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April 4 -	 2013
In Conjunction With


                                                                                             International                                                    The Global
                                                                                             Congress and Convention                                          Association of the
                                                                                             Association                                                      Exhibition Industry
                                               SAĞLIK GEREÇLER‹ ÜRET‹CILER‹ VE                                                               Approved Event
                                               TEMS‹LC‹LER‹ DERNEĞ‹
                                               HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS
                                               MANUFACTURERS AND ASSOCIATION                 Member
                                                                                             The Association of Organisers                        Member
                                                                                             Abroad and of National
                                                                                             Participations in International                      TURKISH FAIR ORGANIZERS
                                                                                             Trade Fairs and Exhibitions                          ASSOCIATION
                                Supported by

                                                          TÜYAP FAIR CONVENTION AND
                                                              CONGRESS CENTER
                                                           Büyükçekmece, ‹stanbul / Turkey
                         ‹ S TA N B U L                                                                              w w w. r e e d t u y a p. c o m . t r
    WHY EXPOMED                      ?
   The most significant and comprehensive healthcare sector
    gathering, serving Turkey and the Eurasian region for the
    last 20 years.
   A business environment where the latest products and
    technologies will be exhibited and where the medical
    sector’s product and service needs can be fulfilled
   The meeting point for leading Turkish and International
                                                                HEALTHCARE SECTOR
    medical sector companies in Turkey and internationally.     IN TURKEY
   An opportunity for SME companies to gain access to
    international markets.
   An opportunity to meet qualified decision-making visitors    The medical market is growing in line with an increase in
    and buyer groups from 70 countries and from Turkey            income levels and a developing awareness of healthy living.
                                                                 New   investment requirements are needed for public and
                                                                  private hospitals and other medical centres as a result of
                                                                  rapid developments in medical and information technology.
                                                                 Collective health insurance provision by companies and the
                                                                  increase in individuals taking health insurance have
                                                                  positively affected market development.
                                                                 The  increase in elderly population has accelerated new
                                                                  investment and driven the purchase of medical products
                                                                  and services.
                                                                 The development of the free market in Turkey has attracted
                                                                  the entry of new producers to the sector, driving market

                                                                A considerable                    Over 1500 hospitals and
                                                                                                  healthcare institutions will
                                                                increase in hospital              evaluate and choose medical
                                                                investments:                      products at Expomed

                                                                 Investment in private hospitals by foreign funds operating
                                                                  in Turkey, has created hospital groups and increased
                                                                  business opportunities in the sector.
                                                                 Private  hospitals, private and professional clinics and
                                                                  other medical facilities play an important role in providing
POWER OF SYNERGY                                                  short stay treatment, and gave indications of increasing
                                                                  this activity in future.

Expomed 2013                                                     In Turkey 15 provinces are offering many new
                                                                  opportunities to undertake hospital investment projects.
20th International Istanbul Medical Analysis, Diagnosis,
Treatment, Rehabilitation Products, Devices, Systems,
Technology, Equipment and Hospitals Fair
                                                                TURKEY RANKS AMONG THE
IN CONJUNCTION WITH                                             TOP 30 COUNTRIES IN THE GLOBAL
                                                                MEDICAL DEVICE MARKET.
LabTech 2013
                                                                 The   most recent forecasts indicate the market for
16th International İstanbul Laboratory Technology,                 medical devices and consumables will reach $3.12 billion
Systems and Equipment Fair                                         by the end of 2015, from its current level of $2.1 billion.
                                                                 Turkey is a major market, importing 85% of       its medical
                                                                   devices, equipment and consumables.
                                                                                        WHY EXHIBIT                      ?
                                                                       To meet both public and private sector operators with
                                                                        buying authority      in   healthcare   and   hospital

                                                                       To meet qualified medical professionals and important
                                                                        purchasers from Turkey and the Eurasian region

                                                                       Come together with producers, suppliers, importers
      Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ, Republic of Turkey, Minister of Health     and non-governmental organizations

