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									                                                              Price List
                                        Basic Sale Price : -                        Rs. 2300 / Sq.ft.
Note :- Inaugural Discount Rs. 125/Sq.ft. for only 2, 2+st & 3 BHK for limited period and will be withdraw without prior intimation.
                                                                 w.e.f. 09/07/2012
Type                                     Area                       DPP                                 Flexi                   CLP
                                      ( Sq. Ft. )                   (Rs.)                               (Rs.)                   (Rs.)
1 BHK                                      635                        2100                               2200                    2300
2 BHK                                     1015                        1975                               2075                    2175
2 BHK                                     1110                        1975                               2075                    2175
2 BHK + STUDY ROOM                        1285                        1975                               2075                    2175
3 BHK.                                    1595                        1975                               2075                    2175

Corner on all floor                                       Rs 25/sq.ft
Road Facing on all floor                                  Rs 25/sq.ft
Central Park Facing on all floor                          Rs 50/sq.ft

OTHER CHARGES                                                                             FLOOR PLC
Lease Rent                       Rs 50/sq.ft                                              Ground Floor                        Rs 100/sq.ft
FFC and EEC                      Rs 40/sq.ft                                              First Floor                         Rs 90/sq.ft
IFMS                             Rs 25/sq.ft                                              Second Floor                        Rs 80/sq.ft
IDC/EDC                          Rs 50/sq.ft                                              Third Floor                         Rs 70/sq.ft
Power Back-up                    Rs 15000/kva                                             Fourth Floor                        Rs 60/sq.ft
CLUB MEMBERSHIP                  Rs 70,000                                                Fifth Floor                         Rs 50/sq.ft
Covered Single Car Parking       Rs 1,50,000                                              Sixth Floor                         Rs 40/sq.ft
                                                                                          Seventh Floor                       Rs 30/sq.ft
                                                                                          Eighth Floor                        Rs 20/sq.ft
                                                                                          Ninth Floor                         Rs 10/sq.ft

applicable as per the rate mention in price list and any other Government levy or charges will be paid extra by the buyer..

booking of flat.

will result in to automatic shifting of booking / allotment to installment payment plan without any notice.

and condition please refer the Application form and Agreement of Allotment.

binding on allottee.

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