Arnold Sherwood_ Ph.D. - South Coast Air Quality Management District by lanyuehua


									                          Arnold Sherwood, Ph.D.

Arnold Sherwood, Ph.D. consults for the Institute of Transportation Studies, Technology
Transfer Program as the Statewide Planning “Field Expert.” Dr. Sherwood also
consulted with FHWA and California rural communities in meeting air quality
conformity requirements. Projects have included the development and delivery of the
first ITS-sponsored Environmental Streamlining workshop, teaching classes entitled
“Meeting the Air Quality Conformity Requirement,” and holding seminars on Regional
Transportation Plans, Transportation Improvement Programs and conformity for Caltrans
Districts and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies.

Dr. Sherwood has also completed a 25-year career with the Southern California
Association of Governments (SCAG), where he served as Director of the Forecasting,
Analysis and Monitoring Department. He was responsible for management of
demographic/economic forecasting and analysis, the Regional Transportation
Improvement Program (RTIP), air quality conformity and intergovernmental reviews,
transportation modeling and analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data
development and monitoring programs at SCAG.

Dr. Sherwood is a graduate of Princeton University, and holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in
Physics from the University of California, San Diego. He also earned an M. S. in Urban
Planning from the University of Arizona.

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