Great support from the                                                 Create new commercial opportunities with healthcare
government and NGO’s for                                                professionals from 70 countries

healthcare investments in Turkey                                       Strengthen the awareness of your brands in Turkey
“Each fair is better than the previous one, and the number of           and Eurasian region
participants and visitors increases each year. This attracts
great public interest”                                                 Reinforce your current dealership organization
                                                                       Update   your knowledge of the demands and
                                                                        expectations of the market
 Countries in the Balkans, on the Black Sea coast, the
   Caucasus, Russia, West and Central Asia, the Middle
   East and North Africa make up the largest buyer groups
   to visit EXPOMED.
 The   countries within the neighbouring Eurasia region
   provide the most important markets for the healthcare
   sector in Turkey, thanks to their purchasing power, cultural
   bonds and commercial potential.
 Development needs in the Eurasia area are high, making
   EXPOMED the key international platform for creating
   business relationships and opportunities.
 Istanbul lies within three hours flight time from most of the
   region, making it easily reachable and reinforcing the
   importance of the EXPOMED fair for the whole of Eurasia.
 Visa-free travel to Turkey is a benefit for the Middle East
   and Russia, increasing the opportunity for participants in
   EXPOMED to meet visitors from these regions and to find
                                                                      VISITOR PROFILE
   new business.
                                                                       Healthcare Company Executives and Partners
                                                                       Medical Company Owners and Executives
                                                                       Hospital Owners and Executives
                                                                       Hospital Lecturers and Doctors
                                                    3 HOURS            Executives, Technicians and Nurses in the
                                                                        Healthcare Sector
                                          2 HOURS

                                 1 HOUR
                                                                       Medical Laboratory Managers
                                                                       Hospital Laboratory Managers and Medical Doctors
                                                                       Laboratory Supervisors and Technicians
                                                                       Medical Purchasing Executives
                                                                       Blood Center and Blood Bank Managers
                                                                       Officers of the Turkish Red Crescent
                                                                       Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and other
                                                                        relevant Ministry representatives
                                                                       Pharmacists
                      2012 SHOW HIGHLIGHTS

          A total of 1,060 companies and company representatives from 38 countries

          31,730 visitors from 65 countries including Turkey

          Professionals from 74     Turkish provinces

          93 % of foreign visitors from Asia and Europe.

          36 % of foreign visitors from Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

          Visitors from 17 EU member states


                                                                Of the visitors;
                                                                	 % were either partners or senior
                                                                  authorized officers.

                                       Total                    	 % worked in management,
                                       Domestic Visitors
                                       International Visitors   	 % in sales and marketing,

                                                                	 % in purchasing departments, and

                                                                	% in production.
   2010        2011         2012

 	 the purpose of visiting the 2012 fair, professional
   purchasing committees were organized from Adana,
   Afyon, Ankara, Aydın, Bursa, Çorlu, Edirne,
   Eskişehir, Isparta, İzmir, Kayseri, Konya, Malatya,
   Manisa, Mersin, Tekirdağ and Zonguldak.
  From    overseas, in addition to the visitors coming
   individually, collective purchasing committees visited
   from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Iran,
   Georgia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Egypt, Serbia,
   Slovenia and Greece.
  As   part of the special hosted buyer programme,
   700 hospital head physicians, purchasing officers,
   lecturers, Ministry of Health officials and Turkish Red
   Crescent officers were hosted, meeting their
   investment requirements at EXPOMED.
                Scope Of The Fair

