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        ALK ABO                              MONEY!
Effective January 1, 2002, Euro bank notes (paper money) and coins became available for
general use. On March 1, 2002, the Euro officially replaced the present currencies as legal

                                               Austria                Italy
                                               Belgium                Luxembourg
 The 15 countries converted                    Cyprus                 Malta
 to the Euro are:                              France                 Netherlands
                                               Finland                Portugal
                                               Germany                Republic of Ireland
                                               Greece                 Slovenia

                                              The Czech Republic             Romania
 Countries keeping their                      Denmark                        Scotland
 own currencies are:                          England                        Slovakia
                                              Hungary                        Sweden
                                              Northern Ireland               Switzerland
                                              Norway                         Ukraine
                                              Poland                         Wales

                                             Merchants in these countries may be willing to accept
                                             Euro but it is not wise to plan on it.

If you would like to monitor exchange
rates, they are listed in The Wall
Street Journal and other major                                     Should you take
                                                                   cash, travelers
You can also get them from banks                                   checks, ATM and/or
and on numerous Internet web                                       credit cards?
                                                                   Information on the
                                                                   reverse side will
                                                                   help you decide.
It is a good idea        to obtain small amounts of Euro (and any
other currencies you need) before you leave on tour, so you can
familiarize yourself with the currencies you will be using. This also
gives you available cash for incidental expenses when you arrive.

You can check our website at www.wittetravel.com for information
on ordering foreign currency, or your bank may be able to order it
for you.

      ATM machines             are becoming more         Credit cards         reduce
      prevalent in Europe, both in large urban areas     the need to carry as much cash. Major credit
      and in smaller cities and towns. ATMs are          cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express
      usually the least expensive and most efficient     and Diners Club are widely accepted in Europe. Just
      way to obtain cash as you travel. Whatever         as in the U.S., not all stores or restaurants accept
      country you are in, the ATMs will dispense that    credit cards and some stores accept them only for
      country’s currency at that day’s rate of           purchases above a certain amount.
                                                         We recommend that you use your credit card
      Traveler’s checks are still a safe way to          whenever possible when traveling in Eastern
      carry funds, but the cost to convert them into     Europe—the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and
      foreign currency at banks and exchange offices     Slovakia. A minimum purchase may apply. This
      is quite high. Also, many stores will not accept   reduces the need for local currencies. If you do need
      traveler’s checks.                                 cash, obtain only small amounts since these
                                                         currencies are usually not accepted for exchange with
                                                         other currencies. Be sure to advise your credit card
                                                         companies you will be using your credit card outside
                                                         of the United States.

You may find it convenient to bring a small supply of         American money for use at U.S.
airports. U.S. currency is also sometimes accepted at foreign airports. The fee for converting
U.S. currency at banks and exchange offices in Europe is often as high as for traveler’s checks.

Exchange facilities for traveler’s checks and U.S. currency are available at most airports and
banks. Never purchase currency from someone who approaches you on the street.

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