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AC_Overview_Slides.ppt - California Volunteers


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									AmeriCorps Outreach

    September 6, 2012
     Sacramento, CA
    September 13, 2012
        Ontario, CA

• Introductions

• Housekeeping items

• Purpose of Outreach Sessions

• Clarify Expectations

• Understand your interests
   What is CaliforniaVolunteers
• The Governor-appointed State Service Commission in

• Charged with increasing number & impact of
  Californians engaged in service and volunteering

• Leads the organization in consultation with a 25-member
  Commission appointed by the Governor

• The role of the AmeriCorps Department

• Funded by the Corporation for National and Community
  Service (CNCS) to provide support to AmeriCorps
                     About CNCS

• Federal agency that engages more than five million
  Americans in service through:
   – 80,000 AmeriCorps members
   – 337,000 Senior Corps volunteers
   – 900,000 Learn and Serve America students

• Additional programs:
   –   Volunteer Generation Fund
   –   Social Innovation Fund
   –   Nonprofit Capacity Building Program
   –   King Day of Service
 Types of AmeriCorps Programs
• AmeriCorps State
   – State commissions
   – Single-state placement

• AmeriCorps National
   – National programs
   – Multi-state placements

• AmerICorps VISTA
   – Increase capacity
   – Communities of poverty

• AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps)
   – Full-time, team-based 18-24 year olds
   – Live on campus
   – Provide direct team-based community service
          What is AmeriCorps?
• A National service program
• Provides opportunities for Americans each year to
  provide intensive results-driven service.
• AmeriCorps grants support the efforts of nonprofits and
  public agencies to recruit, select, and supervise
  individuals enrolled in an intensive term of service and
  the volunteers with whom they serve to tackle unmet
  community needs.
• Grants are awarded to eligible organizations that
  engaged in evidence-based interventions
• An AmeriCorps project must enhance what an
  organization was able to do before the grant, and
  cannot duplicate or supplant pre-existing activities, staff
  or volunteers
• What AmeriCorps isn’t…
    AmeriCorps State Funding

• CV receives AmeriCorps State funding from CNCS
  through two streams:
   1) Competitive Funds support programs that have competed
      successfully at both the state and national levels.

   2) Formula Funds are awarded to CV through a population-based
      allocation to support programs that compete successfully at the
      state level.

• CV subgrants these funds to applicants based on a

• Grants are awarded to organizations that will operate
  solely in California
 CV seeks to invest
AmeriCorps resources
 in programs that…
   Specifically Target Solving a
    Critical Challenge Facing
• CaliforniaVolunteers values program models that clearly
  address an identified critical community issue, not
  merely the expansion of a single organization’s mission.

• AmeriCorps programs are required to perform activities
  that are designed, implemented, and evaluated with
  extensive and broad-based local input.

• This input is provided in consultation with
  representatives from the community served and
  agencies with a demonstrated record of experience in
  providing services.
Focus on Measurable Outcomes

• CaliforniaVolunteers values strong program designs built
  to address the community need by logically connecting
  all performance measure components back to the need.

• The program design is built to deliver the services that
  will achieve the desired result, and

• Can quantifiably measure and report on that impact
     Use National Service as an
       Appropriate Strategy
• CaliforniaVolunteers is committed to demonstrating that
  service is a powerful strategy to address community

• Successful program designs clearly identify direct
  beneficiaries of the stated community need,

• Identify an evidence-based intervention proven to
  address the need, and

• Clearly articulate why the efforts of an AmeriCorps
  member is an appropriate strategy to deliver the
          Dedicated to Quality
• CaliforniaVolunteers seeks to invest in programs that
  are committed to making a difference and incorporate
  quality management practices to oversee the program
  and ensure appropriate investment of public funds.

• CaliforniaVolunteers values programs which can
  successfully implement the program design by assuring
  that the systems and processes necessary for managing
  and assessing the effectiveness of the program model
  are in place prior to operation.

