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									York Mills Collegiate Institute School Advisory Council Meeting February 20, 2007 7:30 p.m. Titan Hall Co- Chairs: Mary Kishi Marcy Yan Present: In Attendance: Carol Seto, Stephen Wong, Viivi Johnston, Teresa Hui, Lois Demone, Susan Vincent, Sylvia Raynham, Patty Daly, Lan Nakano, Susan Movat, Risa Gluskin, Kathy Kawasaki, Libby Varughese, John Holtom, Clara Williams, Helen Kalogiannides, Christine Pickering, Mary Kishi, Mercy Yan, Twan Ong.

Musical Interlude: The School Advisory Council thanked Atoosa Aboonabi for giving a beautiful music performance prior to the start of the meeting Welcome: Mary Kishi, School Advisory Council Co-Chair, was the chair for this meeting. She welcomed everyone . Clara Williams, the new Principal introduced John Holton, the Vice Principal and teachers. Student Council Report: Narcis Tajvidi, President of the Student Council, gave a report of Student Council activities. The first “Dating Game” event is tomorrow at lunch and the Cosmic Bowling will be on Friday between 7:30-10:30 at the Newbrook Plaza (Yonge and Cummer). March events will include Arm Wrestling and Blood Donor Clinic (for 16+). The annual Student Leadership Conference for Gr 10 and Gr 11 is also being organized. Athletic Council Report: Alexis Jozefacki, President of the Athletic Council reported on their busy activities. The fundraising for the May Athletic Banquet at the Roger Center is underway. The council is looking for a catering service and a school bus for this event. Next week, the council’s newsletter will be issued to report on YMCI’s athletic achievements. One of the highlights next month is the Student/Teacher volleyball competition and a game against the local police department ($1/ticket) will also be organized as part of the fundraising effort for the banquet. On a friendly closing note, St. Andrews swim team is now able to use YMCI’s pool. Guidance Presentation: Libby Varyghese gave a detailed presentation on the Guidance department’s role and the process for choosing courses at York Mills with the newly published Choices Magazine


for 2007-2008. The Guidance department has 4 counsellors and parents are encouraged to drop in or make an appointment to discuss their children’s curriculum plans for the new school year. A “Top Ten Questions from Parents” package was presented with detailed information to answer these frequently asked questions. Parents can see the Guidance department for a copy of this package. Feb 26-March 1: Homeform Class visits on Curriculum Choices will start next week for about 20 minutes and students will be given a course chart. Parents should sit together with their children to work out a balanced course load and parents will be asked to sign the FUTURE COURSE REQUEST APPROVAL FORM with initials from teachers of prerequisite courses. YMCI has a blogging system that parents can use for further information sharing and questions. March 6 is the Bubble day’s deadline for course selection and students are asked to complete the form as soon as possible. Parents are reminded of the compulsory 40 volunteer hours required for high school graduation. She noted that colleges and universities are asking for more supplementary information from students in the application process on areas such as extra curriculum, volunteering, awards etc… to get a better understanding about the student during the selection process. In-depth discussion went on the subject of Math course selection and requirements by colleges and universities. Specific news on the Cooperative education program was also discussed with the March 9 deadline for application and yes, Grade 12 students can still apply to this program if they are interested. Minutes of Last Meeting: Minutes of Meeting for the January 22, 2007 were approved. Principal’s Report: Clara Williams gave her report to the Council. YMCI’s library is now renamed to The Doug Scott Library. The last PD day went very well with all Board wide staff coming from all areas. Parents are reminded again that March 2 is the additional PD day. The Black History Month took place this month with an assembly and a presentation by 2 actors entitled, “The Real McCoy”. On the School Safety issue, she reminded parents again to ask their children to be cautious about their ipod and any electronic devices. No suspensions on vandalism have occurred and a there were a few minor incidents with stolen ipods. On a celebration note, our swim team did very well with winning at every level in all events. The junior girl’s volley ball also won the regional game and will now go to the final.


The subject of student transition from Windfield and St. Andrews was discussed and a student panel will be set up to provide perspective on this transition. A suggestion was made of the option for Windfield and St. Andrews students to shadow students at YMCI.. Clara invited parents to also visit her blog site in the school website at http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/yorkmillsci/home.htm Vice Principal’s Report: John Holtom introduced and welcomed Clara Williams as the new principal of YMCI. He gave a verbal report with highlights including:  March 29 is the Grade 10 OSSD Literacy test and parents are reminded that there will be no class for that day. YMCI’s 93% success is the benchmark that the school will continue to maintain with extra tutoring and preparation  Student report cards will be issued on April 19.  YMCI’s 50th Anniversary in April is approaching and John encourages parents to spread the news. The meeting was adjourned at 9pm. Next Meeting: is scheduled for Wednesday April 18, 2007 at 7:30pm in Titan Hall (Note the date change!). Please join us at this meeting: Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Education, will be our guest speaker. This is your opportunity to ask any educationrelated questions that are of interest to you.


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