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SOLICITATION                                                     ADDENDUM
             VOIP Telephone System C12018                                          2 DATE       05-15-12
    NAME                                                          NUMBER

KCDC is providing this addendum to answer questions that have been raised about this solicitation. To
aid in readability, the questions are in black and the answers are in bold and the answers follow
immediately below.

Q1              Does KCDC want a hosted solution or an “on site” solution?
                KCDC wants a hosted solution.
                How granular is the E911 location reporting requirement? Is the street address of the
                caller sufficient, or is there a requirement to indicate floor, wing, etc?
                As long it is focused enough to bring responders to the building from which the call
                came from, it should be sufficient.
                How many phone users will be members of Contact Center (ACD) groups requiring call
                queuing, on-hold messages, etc?
                KCDC wants this ability at all sites.
Q4              Please describe the database system(s) with which the new IVR will integrate.
                Microsoft SQL Server 2010 R2.
                Will the new POE switches be Gigabit or 10/100 switches? Will the new POE switches be
                added to an existing stack, or will they uplink via GBIC?
                PoE is not required.
Q6              What is the port count of IP phones at the sites where new PoE will be installed?
                PoE is not required.
                What is the quantity of IP phones required at each site in the network? What are the IP
Q7              phone counts per location? Main Office, Section 8, and remote offices? Suggestion; for
                sites of 15 or more IP phones, a PoE switch will be more cost effective.
                The minimum number is 115 but this an approximation. Each site will have to be
                evaluated and the numbers may change since most of the sites operate with a “party
                line” setup where there are more phones than active lines in the building.
                Will a low-latency network such as MPLS be installed as a replacement for the Comcast
                data network in order to support the QOS and MOS requirements as stated in the RFP?
                Yes T1’s with Internet access on each.
                What is the resolution plan if the pre-installation network assessment reveals latency and
                packet loss exceeds acceptable levels that would support a viable VoIP network?
                Vendors are to propose solutions to bring the network to specifications.
Q10             Is the email system based on Exchange? If so, which version?
                Exchange Server 2007.

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      Is paging through the handset speakers required, or is paging delivered through an
      overhead speaker system (which is accessible through phones)?
Q12   What is the quantity of SOHO desktop phones to be included in the proposal?
      Since all desktop phones will be IP phones after the migration, this does not seem to
      be relevant.
Q13   Will PSTN PRI interfaces be provided at the two main sites, or only at one site?
      All connections will be T1 multi where necessary or Ethernet 3-10 Mbps.
Q14   Is an integrated fax server solution required?
      KCDC is leaving those as POTS lines.
      At which locations are a new UPS to be provided by the proposer? How long must they
      be able of sustaining the equipment?
      Irrelevant with a hosted system.
      Wide Area Network (WAN)- you will require a Quality of Service (QoS) based WAN
      before you can think of deploying a VoIP solution. In reality, the Total Cost of Ownership
Q16   (TCO) will decline with an MPLS network, and you can integrate SIP trunks into the
      VoIP System for voice transport as an option. What do you intend to do with this major
      requirement? A hosted VoIP solution will also require this upgrade.
      T1 with L2-QoS capable routers will be in place.
      Do you want the bidders to include WAN routers in the bid because the 2600’s are EOL
      and do not support MPLS?
      KCDC has spare 2600’s should one fail and KCDC plans to use T1’s. KCDC does
      not wish to upgrade hardware at this time unless it is absolutely necessary. A similar
      hybrid VoIP network was utilized before with the same T1 configuration and there
      were no issues.
Q18   Do the remote offices consist of 1 data closet?
      Does main and section 8 have multiple data closets, and if so are they connected via a
      Fiber Backbone?
      Section 8 has one. The Main Office has multiple and they are fiber.
Q20   How many data closets per site and what is the phone count/closet?
      Section 8 has one closet with 20 phones. The Main Office building has multiple
      closets with approximately 25 phones in each. Sites will have one 1 closet and 3 to 5
      IVR- how many ports for concurrent calls, and please explain the application and what
      you would like the system to do?
      First, a clarification. KCDC is interested in an IVR solution however it is not a
      specific requirement for responding to this RFP. If you can provide a cost effective
      IVR solution KCDC will consider it along with the rest of your proposal. However
      your proposal will not be ruled out if an IVR solution is not proposed.

