                            Activity Agent
                                                                        LIFESTYLE          entertainment
                                                        Portable                        - Interactive
                                               IP TV     Travel
                                                         Agent                          - Context sensitive
                               Unified Live Wire                                        - Highly personalized
$2B                         Communications
                                       Location-Based                      FEATURE
                                          Service                          DRIVEN
$1B                                                                               INCREMENTAL
               Instant          Push-to-               Media/                    MONTHLY ARPU
              Messaging           Talk                 Content
      2004          2005            2006                2007
                                                                                       $1.23       $3.34
 Source: Lucent Primary Market Research and Modeling, 2004
                                                                                       2004         2007
             Lifestyle services help the operator maintain relationships with
                  subscribers, regardless of how they access services
                                    Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
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  To Deliver Lifestyle Converged Services, the Approach
  to Service Delivery Needs to Change

                                                                                             1.   Today’s point
                                                                                                  solutions are
                        Current                                                                   expensive and don’t
         Vertically Integrated Services Converged Services Arch.                                  readily support new
                 Data   Voice   Video                                                             ‘lifestyle’ targeted
USER INTERFACE                                                                                    blended / converged
  APPLICATION     D      D        D     …                       …                            2.   Core Networks need
                  B      B        B
                                                                                                  to embrace a
    SESSION                                                                                       Service Delivery
                                                                           Subscriber Data
                                                                                                  Framework that
   ENDPOINTS                                                                                      enables blended

               Key Attributes: Distribution, Consolidation, and Convergence
                                             Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
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IMS is a Services Architecture
for Cable Operators
Mobility is an essential component of the consumer &
  business offers
      – ILECs are implementing “grand-slam” bundles – MSOs must match
      – IMS and IP architectures enable greater ARPU, margin, stickiness and
        overall operational efficiency
Competitive advantage can be achieved by adoption of a
  common network and application platform
      – Economies and new services potential
        are better with cable + cellular
      – Content and Applications (not price)
        become the differentiator
      – Unique content-rich services can lead
        the consumer market & take share
      – Will protect against bundle-churn and
        excessive bundle discounting
  An IMS Services Architecture allows a Service Provider to “own” its
  subscribers even when using elements of other operators’ networks
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  Packet Cable Access in IMS Architectures
Home                                Unified Suite of Communication Services
Application                    VoD        Telephony     Messaging      Gaming
                              Servers       Servers      Servers       Servers
Session                                   S/I-CSCF                       HSS
Layer                                                                                   IP/MPLS
                                   Private line/                 Cable
                                  Ethernet/WiFi                                       DSL
Access           UMTS/CDMA                                       P-CSCF
                                                                                Session Border Controller
Layer              P-CSCF                                          PDF
Home or                           PDF        RACS                                  P-CSCF          PDF
Visited             PDF                                       PCMM Policy
Access                              WLAN GW                     Server
                   Wireless                                                        BRAS         RACS
Network           Packet GW

                                      Router/FW                         CMTS            DSLAM
                                      Enterprise                 Cable Access        DSL Access
          SGSN                           LAN                       Network            Network
                      CDMA     Public                                   Modem           Modem
          UTRAN                               802.11 Access
                       RAN    Hot Spots           Points

                                   Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
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CableLabs Selected:
IMS Architecture with PCMM Cable Access
                                                                                             • Extend IMS QoS Policy Decision
                                             ...      Application
                                                        Server                                 Function (PDF) to interface with
           HSS                                                                                 PCMM Policy Server
                               Service Broker
                                                                                             • Allows cable subscriber use of IP
      I-CSCF                        S-CSCF                      MGCF
                                                                                               Services from peer IMS access
      P-CSCF         Gq                 IP Transport
                                                                MGW         PSTN               networks (e.g. cellular)
                 (Diameter)               Network
                                                                                             • Support for WiFi/cellular roaming
                     Go                                                                        and session handovers
                 GGSN                     COPS               PCMM                            • Peering interfaces for:
Gm (SIP)
                                                                       CMTS                      Interconnect/inter-operability
                                                                                                 Subscriber authentication
                              RNC                                   Cable Access                   and roaming
           Radio Access                                                                          MGW/MRF sharing (vocoding)
             Network          BTS
                                                      SIP                                        Accounting records
                                                                      Modem         POTS           exchange
                                                         SIP                       Devices