                                                  Informatics and Communication                         Human Medicinal Products and
                                                   Paging and Hospital Communication Systems           Pharmacies
                                                   Nurse Call Systems and Patient Units                 Prescription Drugs
                                                   Data Processing, Software Systems and                Over-the-Counter Drugs
                                                    Blue Code Systems                                    Drug Packaging Products and Technologies
                                                   Documentation, Archiving, Data Base and              Drug Raw Materials and Chemical
                                                    Communication Systems                                Manufacturers
NE                                                Hospital and Medical                                   Drug Production Facilities,
                                                                                                         Pharmacy Supplies
                                                  Facility Management
 TECHNOMED SECTION                                                                                       Pharmacy Furniture and Fittings
                                                   Hospital Systems for Heating, Cooling,
 Medical Technology and                             Lighting, Air Conditioning, Environmental           (OTC) Over - the - Counter
 Electro-Medical                                    Protection, Cleaning, Security, Waste and
                                                                                                        Health, and Hygiene Products
  Robotic Technologies and Automation              Water Treatment
  High Definition Optical Imaging and            	Clean Room Systems                                  	Health and Medical Aesthetics Devices
   Plasma Technologies                            	Automatic Doors for Hospital and                     • Body Fat Analysis and Measuring Devices
  Genetic Research Technologies                    Operating Room                                       • Mesotherapy and Liposuction Devices
  Nano-Technological Medical and                 	Laundry, Ironing and Kitchen Equipment               • Skin Care and Epilation Devices
   Biotextile Products                            	Hot-Cold Food Service Carts for Patients             • Blood Pressure and Sugar Measuring
  Biotechnology                                  	Heat-Resistant Dishes and Containers                   Devices and Spare Parts
  Cyber Technologies                             	Stainless Kitchen Equipment                          • Hearing Aids
  Mobile Applications                            	Hospital and Office Furniture, Waiting Rooms         • Nebulizers
                                                  	Examination Chair, Stretcher and Equipment           • Diet, Weight Loss, Fitness,
 Diagnostics and Imaging                          	Drug Transport Vehicles                                Sports and Wellness Devices
  Monitors and Imaging Systems                     Diet
                                                  	 Products, Catering Companies                        • Massage Devices and Equipment
  Medical and Diagnostic Equipment               	Hospital Construction and Contracting                • Professional and Home Use Scales
                                                    Companies                                           	
                                                                                                         	Health and Hygiene Products
  Nuclear Imaging Systems
                                                  	Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Energy               • Body and Facial Care Products
  Endoscopic and Laparoscopic
                                                    Distribution Systems
   Devices and Systems                                                                                   • Hair and Hair Care Products
                                                  	Hospital and Office Building Systems and
  Dialysis Machines                                                                                     • Oral and Dental Care Products
  Ophthalmic Products, Devices, Systems                                                                 • Eye Products (Lenses and Solutions)
                                                  	Medical Waste Collection and Parsing
                                                                                                         • Hand and Foot Care Products
 Patient Transport,                               	Energy Generation and Management
                                                                                                         • Sun Protection and Care Products
                                                  	Other Hospital Hardware
 Disabled, Physiotherapy and                                                                             • Phytotherapy Products
 Orthopedic Products                              Hospitals and Health Centers                           • Natural Dietary Supplements, Vitamins and
                                                                                                           Capsules (Protein Powders, Minerals,
  Orthopedic Devices and Prostheses               State, Private, Military, Occupational,
                                                                                                           Amino Acids, Enzymes and Antioxidants)
  Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and               University and Institution Hospitals
                                                                                                         • Mother-Baby and Child Care and
   Therapy Products, Devices and Systems           Private/Specialized Health Centers
                                                                                                           Health Products
  Patient Transport Systems and Ambulances        Private Clinics and Polyclinics
                                                                                                         • Patient Underpads and Diapers
  Wheelchairs                                     Nuclear Medicine and Imaging Centers
                                                                                                         • Patient Underpads, Diapers and Bed Covers
  Disabled Lifts                                  Medical Analysis Laboratories
                                                                                                         • Dermo-Cosmetic Products
  Disabled Vehicle Systems                        Organizations with Home Care Services
  Robotic Arms and Robotic Systems                Mobile Diagnostic, Imaging and Therapy
  Corsets, Knee Guards and                        Devices
   Compression Stockings                           Health Insurance Organizations
                                                   Related Publications, Educational Institutions
 Hospital and Operating Room
                                                  Thermal Health and
  Emergency Room Products,
   Devices and Systems                            Medical Tourism
  Operation Equipment, Devices and               	 Facilities
   Operation Room Equipment                        • Thermal, Natural Health, Rehabilitation
  Intensive Care Units and Equipment                Centers and Thermal Waters
  Surgical Hand Tools                             • Private Specialized Hospitals
  Surgical Sutures                                • Nursing Homes and Health Centers for the Elderly   Scope Of The Fair
  Medical Gases and Gas Systems                   • Rehabilitation Centers, Special Care and
                                                                                                         General Laboratory, Devices and Systems
  Disposable Supplies                               Clinic Hotels for the Disabled
                                                                                                         Medical Laboratory Products
  Wound Care Kits                                 • Plastic Surgery, Beauty and
                                                     Hair Transplantation Centers                        Industrial Laboratory Products
  Medical Textile Products
                                                   • Foot Health Centers                                 Test and Measurement Devices
  Morgue Equipment
                                                   • Fitness and Aerobics Centers                        Laboratory Supplies
 Hygiene and Disinfectants                         • Occupational Health and Safety Centers              Laboratory Materials and Systems
  Disinfectant and Hygiene Products                                                                     Laboratory Related Side Equipment
                                                  	 Devices, Products and Equipments
  Sterilization Products and Container Systems                                                           • Filtration Equipment
                                                   • Sauna Products, Equipment and Accessories
  Hygienic Wet Volume Equipment                                                                          • Mixing Equipment
                                                   • Steam Room Products and Equipment
  Photocell Liquid Soap Machines,                                                                        • Gas Generators and Compressors
                                                   • Hydrotherapy Devices
   Paper Towel Dispensers, Hand Dryers                                                                   Laboratory Work Health and Security Products
                                                   • Heated Stone Beds
  Steam Sterilizers, Autoclave                                                                          Related Service Agencies,
                                                   • Other Health Products and Equipment
                                                                                                          Broadcasting Organizations and Other
                                                                                                                                                       TÜYAP FAIR AND CONGRESS CENTER
 EUROPE                                           ASIA
                                                                                                                                                                    AREA LOCATION MAP
                                                                                                                 - HA
                            TURKEY                                                                                                                                                                                         EXPOMED 2013
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              HALL 2-3-4-10-11-12
                                                                                                                          FAIR HOTEL
                                                                                                    SUBSTATION                                                                                                                       LABTECH 2013
 AFRICA                           MIDDLE EAST
                                                                                         E                                                                               ENTRANCE
                                                                                                                                                                          NORTH 2                                                       HALL 12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            OVER RIAN