• This includes adequate oversight in the management of
  each component to assure that the program design and
  systems are implemented and assessed, and that
  stakeholder feedback leads to continuous improvement.
        What can
 AmeriCorps Programs Do?
Address community needs in a variety of ways.
Examples include:
• Connecting the homeless with supportive services
• Providing access to health care services
• Building affordable housing
• Recruiting and managing volunteers
• Responding to natural disasters
• Cleaning parklands and managing natural resources
• Tutoring and mentoring youth
• Training the unemployed
Benefits of an AmeriCorps Grant
•   Professional development and job training for members
•   Education Award to further education or repay student loans
•   Service opportunities for those with disabilities
•   Underperforming students in hard-pressed schools are
    reaching academic achievement
•   Veterans are receiving support services as they transition from
    military service to civilian life
•   Services and resources are extended to disadvantaged youth
    and families
•   Pathways to greater opportunities for foster youth
•   Enable organizations to leverage human capital through
•   Allows organizations to recruit individuals from the community
    to serve as AmeriCorps members
•   Enables community parternships to deliver results-driven
    services to address pressing local, regional and statewide
Video Example
Who is an AmeriCorps Member?
• An individual enrolled for an intensive term of service
  (300-1700 hours per year) in an AmeriCorps program

• U.S. citizen, U.S. national or lawful permanent resident
  alien of the United States

• At least 17 years of age (no upper age limit)

• Not a volunteer or a staff person

• AmeriCorps members can earn an Eli Segal Education
  Award for successful completion of a term of service

• Full-time AmeriCorps members receive a living allowance
  stipend and are eligible for health and childcare benefits

• Must clear required Criminal History Checks
      About AmeriCorps Grants

• Grants provide partial funding to support AmeriCorps
  projects/programs; funds are not for general
  organizational expenses
• Grantees contribute match funding to support the project
• Grants include an allotment of AmeriCorps member
• Funds are directly tied to a specific number of members
  and are solely for program expenses (e.g. member living
  allowance and benefits, member and staff training, supervision,
  supplies, and evaluation)
AmeriCorps Grant Flow
Legal Applicant Responsibilities
• Partnering agencies have shared vision and mission of
  program design

• Program has management and administrative systems in

• Program maintains strong fiscal controls

• Program looks to the future and has a financial strategy
  that moves it toward long-term sustainability

• Program has clearly identified direct beneficiaries of the
  stated community need

• Intervention is appropriate and will lead to desired results

• National service is an appropriate strategy to deliver the
Legal Applicant Responsibilities
•   Host sites are appropriate and well managed

•   Program has developed an inclusive recruitment plan, including
    a timeline

•   Program has a clearly defined selection process to assure
    compliance with AmeriCorps regulations

•   Program has developed an orientation plan designed to prepare
    members for term of service

•   Program has a training plan, covering the program year, which
    uses service experiences to help members achieve the skills
    and education needed for productive active citizenship

•   Effective program has an “initial review” process that quickly
    checks assumptions of what needs to be in place for the
    program design to work
            How to Apply for
           AmeriCorps Funding
• Respond to CaliforniaVolunteers’ Request for
  Applications (RFA)

• Visit www.CaliforniaVolunteers.org for RFA notice

• Follow RFA, Instructions, Forms and Guidance and
  meet required deadlines
2013-14 Grantmaking Calendar

CV Request for Applications
                              Early October
(RFA) Website Release
RFA Overview Sessions         October
Notice of Intent to Apply     October
Applications Due              October
Peer Review                   October/November
Staff Review                  November/December
Clarification Period          December
eGrants Deadline
                              January 2013
eGrants Deadline (Formula)    June 2013
Funding Announcements         July 2013
            Resources and Tools

• www.CaliforniaVolunteers.org

• California AmeriCorps Program Guide
    - Standards and Pre-Contract Assessment

• www.AmeriCorps.gov

•   www.CNS.gov

• Become a Peer Reviewer!
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