                                                    Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
CAW                                                Use pursuant to company instruction                                    10
   What the standards give us: PacketCable 1.x and 2.0
     •NCS is the underlying protocol for 1.x
     •SIP is the underlying protocol for 2.0                                                      PacketCable 1.x (not illustrated)
                                                                                                  • Cable specific definition
  Draft 2.0 Architecture                                                    Source: CableLabs     • Narrowband VoIP focused
                                                                                                  • QoS
                         Application    Application   Application
Applications              Server-1       Server-2      Server-3                                        •   Via DQOS mechanism
and Services
                                                                                                  • Well defined and in deployment
                                                          Presence/                     User
                                                                                                  PacketCable 2.0 (Illustrated)
  Core                             Service Proxy         Registration

                                                                                                  • Cable specific definition
                                                                                                  • Supports multimedia services
  Edge                                 Edge                                                            •   Text, data, gaming, voice, video,
                                       Proxy                                                               …
                                                                                                  • QoS
 Access         QoS
                                                                                                       •   Uses PCMM
                                                                                                  • Under definition
                   SIP UAs                                   NAT/Firewall

          CableLabs adopted IMS as a standard architecture of PacketCable 2.0
                                                         Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
          CAW                                           Use pursuant to company instruction                                           11
     Services Drive Underlying Cable Operator Infrastructure
     Decisions – SIP and / or NCS
                                                                                    Value, RPU, Differentiation
•   Cable services today        time

    are vertically oriented                            Video
                                                                           High Speed
                                                                                                                          Multimedia                    Converged
                                            • Analog /Digital Bcast                                               • Games
•   Beyond traditional        Services
                                            • PPV
                                            • VOD
                                                                    • Internet access
                                                                    • IP streaming video   • POTs residential
                                                                                                                  • Video Tel / IM / Conf
                                                                                                                  • Collaboration                 • Wireless / cable
                                                                    • etc.                 • Enterprise           • Personalized                  • etc.
    video, IP provides a                    • etc                                                                 • IPTV
                                                                                                                  • etc.
    common logical
    transport layer for       Session / resource Control
                                                                                           • Softswitches
                                                                                           • Gateways             • Applications mgr              • Session mgr
    data, IP video, voice,                                                                 • etc.

    multimedia and                                                                             NCS                                          SIP
    converged services
•   NCS supports
    narrowband VoIP                    QoS (Access)                                            DQoS                                    PCMM

•   SIP supports a wide
    variety of services            Logical transport                                                              IP
    ranging from
    narrowband VoIP to
    converged services                   Mac / Phy                                                     DOCSIS 1.1 -. 2.0 -> 3.0

                  Where do you want to be and how do you get there?
                                               Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
     CAW                                      Use pursuant to company instruction                                                                             12
PacketCable 1.x
The Softswitch Model
   Application    Application                   Designed for voice, not
        Softswitch (CMS)
                                                Optimized for legacy endpoints
                SG Subscriber
     MTA                                        Focused on primary-line features,
    Control MGC      Data
                                                  not multimedia
   NCS                   TGCP
                                                Separates media from control,
                                                  but not services from session
                                                  – limited opportunity for OPEX
                IP                PSTN            savings
                                                Proprietary application server
                                                  interfaces- difficult to add new
 Increasingly, Cable operators are                3rd party services
 viewing this approach as limiting
    the opportunity for growth                  Does not address convergence
                                                  with wireless
                                    Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
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Next Generation VoIP Networks
The IMS Model
 App         App            App                                 Focus on revenue growth from new services
                                                                   and applications
 Service                                                        Infrastructure designed for voice, data,
Brokering            HSS                                           multimedia and other applications
 Session             Data
                                                                Optimized for new endpoints (next
 Control                                                           generation VoIP clients) and new access
                                        MGC / SG                   technologies (VoDSL, VoBB, 802.11, 802.16,
                               SIP                                 etc)
                                       Trunk GW
       Network                                                  Legacy endpoints can be adapted to provide
                     SIP   AGCF                                    ubiquitous services across all endpoints
       SIP   SIP
                    SIP Line                                    Separation of functions optimized for next
                   Access GW         Legacy                        generation services: session, data,
                                                                   applications, PSTN interfaces
                                                                Well defined application interfaces for easy
                                                                   to deploy third-party services
                                                                Converged architecture for simultaneous
  CableLabs selected IMS as a                                      fixed and wireless access
   foundation technology for
       PacketCable 2.0

