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Locals win big at Iris Show -


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									                                                                                                                                     Tl^ursday, AprH 27.1995 Hmdsrson Horn* Nswt, Bould«r City Nawrs Fag* M

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   IRIS CHAMP — Le« Wald of Bouldar City took homo ffivo
   awards during tho 30th annual Southern Nevada Iris Sodaty's
                                                                             IRIS WINNER—Helen Rusk, center, won the 'Best Dutch' Iris
                                                                             at the 1995 Southern Nevada Iris Society's Annual his Show at
                                                                                                                                                    2for1             or lesser value FREE with this coupon.
                                                                                                                                                                    (Exdtxttng Lottster and Steak uid Lobater)   EKiudlngFnkrmI
   contest at the Meadows Mall last weekend. Wald displeyt                   the Meadows Mall last weekend. Rusk is joined by Master
   her 'Silverado' iris, which was chosen Best Specimen of the               Judges Mary Dunn and James McWhirter.                                                  "Best Ribs IhthB West"                        OowNMAnitiflo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Any 0#iar Pramotion
   Show.                                                                                                                                                          LAS VEGAS • (702)361-3712                          ONarEiipifM

  Locals win big at Iris Show
                                                                                                                                                                    2301 E. Sunset, Las Vegas, NV 89119

   The 1995 Southern Nevada         Master Judges selected the             the Show, Best Tall Bearded,        first sale will be July 1-2 at 330
Iris Society's annual Iris Show     winners.                               Best Plicata and Star Nurseries     W. Cheyenne Road. The second
at the Meadows Mall last week-         Oscar Schick of Henderson           Second Annual Sweepstakes           sale will be July 8-9 at 8725 S.
end was a tremendous success.       took first place for Best Median       Trophy for most blue ribbons.       Eastern Ave. The third sale will
Record crowds viewed hundreds       and Best Seddling. Helen Rusk          Wald also won the American Iris     be July 15 and 16 at 5340 Boul-
of iris on display as Henderson     of Henderson won first place for       Society's Silver Medal for most     der Highway.
and Boulder City growers gar-       Best Dutch Iris. Helen Cochran         first place wins.
nered all of awards during the      of Henderson won the American                                                 Iris Society members will be
30th annual event.                  Iris Society's Bronze for most           The Southern Nevada Iris          on hand to provide advice and
   Internationally recognized       second place wins.                     Society will offer their iris       assistance. For more informa-
hybridizers, msyor iris distribu-      Lee Wald of Boulder City took       rhyzomes (bulbs) for sale at sev-   tion, call 294-5059.
tors and American Iris Society      the honors for Best Specimen of        eral Star Nursery locations. The

Guinn to be honored by Hebrew Academy
   The Hebrew Academy will          for the Nevada Gaming Foun-            elected chairman of the board of    the Executive Committee of the
honor Dr. Kenny C. Guinn, in-       dation for Educational Excel-          Southwest Gas Corporation and       Nevada Development Authority,
terim president of UNLV, with       lence.                                 PriMerit Bank.                      former director of the Federal
its 1995 Educational Leadership        "It is fitting that we honor Dr.       He served as chief executive     Home Loan Bank of San Fran-
Award on Sunday, April 30, at       Guinn for demonstrating over           officer of Southwest Gas, over-     cisco and the Pacific Coast Gas
the Las Vegas Country Club.         and over again his strong com-         seeing operations, business         Association.
   The Hebrew Academy is rec-       mitment to educational excel-          development and planning for
ognizing him for outstanding        lence," said Hebrew Academy            one of the fastest-growing and
contributions to education          school head Dr. Tamar Lubin.           geographically diverse utilities       Sprint/Central Telephone-          It'll KnockYou Off Your Seat!
andlongtime service to the             Guinn began his educational         in the country.                     Nevada is sponsoring the event,
Southern Nevada community.          leadership career in 1969 when            He received a doctorate from     which will also feature the pre-      Feast with yOUpjingers on btukional fm uUe hme hn^
He currently serves as UNLV         he became superintendent of the        Utah State University and           miere showing of The Hebrew           m snhmg armor perform jeab of great strength ana sm.
interim president, chairman of      Clark County School District. In       master's degree and AB from         Academy Legacy Collection, a
the Metropolitan Police Fiscal      1978, he entered the financial         California State University-        selection of fine hand-crafted        EpicActioH. MotLmMa^. Meion/Awt A modifLcUtmekgmadaJjcrJ.
AfTairs Committee, and trustee      sector and subsequently was            Fresno. He attended the             jewelry bearing the Hebrew
                                                                           University of Southern Califor-     Academy logo.
SERMON: How to change                                                      nia, Stanford University and
                                                                           UNLV. Elected chairman of the          The Hebrew Academy is Uie          ,^   Dinncc^owi a} (Jai3 0:30 pm. lo purjiait hcLtt,
                                                                           board of trustees of the UNLV       first non-parochial college pn»
                                                                           Foundation, was appointed in-       paratory school in the state of
child of Goil, a new creation in    Savior to life, has taken up           terim UNLV president in April       Nevada accredited by the
Christ Jesus, an enemy of the       residence in you!                       1994.                              Northwest Association ofSchools                                   HOTEL/CASINO
devil. You can say, "I am not the       You can change! The little            In addition to serving as a                                                                        .4 immCmrmE
                                                                                                               and Colleges. For more informa-
great 'I Am,' but by the grace of   hinges in life, swing big doors to     director of three area corpora-     tion, call 255-4500.
Grod, I am what I am."              the miracle you need in your life.     tions, he is a past chairman of
                                    Remember, "change" begins at
   Thirdly, you'll change when      wake-up time. Begin your day
you are empowered to change.        with prayer.
Jesus Christ promised His fol-          Ask yourself, "Is my schedule
lowers He would send a              for today truly the agenda God
Comforter; one called along side    has chosen for me?" Ifnot, change
them to help, the Holy Spirit.      it! Yesterday is in the tomb. To-
The Bible says, "the same Spirit    morrow is in the womb.
that raised Christ from the dead
dwells in you."                       The most important day of
   Think about that. The same       your life is today! "this is the day
spiritual force that reached into   the Lord has made... rejoice and
the pit of death and restored our   be glad in it."

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