      Five ports should be sufficient. KCDC wants the system to take a pre-established ID
      number from the caller and look up matching data to that ID number in an SQL
      database and read the resulting value or values with a sentence. For examples: “The
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      balance you owe KCDC is now <databasenumber> or “Your position on the Section
      8 waiting list is now <database number>.”
      Contact Center- If you require the reporting functionality as described in the RFP we will
      need to know how many agents and supervisors will be required.
      A Contact Center is not required. What KCDC wants is an “Auto Attendant” or
      “Call Director” system.
Q23   Is call recording on demand required?
      If this is an actual recording of a conversation, it is not required. KCDC does require
      the accounting for these calls in the Call Accounting package.
Q24   Do you want to record all calls?
      No-only on demand and only if this feature is cost effective for KCDC.
      Is there rack space available in all of the locations where the system is to be installed? Are
Q25   the environmentals in these closets adequate? Will KCDC be responsible for any power
      outlets or closet electrical upgrades?
      Yes to all portions of this question.
Q26   Where will the telco demark be located in each of the data closets by location?
      Irrelevant with a hosted system.
      Is bidder responsible to provide all required servers to support the VoIP system, or will
      KCDC provide these?
      Irrelevant with a hosted system.
Q28   Does the system need to be integrated to an existing external paging system? Describe.
      There is no existing paging system.
Q29   How many analog ports will be required by site and by data closet?
      None-KCDC is handling this issue.
      Will a 3 party conference call be sufficient, or will you require more participants per call?
      Explain requirements?
      Three should be sufficient. However if more are available at a limited or no
      additional costs, KCDC would be interested.
Q31   Are there any special security requirements for the system?
Q32   How many attendants will be required system wide?
      At least one per site excluding the Main Office and Section 8 which would require
      multiple attendants. However to clarify KCDC’s intent, this may be separate
      attendants or separate “trees” within the system. What KCDC desires is a system
      such as:

      Call is made to the “Section 8” office.
      General greeting is received by the caller.
      “If you wish to speak to someone about inspections, press 1.”
            “If you wish to speak to Mr. X press 1.”
            “If you wish to speak to Mrs. X press 2.”
             “To return to the main menu press 3.”
      “If you wish to speak to someone about Leasing, press 2.”
              “If you wish to speak to Mr. X press 1.”
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            “If you wish to speak to Mrs. X press 2.”
             “To return to the main menu press 3.”
      “If you wish to speak to someone about, recertification, press 3.”
             “If you wish to speak to Mr. X press 1.”
            “If you wish to speak to Mrs. X press 2.”
             “To return to the main menu press 3.”
      “For all other inquiries please press O now.”
Q33   Please prioritize the features desired.
      This will be produced soon and issued as a separate addendum.
Q34   How many NARs are needed?
      KCDC currently has 20 NARS but these will not be required for the VOIP solution.
Q35   How does the WAN function
      Internet only.
Q36   Are KCDC’s switches “quality of service?”
      Yes-Level 2.
Q37   Please clarify the POE requirements.
Q38   Will KCDC be connecting the remote sites to the Main Office via Comcast?
      Not for voice service but yes for data.
Q39   How will the connection be done?
      T1’s will be connected to voice.
Q40   Do you truly want an integrated VOIP system?
      Irrelevant with a hosted system.
      A QOS over the Comcast network is not doable. KCDC would use MPLS instead. Is that
      KCDC will be using T1’s.
Q42   Has KCDC performed a VOIP readiness assessment?
      Irrelevant with a hosted system.
Q43   Is a centralized voicemail required?
      Irrelevant with a hosted system.
Q44   Will the Call Accounting system be for all sites or selected sites?
      It will definitely be used at the Section 8 office and at other selected sites.
      With the Call Accounting system-do you want to be able to print/store the information or
      just view it?
      Print/store is the requirement.
Q46   Does KCDC have server capacity for the ancillary functions?
Q47   On what platform does KCDC operate?
      Hyper V.
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Q48   Will KCDC reuse the existing IVR? If yes, how many ports? Are they analog ports?
      This is yet to be determined. The existing five ports can be expanded. Yes they are
      analog ports.
Q49   Will the existing POE Switches be used for the new VOIP system?
      There is no PoE.
Q50   Will voice and data be on the same network? Will voice and be on separate networks?
      Voice and data will be separate.
Q51   How many phases does KCDC want to install the proposed system?
      Section 8 will be the test site. It will be up and running for 3 to 6 months for
      evaluation prior to the rest of KCDC coming on line. The Main Office will be the
      next area to come on line.
Q52   Is call center required? If yes, how many agents? How many supervisors?
      A Call Center is not required. What KCDC wants is an “Auto Attendant” or “Call
      Director” system.
Q53   What are the telephones specifications? How many buttons? Speakerphone?
      IP phones such as Polycom IP331 are acceptable. The number of buttons and
      features will depend upon the site.
Q54   Will each site need stand-alone capability?
Q55   Are there POE switches at the remote sites?
      There is no PoE.
Q56   What are the internet port speeds at the remote sites?
      They will be T1 speed for voice.
      Since a private managed wide network will not be in play will KCDC be acceptable to a
Q57   centralized solution with teleworkers at the 15 remote sites or does each site require an
      autonomous controller?
      Irrelevant with a hosted system.
Q58   Does the existing IVR provide a path to a live agent?
      Will KCDC be willing to speak with my IVR specialist to get exact specifications on the
      services required?

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