                                               Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
CAW                                           Use pursuant to company instruction                           14
Transition from PacketCable 1.x to IMS
   Application    Application                               App          App            App

        Softswitch (CMS)                                  Service
   Embedded                                              Brokering               HSS
    Services                                                                     Data
               SG Subscriber                               Session
    MTA                                                    Control
   Control MGC      Data
                                                                                                    MGC / SG
   NCS                   TGCP                                         IP
                                                                   Network                         Trunk GW
                          Trunk                                                  SIP   AGCF
        MTA                                                        SIP   SIP
                IP                PSTN                                         Access GW         Legacy

 All the functional elements map from the Softswitch model to the IMS model,
                  but transitions are expensive and error prone.
        Better to start with the IMS architecture, rather than evolve to it .

                                    Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
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               Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
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Architecture Alternatives – By Primary Signaling Protocol
                                                                    NCS                                         SIP
  Advanced Services / Feature Support
    Narrowband voice - Residential                                    Y                                        Y
    Narrowband voice - Enterprise                  Y - limited given NCS residential focus                     Y
    Broadband Multimedia *                                            N                                        Y
                                                                                              Y– Supports industry standard 3GPP2
      Wireless/cable convergence                    N - NCS is narrowand VoIP focused
                                                                                                    based IMS architecture
     Number of vendors building applications                        Low                                       High
  Network functions
     Legal Intercept (LI)                                Y - PacketCable defined                      Y - multiple approaches
     Local Number Portability (LNP)                                  Y                                             Y
     Emergency services                                              Y                                             Y
     Compatible w/POTs phone                                   Y – NCS MTA                                  Y – SIP MTA
     QoS (access)                                          Y – DQoS (mature)                           Y – PCMM (emerging)
     CMTS requirements                                  NCS DQoS / DOCSIS DSX                         PCMM / DOCSIS DSX
     Control                                             Vertical control protocols                     Peer-peer protocols
     Intelligence                                    Network centric (I.e., softswitch)      Distributed (intelligent MTA + softswitch)
                                                   Complex but understood, requires large
      Security                                                                                              Not defined
                                                       amount of CMTS processing
                                                                                             Y - Potential issues due to CPE feature
      PSTN interconnect                                Y - No issues created by NCS
                                                                                                      control in SIP devices
                                                  Y, Via CMSS (based on SIP), CMSS to
      Interconnect - softswitches/carriers                                                                Y, peer-to-peer
                                                           certification tested
  Backoffice functions
    Provisioning process                                        Complex                                    Simpler
                                                  NAR: Nearly all deployments are NCS,        NAR: MSOs asking about SIP, Part of
  MSO status                                      EMEA: deployments are combination of          PacketCable 2.0; EMEA: Being
                                                   softswitch and V5.2/NCS gateways                deployed by major MSOs
  Key advantages / disadvantages
                                                   MSO retains value added by providing       Industry direction, many services on the
                                                           services to subscribers                 promise of continued evolution
                                                  Market limited to MSOs, limited flexibility Customers can bypass MSOs, leaving
                                                          beyond narrowband VoIP                      them to be pipe providers

                                                Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
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Lucent Cable Services Solution

               Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
CAW           Use pursuant to company instruction   18
       Breadth of MMoIP Services
                          NETWORK                  RELIABILITY &               NETWORK                 NETWORK, OSS &              OPERATIONS
    Consulting:           BUSINESS                  SECURITY                   READINESS                APPLICATIONS                ANALYSIS &
   Define a viable       CONSULTING                                           ASSESSMENT                   DESIGN                  OPTIMIZATION
and secure MMoIP                                Assess strength of
                     Develop MMoIP              network security,         Assess network             Create the solution        Analyze existing
         solution                                                                                    architecture & network
                     business model,            design and implement      features, capacity, and                               operations against
                     market entry strategies    elements to enhance       recovery needed to         infrastructure to          best practices, and
                     and technology options,    security, and enable      support MMoIP, to          support MMoIP with         support developing
                     defining a blueprint for   ongoing business          validate transmission      the existing network &     new operations
                     transformation             continuity and disaster   capabilities and service   systems                    models to support
                                                recovery                  quality                                               multimedia services

   Deployment:           SOLUTION                    PROJECT                  HEAD END                 ENGINEERING &              INTEGRATION &
     Create and         VERIFICATION               MANAGEMENT               CONSTRUCTION                INSTALLATION                VALIDATION
    implement a           TESTING               Establish plans, scope,   Deploy head end            Perform detailed           Conduct field
  MMoIP solution     Configure a lab            controls, and tracking    equipment per design       engineering and            integration and
                     environment and test       processes to guide the    specifications,            installation of            validation of end-to-
                     to validate the            implementation of         including site survey,     associated equipment       end systems
                     interoperability of        solutions; manage         antenna orientation,       and Service distribution   components across
                     products and               vendors and final         video signal reception     hierarchy                  multiple systems and
                     components as part of      acceptance processes      tests and content                                     across the network
                     the overall solution                                 acquisition tests

Maintenance &
                      TECHNICAL SUPPORT & HARDWARE MAINTENANCE                                     NETWORK & SECURITY MANAGEMENT
                     Deliver remote support via phone, modem or VPN, for rapid         Provide ongoing remote network management of an MMoIP
   Outsource key
                     response, diagnosis, & resolution of system issues & outages,     solution using state-of-the-art tools and technology, as well as
     elements of
                     ensuring system currency with most up-to-date software fixes      highly skilled technicians, ensuring 24x7 service
  MMoIP solution

                                                       Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
       CAW                                            Use pursuant to company instruction                                                     19
   VOIP Network & Back Office Integration
                                 Cust Care & Billing        Mediation
                                                                                                  VOIP SI
Backoffice      OSS
                                                                                         Multi-vendor VOIP SI
                        Provisioning     Perf Mgmt     Fault Mgmt   Svc Mgmt
                                                                                            –Network, Backoffice
                                                                                         Residential and Business
                                       Softswitch #1
                                                              Media Gtwy             P   Bell Labs VOIP QoS,
             Applications                                                                reliability analysis
                   Messaging           Prepaid, SMS       Announcements       STP        Multi-year multi-vendor
                                                                                     T    maintenance
Network                                                        Media Gtwy
                                       Softswitch #2                                 N

                                Data Network
                                HFC network
     Linking and testing of system components to merge their functional and
       technical characteristics into a comprehensive, interoperable system
                                                Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
    CAW                                        Use pursuant to company instruction                              20
Testing & Operational Readiness
                                                                   Validation Requires
    System level                                                    • Functionality Testing
     integration                    Validate
                                  End to End                        • Operational Testing
   verification is
  critical to overall             Architecture
                         System Level Performance
                        Sub-System Level Performance
                 Telephony                             Core Network
                 OSS/BSS                               Security

                    Validate Component Level Performance
       Call Server                                    Signaling Gateways
       Media Gateway Controller                       Media Gateways
       Media Servers                                  Application Servers(Voice Mail, SMS)

                              Lucent Technologies – Proprietary
 CAW                         Use pursuant to company instruction                             21

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