                                                                       W                                                                                                                                                   E-5
                                                                                                                                                                              TRUCK ENTRANCE
                                                                                                                                                                                  / EAST-1
                                                                                 S                                                                                                                                                              BUS

                                                                                          VISITOR                                                                       UNDERGROUND
                                                                                         ENTRANCE                                                                          PARKING
                                                                                          NORTH 1                                                                         ENTRANCE
                                                                                                                                                                                               TRUCK ENTRANCE

                                                                           UNDERGROUND                TRUCK ENTRANCE /
                                                                                                                                                                                                   / EAST-2
                                                                              PARKING                     WEST-1
                                                                                                       TRUCK ENTRANCE /

                                                                                  TÜYAP                                                                                                                                                      ENTRANCE
                                                                                  CAR PARKING /                                                                                                                                                EAST
                                                                                  WEST 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             CAR PARKING /
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             EAST 1

                             ‹STANBUL                                                                                                    WEST
                                                                                                                                       ENTRANCE                                                                                                                       TAXI

                                                                                  TÜYAP                                                           BUS STOP
                                                                                  CAR PARKING /                                                                                                                         CAR PARKING
                                                                                  WEST 1                                   TAXI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ENTRANCE / EAST

                                                                                                                                                                                               TRUCK ENTRANCE    VISITOR
                                                                                                                                                                                                   / SOUTH      ENTRANCE                                                  HOTEL
           TÜYAP                                                                                                                                                                                                 SOUTH

                                                                                              ED‹RNE                                                         BUS STOP
                                                                                                                                                                           ED‹RNE                                                                                                       E-5

                                                                                                                                                                                                LAST STATION                    OVERPASS

                                                                     The Biggest International Fair and Congress Center in the Eurasia Region.
                                                                     • 98,000 sqm exhibition space in 12 halls and 75.000 sqm outdoor space
                                                                     • 11 cafeterias
                                                                     • A minimum of 22 multi-purpose meeting rooms with differing capacities from
                                                                       50-750 sqm

İSTANBUL                                                                                                                                    An historic setting at the geographical and cultural
                                                                                                                                            gateway between two continents is bounded on the north
                                                                                                                                            and the south by two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of
                                                                                                                                            Marmara. Istanbul is the only city in the world built on two
                                                                                                                                            continents. It stands on the shores of the uniquely beautiful
                                                                                                                                            Bosphorus (Istanbul Bogazi) where the waters of the
                                                                                                                                            Black Sea combine with those of The Sea of Marmara
                                                                                                                                            and the Golden Horn.

                                                      REED TÜYAP EXHIBITIONS INC.
                                HEAD OFFICE / FAIR AREA:
                                Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center
                                Address:                                                             Phone: +90 212 867 11 12                                                                                        Marketing
                                E5 Karayolu Üzeri,                                                   Project Group                                                                                                   arzutursun@tuyap.com.tr
                                Gürp›nar Kavfla€› 34500                                               expomed@tuyap.com.tr                                                                                            Sales
                                Büyükçekmece -	                                                                                                                                                                      nurkulacoglu@tuyap.com.tr
                                ‹stanbul / Turkey

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