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									                                                          Expert Virtualisation Services

Virtualisation will lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
and deliver unmatched business continuity
This is a bold statement to make but is only true if the virtualisation implementation
successfully delivers the promised results and includes ongoing management.
There are many ways to provide solutions for lowering the TCO or providing
business continuity. These range from data-centre and server based solutions to
desktop and application solutions. adaptware prides itself on delivering successful
virtualisation solutions in the data-centre, desktop and applications arenas

| Adaptive Elastic                          | When Disaster Strikes
Elasticity is what virtualisation really    Virtualisation will provide zero downtime to your organisation’s business services.
brings to your organisation. It allows      Using proven technology to mirror sites and data-centres, or dynamically provision new
secure connection from anywhere to          desktops. Disasters are becoming a regular occurrence with Mother Nature wreaking
your personalised vcdesktop, either on      havoc or spectre of terrorist attacks, such unplanned situations can be extremely
or off-line and at any time, even in the    disruptive to an organisation’s business. Virtualisation gives your organisation the
middle of a disaster recovery situation.    freedom to leave the disaster area with the confidence that your IT services will already
Elasticity also provides the adaptability   be available at the remote site. Typically, remote Disaster Recovery is a complete copy
that data-centres require to be energy      of the live site and is extremely expensive. However, virtualisation allows an organisation
efficient, have a low TCO and be             to consolidate in a disaster or even co-host in a recovery data-centre. This provides a
manageable.                                 high-level of business continuity and again lowers the TCO.

                                                                         | Innovation and Execution
                                                                         adaptware are virtualisation specialists. We bring to virtualisation
                                                                         over 10 years experience in the Virtual and Software
                         Expert Virtualisation Services                  Management market. We leverage expertise gained through
                                                                         the design, implementation and management of enterprise
                                                                         implementations of both Desktop and Server infrastructure in
| Knowledge Transfer                                                     the Physical and Virtual worlds. We know that Installation is the
                                                                         easy part and that the on-going management of these Virtual
Virtualisation is a technology that organisations cannot afford to
                                                                         Infrastructures is key to the success of any project
overlook or get wrong. The feature set is extremely rich. Some
of it is leading edge and other core functionality is very mature.       We ensure success by using proven methodologies; industry
To implement a secure, manageable yet flexible virtualisation             recognised frameworks and only accredited, certified and valued
project takes experience, knowledge and adherence to best                consultants. Our customer services offerings are:
practices. adaptware are experts in all these disciplines and
                                                                          + Design and Project Planning
have a proven track record for quality
                                                                          + Security Accreditation
                                                                          + Application Virtualisation Packaging
| Recoup                                                                  + Installation and Configuration
                                                                          + Troubleshooting
Consolidation is not the only way to lower costs. Chargeback
                                                                          + Migrations
is a valuable yet often missed channel for recouping IT
                                                                          + Automation
department revenue. The ability to easily provision servers from
templates should incur a chargeback cost. The use of SAN,                Each of these is backed up with a methodology framework to
networking and management of the physical components with                maximise the relationship between the customer and adaptware.
in a virtual environment should also be accounted for. A quality         This will allow our consultants to give only the highest level of
implementation will use chargeback to produce at a 100%                  expert advice and allow flexibility within the customer’s scope
return on investment
                                                                         Re-usable templates for security and implementation give
                                                                         customers accreditation and easy growth. Without these
| High Availability                                                      templates, adopters of Virtualisation find themselves with an
                                                                         inflexible and insecure infrastructure that does not return the
Business Continuity leverages the rich set of High Availability
                                                                         benefits that were promised. Security Clearance – adaptware
features of virtualisation technology. Whether the outage is either
                                                                         consultants have been security cleared to SC level within the last
planned or unplanned, virtualisation gives an organisation the
                                                                         12 months. Many adopters of Virtualisation are still stuck with their
strength to continue to provide customer facing services, whilst
                                                                         developers being the primary users of the virtual infrastructure.
dealing with the outage. Moreover, planned outages like patching,
                                                                         adaptware can expose the issues that plague moving to the live
hardware maintenance and upgrades can harm a business with
                                                                         environment and provide solutions for these problems.
the time taken to perform the action or when the upgrade goes
wrong. This extends the same benefits to business services                Our whitepaper explains these issues in detail and the solutions.
providing easy regression where required. Virtualisation with its roll   These can be found and freely downloaded form our website
back and cloning ability, allows for simplified and faster testing.

adaptware will implement a virtual environment that not only             Our Application Packaging Framework for Virtual Application
realises its business and cost benefits but also a manageable             Management will introduce quality gates, integration review and
infrastructure. An Infrastructure that leverages the existing            verification to your application packaging. These processes
management systems that customers have investments in. This              allow customers to take virtualisation to the live environment
provides an end-to-end implementation solution to virtualisation.        with robust, reliable and repeatable virtual packages.

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