; ATLAS Netball AGM Proposed Date of 14th July 2003
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ATLAS Netball AGM Proposed Date of 14th July 2003


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									Minutes th ATLAS Netball AGM : Date of 30 September 2003 Time: Location: Committee: Notes: Attendees: Tuesday evening training session; 8.00pm Sports Hall, Adastral Park Gemma Ebbs (Chairperson), Angie Jackson (Treasurer), Devona Anidi (Club Secretary), Helen Clarke (Publicity Officer) Angie Jackson Angie Jackson, Jean See, Claire Hughes, Semia Jaweed, Faye Skinner, Debbie Bula, Diane Manoughian.

1. Apologies Lucy Wills, Devona Anidi, Gemma Ebbs 2. Purpose of the Club & Committee. Angie provided an overview of the club and committee responsibilities 3. Review of Current Committee Posts and Election to Posts Agreed to remove the post of publicity officer. Agreed to formally acknowledge the post of ‘coach’. Devona Anidi elected to post of treasurer. Angie Jackson elected to post of secretary. Lucy Wills is the official club coach. Nobody has put her name forward for the post of Chairperson. The post remains unfilled. 4. Review of Social Calendar A meal was organised at D-Tapas at the end of July 2003. It has been agreed that another meal will be held at Christmas. Faye Skinner has offered to organise Christmas meal. Suggested that we organise to go and watch other more experienced teams play. Suggested that we organise social events every few months. 5. Review of Publicity Efforts A lot of effort has been made to publicise the club with limited success:  Fly-posting on site  Use of the TV Screens  Advertised on BT Exact website and EAGN magazine Agreed that we need to continue publicity effort and spread the scope wider than BT. Website has not been used to its full potential. Faye Skinner has volunteered to maintain the website. 6. Club Vote on Whether to Join Local League or Not! Club members have voted that ATLAS Netball Club will apply for membership of the Summer League. Each club member will pay for her own affiliation to the AENA and Suffolk League.

7. Review of Club Procedures First Aid. The club does not always have a qualified first aider present at practises. Committee to investigate whether a first aid course can be held during a practise session. Diane Manoughian has offered to review the first aid kit and recommend which supplied are required. Insurance Club members are not insured at present. It has been agreed that the personal liability insurance provided through England and Suffolk affiliation will be sufficient. (This does not include personal accident insurance). 8. Accounts Process and Review £500 was provided by ATLAS to set up the club in 2002. No funding was requested in 2003. So far, some of the grant money has been used to pay for netball equipment (£355). Receipts and bank statement were made available for club members to review. The accounts have not been audited. The treasurer will arrange audit of the accounts. It was agreed that practise fees will only be collected once the club is more established. Agreed that we should apply for additional funding from ATLAS to contribute to court hire for matches and umpiring/coaching courses. 9. Action Points, Votes, AOB Agreed to enrol club members in umpiring and coaching courses. The cost of these courses is to be covered by the club. A home court is still required. Claire Hughes has volunteered to investigate this issue. Summary of action points: 1. Faye Skinner to organise Christmas meal. 2. Faye Skinner to update the ATLAS netball club website. 3. Angie Jackson to investigate possibility of holding a first aid course in lieu of a practise session. 4. Diane Manoughian to review the first aid kit and recommend which supplies are required. 5. Devona Anidi (treasurer) to arrange audit of the accounts. 6. Claire Hughes to investigate options for a home court for league matches. DONM: To be confirmed.

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