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					                           What is a Road Show?

A Road Show is a selection of items outside of SAM’S CLUB normal item assortment. The selections of
items need to be high-end, unique, different, exciting, and of course a great value.

Road Shows typically are placed in a high traffic area in a SAM’S CLUB. This excellent positioning is
earned through the superb quality and exciting presentation characteristics of a Road Show. Thus, the
supplier’s commitment to these two characteristics is crucial.

The average duration of a Road Show is 4-18 days, which will begin and end on specific dates. At the end
of the show, any unsold merchandise will be returned to the supplier. A supplier can operate any number
of shows for the specified dates. Road shows can be performed in one Club or in several, depending on the
merchandise and the buyer’s expectations.

The main purposes of the Road Shows are:
    “WOW” Members when they come into the Club.
    Drive additional and incremental sales for SAM’S CLUB and Suppliers
    Create excitement and add value to the SAM’S CLUB membership.
    Add to the “Treasure Hunt” environment.
    Increase the sense of urgency to purchase now.

Road Shows give SAM’S CLUB the ability to offer our Members a constant selection of new items. “Here
today, gone tomorrow, BUY NOW!!”

Sam’s Road Show program allows Clubs to sell new and exciting items for a limited time only. Limited
exposure encourages Members to buy with a sense of urgency. The Road Show must have a definite begin
and end date, which is scheduled usually 4-8 weeks in advance.

Although there is not a sales requirement, we expect to generate a minimum of $4,000-$10,000 per show.
The merchandise should represent a value to the Member.

At times a representative from your company may need to provide demos or maintain your Road Show.
Road Shows staffed by the supplier have proven to generate substantially more sales than shows that are
not staffed. A sales person dedicated to the show can dramatically increase the success of the show. This is
encouraged but not mandatory.

Road Show Merchandise is on a guaranteed sale basis meaning whatever does not sell goes back to the
supplier and freight is paid by the supplier both in and out of the Club
                     What is a Road Show? (Cont.)
If you are interested in doing Road Shows with SAM’S CLUB please send a Supplier Proposal sheet and
samples to the following address:

Road Show Department
Supplier Proposal
608 SW 8th St
Bentonville, AR 72716-0745

You may also e-mail proposals to your perspective buyer.
           Road Show Proposal Requirements:

Road Shows should meet the following requirements:
A.     A minimum of 4 pallets (pallet requirements will be given separate) of merchandise for each show
       in each Club with multiple unique and exciting items, which do not conflict with our current in-
       line assortment.
B.     Ensure you will have a minimum of $4,000 to $10,000 at cost sent to each show (unless otherwise

You may e-mail to your perspective buyer or mail to the specified address:

    Item Description
    Competitive pricing comparisons
    Who and where is the competition
    Unit size/pallet quantity
    Pictures of each item
    A picture of the product palletized.
    Website address
    Picture of proposed Club set-up-a sketch is ok.
    Each item National/Regional Market Share
    Estimated sales per show-units and dollars

    After you have contacted the perspective Road Show buyer and have received feed back you may be
    directed to Select the suppliers tab and fill out the SAM’S CLUB Supplier
    questionnaire. Ensure you fill out the SAM’S CLUB supplier questionnaire. Only one questionnaire
    can be active at one time. You must purchase the Dunn & Bradstreet report for the questionnaire to go
    through. Completing the questionnaire is not a guarantee of doing business with SAM’S CLUB.
                           Supplier Expectations:
SAM’S CLUB Road Show department is contacted daily by numerous suppliers expressing a desire to
begin doing business with SAM’S CLUB. Because this is so time consuming, we have developed initial
expectations of suppliers that simplify and improve daily procedures.

It is critical to the Clubs that the Road Show merchandise arrive at least 2 days before the set-up date and
returned promptly when the show is over. It is your responsibility to take whatever measure is necessary to
assure this happens. The Road Show Department will follow-up with the Clubs to make sure the
merchandise is there on time and our goal of 100% ON TIME DELIVERY is met.

It is imperative you respond in a timely manner to all requests from the Road Show office. A sense of
urgency will help expedite the tremendous flow of paperwork we process.

Take the time to study our business so you understand how different we are from any other retailer. You
will notice SAM’S CLUB terminology is also different. We have Clubs, not stores. We serve Members,
not customers. Our Members pay a fee to shop in SAM’S CLUB; therefore they expect the best value for
their money. We do not offer our Members a product that can be purchased somewhere else for the same
price, or is not of high quality. It is our policy to never be undersold by any other retailer.

You must be willing to try new things. If your Road Show is not working well enough to provide adequate
sales, you need to be willing to try a new approach to selling your products. When a supplier begins a
Road Show, it is a testing ground. Finding out what works with you, a specific supplier, is very important;
we expect to learn and adjust together.

SAM’S CLUB may cancel a schedule at any time if the Road Show does not meet expectations or if it does
not meet the established criteria for continuance. SAM’S CLUB is not liable for any damage or loss to your
merchandise. There are no guarantees of sales volume.

               Thank you for taking the time to inquire about SAM’S CLUB Road Shows.

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